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this is chris and bow wow at the end of the show singing and havin a dance off for the "A"

Posted by CB_babe15


that is what he said boo boo ...
so dont be hatin on me when he is the
one that said it !!! at the end of the
concert he brought bow wow back out and
they had a dance off and they started singing
they said they was only gonna do it for
atlanta so if you wanna keep runnin your opinion
run it somewhere else and stop hatin !!!
much love

Actually, When Bowwow got out the hospital. We was the first one's to see him beack from health and then they perform this song at the end. But u ain't the only state and city they did that for,shawty!
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thats what mine truely said so back that ish up ...
like i knew yea i was there ...cha so settle down
like he care bout you anyways so keep dreaming
much love

Dey did dat ish in D.C. too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Get Stingy when it comes 2 [[Chris]]
cuz chris [[baby]] i want you all 4 myself