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(_*_The ƸӜƷ Effect_*_)The Black Dagger Brother Hood*UPDATED*


<a href="">Wrath</a> -the last purebred vampire on the planet and the vampire race's king. Essentially blind, he is the leader who is not willing to lead until he is forced to care for a half-breed he falls in love with.

<a href="">Rhage</a> -the strongest of the brothers and the best fighter. Cursed by the Scribe Virgin, he is possessed by a dark side which is a danger to everyone. Ultimately, though, he is gentled by a very special human woman.

<a href="">Zsadist</a> - the most lethal of the brothers. A former blood slave who was mercilessly tortured during the first hundred years of his life, Z is the one who has fallen farthest from grace. But he is utterly worthy of redemption.

<a href="">Phury</a> - the loyal one, the one who sacrifices himself for others. Phury is Zsadist's twin brother and a celibate who cannot truly live because of everything his biological brother has lost. Used to giving rather than receiving, he needs love coming back at him to bring him alive.

<a href="">Vishous</a> - the most intelligent and the one who is specially gifted. His curse is his ability to prognosticate: he sees the future, though not the 'when' of events so he is tortured by his inability to save those he loves from danger. His love puts him at odds with a secret about himself he did not know and could never have guessed.

<a href="">Tohrment</a> - the steady one, the calm one. He is the one whose betrayal by fate will cut the deepest.

<a href="">Payne</a> -twin sister of Vishous, is cut from the same dark, warrior cloth as her brother: A fighter by nature, and a maverick when it comes to the traditional role of Chosen females, there is no place for her on the Far Side… and no role for her on the front lines of the war, either.

<a href="">Abby</a> - 23,Dancer,Kindhearted,Loving,Faithful,Honest,Past aggressive,Funny,and Random

<a href="">Zoe Juel King</a> -22,Photographer and journalist,Secretive, possessive, jealous, demanding, loving, unpredictable, stubborn, SEXUAL, has bipolar ways, has ADHD, drinks away pain. Not a fighter, but will if must. And when she fight, she fight to KILL., Faithful to her man.

<a href=",girl,model,portrait,pretty,red,red,hair,woman-98dac7dc01fa88847956368fcf9e7bb7_i.jpg">Farren Morgan</a> -21,Choreographer,caring, funny, sarcastic, trust issues, has a hard time letting people in and expressing feelings.

<a href="">Nicole La Shae Simmons</a> -22,Dancer/Singer,funny goofy af loves to play practical jokes fiesty stubborn hard headed honest loyal trustworthy always ready to eat cnt stand fake ppl liars or cheaters will knock a bxtch out in a minute solves fighting wit her problems,hides her ability to sing.

<a href="">Summer</a> -23,Dentist,Shy,Has Emotional Problems,sharing,Always there to give advice,Fun once she opens up,Curious,Closet-Freak,Very faithful.keeps it real even when it hurts. Will always be there. Protects friends and family. Has idgaf attitudes

<a href="">Glenna</a> -21,Nurse,loud bubbly country ghetto funny
a bit closed minded at first.


okay that the cast if u want me to change ya pic lemme kno i was just trynna do s*** different and also ill be using certain words from the book but have the meaning at the end of each add anyways bout to add chap.1 soo RUN IT!!!


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ima fo all the editting now but im not gonna be able to add till nxt weekend srry 4 the wait *lil wayne's voice*

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OHH MY F***IN GOD!!!!! Ahhhhhh I have all these books!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this series!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Yea I want my pic to b <a href=>her</a>



<a href="">her</a>

Coming back to read it, but I heard that we can change pics. I don't have anything against Asian people lol, but they USUALLY don't have no ass or breasts.

But if I must be Asia, let me have <a href"">her</a>

I love her father....I've always had a thing for Justin lol!

Poor girl, I'm glad she's okay! I'm glad she got away before he did more damage!

I hope Tristan finds someone!

I feel bad for Zoe. Being pretty is a gift and curse.
I feel like her dad or Wrath really taught him a lesson after she ran home, poor girl!
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Im glad zoe got away jake is a dirtbag i cnt believ he tried that run it


yayyyy run it!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe did glad she got away and that jerk got what he deserved she should've super karate chopped his ass lol

everywhere and nowhere Naughty Nana

<Em><Strong>Chapter 1<em><strong>

California: A city that wasnt very known. In the day it wasfulled with normal people going about their normal lives without a care. At night, though, it was another story. Even though most people are in bed there are some that are about the night. Like criminals, people who love the night life. What people didn't know that aside from humans there where also other creatures that roamed free in CA.


