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Brown's Family Vacation. [11/24]

I laid in the bed cuddling with my girlfriend Ava. My family <strong> hated</strong> her, especially my sisters. Ava wasn’t the type of girl they would expect me to choose. She was very uppity and looked down on certain people. She never complained about how middle-class my family was, but she would make little hints. I would quickly put that ass in check by blowing her back out. Her sex was on point. Like, she has the best pussy hands down. I swear to God, I’m not lying. Lord! Those sexy ass lips drove me crazy. She can make a nigga cum in 3.5 seconds with that mouth of hers. She has a lot of talent. When I first saw her naked, I got on one knee and proposed. Y’all know I’m not lying! She just make a nigga do stupid sh*t. And that’s all I thought about was the sex. That’s why I kept her stuck-up ass so long. I still don’t see how I end up pulling her. Maybe it was the way I came at her. I didn’t holler at her, I talked to her like I had sense. I at least acted like I did anyway.

We have been f*cking for six months now. She tells me that she loves me numerous times a day. I don’t do that love sh*t. The only thing I loved was bending that ass over and ramming my d*ck into it. Now that’s what I loved. I was in love with the sex, not the person. I played with her hair, while she stared into my eyes. She started to think. I knew when she was thinking because of that stupid look in her eye. Whenever she played with her lips, it meant she was preparing to say something to piss me off. She now sat up, “Baby, what’s food stamps? And how poor do you have to be to get them?” I bit my lip to stop from cursing this b*tch out. How the f*ck you don’t know what’s a food stamp? I don’t care what neighborhood you grew up in, you just don’t say stupid sh*t like that. “Ava, when you say stuff like that… it just makes me want to say something mean to you bae.” She rolled her eyes, while playing with her blonde extensions. “I just asked a question Christopher! No need to get mad at me! Gosh, not my fault I didn’t grow up around you people.” I now looked at the b*tch like she was crazy, “WHAT THE F*CK DOES ‘YOU PEOPLE’ MEAN?!”

She knew I was angry as hell. She also knew that my temper wasn’t anything to play with. “Baby, don’t yell at me! I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just saying I never grew up around your kind. I don’t speak ghetto-ism or Ebonics. So, I wouldn’t know homie! Did I say it right?” She questioned, now walking over to the mirror and putting make-up on. “DID YOU REALLY JUST SAY GHETTO-ISM?!” She whined, “Chris, I’m sorry. I just was curious. I didn’t mean to offend you. I know how hard it is growing up in the ‘hood G.” She now bumped her fists on her chest, trying to be ‘hood. I rolled my eyes. She better be glad her sh*t is good. I might would’ve pushed her ass out of that chair. “How much make-up are you going to add to your face? You look like a f*cking clown!” I spat, now hopping off the bed. She now put her attention on me. A shock expression plastered on her face. She threw her hand over her mouth and gasped. She now whined. I hated when she did that sh*t. Her voice is annoying as f*ck. She was one person that I didn’t mind being silent during sex. “Chris, I know you’re mad. So, I’m going to say I’m sorry if I offended you baby. I’ll make it up to you later. I promise,” She whined, walking over to me. She wrapped her arms around my waist.

“You damn right you will!” I spat, while cuffing her ass. She laughed a little and pushed me away. The door soon busts open. In walked my oldest sister, Keria. I called her twin because we were so close. I thought she was in college. What the hell she doing here? She usually would call or text me to let me know she was coming home. “Hey sexy! Mama just told me that Aunt Barbara died!” She shouted excitedly, while dancing. I now joined her dancing. None of my siblings liked Barbara! “YES! I WAS WAITING FOR HER TO DIE!” I yelled, now popping my booty on Keria. Keria got behind me and started grinding on my ass. Ava stared at us like we were contaminated with something. I didn’t even pay her any attention. She not gon’ ruin my joy! I now stopped dancing and faced Keria. “That still doesn’t explain why yo sexy ass is here b*tch!” “Nigga, we going to the funeral. So, we gon’ be staying at grandma house! That means road trip!” She jumped up and down. I jumped and down with her.

“Ava, get yo ass up and pack my suitcase!” I shouted. Ava rolled her eyes. “Get yo ass up! You ain’t doing sh*t no way! Looking like a damn clown!” Keria spat. “Don’t she look like a clown? OMG Twin! I said that sh*t!” We shared an embrace for a moment. She broke from the embrace and laughed, “Boo you so crazy!” I turned her around so that her ass was facing me. “Oh sh*t my b*tch getting thick! My nigga been d*cking you DOWN!” She laughed and bent over, shaking her ass. “You better know it!” Now people think me and my sister are weird because of our relationship. We just have that type of bond. She tells me EVERYTHING. I was the first one she told when she lost her virginity. And vice versa. We were just close like that. She stopped laughing and pushed me, “Twin, I’m not gon’ play with yo ass! I’mma be thicker than yo b*tch in a minute!” I chuckled, “Don’t get carried away! My b*tch ass fatter than a horse’s ass!” Ava didn’t find this funny at all. I really didn’t care to be honest. Keria now walked over to Ava, “B*tch, didn’t he tell you to pack his sh*t? The f*ck you waiting on?!”

Ava hopped out of the chair, “Um, home girl or however you say it, you don’t tell me what to do. Mmkay? Should I dumb it down for you? I forgot that you’re not used to being around an intelligent person.”
Keria charged towards her. I quickly grabbed her. My sister was crazy. She been to jail four times and ain’t scared to go back. If I would’ve allowed her to get loose, she would beat the hell out of Ava. And I just would’ve watched. Probably would’ve recorded the sh*t! Okay, I know that’s wrong, but Ava be getting on a nigga nerves at times! Keria got out of my grip and walked out of my room. “Are you f*cking crazy? You can’t say sh*t like that and not expect for someone to beat yo ass!” I yelled at her. She sighed and put on her puppy dog face, “Babe, I’m sorry. I will try to control myself. Meanwhile, I’ll pack your suitcase like you asked.” I smiled and slapped her on the ass, “Good girl!” I watched, while she grabbed clothes from my drawer and placed them in my suitcase. I now walked out of my room because I heard a lot of noise. I walked into the living room to see my other sister, Heather. Heather was one of my youngest sisters. She was nineteen. Her and Keria fought ALL the time. I would be right there watching they dumb ass fight. Heather would joke about Keria’s weight. Keria would go the f*ck off. She was very sensitive about her weight.

I really didn’t understand because she was nowhere near fat. Heather was gyrating. I’m assuming she got the news of Barbara’s death too. I love to shake my ass! So I joined her. Keria pushed Heather out the way and starting dropping down into a split. I now started krumping. “I’m so damn happy that old b*tch died!” I shouted, still dancing. “ME TOO! I’MMA PISS ON THE B*TCH CASKET!” Keria chimed in. “I’mma smack that ho in her face and dare a b*tch to get up and do some about it!” Heather added. My youngest sister, Anastasia walked through the door with her boyfriend Mike. Now, I couldn’t stand Mike. My sisters thought he was cute for Ana, but not I. That motherf*cka was no good! It’s bad enough that Ana does what the f*ck she wants anyway. You couldn’t tell that girl nothing! She was the absolutely worst! He instantly greeted Heather and Keria. He didn’t even acknowledge my presence.

