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He Just Wont Let M3 Go!!!

You know how you know some one is doing wrong in the relationship, but you dont want to admit the truth to others or to yourself, but when u finally find out, you cut that person lose,but they wont let you go no matter WHAT well thats what this story is about my name is y/n an im the captain of the cheerleading squad at Lakeview High school in LA. Your boyfriend is the captain of the football team Life cant get any better for you, but it can get worse, you are about to face heartache,abuse,and love all at once, but is it worth it???? Lets find out

Trey- y/n boyfriend



Kiya- y/n best friend

Ok this is my first story that I'm posting so please show your gurl sum love lol!!

(At school..Bell rings)
Kiya- im so glad its Friday, what we gonna do tonight

y/n- (exhales) i dont know

Kiya- wats wrong wit you, problems with Trey?

y/n- yeah, you already know he's up to something and if i find out what it is,its gonna be his ass

Kiya- correction we gon beat his ass, speaking of which here he comes (he walks up)

Trey- wats up baby

y/n- nothing y?

Trey- damn wats your problem

y/n- i dont have one (rolling your eyes)look Trey we nee to talk later, you think you can stop by my house after school (as you watch him text on his fone)

Trey- i dont know I may have to meet someone

y/n POV- yeah an ass whooping

y/n- like who!!!

Trey- uh...

y/n- you know what Trey you will be at my house after school, DONT show up if you want to(you give him the eye and walk away)

(After school, you and Kiya went shopping)

Kiya- im so sick of shopping (yall look at each other

Both- NEVER!! (laughs)

y/n- u so crazy

(so yall continue on with yall shopping. On yall way out yall saw a guy passing out flyers)

y/n- i wonder wats that for

Kiya- lets go see

M/v- would yall like a flyer?

y/n- yeah wat is it for?

M/v- there is this community and me and my guys are hosting a party 2marra nite

Kiya- foreal

M/v- yeah im passing out these flyers cuz i dont know alot of people, I just moved down here, so if you could please pass the word

y/n- (smiling) sure no problem, um we didnt get your name

M/v- oh i'm Chris (he shakes hands)

y/n- im y/n

Chris- ooh, thats hot

y/n- thanks (his cell rings)

Chris- aite yall hope to see yall there

Both- bye

y/n- oh, he is fine

Kiya- i guess (laughs) look at you

y/n- wateva

thats just a taste of the story, i hope yall run it, because its about to get crazy early!! lol