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My boots hit the wet cement as I ran across the street. I looked both ways before running across the wet streets of Downtown Los Angeles. I held on to my coat that sheltered me from the downfall of the rain. I stopped at a curb where I saw a taxi coming my way, I called for it with my hand. I prayed that there was no one inside. I smiled when I saw it coming towards me, I rushed to it as I bumped into someone. I stopped as I looked up and saw him, I apologized. "No, its my fault. Go ahead and take this one, i'll take the next one." I smiled a friendly smile and hopped in the taxi. "Where to?" The driver asked. "Uh, North Alemeda Street." I shaking the rain from my coat and warming up to the warmth of the car. He nodded and we proceeded on.

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Ok thnx o n I hope u dnt mind I added a little more to how I look n posted a pic sorrii lol n jus call me nic

Cool, Nicole you got the part. I'll update tomorrow.

Illl be danyell's bestfriend if I cnt I'll jus b her friend
Name Nicole Aka nic
Age whatever fits
Man tyga
Persona funny boss bxtch attitude feisty stubborn hardheaded can b a big baby at times cnt stand fake ppl or haters. Loves when a man can take control but not all the time cuz she got sumthn they want day p***y lol nnloves to fight then hav make up sx
Is short 4'11 but cnt stAnd when ppl call her short fav quoting"bxtch I ain't short I'm jus fun size"
O n run it I cnt wait to see what happens
O n light skinned with long curly hair black n puerto rican speaks Spanish fluently. Especially when I'm mad I cuss some one out n Spanish wen I'm gettn ready to fight a girl.
Basically I look lik <a href=>her</a>

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Chapter 005

Its been a whole month since i've been working for Chris and now I understand why his old assistants have quit, this man has a hectic life. On the bright side i'm up to date on my rent and I gave up my old busted Honda Civic for a brand new Lexus IS250. Sometime soon I plan on looking for a brand new apartment aswell.

I was sitting at my desk when Jennaly came into my office. I looked up at her, "Danyell, there's someone downstairs who would like to speak to Mr. Brown." "Who?" She shrugged, "Someo woman, but she's demanding to speak to him." I sighed, "Okay, i'm heading down there right now." She nodded and walked out as I followed her. She took her sear as I took the elevator down. Once I hit the lobby I saw some woman arguing with Nancy, she had a little boy by her side. I walked up to them. "What's going on here?" I asked. Nancy looked up at me, "She's demanding to speak to Mr. Brown but she quite doesn't understand that he is in a meeting." The woman looked at me. "Who are you?" She asked full of attitude. "I'm Mr. Brown's assistant, and you are?" "The nanny. Let Mr. Brown know I resign and you can take his monster of a son." With that she walked out, leaving this little boy standing there with his backoack on and playing with his Buzz action figure. He looked so innocent, I was in total shock just for the fact that Chris had a child and he was the mirror image of him. I looked at Nancy for some answers, but all she could do was shrug. "I didn't know either." I took a deep breathe and bent down to his level. "Hey there hun, what's your name." He looked up at me and smiled, "CJ." I smiled and extended my hand. "Well CJ, i'm Danyell. It's a pleasure to meet you." He shook it. "Can we see my dad?" I nodded, and grabbed his hand. "Sure can." We began making our way to the elevator.


I was wondering if someone wanted to be part of my cast. If you do just leave some info. Thanks.

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Chapter 004

After Chris did what he had to do. He ordered us some lunch to eat in his office, they had brought it in. "So, whay type of job is this exactly?" I asked. "You're my personal assistant." He said, "Meaning?" I asked. "Meaning, you're the second highest paid person in this building." "Who's the first?" I asked. He smiled, "Me." It was quiet. "So first thing is first, as my assistant you'll need this." He opened a drawer of his desk pulling out something and handing it to me. I opened it, it was an iPad. "What's this for?" "That right there is my walking agenda. That's why I needed you to be good at technology. In that you'll put all my appointments, special events, etc. So carry that aroind everywhere you go." I nodded. "Second is this." He handed me a Blackberry Bold. "What's this for?" I asked. "That is my business phone. That's where all my business calls come in. You'll be the one to answer that, so it has to be with you at all times." "All the time?" He nodded. "So where do you recieve your personal calls??" He pulled out and iPhone. "Here, put your number in there so when I call you, you must always answer." I put it in and gave it back. He called me right there, he smiled. "Save that number and give me a good ringtone." We finished up our lunch. "You're free to go. Make sure you're here at 8 am sharp. 15 minutes early is best and I like a nice cup of coffee with a bagel sitting on my desk." I nodded and walked out. I sighed, he was sure demanding, but atleast I was going to be making more money. I tried to put all the stuff in my medium sized purse. First thing on my to do list is to get a bigger purse.