“They ain’t the only one you see standing here nigga!” I spat. “Mane nigga I didn’t speak for a reason. You’re invisible to me!” I shot towards him. Ana pulled me back just in time. “Chris, chill. Why the hell were y’all dancing?” “Girl, Barbara died!” Keria hollered, now dancing. “WHAT?! OH F*CK YES!” Ana yelled, joining Keria. “Look at the b*tch belly move while she dance! Ho, you need to invest in a treadmill!” Heather roared, pointing at Keria and laughing. Keria stopped dancing and walked over to Heather. “B*tch, you lil’ twig ass b*tch! I feel sorry for you ho. A nigga can’t even blow too hard around you, you’ll fly away!” “Whatever b*tch! Winnie the Pooh belly having ass b*tch! My nigga sure don’t be complaining! I be riding the f*ck out of him. He just be tossing my lil’ ass around the room. And yo ho ass would know something about blowing!” Heather added, “Ooh, Twin! I know you ain’t gon’ let this b*tch talk about you!” I added.

Ana walked over to me and smacked me on the back of my head, “Shut up fool!” “Aye ho, you smacked me a lil’ too motherf*cking hard! You about to make the Mike Tyson come out of me! ‘Cuz I beat hoes!” I spat at Ana. “You ain’t gon’ do a motherf*cking thing! I’ll beat the f*ck out of you!” Mike chimed in. “Nigga, who the f*ck was talking to you?” Keria said to Mike. “B*tch, it don’t matter. Weight Watcher’s needing ass b*tch!” Heather spat, now getting in Keria’s face. “B*tch, I’ll knock yo ass out! Say one mo’ motherf*cking thing ho!” Keria roared. “FAT ASS B*TCH!” Heather yelled. Before you knew it, Keria punched Heather, causing her to fall on the floor. They were now fighting. “BEAT THAT B*TCH ASS TWIN!” I shouted, throwing money on both of them. Ana smacked me, “STOP THAT YOU DAMN FOOL!” “Ho, you got one mo’ time to hit me! I swear! You about to make the demon come out of me!” Keria and Heather were knocking down a lot of sh*t. My mama soon came in the room with a pan in her hand. She didn’t even say anything. She just popped both Keria and Heather with it.

“NAW MA! LET THEM HOES FIGHT!” I shouted, trying to get them to fight again. Mama soon walked over to me and punched me in my throat, “Motherf*cka, don’t you play with me! I’ll cut yo balls off and cook them in this pan!” I fell on the floor, trying to catch my breath. Ana stood there laughing hysterically. Mike joined her. I mugged both of them. I got off the floor, “You didn’t have to hit me like that!” “B*tch, don’t you tell me how to do anything. You better stay in yo f*cking place motherf*cker! Now all you dumb motherf*ckers better have y’all sh*t packed! We leaving today!” Ava walked in with my suitcase, “What’s all the commotion?” Heather rolled her eyes, “B*tch, why are you here? I thought it was obvious that nobody like yo ass!” Ava ignored her and handed me the suitcase. “OH, SO THIS B*TCH GON’ IGNORE ME?” Heather spat, jogging over to Ava. Mama pulled Heather by her hair and slung her into the wall. “Have y’all niggas lost y’all mind?! When the f*ck did y’all start cussing like that in my house?! I don’t even know where the f*ck y’all got that from! Go pack your sh*t now b*tches!” Mama roared, staring at all of us.

Our mother was crazy as hell. I’m talking about insane. I remember she whooped us with her pistol one day. Ava stood there stunned. She was still not used to our mother talking to us like that. She stood on the wall. My mother rolled her eyes, “Baby ain’t nobody gon’ touch yo scary ass!” “I’m tryna tell ya! Who wants her besides Twin?” Keria added. “Go pack ya sh*t now!” My mother yelled, now going down the line punching all of us in our faces. Do you know how embarrassing that is to get hit in front of your girlfriend? Everyone ran to go get there stuff. I ran to the bathroom. I had to take a sh*t! I went to the bathroom and quickly closed the door. I pulled my pants down with one tug. I hopped on the toilet. I struggled to get the sh*t out. “AHHH! COME ON! COME OUT!” I shouted in pain. After five more minutes of pushing, it did come out. I couldn’t stop sh*t from falling in the toilet. My ass was leaking. “PUSH NIGGA! PUSH!” Heather laughed at the door. “COME ON PUSH THAT SH*T OUT!” Ana added, snickering. “Twin, you almost there!” Keria shouted.

I ignored them and kept pushing the sh*t out. I couldn’t stop sh*tting. “MAMA!” “WHAT BOY?!” My mama shouted from downstairs. “MY BOOTY LEAKING!” I shouted back. “WELL, YOU BETTER WRAP YO ASS UP WITH THE SOME ALUMINUM FOIL AND SH*T THE WAY TO YO GRANDMA HOUSE!” Mama roared. This caused Keria, Twin and Heather to laugh more. I pushed out one last turd. I got off the toilet and wiped my ass. After that, I flushed the toilet. I grabbed the air freshener and sprayed the bathroom. I then, washed my hands. I opened the door. My sisters almost died at the smell. They quickly scattered. I laughed. That’s what they asses get. I could barely walk. I walked carefully downstairs to the living room. Ava was sitting on the couch. “I thought you were dead!” Ava interjected. “Well, I had to take a mean one!” I exclaimed. She scrunched her face up, “Eww Babe and I wanna go!” “GO WHERE?!” Heather yelled at Ava. “Well, I wasn’t talking to you Moesha. And I meant on the trip.” “Moesha? And honey we don’t have time for you to go home and get your stuff! We gotta go now!” Mama added. “That’s okay then, I’ll see you later babe,” Ava got up, kissing me.

“Okay.” She blew me a kiss and then walked out of the house. “I’m glad that broad left!” Heather exclaimed. “Well, Mike we getting ready to leave. So, I’ll see you when I get back,” Ana stated, while kissing Mike. He kissed her back, while walking to the door, “Aight babe.” I mean mugged him before he left. “LET’S GO NIGGAS!” My mama yelled impatiently. We all grabbed our things and ran to her car. We all got in. After we got in, mama drove off. “Ugh, we all squished up in this little car!” Keria complained. “B*TCH, GET OUT AND WALK THEN!” My mama spat, while keeping her eyes on the road. “Chris too heavy!” Ana added. “Naw, that would be Keria big ass!” Heather added. “Speaking of big ass, damn I miss Ava! I’mma f*ck the sh*t out of that b*tch when we get back! Damn mama this car is raggedy as f*ck! Jesus will come back before we get to grandma house! Sh*t!” I roared. I realized my mistake and opened the car door. I quickly jumped out of the car while she was driving. I could not get beat by mama again. I didn’t even care about me hitting the ground. She soon put the car in reverse. She got out and punched me in my back and face repeatedly. My sisters pointed and laughed. I rolled my eyes and got back into the car.


