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Beause of Her...

"<a href="">Xavier</a> what words do you have to say to Andrew before you two go off to college in a few months?"

Xavier adjusted himself in his seat and stared at the camera lens.

"I just wanna say, I hope he does well. I can't say I wish him the best, but whatever, I just hope his past doesn't catch up with him because I know I sure won't. For all I care, it's his life and he's living it the way he wants to, even if he made it by backstabbing and turning his back on people."

<Strong>In the next room</strong>

"<a href="">Andrew</a>, Do you have any words for Xavier before you two head off to college?"

He bit his lip and thought to himself before staring into the camera.

"I guess, i'd like to say I hope he does the best in life because I know he will. If anything I hope he does well and succeed and that whatever he does i'm supporting him. No matter what, we're still brothers and always will be, even if you don't consider me one."



uh oh some one done got caught
girl quit playin u know u got some ideas stirring up for this story ! lol
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I stepped out of the car thanking Xavier and Andrew for taking me to the soccer tourney. I waved goodbye to them all as I watched them pull off. Throwing my duffle bag over my shoulder I made my way to the front door, sticking my key in the hole and unlocking it.

"Jaylah, is that you?" I heard my fathers voice call out.

"Yes cha." I called back. "Come to my office."

I sighed and dropped my bag by the stairs before making my way down the hall to where my fathers office was.

"Yes cha?" He looked up from his book and stared at me. "How did your tournament go?"

"We won all but one of our games." He nodded.

"What is this that you skipped two periods at school?"

I squinted at him as I knew that the school had called my father about Friday when they guys, Rhy and I decided to leave campus for lunch and came back really late.

"Is this because of those friends of yours? Because if thats the case Jaylah I will happily take you out of school and keep you home."

Just a teaser.. I might bring it back, just might

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I might continue this


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run it loving this story


I love their friendship...I think Rhylie should at least tell Jaylah what's going on at home though

<strong><a href="">Rhylie</a></strong>

"PLEASE STOP!! IT HURTS!!" I cried in pain as he pumped in and out of me.

His grunts and my cries filled the room. He had no remorse in what he did to me. He finally got his nut in and pulled out.

"Clean yourself up! I'm leaving and when I come home, this house better be cleaned up."

He walked out of the room, leaving me in the dark. I removed myself from the bed and walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower to extra hot. I stepped in and let the scorching water hit my skin. At the moment I really didn't care, I just wanted to remove the filth I felt on my body. You would think that by now i'd be used to this but I wasn't and I probably never will. I really just wanted to disappear. After what seemed like forever I stepped out of the shower and got dressed and began doing as I was told.
I woke up around 4:30 in the morning and began getting ready for today. I decided to call Xavier to make sure he was awake. He picked up in the third ring.

"What's good." He said

"Are you awake." I asked.

"Yeah, Drew and I are making are way over to pick up Jay then you." I nodded as if he could see me.

"Okay, i'll be waiting outside." With that we hung up.

I walked to the bathroom and did my thing. As I came out I slipped on my spandex shorts and sports bra putting on my jersey and shorts. I grabbed my bag and cell. As I came out into the livingroom I decided to leave my Mike, my father, a note.

<em>I had a soccer tournament out in Culver City, i'll be back later.</em>

I signed it and made my way outside. I slipped on my hoodie as I sat on my front porch waiting for them to pull up. I soon saw headlights coming down the dark street. It was still early and the sun still wasn't up. The car pulled up and I saw <a href="">Xavier</a> in the drivers seat, <a href="">Andrew</a> in the passenger seat and <a href="">Jaylah</a> in the back. I opened the back door and hopped in.

"Will you braid my hair?" She asked. I nodded while greeting the guys.

I threw my hair into a quick bun and began on hers.

"I hope you ladies don't mind, but Drew and I are going to make a quick stop at Mickey D's." We chuckled.

"Nah, we don't mind." He nodded and headed that way.

<strong><a href="">Xavier</a></strong>

About almost two hours we pulled up to the place where their soccer tournament was held. I parked the car and we all hopped out. Rhylie was standing in her socks and looked at me.

