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My boots hit the wet cement as I ran across the street. I looked both ways before running across the wet streets of Downtown Los Angeles. I held on to my coat that sheltered me from the downfall of the rain. I stopped at a curb where I saw a taxi coming my way, I called for it with my hand. I prayed that there was no one inside. I smiled when I saw it coming towards me, I rushed to it as I bumped into someone. I stopped as I looked up and saw him, I apologized. "No, its my fault. Go ahead and take this one, i'll take the next one." I smiled a friendly smile and hopped in the taxi. "Where to?" The driver asked. "Uh, North Alemeda Street." I shaking the rain from my coat and warming up to the warmth of the car. He nodded and we proceeded on.

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CJ knows that his daddy & Danyell is going to get it on AGAIN SOON.


They really need to be together.

AWW that was too cute I'm glad CJ embraced his lil sister so lovingly. LMAO @ CJ asking all those questions especially the one about when are they gone have another baby, too funny. Kids say the darndest things. I know they say theyre not getting married, or moving in together, or having another baby but I have high hopes that they'll get back to that place....... Loved it Run It!!!


We finished eating and I payed for the bill while Danyell stuck Kaylah in her carseat. I grabbed the it and helped her carry her out to the car buckling her into the backseat. She set the diaperbag down on the other side. "So I guess i'll be by your place later to introduce Kaylah to CJ." I nodded. She smiled and embraced me in a hug while whispering in my ear. "I'm glad we can be civil." She pulled away and hopped in the car and backed out. I started walking back to my car.
I had just picked CJ up from school and got him a quick snack from McDonalds. He ate it on the way to the house. When we pulled up I parked and opened his door as he hopped out and ran inside. I shook my head and grabbed his backpack chuckling. As I walked inside I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I slid my finger across the screen to reveal a message from Danyell.

<strong><em>I'll be by in 30 mins</em></strong>

I shot back a quick text and walked inside. I shut the door behind me and checked the mail that was left on the table where I set my keys. They were nothing but bills so I put them back and took a seat on the couch and watched tv until Danyell came over.


I pulled into Chris' driveway and pulled up and parked right next to his car. I turned off the car unlocking the doors and getting Kaylah from the backseat. I grabbed her carrier shutting the door and making my way to the front door. I knocked twice and a few seconds later Chris opened the door. He moved aside and let me in. I walked over and set her carrier down as I took her out. Chris glanced at me, "you ready?" I nodded and he walked over to the staircase and called for CJ. I heard him run and he peeked over the railing. "DANYELL!!!" He exclaimed running down the stairs. He ran over to me and embraced me in a hug. "What are you doing here?" "I came to visit you. Do you want me to go?" He shook his head. "No, I was just asking. " He looked at me then at Kaylah. "Who's this? Your sister?" I chuckled and shook my head looking at Chris. "No this is Kaylah, my daughter." I said. He smiled and grabbed her hand making funny faces. "Where's her daddy?" "Well....that's what she and I came over here for." He looked confused. "What do you mean?" "CJ, Danyell came over here with Kaylah because we wanted to tell you that i'm Kaylah's daddy, meaning she is your sister." He had a blank face that soon turned into a smile. "Hey Kaylah, i'm your big brother Christopher." He said in a baby voice. Both Chris and I smiled. "Can I hold her?" I nodded and he sat down as I handed her over. "So does this mean that you and Danyell are getting married?" I chuckled and looked over at Chris. "Not quite hun." He shrugged. "Oh, so you and my baby sister are going to start living with us?" I shook my head. "Son, Dany and I aren't together but Kaylah will be staying with us on weekends." He sighed. "Why can't she stay all the time?" He asked. "Because---" Chris was going to answer but I cut him off. "Don't worry, whenever you want to see her CJ. You can just come over." He smiled. "One last question." We both looked at him. "When are you and daddy having another baby?" I was quiet as Chris choked. "Well, I don't think your dad and I will be having anymore kids together CJ." I said. "Yeah son." He sighed deeply. "Whatever." We all sat in the livingroom watching CJ interact with Kaylah. It was too cute.

Run it I lov it Chris so nice n dang was bein selfish jus wrong I cnt believ her

Run it

Knowing Cj's cute self he'll very happy, but asking tons
of questions. Lol. Run!