Thought they were free to as they pleased they never harmed a human. In fact the humans owe the vampires because they protected them from something call a lesser. A lesser was a human that had died and come back to life by magic. The lesser were a danger to humans and the vampires protected the humans from the lessers.

Vampires were pretty much free to do anything aside from killing humans. It was against the law and it could get them killed. There was a certain group that protected both humans and the vampire civilians. The group where called the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The lived in a mansion near California City it was rather by the mountains and pretty isolated. It was pretty big it had the latest security. There about a hundred rooms not including the training room, the mini-cinema, and rec. room. The Black Dagger Brotherhood where vampires that had what it took to fight with the lesser. They where powerful and very self- reliant, if not aggressive they took their duties seriously for the most part. The humans kept on going as if nothing ever happened at all. They where oblivious as to what the Brotherhood did in order to keep them safe.

<em><strong>Wrath & Zoe<em><strong>

<a href="">Darius</a> looked around the club, taking in the bodies that were dancing on the dance floor. The people that where in the club dressed in leather and looked like they had advances degree in violent crimes. Darius and his companions fit in. Except they where actual killers.

"So my nigga....really?" <a href="">Jesse</a> asked him.

Darius glanced across at the other vampire's teal eyes that met his own,Rolling his eyes and replied "Yeah"

Jesse nursed his drink and smirked.Only the very tip of his fang's showed. "You're crazy D."

"I know you not talking."

Jesse just shrugged his shoulder. "But you're taking a big ass f***ing chance. You want to take an innocent girl, who has no idea what she is and put her transition in the hands of someone like Wrath? That's f***ed."

"He isn't f***ed. In spite of the way he looks and acts." Darius said nonchantly. "And show a little respect."

"I respect the hell out of him. But it's a bad idea."

"I need him."

Jesse rasied his eyebrow chuckled and said "You sure?"

A woman wearing little to no clothes made her way to their table. Both passed, Jesse had a wife and even though he wasn't in love with her, he cared about her. As for Darius gave her a pass sex was not in his mind tonight.

"she's my daughter, niggah damn."

"He's a half-breed, D. And you know how he feels about humans." Jesse shook his head and laughed "he's not gonna agree."

"I'm not going to let another one of my children die. Not if there's a possibility I can save her. And anyway there's no telling whether she'll even go through the change. she could end up living a happy life, never knowing about my side. It's happen before." Darius knew that the possibility was slim to none since only one of his kids have a normal life.

He hoped his last daughter would be spared. Because if she went through her transition, if she came out alive on the other side as a vampire, she was going to be hunted as they all were.

"Darius if he does it all, he'll do it because he owes you. Not because he wants to."

"and your point"

"But what are you giving him? He's about as nurturing as a coyote, and that first time can be rough, even if you've been prepared. Which he hasn't."

"Yeah yeah." Darius said waving him off "I'll talk to him"

"And how's that going to go? You've just going to walk up to her and say, 'Hey, I know you've never seen me before, but I'm your dad. Oh and guess what? The sides of my family are all vampires so that makes you one. Let's go to Disneyland!'"

"I hate you right now."

Jesse leaned forward and said "You know I got your back. I'm just thinking you should make a change of course." There was a heavy pause. "Maybe I could do it."

Darius gave him a twisted look. "You want to try and get back into your house after the fact? Jaden will stake you through the heart and leave you for the sun, you b**** ass nigga."

Jesse winced.

"And then she'll come looking for me."

Both males shuddered.

"Beside…" Darius leaned back,and said "Besides, we're living in dangerous times. If something happens to me-"

"I'll take care of her."

Darius clapped his friends shoulder. "I know you will. I have no doubt about it."

"But Wrath is better."And that was a statement of fact.

"There's no one like him."

"And thank God for that," Jesse said with half a smile.

Their band of brothers, a tight circle of strong-backed warriors who traded information and fought together, was of the same opinion.Wrath was off the chain when it came to business of vengeance, and he hunted their enemies' with a single-minded purpose, that bordered on insane. He was the only purebred vampire left on the planet, and though his race revered him as its king, he despised his status.

It was almost tragic that he was the best bet Darius's half-breed Daughter had of surviving. Wrath's blood, so strong, so untainted would increase the chances of her getting through the transition if it hit her. But Jesse wasn't off the mark. It was like turning a virgin over to a thug.

With a sudden rush, the crowd shifted, people backing into each other. They where making way for someone. Or something.

"s*** here he comes." Jesse muttered."No offense but I'm out. This is not a conversation I need to be part of."