"What?" I asked, staring back at her.

"Give me a piggy back ride." She said.

I shook my head, "no, I already had to wake up early and bring you hear, you can walk by yourself." She gave me the puppy dog face.

"But Avi, there's a bunch of rocks and i'm gunna hurt myself. Please??" I sighed and walked over to her, throwing her bag over my shoulder and bending down so she could hop up.

"Damn girl, all this exercise you do and you still weigh a ton." She smacked me in the arm. I chuckled as we finally made it to the walkway.

She hopped down and grabbed her bag. I looked around to see girls stretching and some taking a quick jog while others were starting their games.

"Hmm, like what you see?" Rhy asked shoving me a little.

I shook my head. "Eh, some of these girls are alright looking, but not all." She chuckled.

"It's cause some of these b****es be manly as f***." She said, I chuckled along with her.

"Well, Jay and I need to go get warm. Go ahead and get comfy cause you're gunna be here for a while." I sighed and walked over to the bleachers and took a seat next to Drew.

"Like real s*** nigga, we must really care about these girls to bring them all the way out here." Drew said shaking his head.

"Real s*** nigga." We both sat back and waited until the first game started.

run it please

Should I continue this??


Xavier had just finished walking me into my last period of the day. I was greeted by many as I took my regular seat in the back of the class. This was one of those classes where my regular friends weren't in, so all I had was my class friends. I pulled out my notebook and a pen and sat back in my seat pulling out my iPhone and playing Temple Run until the bell rang. I felt someone in the seat next to me but ignored. Class had finally started and I put my phone away and began taking the notes. I continuously felt someone staring at me, but I blew it off. Mrs. Soloman gave us some free time and the person next to me got up, but I soon felt someone else come up next to me. I turned my head to see that girl from earlier.

"Can I help you?" I asked grabbing my bag and searching for my gum.

"Rhylie right?" She asked smiling.

I nodded, "your Bri---"

"Brianna." She said. I nodded "Yeah, that's it. So what can I do for you?"

"What's up with you and Xavier?" I chuckled.

Everyone for some odd reason always though Avi and I were together.

"Nothing just friends. Why? Are you interested?"

She smiled. "Well, if you must know. He's interested in you too. So go ahead and contact him."

For some odd reason she thought that this little intoduction was an invite for her to continue to talk to me. I sat there and somewhat listened to what she said.
I finished gathering my things into my gym bag as I walked out of the girls locker room with Jaylah. Soccer practice had just ended and she was headed outside since her mom was here to pick her up. I said by to her as I walked my way to the gym. I took a seat on the bleachers as coach Barney yelled at the Varsity Basketball boys. I looked around and noticed Andrew wasn't there, hence the reason why they were probably doing suicides.

"That's it for the day boys. Get some rest and make sure the whole team shows up. Let's get in the cheer."

They huddled up as Xavier stood in the middle.


"MUSTANGS!!" They all said in unison.

They all grabbed their bags and Xavier looked up and smiled at me wiping sweat from his forehead. I got up and began walking with him.

"Why did coach have you doing suicides?" I asked.

"Because, Drew left home early." I chuckled.

"Lemme' carry your bag." I shook my head. "I'm good." He shrugged.

We made it to his car and unlocked it.

"Guess who talked to me today?" I said with a smirk.

"Iono, who?" He said backing out.

"Your girlfriend."

He chuckled. "She ask about me?"

"Yes, and that led her to think that she could start a whole convo with me." He laughed.

"Get used to it, that's my future wife." I chuckled.

"Speaking of boo's. Why you ain't tell me that you were talking to ole' boy <a href="">Cameron</a>."

I rolled my eyes, "didn't think I had to dad." I said sarcastically.

"Look, I just don't want him to hurt you. He may seem like that sweetheart dude to all you females, but me as a guy knows exactly what he does behind the curtain."

"Xavier, i'm a big girl. I can handle myself."

"I'm just saying, don't let me catch him slipping." I rolled my eyes.

He came to a stop infront of my house.

"Anyway are you and Andrew coming to Jaylah and I's soccer game?"

"It isn't season yet and it's a saturday." He said.

