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wat would u do??????????????

If Chris came down to the EAST COAST and was in front your doorstep?????????????????????/


I'd Be Goin Bananaz On the Inside But On The Out IDK Id Be Really Really Really Happy But Id Mainly Be myself Cool &Goofy-lol


ny3ny3.................. seems like you have dreamt of this day more than 100 u really want Chris come into your fairytale it however...... i pictured every bit of it

i would say hey and invite him in...see if somethings wrong and treat him as a guest and see if we could be friends or keep in touch *shocked on the inside*

hahaha i like the reply b4 me . .
wow just imagining that makes me happy i dont know i would do
- - love chris with P A S S I O N ** <33

O goodness! first off i would take a pik of him wi me in front of my crib then i would make him go 2 teh roller-skating rink wit me cuz that way i can see if he can skate and dance circles around me and wen he says hld lemmie go to the bathroom i'll slip my numba in his coat pocket! lmfao then we can go play ball cuz that way he would get hot and hopefully take off his shirt! lol Afta that i hope we could just chill and run from the paparazzi!
617z tall glass of water bka Skittlez aka Chirs Breezy's long lost cousin