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Then I read in the provincial capital city university, seen busy mothers, as one wish elder sister can marry a city. I help my sister to talk, said builder nor anyone could, at least should have a good body, in rural areas, and have a <a href="">oakleys</a> place, and more than a check of energy to go out to earn extra money, is great. Mother didn't nobody, along while just spit 1: what in city construction, looks, but is a migrant workers just.
Mother this sentence summary, let the family silent for a long time, even sister oneself also therefore feel ashamed, seemed to once marry brother-in-law, will follow into social bottom, turn hang forever. The very long period of <a href="">oakley glasses</a> time, the family no longer discuss the marriage. Later, brother-in-law bought big pack of things, riding a motorcycle rushes to our house. In order to etiquette, parents force him to stay at home for dinner. I thought he would impassioned delivers a speech, but until dinner ate a half, he didn't pull to a positive to go up. Finally, the family looked <a href="">oakley minute</a> at each other, know how close this meal, at this moment, the brother-in-law will whole cup of wine, drink, blushing said: dad, , I guarantee, no matter how much of this life I eat bitterness, will not let little by little pond grievance. Is this word, and let my sister has made up his mind, marry brother-in-law. And parents also sighed, put a line. Sister married soon had a baby. That year, brother-in-law didn't go out to work, single-minded <a href="">Oakley Active Sunglasses</a> keep in the home, the ground when they're not looking for some scattered work. Wait for the child grow to more than a year, can save more energy, brother-in-law has followed outside the labor contractor to the provincial capital to dry construction. Although with the town, I and brother-in-law had never met. I tried to ask his own, but they <a href="">Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles</a> are like grass and live by the nomads of the region, where a medium-bodied grasses, where is the place, until a habitat of building ground, air city poured in, and they these sweat bleeding man, by the boss with some money sent away. I read my book, earth for after graduation can stay in this city and trying, let oneself to lower the ideal height. Such efforts, and finally let me at two years successful remained in the city, become a celebrity envied the newspaper reporters.
Listen to my sister <a href="">discount oakley</a> said, brother-in-law know I'm a reporter, excitement, night didn't sleep well, on the day after, I find newspaper, I want heel side. It's a pity that he only know my childhood name, I graduated school he can recall, finally guard when he is a liar, take it away. Don't know brother-in-law have complained from what, but he didn't get me, nor in front mention my workmates this can for their particularly reporter. I am busy let his life a bit better, too busy to pay attention to brother-in-law life. Even once, their site from our <a href="">oakley fives</a> newspaper several hundred meters far place, but I could not go to see him once. Just accidental opportunity from the mother and disclosed that there, his feet were from the cement bag bashed, won't be in hospital dermatological department, countryman connect home to rest. And because dragged not only at home to treatment, the simple bandage changeover, nearly infection...Listening to these time, I felt like listening to other people's story, in the newspapers, often have something about migrant accident, I used to it. But he <a href="">oakley flak jacket</a> also brother-in-law, when it's fate gave his all, have long been accustomed to it, because, when I phoned his condolences, he just smile and said, nothing to do this, stuttering is often the case.