"I know but it's a tournament." I said batting my eyes.


I smiled. "Be up at four, so you can pick both Jay and I up around five."

"Why so early??" He asked.

"Because, its all the way out in culver city. So you better be here. Love you bye." I said running inside before he could get any say.

I walked inside and shut the door.

"Rhylie, is that you?" I stopped dead in my tracks, my dad was home early.

"Uh, yeah." He appeared in the doorway a beer present in his hand.

I knew that tonight was going to be one of those nights.

So Drew aint feeling her yet huh..

Uh oh


I was sitting in Mr. Pierce's gym class just chilling playing Temple Run since I was his T.A. and usually have nothing to do. I watched as his class did their warm-ups. I went back to playing my game when this <a href="">girl</a> walked in. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she handed him a note. He read it over and turned to me calling me over.

"Stevenson!!" I got up and exited out of my game walking over to them.


"Ms. James needs you to assist this young lady with removing a few boxes from her office." I nodded.

"Let me just get my backpack." She nodded and waited patiently.

I grabbed it and made my wat back over to her. I held the door open for as we walked out of the gymnasium. We walked silently through the halls side by side.

"Are you new here?" I asked.

She nodded, "yeah, moved here from New York."

I nodded, "that's cool. I'm Andrew by the way."

"Brianna." She said smiling.

"So how do you like California so far?"

"Eh, it's alright. I just miss New York."

I opened the door to Mrs. James office and set my things down.

"So, what did she need help with moving."

She pointed to all the boxes, I nodded and began moving them. She helped carrying what she could. We made conversation as we moved the boxes. She was funny and cute, but not really someone i'd go for. After we finished we just sat there until the bell rang.

"So have you lived in California your whole life?"

"Yeah. Born and raised, Cali is all i've ever known."

"Go to New York, you'll change your mind."

"I'd like to visit after highschool. It's one of my goals that I have."

She nodded, "You're self oriented, I like that."

I smiled at her as she smiled back, the bell rang and I grabbed my things.

"It was nice meeting you." I said to her.

"Same here, i'll see you around?" I nodded and walked away to my next class.

Aw man Deshawn did speak some truth in that argument, but Rhylie had all her facts together...I still say Xavier and Rhylie make a better couple, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see what Ms. Briana (sp) will be like

I took a seat next to Deshawn as Akeem and Andrew sat down as well. I dug into my fries as we all listened to Deshawn ramble on about a whole bunch of bull.

"I'm serious though, all these girls do is play games."

Rhylie rolled her eyes, "Nigga, we play games because you guys as men play games."

I could tell this was going to turn into a heated argument, when it came down to it Rhylie no doubt would be winning this argument. She always did, the girl had a way with words and Deshawn just speaks a bunch on nothing.

"You shouldn't even be speaking! I don't see you with a man on your arm." He said taking a sip of his pepsi.

She chuckled, "I don't have a man because obviously i'm not seeking one. I atleast have the decency to sit at this table and admit that i'm single and i'm fine with it. You on the other hand, is sitting her complaining about how you can't get a girl and guess what? You can't get a girl because you're sitting here complaining like a little bxtch!" She had a smirk on her face.

I stuffed some more fries into my mouth and busted out laughing, everyone was laughing.

"Damn nigga, you just got owned!" He shoved me as I leaned across the table and dapped Rhylie.

"Man whatever! The truth of the matter is that we as men act the way we do because woman don't know how to act. There's days when woman just want the men to cater to them and only them, but when we do it they're all up under another nigga."

Drew, Akeem, Jaylah and I all laughed because we all knew no matter how hard Deshawn tried he was going to lose this battle, he always did.

"Woman act the way they do because they're playing the same game men do. Just like woman, men want them catering to their every need on hands and knees, and being the woman we are we do it. Then men get carried away and big headed to the point where they're all up on another bxtch hugging up on her and kissing her feeding her the same bullshxt that you just fed them just so they can claim how much of a man they are. When in reality they're doing it just to claim their pride as a man."

The whole table got quiet as we looked at the priceless face Deshawn had. Rhylie smirked and leaned over grabbing my fries and eating some. Shawn shook his head after a few seconds.