Sorry it's short. The good stuff will be coming soon.

run it happy she got the job

Yay she got the job run it

Chapter 003

It has been a few days since Chris gave me that card and i've been thinking about it. I decided that i'd give a call, I mean by now he probably has found someone for that position anyway but it's never to late to try. I walked to my room and picked up the card that sat on my dresser. I picked up my cell and began dialing the numbers. It rang a few times before someone picked up. "Mr. Brown's office, how can I help you?" "Um, hi. I'm Danyell Mendoza and i'm calling about a position that i've heard about." There was a pause on the phone, until the woman spoke. "Yes, I see your name on a paper. Mr. Brown would love to see you in his office around 10. Is that an appropiate time for you?" She asked. "Yeah, that's fine." "Okay, he can't wait to see you." I smiled, "Thank you." With that we hung up. I smiled to myself, he knew i'd be calling. I shook my head and started getting ready.

I walked into the huge doors and made my way to the front desk. The woman looked up at me. "May I help you?" I nodded, "I have an appointment with Mr. Brown." She looked through some papers then looked back up at me. "You're 15 minutes early. You can go ahead and take the elevator up to the 5th floor and his receptionist will let you in." I smiled. "Thanks you." She nodded and I made my way to the elevator. As I waited, I fidgeted with my folder looking over my resume making sure I wouldn't mess this up.

The elevator doors opened as I walked out up to another desk. The woman looked up at me and smiled. "You must be Danyell. Mr. Brown is ready to see you." I smiled in return and she led me over to, two large wooden double doors with a plaque that read 'Christopher Brown'. She opened it, all I saw was a cherry wood desk and shelves with many books. Upon the desk sat another plaque with his name, a few scattered papers and an Apple desktop. The back of his chair faced the doors as he looked towards a beautiful scenery of all of Los Angeles. The woman cleared her throat, "Mr. Brown, she's here." He slowly turned around and stood. "Jennaly, you may go." She nodded and walked out shutting the doors behind her. He smiled, "Please have a seat." I did as I was told and took a seat. It was pretty awkward. "Um, I brought my resume." I handed it to him, he looked it over while he began asking questions. I tried not to laugh at the fact that he was trying to be professional. "So Danyell, it says here your good with kids." I nodded, "Yeah, they're just fun to be around and I enjoy them alot." He nodded. "Are you good at typing and things of that nature." "Yeah, it's something i've gotten really good at." He nodded and closed my folder setting it down. He sat foward and looked at me. "Do you realize that this job is fulk time and if you take this job your heart and soul has to be in it." I nodded. He nodded, "Okay then, you got the job." I was suprised. "Really?" He nodded, "Yeah, I just need you to read over our contract and sign it." He said pulling out a folder and handing me a pen. I glanced over it and signed it. "You were just waiting for me to call so you could give me the job huh?" He shook his head, "What would make you think that?" "Maybe the fact that I got the job right on the spot." He smiled, "C'mon you should have known. You had the potential since the day we had lunch. Now, you have the choice, you can start today or tomorrow." I smiled. "Today is fine." "Okay. Stick around and we'll have lunch while i'll tell you about the job you signed up for." He had a smirk upon his face. I guess while I waited i'd call my other jobs and quit.

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run it chris is really nice

ilike this danny....they kute already
and aint even do nuthin lmao nt this
seem like it gon be good as hell! soo

Run It. Its pretty good so far.

Chapter 002

I was cleaning up tables at work as many people walked in and out of the door. Just a few more minutes until my lunch break and I was out of here. I finished up on this table and turned around to start walking to the back when I bumped into someone. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you there. Let me get you some napkins to clean this up." "No, no, you're fine. It was my fault." I said, even though I was pissed off that it got all over the floor I had just mopped. I looked up and noticed it was the guy from the other day that let me have his taxi cab. His concerned face slowly turned into a smile when he saw me. "You're that girl from the other day." I nodded, "And you're that gentlemen that let me have his cab." He smiled. "I'm sorry about this mess, let me make it up. Maybe we can have lunch?" I smiled, "No, i'm serious. You don't have to make anything up. Matter of fact I owe this to you for letting me have that cab, especially since it was raining and you easily could have taken it." He gave me this look that said 'Please, I want to'. I smiled, "Fine." He smiled back, "Great, are you free now?" I nodded, "Just let me go clock out and grab my bag." He nodded.