Wow I didn't even know yu added!! but I'm definitely speechless


chris better mother f***ing run cause dude on his ass heavy
and heather ho-ing ass didnt even take the b**** 30 minutes before she
busting it wide open for a dude (fine ass dude) who she just met
thats why she got her motherf***ing ass kicked lol
but hey i saved her i was gaging hard at the part
where i tagged keria in oh yea we does this wwe style bisshhh
chris meeting new people that seem cool as hell ...
great now he can get off of keira pussy, why
they all calling me a ho i'm the good one in this whole story :)
all them bad ass kids and ghetto ass family oh lord this gon
be a fun ass trip lol
i was dying when the rainbow bright toucan sam looking b**** came in
and everyone was just roasting her ass lol
then mama set the b**** on fire sooo dead

in love


This the last one I f***ed up on lol.

This is <a href="">Andrew</a> aka the dude who picked them up.

This is <a href="">Vanessa</a>.

This is <a href="">Lacresha</a>.

Damn I messed up.

It's <a href="">Miracle</a>.

"You don't got to be like that," He stated, batting his gay ass eyelashes. "Back up. Chris doesn't swing that damn way," Ana added her two cents. "And the f*** you all in his face anyway? Where the f*** is Ryan?!" Keria suddenly asked. "Girl, we broke up like three months ago. I just came into town to pay my respects to y'all family. Barbara was like an aunt to me too so I had to come," He announced, directing his attention on all of us. This was Desmond, our gay ass cousin Ryan's now ex-boyfriend. We really don't f*ck with Ryan like that. And we definitely DON'T f*** with his nasty ass ex nigga. I don't see how niggas can be gay when it's plenty of b****es in the world.

"You didn't have to come... I'm strictly clitly so stop looking at me like that you rotten booty ass nigga!" I barked, giving him the meanest look. He laughed, "Why are you so feisty Chris? But mmhm... I ain't tryna start any trouble like I said." "Then just f*cking leave... 'cuz we sure don't want yo ass here!" I shouted. "I can't do that, but I am about to leave... Y'all need a ride back?" "Absolutely not... No thank you honey... Gone on about your day," Keria spoke up. "Well aright. Suit yourselves... See y'all around," He smirked at me and then walked out of the store. "Looks like somebody booty is getting busted if his twinkle fairy ass stays in the house with us," Heather joked, while lauging loudly.

This b*tch thought this sh*t was hilarious and was enjoying all of it. I wanted to kick that ho uterus out of her. This sh*t was not funny nor amusing to me. That nigga think he gon' get my manhood. He a f*cking lie. I'll kill his ass before he ever get that f*cking close to me like that. I don't have anything against gay people, but niggas like that make me wanna beat the sh*t out of them. "B*tch, that sh*t is not that f*cking funny. And he not gon' do sh*t because I'll murk that nigga and bury him right along with Barbara ass!" I interjected. "Yeah, uh huh," Heather teased. I shook my head. I don't have time for her stupid ass. I made all the girls put their drinks onto the counter and I paid for them. We were now walking out of the store. We kept walking until some <a href="">nigga</a> stopped Heather.

"Hey beautiful, we're having a house warming party at my house right now. I was just about to roll back. You interested in coming and having a good time. I'd love for you to be my house warming gift," He cooed flirtatiously to Heather. I pretended to throw up. Heather rolled her eyes at me and then looked at him, "Sure sexy. As long as my annoying ass siblings can join us." He nodded, "Yeah, cool. They can come through. Y'all need a ride?" "Naw..... We riding in our imaginary Lamborghini. Almost out of gas," I spat, eying the nigga.

"Nigga chill being smart and s***!" Heather snapped at me. He chuckled, "It's alright.... He's an aspiring comic. That's what's up." "Aspiring comic my ass nigga. Just show us your ride so we can be out this b****!" Keria shouted. "Damn, I agree with them," Ana commented. He showed us his <a href="">ride</a>. We all got inside. Me, Keria, and Ana sat in the back, while Heather sat in the passenger seat. The car ride was silent. I mean it was a few talking here and there with Heather and the mystery nigga but other than that, it was quiet. About ten minutes later we pulled up to his place. We got out and went our separate ways. Everybody was either outside smoking or inside dancing. The music was loud as f*ck and everyone seemed to be having a good time inside.

Keria started dancing to the music, "Aye, this my sh*t." "Oooh do that sh*t twin," I watched her dance. I kept watching her dance as Ana stared at us in disgust, "When you two gon' get married? Like this sh*t is sickening and disgusting." "Ana, I ain't never not liked you. Don't make me back-hand your ass," Keria spat at her, while continuously dancing. "You'll catch a hand back sh*t," Ana retorted. "And we'll bury your little young ass. 'Cuz there won't be no fighting," I blabbed, butting in. The atmosphere was nice. I danced to the music a little bit with Keria. And started drinking. Ana drunk a little as well, but I monitored her. She's too young for that sh*t. I decided to step outside and noticed <a href="">her</a> outside smoking. She was cute to me. I sat next to her and tried to make conversation.

"Damn, I wouldn't expect you to be smoking," I uttered, looking at her. She blew the smoke in the air and shot me a look, "What the f*ck is that supposed to mean?" "I'm just saying that I'm not used to pretty girls hitting blunts like that. Some girls act like they are too good to puff," I explained. "I don't know what girls you hang with, but in my circle all of us blow a blunt or two. And I know this is going to sound cliche, but I am not like most girls. I'm a tomboy at heart. I just now started dressing more feminine," She announced, hitting the blunt. "Now that's what's up. You the type I could play basketball with and watch the game with. Not complain all the time. Seems real cool." She giggled a little, "Yeah..." She passed the blunt to me and I let out a slow drag as I puffed it and then blew the smoke into the air.

"Yeah... This sh*t nice. I like how y'all do it up here."She took it back and then put her focus onto me, "We some tough cookies and where you from?" "Virginia. I came up here to attend my great aunt's funeral. It's this weekend, but my family tryna keep a nigga up here for a week. The sh*t is crazy because no one really liked our aunt like that. She was the worst... I mean, coldhearted as f*ck and old. Just bitter," I expressed, shaking my head as she took the blunt to the head. She coughed a little and handed it back to me.

"Gotdamn, sounds like my grandmother in New York. That's where I was born and raised for a little while before we moved here. And man I don't know why old people be so gotdamn bitter. I guess they mad because they know they time about to be up or some sh*t. That's the main reason I don't really visit her like that. She really be with the sh*t. I just can't," She vented. I chuckled and hit the blunt, yet again. "Who you telling? Be like damn. You should be happy that you even made this long on earth. My aunt was 93. She had a stroke. It is what it is. She probably in Heaven tryna cuss out angels right now for smiling or some sh*t," I joked, passing the blunt back to her. She giggled, "Damn... she gon' get her ass put out. God don't play."

