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Lucky Father

A Young father loves sports very much. He often takes his son to the stadium to watch the games. Gradually his son also becomes a fan and has great interest in the games, especially for the <a href=>American football </a>. Father not only loves watching games, but also likes buying <a href=>jerseys </a>. Each time, he will buy two jerseys, adult one for himself, and the <a href=>kids jersey </a> for his son Tom. They usually wear the same jersey to go out and it really attracts many eyes. One evening, father is online shopping again. He chooses two <a href=>new MBL jerseys </a> and is bargaining with the
<a href=>MLB jersey wholesaler </a>. Little Tom stands next to the father and happily says how much he likes the <a href=>new baseball jersey </a>. At this moment, mom comes on and says, “Dear, in fact, I do not think you need buy two jerseys every time because Tom now grows very quickly. These shirts will be too small and short for him next year. And he already has many shirts now. That is a waste.” Hearing mom’s words, little Tom’s smile face turns to unhappy. Mom patiently explains to him, “Baby, listen. You just bought a <a href=>NFL jersey </a> last week. You need not this <a href=>baseball jersey </a> this week. And you already have some <a href=>NBA jerseys </a> and <a href=>NHL jerseys </a>. Right? All these jerseys are stacked in the closet and you just wear them occasionally. When daddy was a child, he had only one <a href=>cheap football jersey </a>. He did not have so many shirts like you.” Dad quickly echoes his wife, “Yes, mom is true. I only had one <a href=>discount soccer jersey </a> when I was a small boy.” Little Tom looks at his daddy for a few moments with pity in his eyes and then says to father, “Dad, aren’t you pleased that you’ve come to live with us now?”