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u kno u wanna

Posted by chrisbzwifei1


yeah u know i wanna laugh at ur ass for puttin dis up heare and I am

Chris Brown's Real Wifey 4 Lyfey

f*** YOU b****

Touched by an Angel.J

Why did you put this on here like ol' girl said before save the shiit for yo myspace!

~!Alisha&Chris Brown 4ever and Ever!~

What do u mean 'u kno u wanna'???? Save the pix for ur myspace....thnx

~If u are
What u say u r
A superstar
Then have no fear
The camera'z here
And the microphone
And they wanna kno......
If u are what u say u r~

U jokin rite cuz tha only person u should look up to iz God not her even my cuzin look betta den then her an i dont look up 2 her

Thats a cute pic but dang gurl!! Put yo picture somewhere else, please!!!


your pretty i hope someday i can be as preety as you im only 12 so anyway God Bless