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Happiness is written on your face

I use with the brush, links of London jewellery, ink on paper in white happiness. As spring warm sunshine, you and I, bathed in the day, the beautiful flowers, contains thousands of happiness. My dear, <a href="">links of london sweetie rings</a> who with links london charm ring will be touched my soul wound, let me feel very warm, who will accompany my chat say ground, tectonic happy future, who will accompany with me, I won't feel lonely, not afraid...
The taste of happiness, the feeling is mixed with fresh jasmines, links London sweetie, take you into the door <a href="">links of london earrings</a> smile, my heart entangle. In the strange city, with the number of stars, permanent promise eyes bent into the outline of happiness, the net closely never separate.
I love life, I have one, that is, you the man I want etc. Butterfly fly but the sea, and I, is that only the cocoon butterfly, <a href="">Links London Charm</a> with incomplete butterfly wing across the sea, selfless, and finally find the happiness, links London silver pendants bring you more colorful world, I dream of flying, bound for you, for our future, efforts to fly! Even if all butterfly fly to fold, flower, also want to thank people residual lifetime effort, <a href="">Heart Disc Charm</a> as his efforts, stubbornly, fly.
They say that the next station is happiness, but the next station is where the destination is, we don't know, so, this station, I waited for you, with links london sweetie bracelet, so you, my life are doomed to the doomed.
<a href="">links of london UK</a> Which day if you leave me, next, we still so hard to find, hand in hand toward each other again.
Happy lovers, we are the world's most impressive lovers, we cherish, we rely on the other, we have the most in the world the most beautiful love pure. Let me write on the face, with links of London heart charm, <a href="">links of london bracelets</a> make happy smiling face is permeated with beautiful, yes, and happy smile. My eyes have your shadow, your eyes are my eyes, and our eyes have each other well.
My dear, I listen to you, do not stay up late, listen to your words, when to take medicine, stomach, hot weather if you listen to drink water more, listen to you all. Honey, let me thank you, my heart, <a href="">links of london bangles</a> links London c**ktail Glass with Cherry Charm to extend deeply hurt and pain, let me sing songs, singing a most beautiful song,
You let me listen to the beauty of the world, listen, listen, I love your laugh, laugh, let me bring your bright smile. Angel's smile, the brilliant sunshine, links London silver charms, leave us happy smile.
Let us love <a href="">links london</a> the world, melting, see the worldly cold straying, beautiful ornate and staged a prosperous again. Leaves the point, believe the exhausted, hand in hand with links london sweetie ring, see the world, all the bitterness of the tragedy of love, comedy, drama, opera, life is a live, can never be a dress rehearsal, can't rewind, so we cherish, cherish what we have now, including every minute, every time together in <a href="">links of london</a> this life, the scene, and next, next life.
The warm sunshine, you, in my dream, I laughed to, so bright, as links london silver jewellery, so Anacreon tic, holding hands with happiness, the links Sweetie Bracelet in Sterling Silver with 18ct Rolled Gold you present let me happy, you write in the face of pure dream, my most beautiful future!