A few minutes later I came back with my coat on and bag in hand. He smiled, "Ready?" I nodded and we made our way out to a parked GMC Yukon. You could tell he was a business man. He was about 6'3 atleast, his hair was neatly faded. He had this pearly white smile that matched his brown ovals he had for eyes. His taylored Armani suit fit him well with a bright Rolex on his wrist and diamind studs sitting in his ears. Underneath, you could tell he had a sculpted body, aslo you knew that by the way he acted he was well mannered and raised. He opened the passenger side door for me. I hopped in as he closed it for me. I watched him go around as he hopped in the driver's seat. He buckled his seatbelt and we drove off. I had no idea where we were going and I didn't plan on asking either. We drove in silence with nothing but the radio on, until we pulled up to P.F. Changs. He looked over at me, "Do you mind eating here?" I shook my head. "Truth is i've never eaten here." He looked suprised. He got off the car and came around to open my door. He extended his hand, "Well, you're going to love it." I was pretty excited since this was my first time here. I've heard that this place was really good but i've never had the opportunity to try it since i'm usually on a budget. "Table for two." The waitress nodded and led us to a table. He pulled my chair out for me and then sat down himself. The waitress handed us some water. "I'll be right back to take your orders." We both smiled and she walked off.

"I don't think we had the pleasure of knowing eachothers names." "I'm Danyell Mendoza, but you can just call me Dany." He smiled and kissed my hand. "Pleasure meeting you Dany. I'm Christopher Brown or Chris." I smiled aswell. "It's a pleasure meeting you aswell." When the waitress came back we ordered, while we waited we just talked. "So Danyell, tell me about yourself." "Uh, well, i'm 24 years old as you can tell I work at Starbucks and I also work a second job as a waitress at Hometown Buffet. I graduated from Long Beach with a degree in Communications but with the way the economy is going, no one was hiring. So now i'm just someone trying to make ends meet." He nodded. "If I may ask, what's your ethnicity? You have this exotic look to you." I smiled, "Thanks, i'm Puerto Rican and Black. So, what about you?" I asked. "Um, i'm 26 a graduate of USC. I own my own business, basically i've been working hard since I was 16, now i'm waiting to see where life will take me after this." I nodded. Soon the waitress brought over our food. "I don't understand why no one was willing to hire you, you have a great personality and a way of talking to people." I blushed. "Thanks." "So what about your parents." I sighed, this was a sensitive topic to talk about and I guess he could tell. "Nevermind, forget I even asked." He said. "No its fine. Both of my parents died in a car crash when I was 15. I lived with my grandparents, they're the only people I have left in my life." "You don't have any other siblings??" I shook my head. "I'm an only child aswell, I consider the childhood friends I grew up with to be my brothers." I smiled. As we finished up he looked at the time, "Oh, I should be headed back to work." I looked aswell and nodded my head in agreement. He pulled out his wallet, I handed him some money for my meal, but he declined it. "It's all on me, keep it." He smiled. I smiled shyly and stuck it back in my bag. We walked out and headed back to his car.

Wen we arrived he dropped me off, just as I was about to get off he stopped me. "Look Danyell, ny the way you described your jobs to me, I could tell you truly hate them. There's this position i'm offering down at my place that i'm sure you'd enjoy, plus you seem perfect for it." He handed me his card, "If your interested give me a call, I promise you'll be making three times as much as you do now." I smiled and thanked him. "Think about it." He said. "Will do." With that I shut the door and watched him pull off as I made my way back into Starbucks. I took one last look at the card before stuffing it into my back pocket and heading back to work.

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Chapter 001

"Goodmorning Los Angeles! In the studio next we have the one and only 'Mr. Steal Yo Girl', so stay tuned---". My hand slid from under the sheets as it seached for the button to turn off my alarm clock. As I found it, I inhaled deeply pulling the comforter from over my head and staring at the cieling. I took a look at the clock, 7:10. I rolled my eyes pulling the covers from ontop me. My feet hit the cold hardwood floor as I removed myself from the bed. Opening the blinds and grabbing everything neccessary to take a shower. I walked in turning on the shower, letting it warm up. I took a quick pee and flushed. I washed my hands and face brushing my teeth right after. I dried off my face and began undressing. I stood in my bra and panties staring at myself in the somewhat foggy mirror. I wasn't ugly. I had a 5'4 frame and curves in all the right places. I was a 38C cup bra size but a large behind to make up for what I was missing in the top. I had an caramel colored skin tone with greenish hazel eyes. My curly black hair fell mid-way down my back. I had what many called a 'natural beauty'. I  continued on and hopped in the shower.

After doing what I needed to do in the bathroom, I came out and lotioned up slipping on my Victoria Secret bra and panties set. I grabbed my tan colored pants and slipped them on while putting on a white undershirt and a white collar shirt over that. I slipped on my shoes and some subtle jewelry, spraying some perfume and putting on some mascara and lip gloss. I pulled the towel out from my hair letting my curls fall. I took one last look before grabbing my bag and green Starbucks apron. As I closed the door behind me, I noticed a paper posted on my apartment door. I pulled it off and read it. I sighed at the fact that my rent was two day overdue, I just didn'y have the money at the moment. I stuffed it in my purse and continued my way to work.

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I like it it is very good run it