By this time, the blunt was in full rotation. We continued smoking until we were done. She placed the blunt out and then looked into my eyes, "I'm Harlem. What's your name?" "Chris. And Harlem? Nice. Never met a girl name that before. Pretty cool," I stared back into her eyes. She soon looked away and into the sky, "Sometimes I wish I could just delete people out of my life forever. Like never hear or see them again. Some people don't even deserve forgiveness, but I got a big heart. You feel me? And I just can't tell some people no. Don't get it twisted though. I don't let muthaf***as run over me though."

"Some people I just don't f*ck with period. And my girl. Man, she be trying me at times. She grew up in the suburbs to a rich family, but sometimes she just puts on too much or whatever and I sometimes wonder what the f*** I see in her and then I remember, it's the sex," I chuckled, looking into the clouds. From the corner of my eye, I could see her shaking her head, "Just like a nigga. Don't give a damn if the b**** threatened to kill your whole family or pulled a gun out on you or even shot your ass. Why? 'Cuz the sex or mouth good..." "Hey, it really does make us look over certain sh*t if the sex is good. I'm sure your nigga let you get away with sh*t because of your pussy," I stated playfully, gazing her way.

"Nah, that nigga will never know what this pussy feels like until he can prove to me that he deserves it. That's what's wrong with most broads. Give the pussy up too quick. Nope. Not I. Gotta work for it," She sassed. "You must be a damn virgin," I added. She glared at me, "What the f*ck is wrong with being a virgin? You say it like it's a disease or something." "Nothing's wrong with it ma... I'm just asking because the way you talking--" "I'm talking like what?" "Unrealistic. How long have you been with him?" I asked, with full of interest. "Five months... and I'm not a virgin," She answered. I damn near choked. I caught myself, "Five months? And you not a virgin?! My b*tch gave it up to me the 2nd date. No bullsh*t. I ain't never had to wait for pussy."

"You sound like my brother with that sh*t. And I'm sure you already know it, but ya girl is a ho. Point blank. She too out there for that s***. No disrespect, but yeah. Don't hold my tongue for nobody. If she was my friend, I'd tell her ass too," She snapped, shaking her head, while laughing. "Oh I know that much. I never said she was marriage material. I don't love her. We been together for six months though. But I sure didn't wait that long for no pussy... But I'm glad that you have that mentality. It's refreshing. Most girls I've talked to, think like I think. So, I'm happy to know that you are different." "Damn you f*ck with loose b*tches I see," She laughed. "Something like that... Nah, I'm just kidding... You a cool girl. I'd love to hang out with you and talk to you," I stared up at her.

"Let's exchange numbers. Maybe I can kill yo ass in basketball one day," She took out her phone. I chuckled at her and took out my phone as well. I typed my name and number in hers. She then did the same to mine. "And you aight yourself. Remind me of a lot of my family. I'm ready to eat again. But them niggas ate up all the food. Wanna walk to the store right quick? I need some chips or something!" I nodded my head. We both walked to the store. I ended up buying her stuff. Not because she asked me to, but because I wanted to. We then walked back to the house. We sat outside and ate.

"What's the name of the nigga who having this party anyway? I have no f*cking idea. The nigga tried to get at my sister and now we here," I questioned, smacking on my Doritos. "You not alone. I came to this party with my home girl. She f*cking around this nigga. Well, trying to. They been talking for a minute now. His name Andrew. And it doesn't surprise me he tried to get at your sister. He be flirting with all these b*tches and I try to tell her but she don't listen. Oh well, not my problem she wants to be a dumb ho," She shrugged, while eating her Flamin' Hot Cheetos. "That's crazy," I chimed in, shaking my head. "Yeah," She retorted. Keria soon came outside and sat on the side of me laughing, "Heather nasty ass just f*cked that dude." I shook my head, "Not surprised. F*cking slut."

"Damn, who is the easy b*tch?" Harlem questioned. "The easy b*tch is my sister. Harlem this is my sister Keria and Keria, this is Harlem," I introduced the both of them. "Hey," They both said unison. "Yeah man, she came out that muthaf***a with her clothes down. Just loose as hell," Keria shook her head. "I told you. We gon' have to tape that b*tch pussy up with duct tape or something. That's just ridiculous and quite sad," I chimed in. Harlem laughed, "Sounds like my damn cousin. She is so freaking wild. F*cked a nigga the first five minutes of knowing him. That b*tch need her pussy stitched up. Or have her legs glued together 'cuz she can't close them b*tches for nothing."

"Damn," Twin and I said together, shaking our heads. "Shiiiit. Heather just met this nigga. She only known him for what? Ten minutes?" Keria asked. I chuckled, "B*tch stop playing. More like ten seconds. That nigga called her beautiful and she thought that meant he deserved the pussy. Our sister so out there and hoeish." Keria giggled, "FOR REAL." I high-fived her. Ana rushed out of the door. "Damn, this ain't no family reunion. B*tch go back in the house!" I snapped. Keria laughed, "What you want Ana?" Ana flicked my nose, "Shut up." And then became serious, "Heather about to fight some girl. That dude she f*cked girlfriend in the house!" "That's my friend," Harlem quickly got up and ran in the house. We joined her. We immediately saw Heather and the <a href="">girl</a> arguing.

"b****, YOU NOT GON' DO SH*T!" Heather hollered into the girl face. Andrew tried to separate them, but it wasn't working. "You f*cking goofy ass ho! I bet you won't swing... I'll knock your teeth out yo mouth," The girl shouted. "Naw, you not gon' knock s*** out 'cuz we don't fight fair in this b*tch. Drag queen looking ass b*tch," Ana shouted at her. "Ana, get yo ass back. Let these hoes fight!" I interjected, pulling Ana back. "Ha! Drag queen. You a goofy ass ho too. Both of you b*tches can get it," The girl barked. "Attack of the light skinned b*tches!" I roared, pulling out my phone. I didn't give a f*ck. I started recording them.

Harlem stepped up, "Nesha let's go! I told you this nigga wasn't sh*t, but you STILL didn't see the signs." "B*tch mad 'cuz her nigga don't claim her man looking ass. I wouldn't claim you either bulldog looking ass b*tch! So, what you wanna do?" Heather spat. "Y'all hoes taking TOO long to fight," I roared, now pushing Heather into Nesha. Keria looked at me, "Twin!" I shrugged and kept recording, "For real! Sh*t." The girl Nesha quickly swung and started putting the work on Heather ass. Heather was getting a few licks in, but they didn't match Nesha's. I swear this ho hit like a nigga. "DAAAAMN," The crowd chanted, watching. I joined in on that sh*t. I started throwing money on they ass. I couldn't make it rain, but I made it drizzle with two dollars on they ass. Heather was losing bad too. Harlem tried to get her off her, "Aight Nesha... That's enough."

Nesha ignored her. "F*ck that," Ana jumped in and started beating Nesha's ass. I didn't even know this ho knew how to fight. Surprised the hell out of me. I continued filming as Keria did the same. She watched and shook her head. When Ana started to get tired, she tagged Keria in. Keria soon jumped in and finished Nesha off. Harlem then broke it up when Nesha was on the floor getting drug around the whole house. My sister didn't give a f*ck. I think she was waiting for some s*** to pop off. Just so her ass can fight. She haven't fought in months. Heather got up and head a few bruises on her face and her lip was busted. Nesha nose was bleeding and her eye was swollen but she was STILL popping off.

