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The reality seems to be too far away from me but again seems close to me, this world, also not quite clear, had declared war against me, how should follow it dialogue and brain blank, seem to only buried fairy tale to placatory heart of blank, like just only then can flee far from reality.Now, I can't afford yes once, can't figure out the future, such me, so of blank, blank very helpless. Actually, I really don't like sad, but it has become a habit, to me. Smile just in order to better sad because sadness without sharing, only belong to oneself, so it is the clothes smile, to bind the so safe, no penetrable aperture, this <a href="">discount links london</a> is called hidden injury.Don't like living in the reality, but again damn to place oneself among them, live in the dream of time always so fleeting, from dark to daytime, from quiet to noise, alternate always so let me unprepared, and hate that, take my time so ruthless shortened, let me go back to that damn of reality. Live in a world of his have what not well, can enjoy spiritual quiet, no secular bondage. Just from reality.I am envious of actor because <a href="">links of london</a> live in between the ideal and the reality, although perhaps have not known the pain. In fact, some people seem strong actually fragile, like winter ice is same, seemingly closely form one chunk, in fact as long as a rubble or a wooden stick to hit a hole, and then under water is casting up, after sunshine, and became water, ultimately, are not capable of protecting seemingly hard armor.One day, he gave her a hotline. He asked her, I love a girl, but I don't know whether she <a href="">links of london UK</a> liked me, what should I do? She told him: tell your love. Love can't miss it. The love is like the links London watches and it is limited. The next morning, 28 road car on the platform, he appeared in the early from radio, she walked down the stairs, he sat on her back. In the car and 20 layers of building stopped. He <a href="">links of london charm</a> followed her off, but still helplessly looking at her into the gate. She still wears the links of London rings. One day, the car was delayed. Then she is superior in winter, a bit anxious platform <a href="">links rings</a> car. Because the wind, she dressed very thin. She came up and asked him: what time is it? A cold, she said to her: like you. She laughed: really? He says: true, listen to your show for one year. I would like to buy the links of London <a href="">links of london sweetie bracelet</a> bangles and the links of London necklace for you. He also said: I asked you a question. But you wouldn't remember. Then he said to the problem. She said: "it's you. He asked him: then did you tell that person? He shook his head say: fear rejection. She said again: She also told him: my boyfriend after me, also like you.Hate <a href="">links of london charm bracelet</a> reality, not because it was not good enough, enough prosperous, not quite lively, just hate it complicated. Say, disorderly complex came. What hypocrisy million outfit, what love future, what other dubious habitués adulation, unite what XENIX etc ugly generally, disgusting. Hate <a href="">links of london bangles</a> it, complex still seems so taken for granted.This world, this reality, I have no language. This article is written in my end of 2008, previously because they have been living in your own thought fairy tale of the ivory tower, can this all suddenly grew up as I slowly like onion skin as a layer ripped, leaving only hurt, all dream and broken, for a while, suddenly so bewildering, the steps up but Wallace miles don't recognize direction...