"Whatever Rhy, I don't even know why I try with you. You always make me look dumb." We all laughed.

"Well I didn't ace speech and debate for nothing."

I laughed shaking my head taking a sip of my powerade. See what I mean when I said she had a way with words. I took speech and debate with her, I know exactly what she's capable of. Mr. B, the teacher of that class, even put her to compete. She went on to the third round in like state finals or some shxt like that and won 1 grand towards college. The bell rang an we all got up throwing away our trash. I dapped Akeem, Drew, and Deshawn giving Jaylah a hug as she walked off with them. Ryhlie and I walked the opposite way since we had class together.

"You know you embarressed the hell out of Shawn, right?" She nodded and stuffed her iPhone into her messenger bag.

"I know, but he knows better than to have an argument with me. It's like he wants me to make him look stupid." I chuckled as I opened the door to the yearbook room for her.

We made our way to our back table, she set her bag down and pulled out some gum.

"Give me some." She handed me a piece as we sat and talked until the bell rang.

I looked towards the door and smiled to myself. I had saw Brianna, she had a slip in her hand. She smiled at me and winked. Rhylie turned and looked at what I was looking at.

"I see you've taken interest in the new girl."

I shrugged, "she ain't all that."

She chuckled, "Xavier, we've known eachother since middle school. I know that look."

I looked as Brianna made her way out of the room.

"If you want to know, she's a office aid this period." She said getting up from her seat and walking over to the camera's.

She came back with one. "How do you know?" I asked as I watched her focus the lens on the scenary outside the window.

"I'm an office aid first period, I handed her her scheduale." I nodded.

"Brown and Jones!" We both turned around to face Mr. Zepeda, the yearbook teacher. "I want you to walk around this period and take pictures of these certain classes and students doing work for yearbook. Xavier here's the list of students and class rooms, make sure you get a quote for each of them. Rhylie, you take the pictures." We both nodded and made our way out of the classroom.

"Why did we take yearbook again?" I asked.

"Because freshman year you thought it'd be a good idea."

I chuckled because she was right. I wanted to do yearbook so I could right good stuff about myself. Now here I am senior year and I do way more than that.

"You have to admit though, we're good at it." She nodded and snapped a quick picture of me.

"You enjoy taking pictures don't you?" She nodded.

"You express your imagination and feelings through dancing and singing and I do it by taking pictures and videos." I smiled and led her to the first class.

Xavier's too cute big ol flirt,I like Drews mellowness.


I was sitting in Physics watching the clock. Mr. Hones kept looking my way because I was tapping my pencil on the desk along with the beat that was playing in my mind.

"Mr. Brown, focus. Your lab book is do tomorrow." I looked at him with a blank face.

All my labs were done, they were possibly done incorrectly, but they were done none the less. He sighed and continued grading papers. I continued to stare at the wall, there was ten more minutes of lunch and I was ready. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my contacts. I came across the letter B and smiled when I saw her name.

"Brianna." I said to myself.

This girl really had me hooked. Maybe it was the fact that I had to basically wait to get her number. She didn't just hand it to me. I shrugged, this girl could possibly be the next Mrs. Brown. I looked up at the clock, three more minutes. I listened to the announcements as I put my binder into my backpack. The bell rang and I slipped it over my shoulder, walking out of the classroom through the halls. I winked at a few girls who were lounging around the lockers. I walked through the cafeteria doors and cut a few people in line. They didn't mind because if they did they would have said something already. I grabbed some chili cheese fries and a powerade.

"Hello there Mr. Brown." Rita the lunch lady said.

"Hey Mrs. Rita, you look gorgeous today." I said handing her my lunch money.

"Thank you hun." She handed me my change. "Have a good day Xavier."

"You too." I said winking at her and walking away. I could hear her chuckling.

I walked up to our lunch table and took a seat next to my nigga <a href="">Deshawn</a. A few seconds later Drew and Keem appeared at the table. I dug into my chili cheese fries as Deshawn was talking a whole bunch of nonsense as always.

"Shawn, you can't get a girl because you don't know how to act." Rhylie stated. We all busted out laughing.