"b****ES JUMPED ME AND YOU AIN'T DO SH*T!" She yelled at Harlem. "b****, bring yo ass on," Harlem growled, snatching her out of the house. I shook my head and stopped recording, while laughing, "Damn, she f*cked you up ho." "BUT... I ain't go out like no b**** though! I know that much," Heather, wiped her lip as it bled. "b****, if we weren't here, you'd be in the hospital," Keria stated. "Yeah, so next time... Watch who the f*ck you talk s*** about ho! Keria helped yo stupid ass. Ana did too. I didn't know this b**** knew how to throw a fist. Good job little ho," I added. "Shut the f*ck up... All yo ass did was record," Ana yelled. "And? I'm tryna smash her best friend... I can't look like a woman beater b*tch!" Heather shook her head, "Let's go..." "Mama gon' beat yo ass worse when she find out you lost," I teased, chuckling loudly.

"And she gon' beat yo banana peel ass when she see that all you did was record," Ana butted in, walking out the door. "B*tch, let me record my foot going in yo ass. Shut up," I spat, following her. "I'm still tripping at the fact twin pushed her ass into the b*tch though," Keria laughed. "Man, them hoes was testing each other breaths. They was not tryna fight. You would've thought they were having a debate in that b*tch. Who the f*ck talks for ten minutes when they supposed to be fightin'? That sh*t made me mad," I responded, picking the pace up.

"She almost lost for real because of yo crazy ass," Ana remarked. "Yeah, well next time, don't talk so much sh*t. Hit that ho and gon' on about yo day!" I spat. We continued walking, which seemed like forever. After about an hour of walking, we were at grandma's house. We all walked onto the property to see our cousin < a href="">Miracle</a> dancing. "Ugh, that b**** draws can be our blankets. BIG ass ho," I shouted, now shaking my head. "She know she wrong for looking like that. Just pitiful," Twin added. Heather shook her head, "It should hurt to be that damn big. Like, how the f*ck you allow yourself to get that damn big?" "Just nasty," Ana roared in disgust. We were all in agreement that Miracle was just disgusting looking. It was sad and pitiful but niggas f*cked her 'cuz she got four kids.

I don't know how and why a nigga would f*ck her, but I guess it isn't for me to know. "Where is Keshia? She always leaving these kids on me. They haven't stopped touching and breaking stuff since they got here!" <a href="">Grandma</a> shouted. "I'mma get them mama... Go rest your nerves," <a href=">Vanessa</a> reassured. Vanessa was our auntie. She was so damn ghetto. Her and her kids. Her kids steal. And mama already told them on several occasions that she'd never invite them over to our house when they're in town 'cuz she'll kill them if they stole any of her sh*t.

"She need to let that damn blonde hair go... She look like a damn fool," Keria shook her head. "The b*tch look like the Leprechaun off that damn movie.... 'Leprechaun In The Hood.' Hell naw," I hollered. "You dumb as f*ck," Ana laughed. Overall, Vanessa was cool. "You keep saying it, but you won't get them... Lord, you tryna run my pressure up!" Grandma sighed. "No, YOU gon' run it up... I wish you go sit down somewhere. I told you I got them," She sassed.

Grandma threw her hands up, "God please help me..." She went into the house. Vanessa rolled her eyes, "Damn... She does the most. They kids. They gon' run around. Let them." She then noticed us, "Hey my favorite nephew and nieces!" "What's up?" I asked. "s***... Y'all got a couple dollars I can borrow? I'll give it right back when NuNu get here," She questioned. "Naw," We quickly answered. We all learned our lesson with her. I forgot to mention that she begs a lot for your s*** or money. And never gives it back. "Damn... I need some cigarettes!" She remarked, shaking her head and slouching in the chair. "Don't you got Asthma Nessa?" Heather inquired, squinting in confusion. "What that mean? That don't stop sh*t. I still can smoke. The worse thing that's gon' happen is I'mma lose my breath. That's it," She retorted.

"You say that sh*t like that's not between life and death," I uttered. "I'mma be cool nephew. Don't worry... You smell like weed. Why you ain't bring me none? Sh*t.. I need something! I been sober too long," She interjected. "I smoked it with somebody else. I ain't put nothing on it," I responded. Ana shook her head, "Where Summer and Chrystee go?" "To some damn party... They 'pose to be back tomorrow. And oooh baby girl, what the f*ck happened to yo face?" She stated and then eyed Heather. "This b*tch got into a fight. Got her ass WHOOPED until Ana whooped the b*tch a little bit and then passed her to Keria... I got it on my--But yeah," I paused, remembering that I had a new phone and I didn't want it to come up missing with her thieving ass.

"Damn.... You win some. You lose some. You kept fighting tho peanut?" "Yeah. I ain't going out like no b*tch," Heather retorted. "You bet not let yo mama know that," Vanessa suggested. "Let me know wha--What the f*ck happened to yo damn face?!" Mama suddenly appeared outside, staring Heather down. "OOH! NANA! DONTARIUS BROKE THE RADIO!" We all turned our heads simultaneously and saw one of Keshia's bad ass kids, Darico. "DAMN DON-DON! I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM THAT SH*T! NOW I GOTTA HEAR MAMA MOUTH! UGH, GO HIDE IT! SH*T!" Vanessa hissed, sighing loudly. The kids nodded their heads and scattered. Those was some bad ass children. Keshia was only 22 and had five kids. She had two sets of twin boys and one girl.

That was truly sad. "Y'ALL BETTER STAY AWAY FROM MY F*CKING CAR! I'LL BEAT ALL OF YOU MUTHAF*CKAS! I AIN'T YO F*CKING MAMMY! WHERE THAT B*TCH AT ANY-F*CKING-WAY?!" Mama hollered to them. "She 'pose to be on her way soon," Vanessa answered. "That ho ain't got no job, why she always leaving her kids on the next muthaf*cka? I swear if they f*ck up any of my sh*t, I'mma hang them bastards," Mama roared. "Ugh, where is the rest of Miracle clothes tho?" I asked, staring at her dancing. "I told that whale I'mma harpoon her nasty, big ass if she don't go put some more f*cking clothes on! Who told her that sh*t was cute? B*tch stomach big enough to hide a muthaf*cka. I know whoever make her clothes be mad as f*ck they gotta use all that gotdamn fabric!" Mama growled, making me snicker.

"For real.... That's a big ass b****," Mama commented, shaking her head. "Mama, they didn't break s***, did they?" <a href=
"">Keshia</a> questioned, now showing up. "B*tch, what the f*ck you think? With yo Froot Loops hair having ass! THEY TOE' UP EVERY F*CKING THING UP! BROKE MAMA TABLE AND GOT HER ASS over here stressing. Get them before I chain they wild ass!" Mama hollered. "Dang... I'm so damn tired of them! That's why I didn't want them to come here with me! I swear I'mma beat them," Keshia spat. "You ain't gon' do sh*t!" I spat at her. Mama quickly elbowed me in my stomach, making me clutch myself, "Watch yo f***ing mouth. Don't get crazy out here."