Im all caught up this is a great story daby outta pocket for up & leaving like dat

Run it!!!

Awww Chris with his daughter was so beautiful, and Kaylah already loves her daddy like in that small moment they bonded so well. I'm glad Dany thought about that whole Chris only seeing Kaylah on holidays things good thing Chris said something to her I'd be mad too if I were him. Awww glad Dany compromised and is willing to move back to Cali so Chris can be with his Child. What about Victor tho, I know he aint gone leave NYC so easily. Cant wait till CJ meets his new lil sister awww. Run It!!!


That went well!

I wonder what CJ has to say about this.

Run this Dany.


I was in the room getting Kaylah and I ready for our meet with Chris. Since it was sort of chilly outside I put some cute little jeggings on her with a pink hoodie and bows in her hair with her white Vans on her feet. I myself slipped on some jeans and a purple hoodie with my sparkly Toms. I threw my hair into a messy bun and slipped Kaylah into the carseat, grabbing her diaper bag, my purse and keys. I was just hoping that this one metting would go great and not end up in a fight like everything else.

I pulled up to P.F Changs. I grabbed the carseat from the backseat and walked in. The receptionist greeted me. "Table for one?" I looked around before answering and saw <a href="">Chris</a> coming towards me. "She's with me." He came up behind her, she nodded and he grabbed the carseat leading me back to his table. He set it down and pulled out my seat. I thanked him. I bent down and unbuckled Kaylah taking her out. He looked over at me and just stared at her. It was sort of awkward for me. "She's gorgeous. Her green eyes remind me of yours." I smiled. "Can I hold her?" He asked. I nodded. "She's your daughter, you don't have to ask." I said handing her over. He reached for her and pulled her into his chest kissing her forehead repeatedly. I stared at how he interacted with her, it was cute. He'd make a funny face and she'd giggle. He kissed her cheek and she layed both of her hands on his cheeks. He sat there smiling at her. Finally he sat her on his lap and took a sip of his water looking at me. "So, how are we doing this thing? You get her on during the week and I on the weekends?" He asked playing with her hand. I gave him a blank stare. "Well, that's sort of difficult when I live in New York and you here in LA. I was thinking more along the lines of you can see her on Holidays, i'll bring her out here." He gave me a blank stare as well.


Was she really telling me this? "Wait, you just want me to see her on holidays?" She shrugged. "You can see her whenever, but i'll only bring her out holidays. I mean if you want to see her, you can move out to New York or something" I let out a sarcastic chuckle. "You're kidding right?" She shook her head. I shook my head as well. "You have some nerve Danyell, you know that?" "Why?" She asked. "Because, you take my daughter without letting me know she exists and then you have the audacity to tell me to move out to New York. But maybe I should have expected this from you, maybe I should gather my things and leave everything here in Los Angeles to please Danyell and while i'm at it, i'll pull CJ out from school and place him in a whole new state and a whole new school where he knows no one all because Danyell won't do one little thing like move back out to Los Angeles. Is that what you want Dany?" I could see the tears being held back, I didn't want her to cry but she needed to know she needed to stop being selfish. "Chris, I didn't say it to be selfish I just...i just wasn't thinking." I sighed. "Danyell, I just want to be cordial with you. You know damn well that everything I have is here and I can't just up and leave it." She sighed. "I know and i'm sorry. Look, if your willing then so am I. I'll start looking for a place and stuff." I smiled at her ad she smiled back. "Good because I can't bare to miss another day without getting to know more about Kaylah." She smiled at me. "Oh trust me. She reminds me of you." I smiled. "I was thinking that we could introduce CJ to her." She nodded. "Sounds good to me." She said.

Run it



I'm glad Ms. Joyce told him about himself, and Im also glad he understnads his part in the situation there in to. I wanna like Victor he's a really nice caring dude, but I rather see Chris and Dany together taking care of there child. Chris better try his best to get Dany back, Im sure Victor will have to heat back to NY sooner or later.... Cant wait to see how this dinner discussion goes. Does CJ know he has a lil sis yet? Run It!!!!

Chris is an a**hole in my eyes and dany and victor r too cute together i really hope shes stays with him...

Run it!!

Ooooooohhh. I wonder what they're going to talk about!

I know Victor is uncomfortable right now.

