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Tonight I miss you

Margin TOUCH casual, come and gone! Was passionately devoted to love, who knows but a gust of wind, a dream! Waking, everything has become <a href="">bracelet jewellery</a> empty! I was once in your tears, you drunk, as you traveled alone in the streets again and pandora jewelry review again, as you sing a sad time in the middle of the night! Do I pay for everything, they can not touch you ! You give me smile, I promise you, are just a passionate sympathy for my comfort my tears! If not God, how could strangers; if not fate, how will know each other; if not place in their hearts, you leave me Why do we so sad ! Really <a href="">bracelets jewellery</a> want to have people know pandora jewelry bracelets my heart can stay with me! Lonely when I care about me, when I'm sad to comfort me, encourage me when I failed in my time and I am happy to share! Can such a person, I have to wait until when and where to go to meet ! Gone through a loss seasons, looking for love alone the whereabouts of my eyes groggy, still is passionately devoted to the future! Really want to forget that part of the <a href="">bracelet jewelry</a> merciless unfeeling passionate love of the injury, forget that I love the lovely Chiai's in love with you! Memories can be like a rain, bit by bit, beating my heart was broken can rely rapid passage, share your dedication to truth can not play from memory to pandora jewelry beads go! You have not broken, how can know my sorrow; you did not get drunk, how can see my tears; you did not like me to pay, where to know how to love a person's pain, like a <a href="">pandora us</a> person's sorrow, and so a people miserable ! I laugh singing a happy time, to find yourself; sad when I alone Wangxing Kong, for a long time silent; tired, float to the surface trace of nostalgia in my heart; lonely, her shadows came back to me! A pair of sad eyes and a haggard face, messy hair, the lips miserable! Looked in the mirror, paid a faint smile! Cigarette, a glass <a href="">pandora box</a> of wine, a joke, a dream! Simple and calm in my life! I want to tell you - a good man will not disdain and confusion, genuine pandora jewelry good men do not fall for the temptation of the beautiful, good men will not be held back because of the ups and downs of life! If another one minute, I will leave this world! So before that I just want to do one thing, that is close to you, face you and tell you - I really love you!
When you accept your misfortune, and from <a href="">pandora uk</a> cheapest pandora jewellery learn to smile, you are strong. When you overcome your fears, went to help others overcome the fear, you are brave ... ... Do not know when to begin, have the habit of thinking of you. Is Chuxian Shi's glimpse, or shallow when you smile Looking back Used to <a href="">pandora bracelets</a> think that you are just a brief moment in my life, quietly from, non-interest bearing away, in my life so many times, you can always through that cold wind, howling in the night, pandora gold dream with me hand in hand.
If the world really reincarnation, I want to past lives you set a tear in my eye, so life like you will be so painful to me, If we could back that if feelings can make an appointment, I know you from the moment the You build a fortress of love to sit, so you can not escape my life, happiness and sadness
Do not want to think you can close your eyes <a href="">pandora</a> and heart I think about is you, not love you, found it hopelessly in love with you, pandora silver bracelet in this lonely night, only to find the feeling of missing someone could be so the real
Love you, do not want to do the branches of flowers in full bloom, wither and fall gob branches
Love you, do not want to do fireworks pandora gold rings jewellery night blooming, and only those moments of brilliance
Love you, too many worries, see you, I'll miss the noise and bustling through the earth
23:19:05, met you and suddenly forget how to type, how to speak, the people become a little bit silly, the air was filled with embarrassment.
0:01, between the fingers still playing pandora rings jewellery not want to play the word, to say the words, facing the computer, the heart has been in the horizon, ears and heard the familiar song soft song &quot;<miss you, 0:01 >>, the heart will still hurt, want you in 0:01, being the good people are sleeping peacefully, they must pandora rings jewellery attack always lonely .......