"Nigga, I am.... I just be getting so tired of them. They act like they don't have no sense," She expressed. "They don't. Look who raising they ass. If you spent more time with them instead of in the streets, they wouldn't act like that," Mama intervened. Keria shook her head, "I'm just saying." "Girl, you left yo purse in my car," <a href=">She</a> walked over to us, handing Keshia her purse. We all stared at her, making her snap, "Damn, all eyes on me..." "B*tch you the one look like a muthaf***ing Toucan Sam. I'll skin yo bald headed ass,"Mama spat at her. Me and Twin fell on the ground laughing hard. "Aunt Rachel. Naw, this my best friend Lacresha. Cresha chill out that's my auntie and my mama and 'nem!" Keshia exclaimed.

She sighed, "Nah, muthaf*ckas wanna be disrespectful and sh*t. I ain't letting sh*t go. You need to get her old ass." "B*tch, my mama ain't nowhere NEAR OLD Mr. T looking ass ho... Ole--" I was soon interrupted by mama.. "Hush son... She right... She does deserve respect.... And I will be very respectful and nice right now," Mama nodded her head. Everyone looked at her because she is NEVER nice or knew how to be. "Mama, the f*ck? Let us in on this ho!" Ana spat. Mama kneed Ana in her side, "Ana shut the f*ck up." Keria was still hollering on the ground with tears pouring out her eyes. "Y'ALL GOT ME F*CKED UP!" Lacresha shouted. "Hush up children. Be respectful," Mama stated. My mouth dropped to the damn floor. "Man, y'all chill out please," Keshia cutted in.

Mama nodded her head and got out her pack of cigarettes. "Can I have one Rae? I been wanting one all day!" Vanessa begged. "Sure," Mama offered her one. We now gave each other looks. Mama was up to something. "For real?" Vanessa asked in disbelief. "Yes, sister," Mama handed her one. She then took out her lighter and looked at Lacresha, "You want a cigarette?" "Nah b****. I don't want no f*cking cigarette I--" Before she could finish her sentence mama took the cigarette lighter and lit her mohawk on fire. Lacresha screamed as she tried to put it out. I was dying by this time. "B*TCH, YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THE F*CK YOU TALKING TO! I'M CRAZY AS F*CK AND I'LL LIGHT YO WHOLE BODY ON FIRE!" Mama roared as the girl panicked and cried. This definitely was starting go a lot better than we thought it would.

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We all kept running from Mama as Aunt <a href="">Carolyn</a> continued being dramatic as f*ck. That's why we couldn't stand her ass to begin with. "Y'all b*tches got me f*cked up! When I get y'all, I'mma shoot every last one of you square mouthed ass hoes!" Mama shouted as she continually let shots ring in the air. We all split up and eventually ran far distance from my grandmother's <a href="">house</a>. We no longer heard mama's gun shots and ended up stopping in front of some store. "Girl naw! Mama is crazy as f*ck... I forgot she had her gun in her purse," <a href="">Heather</a> spat, now bending over and catching her breath. "You out of breath, but I'm the supposely fat one? b**** please. You f***ing twig!" <a href="">Keria</a> roared back. "Well, I'm sure if you would've passed out, your 'twin' would've carried you," <a href="">Ana</a> interjected, cutting her eyes at Keria. I just had about enough of these b*tches arguing over the smallest and dumbest things. "Can y'all take my damn picture? I don't give a f*ck who car this is, but I'm about to take a pic right in front of this b*tch!" I roared, posing. "Nigga, I'm not about to take your f*cking picture. Get your twin to do it!" Heather shouted, rolling her eyes. "I'll take it twin. Stupid ho act like she too good to take a pic!" Keria yelled, taking her phone out. "Shut the f*ck up fat ass b*tch!" Heather teased. Keria paid her no mind as she snapped the pic. I then stopped and looked at <a href="">it</a>. "Damn, you look good as f*ck twin," Keria cooed. Heather eyed Keria and shook her head, "I'm sure y'all both f*cked. Anyway, we will eventually have to go back. Y'all do realize that sh*t right?" "B*tch don't make me snatch you in front of these people. So I advise you to keep your f*cking mouth shut or your clothes won't be the only thing red on your stupid ass!" Keria growled. "B*tch please. You ain't gon' do sh*t fatty!" Heather challenged Keria.

I wanted to football tackle both of these annoying ass b*tches. Sisters or not. We couldn't stand here and argue all f*cking day over petty ass sh*t. I shook my head, "Twin ignore this b*tch. And Heather shut the f*ck up and stop provoking her with yo loose pussy ass! I'm getting tired of this sh*t! We gotta make the best of this boring ass trip. Y'all know how dramatic and crazy our family is and quite frankly I think we are all in agreement that we are glad Aunt Barbara died so please let's try to get through this s*** together and at least ATTEMPT to get along." Ana let out a loud sigh as she leaned against the car, "Man, I hate going to these f*cking reunions, but I'll try to make the best of it... Wish I was with Mike right now...."

"I really don't give a f*ck about Mike or anyone of y'all niggas! And I surely don't want to hear about they weak ass. Save that boring ass sh*t for another time. like my twin said, we got to try to have fun. Even though we all know this sh*t is as lame as they all come. We STILL got to make the best of this sh*t!" Heather screwed her face and then directed her attention on Keria, "And b*tch we don't care about you and Shad whack ass. So you could've left that example alone." "Heather, she's right! F*ck them niggas and even f*ck Ava's ass right now. At the moment I'm single while I'm here. And you all should try being the same thing," I intervened, hopping on the back of the car.

"Who f*cking car is this? Why we all up on it like we know them!" Ana questioned. We shrugged our shoulders in unison. "So, what the f*** are we going to do to make it fun? Huh Siamese Incest twins?" Heather asked being a smart-ass. I gave the b**** a mean glare, "First we're gonna get your pussy sewn up. You shouldn't even have walls anymore. Matter fact, b*tch you don't got walls, you got floors." Keria now snickered, "Damn." Heather glared at her, "B*tch I don't know why you laughing. I may be a f*cking nympho, but at least I get d*ck. Unlike yo ass. I heard about Shad non-f***ing ass. Heard that nigga busted in 5 minutes while he was f*cking you!" Keria focused her attention on me, "You told this b*tch what I told you?"

"Twin, she must've overheard me on the phone one day. I swear I didn't tell this ho nothing!" "FIVE MINUTES?! Oh hell naw! Mike lasts at least 30! It's time to upgrade!" Ana stated with a giggle as she shook her head. "First of all you little Similac drinking ass b*tch, yo pussy hair probably just started growing! You are 17 years old! You better not be out here f*cking that Lizard looking ass nigga. I'll have his ass extinct f*cking with me. Make me some shoes outta his b*tch ass," I shouted, hopping off the car and getting in her face.