Atleast Kaylah knows her daddy :)

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This story as you all may realize is coming to and end so check out my story Love Has No Boundaries and please check out my girl Nana's story Money is my Motive.

runnnnnn' this!

Run it I lov it Chris mom is telln da truth dany was rte for doin Wat she did but then again she was wrong dany needs to chill victor is nice n Dng dany mean for hangn up on him lik that

I don't know how I feel about Victor. Yeah he's nice & all but ehhhh! Lol.
I can't wait for CJ to meet his sister. I'm curious to see how he'll react.
No words for Danyell & Chris, they are both hard headed. tsk, tsk.


I watched her walk off and sighed to myself. Danyell and I could have been together if I wasn't so stupid and just left Kae when she asked me to. I mean I do realize that I keep blaming Danyell for everything, but it's really my fault. I ran my hand over my face and headed out to the car where they all waited. I'd give a call to Danyell, but I sure as hell was not giving her any satisfaction of letting her leave Los Angeles with my daughter. If anything, I was going to make sure she stayed here. I drove in silence as we picked up the kids and then dropped Ty and Nic off at their house. My mom sat in the passenger seat, sitting silently. "Christopher, what is it that you are thinking about?" I shrugged. "Listen, I know you don't want to hear what i'm going to tell you, but it doesn't matter. You need to stop acting so childish, you aren't sixteen anymore you're a grown man with two kids and in my opinion i'm glad Danyell didn't tell you about that child." I shot my mama a look. "Why do you say that?" I asked. "Because, you know exactly how you act, for crying outloud everyone knows exactly how you act, and clearly if she would have told you she was pregnant you would have showed more attention to her then Kae." "Ma----" She shook her head. "You know i'm right. And you are taking what Danyell did as a bad thing, but in reality she was doing it because she didn't want that. Son, I knew you didn't love Kae anymore, you didn't get that same look in your eyes talking about her as when you talked about Danyell, but you obviously being your father's son enjoyed toying with everyones emotions." I sat there and focused on the road. "I'm just saying Christopher that you had your chance to be happy with Danyell but you blew it. Now let someone else get that chance, if not just let her be." I sat there and let what my mother just said marinate into my brain. Maybe she was right.


I stared out the window the whole car ride to the hotel. Victor could tell that I was frustrated because he reached his hand over and entwined our fingers. When we finally made it back to the hotel I grabbed Kaylah's diaper bag as he grabbed her carseat and we made our way to the hotel room. We walked up in silence, his presence was just enough to calm me down. There was something about Victor that I loved. I just hope that one day it doesn't disappear. "Do you want me to get us something to eat or do you want me to order some room service?" I shrugged. "Whatever you want." He nodded, "then i'll get us some Panda. I'll be back." I nodded and pecked his lips as he made his way out. I set diaper bag down and and sat down turning on the television. I so into watching this show that I hadn't realized that my phone was ringing in my purse. I reached over and pulled it out without even looking at the caller i.d. "hello?" "Danyell, its Chris." I sighed. "Yes?" I asked. "Tomorrow can we have lunch to talk about Kaylah.?" I was quiet for a minute before answering. "Yeah, just text me the adress." "Okay." He said. I hung up before he could even get out another word.

Yea we wer suppose to b bestfriends she jus left me lik that n everythng Tisk Tisk skip it though it kae can b her bestfriend but Chris was wrong for this but at least both of them can keep kaylah run it I lov it ms Joyce is nice for that

How the heck are they going to do this..Hmmmm.

i knew it but how are they going to do this she in New york and chris in L.A. run it

That's what BOTH of them get! Both of their intentions were WRONG as hell! And I'm glad that the joint custody is gonna be inconvienient for both of them. It will show Dany what she could of avoided had she just told Chris, and it'll show Chris what happens when you overreact!

Run it!

I'm glad the judge ruled on joint custody. Now the question is how they gone make that work when she lives in NYC and he's in LA? Run it!

RUN IT!!!!

Actually, I'm not on neither side of the case.
Dany was hella selfish & not concerned if Chris knew he had that
he had fathered a child. Smh.

Finally an add! Chris should have known he wasn't going to grt full custody..

And what plan is he talking about?

No is understanding where she is coming from with this..

Not saying that she's right or anything but still..

I think Chris is more mad because Dany has a new boyfriend and is Kinda Happy.

I think if Dany would've been single he wouldn't have been so mad...

Run It!