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A Love Held Captive...from the old CB board

ok so i jus found out we hav to b on a different forum now here goes my story again!!

My name is Crystal Ramirez, i live with my 3 sisters, my mom and my abusive step-dad. i get beaten along with my sisters and my mom. Our lives weren't always like this. We used to have a real father but he got shot in a drive-by a couple blocks down. i was 12, the twins were 9 and the littlest sister was 9 years old. When he died i went into a deep depression adn i barely talked to anyone except my best friend Korin. I wouldn't go out, and when a boy tried to get with me i drew away. I wouldn't allow my self to love anyone, but Korin and family. Three years later and my mom decides to marry the worst man alive; his name is Greg adn i hate him with a burning passion. Greg was the typical step-dad, always aguring with us and constantly trying to fill in my dad's place; although that wasn't possible. Then he started to get violent. i realized his full potential when he got drunk and beat up my mom. I tried to save her but i got it just as bad; maybe even worse. i feel like Im losing hope until a guy by the name of Chris Brown comes into my life. I need to know if he can release the love inside of me i've held captive for so long.

no need for a cast cuz i already got one!
run it 4 me!!!! =]