"Chris, why do you have to talk to me like that? I'm not a f*cking child anymore. I'm almost--" "ALMOST grown. Almost is the keyword. I don't give a f*ck about what you are ALMOST. You still are NOT grown so sit your f*cking hot tail ass down. And that's that on that!" I roared, not wanting to hear anything else she had to say. "Last time I checked, you wasn't anybody got damn daddy.... Mmmm speaking of daddy, that reminds me of Trey... Mmm, I miss his nasty ass," Heather moaned, while licking her lips. "Eww," We all expressed in disgust. I scrunched my nose up, "B*tch don't nobody wanna hear that sh*t! Nasty ass ho." "Yeah, but you can talk about Ava's seafood pussy ass! Whatever!" Heather rolled her eyes.

"ANYWAY, what the f*ck we gon' do? We just standing here!" Keria remarked. "B*tch you look like a church mom with that f*cking hat on. Take that stupid sh*t off!" Heather sneered. "B*tch, this is called having style. Something yo tropical fruit punch looking ass DON'T have!" Keria snapped. "I swear to God if you b*tches argue ONE MORE time I'mma put both of you b*tches on these streets and make you my hoes. And y'all redbones too! These niggas gon' love y'all ass!" I stated with frustration.

"Long as I'm getting paid, I don't give a f*ck," Heather retorted, now applying lip gloss to her lips. Keria shook her head, "Such a f*cking ho!" Heather shrugged her shoulders as Ana shook her head and let out a loud sigh, "Seriously guys. I'm tired of standing up here. Any of you got any money? Let's go shopping! Walking! Anything!" "Okay.... There's some stores down here. Let's at least window shop in this b*tch," I replied, walking to some store. The girls followed me. We went inside some clothing store. I didn't know what I wanted to get as of yet. But looking around, I didn't really see too much sh*t that I would like so that idea is out. The girls immediately looked around and started picking up sh*t.

"I hope all of y'all hoes got money because I'm not the f*cking bank. I don't do no tricking. You gotta do something to earn this money! Or work out a payment plan. Sell some pussy for 30 minutes and give me what you make," I snarled. "Ain't nobody finna sell no gotdamn pussy for no damn clothes... Oops my bad, Heather skank ass would! Blue waffle pussy ass!" Keria barked, rummaging through the racks of clothes. "B*tch don't start up in this gotdamn store. Act right and I might give yo big ass a Twinkie or a Snickers!" Heather exclaimed, attacking her back. "Oooh, I want a Snickers! I want anything! I didn't get a chance to get any of the f*cking food before mom chased us!" Ana interjected.

I started shaking my head once again, now remembering that I didn't eat either. "F*ck! I didn't eat sh*t either! Man, y'all know Miracle big ass can eat that whole two tables of food by herself! And then Keshia and her bad ass kids! SH*T! We gon' f*cking starve!" I hollered, with disappointment. "Hell yeah. I can't stand they f*cking ass. They be greedy as f*ck for no reason. Like that sh*t does not be called for. Ugh, I swear I'mma end up slapping the s*** out of Soso though. She so f*cking nosy and annoying. All up in our faces and sh*t! Hate fake hoes!" Twin chimed in, sharing my frustration.

"Damn, all I got is $80! I forgot my debit card so I can't buy all the sh*t I wanna buy!" Heather expressed. "At least you got something! All I have is $40!" Ana added. I now gazed at Keria, "I got like $400. How much you got twin?" "Sh*t... I don't get paid to next week. I only have $0.34 to my name and I am not exaggerating." "Damn.... But okay... we have $520.34 in total. That should last us for this stupid ass week we will be here. This money will serve as emergency money. Never know what might happen so y'all can window shop all the f*ck you want, but y'all ain't taking sh*t out this store! Simple as that!" I announced it loudly.

"I agree. Then we gon' be staying there with grandma overdramatic ass. Always doing the most! B*tch you don't have to bring God up in everything. We can take a sh*t and she'll start shouting and catching the spirit outside the bathroom and start praising God. Ugh. Annoy me with that sh*t!" Heather stated, highly annoyed. "That's what's wrong with your evil ass. You need prayer b*tch. God shouldn't annoy you. I'm definitely praying for you," Keria shook her head. "B*tch, I didn't say he annoyed me! I said GRANDMA annoyed me by bringing him up when it's not necessary. She uses his name in vain too much!" Heather defended.

"All of you hoes need Jesus ass! Sh*t! I know I always thank him for every time I bust a nut. And I ALWAYS thank him for taking his time and especially blessing me with a big ass d*ck. GLORY! PRAISE HIM! Hallelujah Lord for allowing me to f*ck these hoes and not even know these hoes names. PRAISE YA! LORD I FEEL YOU! Whew! I feel the holy spirit. It's in my stomach! OH JESUS! It's coming Jesus... Thank ya!" I shouted and danced around with my hands in the air and then turn around and then farted loudly. I then stopped and fanned the air, "That was a good one Jesus." Ana, Keria, and Heather quickly covered their noses. "Ugh, yo s***ty booty ass!" Heather yelled as she fanned the smell away. "Twin, what the f*ck you eat?!" Keria asked, covering her nose with her shirt.

Ana sprayed the air with perfume and then made sure her nose was protected, "Seriously." "I don't even remember why I got the bubble guts but y'all right. That sh*t is f*cking my stomach up huh? I gotta stop eating everything! But let's hurry up and leave this b*tch," I agreed. We all scattered out of the store and onto the street. Here we were back at square one. We couldn't risk going back to grandma's house. It just wasn't too safe right now. Mama was still trying to calm down I bet. So, we had to play it safe and just try to figure out where we wanted to go for at least an hour. We now walked right back to the red car and threw our bodies against it.

"What do we do now? I'm hungry as f*ck and we can't even eat right now. And then on top of that, we can't spend our emergency money. So, the f*ck we gon' do for a couple of hours?" Keria inquired. "Well we can--" Heather started. I interrupted, "Heather yo ass BET NOT say no stupid sh*t about her weight or whatever. Or I'mma smack the sh*t out of you. We're being serious right now." "I wasn't going to say sh*t about her f*cking weight Chris. Damn! Give me a chance to talk. Damn. I was going to say that we could buy some wings and share them or a pizza. Isn't it a Little Caesar's down the street? They pizza $5. And they wings cheap too. So with tax that'll be about $10 dollars," Heather informed us.

"Aight, so we'll walk to Little Caesar's," I responded. "I don't really like they damn pizza," Keria complained. "B*tch this ain't no damn opinion sharing moment. We don't care. We eating on a f*cking budget. You wanna go back to grandma house to empty food and risk dying OR do you wanna eat?" I snapped, staring at her. "Nigga, I'll eat the pizza or whatever, but I was just saying. Damn," She threw her hands up. "The quicker we walk, the faster we get there and the faster we eat. So come on!" Heather spat. All of us got off the car and started walking. It shouldn't take that long for us to get there. It was maybe five blocks. So we started mobbing and Keria complained about her getting tired. She had asthma so she couldn't really walk that fast or run without losing breath. Long story short, I had to carry her ass on my back.

