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'Give 'me a lifelong siesta, I <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers US Sale</a> would,' snarled Uncle Vernon over the end of the newsreader's sentence, but no matter: outside in the flowerbed, Harris stomach seemed to unclench. If anything had happened, it would surely have been the first item on the news; death and destruction were more important than stranded holidaymakers. He let out a long, slow breath and stared up at the brilliant blue sky. Every day this <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers US</a> summer had been the same: the tension, the expectation, the temporary relief, and then mounting tension again… and always, growing more insistent all the time, the question of why nothing had happened yet. He kept listening, just in case there was some small clue, not recognized for what it really was by the Smuggles - an unexplained disappearance, perhaps, or some strange accident… but the <a href="">five fingers shoes</a> baggage-handlers' strike was followed by news about the drought in the Southeast ('I hope he's listening next door!' bellowed Uncle Vernon. 'Him with his sprinklers on at three in the morning!'), then a helicopter that had almost crashed in a field in Surrey, then a famous actress's divorce from her famous husband ('As if we're interested in their <a href="">vibram shoes</a> sordid affairs,' sniffed Aunt Petunia, who had followed the case obsessively in every magazine she could lay her bony hands on). Harry closed his eyes against the now blazing evening sky as the newsreader said, '- and finally, Bungee the budgie has found a novel way of keeping cool this summer. Bungee, who lives at the Five Feathers in Brantley, has learned to water ski! Mary Darkens went to find out more.' Harry opened his eyes. If they had reached <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers</a> water-skiing budgerigars, there would be nothing else worth hearing. He rolled cautiously on to his front and raised himself on to his knees and elbows, preparing to crawl out from under the window. He had moved about two inches when several <a href="">Vibram Classic Men Shoes</a> things happened in very quick succession. A loud, echoing crack broke the sleepy silence like a gunshot; a cat streaked out from under a parked car and flew out of sight; a shriek, a bellowed oath and the sound of breaking china came from the Dorsey’s' living room, and as though this was the signal Harry had been waiting for he jumped to his feet, at the same time pulling from the <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Classic Shoes</a> waistband of his jeans a thin wooden wand as if he were unsheathing a sword - but before he could draw himself up to full height, the top of his head collided with the Dorsey’s' open window. The resultant crash made Aunt Petunia scream even louder. Harry felt as though his head had been split in two. Eyes streaming, he swayed, trying to focus on the street to spot the source of the noise, but he had barely staggered upright when two large purple hands reached through <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Kso Shoes</a> the open window and closed tightly around his throat. 'Put - it - away!' Uncle Vernon snarled into Hurry’s ear. 'Get - off - me!' Harry gasped. For a few seconds they struggled, Harry pulling at his uncle’s sausage-like fingers with his left hand, his right maintaining a firm grip on his raised wand; then, as the pain in the top of Hurry’s head gave a particularly nasty throb; Uncle Vernon yelped and released Harry as though he had received an electric shock. Some invisible force seemed to have surged through his nephew, making him impossible to hold. Panting, Harry fell <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Speed Shoes</a> forwards over the hydrangea bush, straightened up and stared around. There was no sign of what had caused the loud cracking noise, but there were several faces peering through various nearby windows. Harry stuffed his wand hastily back into his jeans and tried to look innocent. 'Lovely evening!' shouted Uncle Vernon, waving at Mrs.


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