"Please, I know how to act. It's you females who don't. You want us as men to treat you like ladies, but then we do something wrong and you act like children." He said.

"Well maybe it's because men like you don't know how treat woman. Talking about 'baby, i love you' or 'you're the only one for me', but when it's all said and done you guys are standing around mustering up some other bxtch." Rhylie stated snatching a fry.

I grabbed her hot cheeto bag and ate some. "Damn nigga, she just owned you." Drew and Keem were laughing hard now, and so was Jaylah. Truth is Rhylie had a point.

"Man, whatever. Y'all are always against me. Swear, y'all need to see past her and realize she is evil." He said pointing at Rhy.

She rolled her eyes and flipped him the bird. He smirked, "what time baby?"

"Eww!" We all laughed. Swear, my crew was crazy as hell.


<em> Now she want a photo
You already know though
You only live once, that's the motto, nigga Yolo
We bout it every day, every day, every day
Like we sitting on the bench, nigga we don't really play
Every day, every day, fxck what anybody say
Can't see 'em cause the money in the way
Real nigga, what's up?</em>

I slid my hand from under my comforter and searched for my phone that sat on th nightstand next to me. I shut off my alarm clock and set it back down. I layed in bed for a few second re-gaining my conscience from my sleep. I finally threw the comforter off from me and got up, making my way down the hall to the bathroom. I knocked.

"Laya, hurry up!" I said banging on the door.

"I'm almost done! Maybe if your ass would wake up earlier." I continued to bang on the door, until she finally opened it.

"Rude ass nigga!" She glared at me and mushed me in the head before making her way down to her room.

I shook my head and entered the bathroom and handled my business before making my way back to my room. I made my bed and opened the blinds. I pulled my clothes out and got dressed, looking at myself in the <a href="">mirror</a> before grabbing my gym bag, backpack and car keys. I made my way into the kitchen and greeted my <a href="">mother</a>.

"Hey ma." I said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Morning baby." I walked past Malaya as she mugged me.

"If I were you, i'd really stop muggin' people. It's just gon' make you uglier." I said snatching a poptart from the cabinet.

"Oh please! Atleast i'm gettin' numbers." I chuckled.

"Only 'cause you giving it out for free."

"Andrew and Malaya! You two need to stop, what did I tell y'all?"

"If you live in my house you will respect eachother and you." We both said in unison.

"Good, now get your asses to school." I kissed her on her cheek once again before walking out the front door with Malaya trailing behind me.

Once we pulled up to school, I parked and she hopped off meeting up with Saf. "Hey Drew!" She said waving at me.

I smiled and nodded, chuckling to myself. She's had a crush on me ever since she met Malaya back when they were in fourth grade. I walked passed a few people waving and dapping the people I knew. I made my way to my locker and stuffed my bag in before meeting up with <a href="">Akeem</a>. The bell had rang so we walked together to our first period and sat in our seats. Slowly the class started to fill up, then the bell rang. The teacher was writing on the board and <a href="">Xavier</a> slowly tried to sneak into the class. Keem and I were bothe laughing because tbis nigga was never slick. When he finally got to his desk, he had that dumb ass smile on his face. He turned around and faced both Akeem and I.

"Told y'all niggas I was slick."

I looked at Akeem from the corner of my eye and so did he. We tried to hold our laughter in as Ms. Johnson appeared behind Xavier.

"Mr. Brown, it's nice to see that you made an attempt at sneaking into my classroom." He turned and smiled at her.

"Well Mrs. J, your class is the only class I do like to try in." We all laughed, but she didn't find it flattering.

"Let your coach know, you have detention with me after school."

The whole class let out 'Ooh's and oh's'. He sighed and rolled his eyes as she walked back to the front of the class.

"Bxtch just mad 'cause she can't get this dxck." We laughed.

"So why were you late this time?" Keem asked.

He smiled, "Remember I told you about that girl." I nodded.

"I caught her in the hallway looking lost as fxck, so I walked her to her class. She gave me her number." By now he was cheesing real hard.

I dapped him. "That's what's up! I need to meet her!" He nodded and we got to work.