"Yo big ass could've walked!" Heather shouted at her as we continued walking. "B*tch shut the f*ck up. If my twin wants to f*cking carry me, let him!" Keria shouted back. I quickly pinched her nose and then tripped Heather, "SHUT THE F*CK UP!" Heather almost fell, but played it off and pushed me, "Don't f*cking push me no more nigga. The f*ck wrong with you?" "I swear you guys are so damn annoying right now. Damn shut up and walk!" Ana spat. "B*tch, shut yo ass up. You worry about how you gon' get out of school with those failing grades you got!" Heather growled.

I shook my head as her and Ana argued. I was so glad that we were now arriving at Little Caesar's. I wanted to punch the sh*t out of both of them for being so damn annoying, but I decided against it and placed Keria onto her feet as I walked inside. I ordered the pizza and wings. I then waited for our food. After we got it, we ate as we walked. I was so damn hungry, I was eating like this would be my last meal for a while. Hell, we all were eating that way. Before you knew it, we killed the whole box. We end up splitting the last two slices of pizza and then demolished the wings. I threw the empty boxes in a nearby trash can and wiped my mouth as started walking.

I didn't know where we were going to go, but we had to go somewhere. "Damn, I'm full as f***," Ana retorted, rubbing her stomach. "Sh*t, I'm thirsty," Keria chimed in. "We can always go to the corner store and buy all of us one of those $0.79 drinks. And with tax that'll be close to $4.00. We'll buy the drinks now. I saw a Dollar General when we were heading to Little Caesar's so I know it's not too far," I replied. They nodded their heads. We kept walking and soon found Dollar General. We walked inside and I headed to find the drinks. The girls weren't too far behind me. "Mmmm, damn you then got so sexy! If you wasn't something like family, I'd eat you right up!" We all turned around to see <a href="">him</a>. "OH HELL NAW!" I shouted as that nigga licked his lips at me. "UGH! HELL NAW B*TCH! GET YO NASTY ASS AWAY FROM MY BROTHER!" Keria spat, mugging him. "Take that you f*cking twin!" Heather laughed, enjoying this sh*t.


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RUN IT !!!

lol girl nahh we gang up on our auntie and mama come outside shooting thats my type of family !

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chris grow up on that incest s*** .

run it .

He'll fckn naw she came outside shootin


LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ them gangin up on aunt carol & they momma CRAZY poppin off!

R U N ♥ I T

"Shut yo neutral ass up Ana!" I spat, while running my fingers through Keria hair. "No, BUT seriously, y'all are entirely too close for me! It's like sickening!" Ana shouted. "Where Chrystee scary ass at?!" Keria asked, hopping off my lap. "Over there quiteter than a f*ckin' mouse!" Heather stated, pointing to the front yard. "She not crazy as hell like us! We need somebody to bail us out so it's cool!" Summer added. "I can't believe y'all came out the same pussy!" I shook my head, while playing with my phone. "Well, that's my sis! Can't make the b*tch be loud. You know?" "And I can't make Keria be skinny!" Heather shouted. "AYE HEATHER!" I yelled. "WHAT?!" "There go some d*ck!" I shouted. "WHERE?! WHERE?!" She asked, searching the yard. "In ya mouth, now get the f*ck off my twin!" I spat. "Thanks for having my back Chris!" "You welcome twin!" "Ugh, you play too much! Getting me excited for nothing!" Heather yelled angrily, while patting her mouth.

"Damn, you wanted some d*ck that bad Heather?" Ana asked, shaking her head. "Y'all just don't know! I been sexless for a week now!" The yard soon became silent when Auntie Carolyn walked over to us. We did NOT like her ass either. The b*tch was so fake and annoying. She put on her false ass smile, "Hey, my favorite nieces and nephews!" "B*tch please! You KNOW we don't like you! Be real!" I spat. "Say what now?!" She asked, shouting. "B*TCH, YOU HEARD HIM WE DON'T LIKE YO OLD, DUSTY, SPIDERY PUSSY ASS!" Twin roared, balling her fists up. "What they said. And I dare you to touch them!" Ana spat, getting in Carolyn's face. We all got in Carolyn's face. Her face soon grew with fear, "RACHEL! YO K-K-KIDS--" That's all it took for my mama to come out. She ran out shooting her pistol. This caused all of us run. Our mother was crazy as hell!

but i'm probably not gonna add today anyway. think i'm a put it on hold till everybody catch up

They mean as s***! They don't f*** w/ fam! That's crazy how I'm the only one they talk too!
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DAAAAMN okay. UGHHH A LOT ?!!!! lol I'll try !

bree i hope you catching up on 'a fool for you' cause i added a lot and i'm writing to it now. ionno if i'm add today, but you needa catch up. you and kiani both

Lmao shrimp? Realli? Lol run this



haha if i was ava i would be pissed
off at keria .. she get the lap
and ava ass probably carrying the bags lol
but thats funny.. taste like shrimp
i dont think i ever even want to know a girl
who taste like that seafood platter lol

that was midget mac short...

come on bree..


with they cool asses.
my crazy annoyin ass all up in they mix! i know keria wanna beat my ass, so c'mon wit it! i'm right here! do somethin' hoe! lol, jp

u p d a t e ♥ s o o n


<strong><em> Hours Later...</strong></em>

We arrived at my aunt's house. I honestly didn't feel like dealing with these b*tches. I only had one cousin that I seriously f*cked with and that was Summer. She was like my bad b*tch. That's what I call her. We all got out of the car. Our annoying ass cousin Sofia ran up to us, "What's up cuzzos?! I missed y'all! Aye, where yo girl at Chris? I heard the b*tch all rich and sh*t? You think you can hook a sister up with her brother?" Sofia asked. Keria is STILL waiting on the day to fight her. I just rolled my eyes and brush past the b*tch. The rest of the family did the same. I didn't even greet any of our relatives because I really didn't f*ck with them.

I sat in the chair, while twin followed behind me. She then sat on my leg. "Aye, I know this is random, but does Shad eat you out?" Keria laughed, "Yeah, why you ask that?" "I don't know. I just wanted to know. So, like how he do it? Do he suck on your clit first, or lick the sides? What?" "He finger me first, then lick my clit. So, I mean how does it taste though?" I laughed, "Well, I really don't eat pussy no more. Last cooch I ate, she tasted like shrimp." "SHRIMP?! Hell naw! That b*tch got something! Yo pussy not supposed to taste like seafood! Ugh, DON'T tell me you ate Ava's pussy?!" "Yeah, that's who I'm talking about! You know how I love shrimp, so I ain't mind! I just told the b*tch to bring the pasta! I could've had a full course meal!" I spat, causing Keria to burst into laughter. "Twin, you stupid as hell!" "I'm serious. Now, I just make that b*tch suck my d*ck!" I exclaimed. Just then my bad b*tch a.k.a. Summer walked over to us, "WHAT'S UP TWINS! WITH YO INCESTIN' ASS!" Keria and I laughed. "B*TCH, DON'T BE HATING 'CUZ I LOVE MY SISTER!" I roared. "Chris, you and fat ass need to get a damn room!" Heather added. "I'm not in that! Ana learned to be quiet!" Anastasia chimed in.


<strong> Told you, it would be short!</strong>

lol yo im rollin, i cant believe yu reposted this s***!! yu straight crazy bre.
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