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Chris will be on 106&park TODAY....

And you know rocsi gonna ask him about,

*clears throat*

"You know who"


I hope he doesn't lie {again.}

But hey, he might just surprise us and say "yes".

As if we dont know already.


But besides that, I hope he bees himself and don't be all fake, like he was on the today show.

But I know over all, its gonna be a wild show!

I really, honestly, could care less what he say about "you know who".

I just want the old chris back.

Even tho I aint a fan no more, I still liked his personality.

And I hope he shows his old goffy, funny, down right halaroius, personality on 106&park TODAY.

Cuz last friday on the the today show was not a good look.

Who agree's with me?