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Chris and MD Team have really done a great job at doing give-aways and posting the lastest fashion.
Also, the Art on the site is facinating.

if you're reading this, go!!! :)



some girls are stupid who doesnt love chris brown

TeamBreezy for life..Love you CHRIS...This Chrissi...Pleez add me , im New..!!!

TeamBreezy for life..Love you CHRIS...This Chrissi...Pleez add me , im New..!!!

Hey it's Kidd tuck I just join im
Chris brown inspir. Me though alot of thing I draw , sing (not as good as him thats for damn certain) and dance.

Omg Chris Brown is making a killin people are getting his fortune album name on their body around the world WAY TO BRAND THEM CHRIS BROWN I LOVE YEW IM GETTING THE STARS ON MY NECK #TEAMBREEZY #FEMALEBREEZY EVERYDAY ALL DAY LEGGO

Can't wait for his concert in December!! Add me peepz I'm new!! :P

love you breezy mcchwwwaaa! keep up the gud work im so proud of you...



I love you so much..I bought two copies of ur album #Fortune

Chris brown and Beyonce need to make a song!! (:

~This ones just for fun~ : )
Nicki, you did it on em? Well
what you do?
Sounds more like to me, that
you hatin on em too
Itty bitty piggy? More to me
like fatty!
Yes females, I'm catty!
Stupid? I think you're referring
to you
Barbie? Who lied to
Check it out? More like check
me out!
But why you gotta shout?
Moment for life?
You wouldn't be able to handle
my strife!
Been held down for too long
Best believe I'm comin strong!!

~This is for you Chris~
Rihanna you say you a bad girl
But you aint been through my world
Man down? More like you down
You need to leave town
Because I'm here
Don't test me dear!
I run this, step to me boo boo
Haha you don't know me
But don't worry you will
I'm the female BREEZY!!
Okay let's make a deal
Talk about me or talk about Chris
And I'll make you talk with a lisp!

I finished the notebook I metioned earlier, it's really good, it's long enough for a book, you'll enjoy reading it, I'm sure, you can contact me at, I only want to hear back from you if you want. I write poems too so if you don't mind I can post some on here, Thank you! Oh and I'll be waiting!

Oh yeah and I'm beautiful, very beautiful!!! I'm sure you'll love the book because you're in it but it explains alot, I write poems too. I can do anything I set my mind to. Thank you for reading!!! Good night!!

My name is Peaches Perkins, I'm 23 years old. I have a story to tell, actually I'm finishing writing it, it's a book. I'm an actress, professional hip hop dancer, and singer.

I love u so much.

soFNcute was right go 2 da website now.

soFNcute was right go 2 da website now.