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This time, he was very short

very concise. I asked him why he words so little, he said I want to hear you say, I like to listen to you. The leaves, say you of everything, let me <a href="">links of london jewellery</a> learn more about how are you? My heart is warm things in diffuse, I said I don't know what to say, well, write you a paragraph of words! Prose poetry "Well, I like your spiritual dancing words." I began to slightly thoughtfully, such as pecked fingertips knocked:
"" Give beggar"... I was just a small leaves in autumn wind blowing, cannot ever habitat branches, do not wish again into the earth, who will passed me, will I put on the palm, stare at me, spare me? I'm a tail had already gone temperature of fishes, not feeling of the seasons change and temperature, have to in the water, watching silently delocalized as an ebb and flow and i-are sadness. I, they should follow the snail is dangerous. No matter what Singeing waves, what's the oceans, what's known as you, I <a href="">london links</a> will stretch out that habit escape pared, deeply, deeply oneself indentation as hard as stone covering, let that angina and again thread will I deeply buried... but I know henceforth, no matter which kind of way, what kind of excuses, cannot let their own souls rest-in-peace..."
When I play this ellipsis, surprised feel oneself double-crossed inner secret! Favor say: "don't know what to say. Well, a prose mood just." "Ok, write very well! I want to see, and?" I didn't say, to you anymore. The next chat <a href="">cheap links of london</a> seem a bit awkward and carefully. Finally he said; "Honey, I have to go see a guest. Kiss you!" He's gone, but I want that to the line of Chinese characters to return to god. My soul is called a beggar's foreign merchant took away, brought to call a hell. This damned beggar why so easily penetrates every corner of my soul? Why is he? Why is not suitable time?
"And the monarch the beginning acquaint with, especially as people return." When we are in the unreal space meet by chance, brief <a href="">links of london</a> encounter the down-beat can be so enough sorrow! Their original heart door can be so vulnerable. Mystifying passion and <a href="">jewelry</a> romantic violently apps, but this kind I at the bottom of enterprises may numerous soul belong to something the feeling? I cried <a href="">links ring</a> soundlessly in. Many people say that the network chat is a terrible thing, now I believed, but already too late! The beggar's various plus my imagination already grounding outline my heart, I know this is not as it should be. Can say I am a street-gang woman, now how much I hate myself! I have no way to control the star moonstruck heart.
Many things are often such, the more <a href="">friendship bracelet</a> you resist afraid of something; it is, the more you bind tighter. Can't forgive myself I have to listen to the birds and fish together you ". I always think that music is in some sense and soul interlinked can let a person's soul have to depend on. Qing you insight into all love fatalistic <a href="">links</a> comprehension, let me live in my heart in silently that the man, tears fell violently. Yes, I know a beggar after the girls like rainy season as flowering sentimental. Someone said, when a woman often for a man in sorrow, she is loved him. He would like me? He was sincere how true? To tell the truth, I don't know, because I do not see him touch him.
I and beggar in the "Tao is cruel but beings" of circumstances have been kept my distance. And the increasingly deep autumn, it is growing colder; late autumn rain began to hold the raining. I and a beggar's relation also had the new changes.