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my mans sexy body

chris brown 2.jpg

my mans sexy body


Aswelll As His Face He Has a Sexy Body To Wow Im Speachless



dat bodii may be sexii but dats not wat im all about...oh who am i kiddin i luv a guy wit a bodi


--that'z ma sexii babe
ILOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE CHRIS BROWN CB more that any girl in the world (((he is mineeeeeeee )(only mee)

he looks so god damn good he is very well put to gether.And god blessed him in all the ways. That voice makes you go crazy. And that body makes you want to touch him in all the right places

your body is just like so amazing with that sexy face to go with it boy you is a sexy ten in my book

Now that is one very well put together body of a respected man...... He has blossomed, very sexy Chris, very sexy.