Damn X what about Rhy?? Thought he was diggin her. RUN IT!!!

Why do I get the feeling this Bri girl is gonna meet Drew as well?
Hm, lordy Lawd. New reader, runnnnn this!

Nooo like Xavier better with Rhylie


I was fixing the shoes on the shelf as I saw Xavier walk through the door.

"I brought your food nigga." He said walking over to me and handing me my bag.

I grabbed the bag and reached in for some french fries shoving some into my mouth. I made my way behind the counter as Xavier followed. He hopped up and sat down.

"Yo, I just met the sexiest girl ever, while I was at McDonald's."

I took a bite of my burger, "Was she like Lauren London fine or Cassie fine?" I asked.

He thought about it for a second.

"She was Lauren London fine."

I dapped him up. "Thats what's up. Did you get her number?"

He shook his head. "She didn't give it to me. She told me that if I saw her again, she'd give it to me."

I looked at hin with a shocked expression, when it cane down to girl Avi and I always had the number within the first few minutes if talking to a girl.

"That was the same face I had nigga. I need to see her again, i'd wife that." I chuckled.

"Now I know you lying."

"Why is it that i'm lyin'?" He asked.

"Because, you don't wife hoes, you only fxck them."

He shook his head, "That's where you're wrong. She wasn't a hoe."

"You don't even know her."

"But I will."

I shook my head at him, if he was serious about this, then I support my brother.

*New Reader
i love this story


"Xavier Daryl Brown!"

I stirred in my bed as I heard my <a href="">mother</a> call my name.

"Xavier! I know you here me!" I sat up and squinted looking at my mother.

"Yes mama?" I asked rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

"I'm going out, i'll be back later. When I leave you better not go back to sleep, it's the afternoon. Get your lazy ass outta bed and do something!" She warned.

I nodded and watched her leave my room. I waited until I heard the front door slam shut. I layed back and closed my eyes reaching over for my cell. I looked at the time, it was already 12:30. I decided to give Drew a call to see if he could hang. On the third ring he picked up.

"Yo, you wanna chill nigga?"

"I can't." He said.

"Why?" I asked getting up and just fixing the sheet and comforter so they looked presentable.

"'Cause i'm at work. They asked me if I could come in. They said they called you, but you didn't answer."

"I just woke up, so they probably did call me. Anyways, I guess i'll stop by."

"Alright nigga, peace." With that he hing up.

I made my way down the hall and handled my business. I was hungry as f***, so I decided to get dressed so I could go eat. I looked at myself in the <a href="">mirror</a> before grabbing my keys and cell and locking up my house. I hopped in my car and drove to the nearest McDonald's. I decided i'd take my nigga Drew some food since he paid for my Taco Bell last night, I shot him a quick text message as I parked the car and got off. He replied back with his order. I walked into McDonald's and stood in line, looking over the menu. I finally came up to the register and ordered my food, I decided that i'd order Drew's before I left. He gave me my reciept and I walked over to where the drinks were and served myself something to drink while I waited for them to called number.

They had finally called it and I sat down and silently ate my food as I read the scores of last night's game between Miami and Boston on ESPN. Once I finished I grabbed my tray and threw it away standing in line again to get Drew's food. Once I got it, I waited for them to call my number again.

"Order 235." I walked up to the counter and grabbed the bag, on my way out the door I accidently bumped into someone. I looked up from my phone and saw the most finest <a href="">girl</a> ever. I slipped my phone in my pocket and apologized.

"I'm sorry ma. I wasn't looking." She smiled at me and bit her lip.

"I'll forgive because you're cute." I licked my lips and flashed her that million dollar smile that all the girls loved.

"I haven't seen your beautiful face around this neighborhood. Did you just move here?"

She nodded, "The name is Brianna." She said extending her hand.

I gave it a kiss, "Xavier. Listen, i'm in a rush, but i'd love to get to know you more. Mind if I have your number?" She giggled.

"I'll give it to you, only if you see me again." With that she continued her way to the line. I looked over my shoulder at her, she smiled and winked.

New Reader: I like this Xavier and Andrew are too cool and cute.