Darius watched the sea of humans split as they steered clear of an imposing, dark shadow that towered over them, even if he wasn't big to begin with. It was the way his aura felt- the one that said back off or I'll kill you. The flight response was a good survival reflex.

Wrath wasn't big-probably at 5'8 but that didn't mean he wasn't though or couldn't break your arm. He was a pure terror that was dressed all in leather.With a face that was both aristocratic and brutal, he looked like a king he was by birthright and the soldier he's become by destiny.

And that wave of menace that he was shooting off was one hell of a calling card. As the hatred hit Darius,He hoped to God he was doing the right thing.


<a href="'%20Bow%20Wow.jpg">Malcom</a> looked up as his editor leaned his hip on his desk. His eyes went straight to Zoe's lips and then to her shirt that was tight against zoe's lithe body.

"Working late again?" he murmured

"Hey, Mal" Zoe said, "Shouldn't you be getting home to your wife?" Zoe added.

Malcom shrugged and asked"what you doing?"

"Editing a piece for Tim."

"You know there are other ways of trynna turn me on."

Yeah, Yugi thought, I can imagine

"Did you get my email? I went down to the police station this afternoon and talked with Ray and Kyle. They swear that a gun dealer moved into the city."

Malcom reached out to pat Zoe's bare arm which had been resting on her desk. He stroked zoe's arm as she withdrew her hand. "You just keep working on daily know womenily things. Let the big boys worry about the violent crimes. We wouldn't want anything to happen to that pretty face of yours."

Malcom smiled,the lust completely obvious to Zoe, as his eyes stayed on Zoe's red lips.

The stare routine had gotten old three years ago, Zoe though. Right after she's started to work for Malcom.

A paper bag, that's what Zoe needed. she should put a paper bag over her head when he talked with Smith. Maybe with a picture of his MRs. taped on the front.

"YOu want a ride"Malcom asked.

Only if it where raining thumbtacks and nails, you pervert.

"No thanks." Zoe turned back to her computer screen and hoped he'd take a hint.

Eventually he wandered off, probably for a bar that was close by the office. It was bar where most of the reporters hanged out after a days of work.Zoe sighed as she thought about her boss. Man the guy was as selfish as you can get. No wait he did care about something- his sex life. If zoe had a dollar for every time malcom would harass her, yes even sexually, or at least tried to, she'd be rich. zoe thought that she was safe knowing that Malcom was married. Ha, her luck was never like that. The a**hole liked to have anything that's pretty- male or female. she reached for her bag of M&M's she'd been eating. The damn bag was empty. Again.

she should probably just go home as well as pick up some Chinese food on the way.she hit the lights off and locked up the place. she walked out the building into the hot summer of July. The hot and humid air was a barrier between her and her apartment. Twelve blocks of humid and hot air. Oh joy. she took out her cell phone which had been in her jeans pocket, she unlocked it and the touch screen came to live. she quickly went to his contacts and called the Chinese restaurant and ordered beef and broccoli. Hopefully they where busy tonight and she could wait in the air-conditioned place for a while. she pushed the red button to disconnect the call.she looked around the buildings.she knew them by heart. There was a club that zoe would never go to without a police escort that was Screamers. Oh yeah even the name was a f***en dead give away. she saw as the occasional car come and went. This part of town was usually busy in the day time but at night it was quiet. The good thing about it was that there were lampposts lighting the streets. zoe stopped at a red light and measured the distance from here to the Chinese restaurant. Five blocks to go yippee.

All of a sudden a wave of fatigue hit her. Damn it, it was so hot. Her jeans and shirt she had on, which had no sleeves, did nothing for her. The air was so thick that she felt as if she were breathing water.

Maybe she just needed to get out of CA for while maybe permanently.she knew there wasn't holding her to this city. Her mom had been dead since she had been a child. Her only family which was her grandfather on her mother's side had died two years ago. And her father-yeah well she wasn't going there either.she had a few friends that were busy with their own lifes. So yeah nothing was here for her.

Heres where the bad part about the whole walking through the night became a bit risky. she had to go through Screamers of all the clubs. Which meant that there were goin to be men that where littering around the place. zoe was so not looking forward to that. As she was walking by she heard a wolf whistle and she just rolled her eyes and kept walking.

"Hello there, cutie, where you going?" one guy said, as he followed zoe. zoe just kept on walking, but now a bit faster. The guy looked older than her, and she didn't want anything to do with him.

"I'll give you a ride." The guy said, as he followed behind zoe. "My cars not far. Why don't you come with me? We could go for a little ride."

zoe didn't say anything, but then the guy touched her bare shoulder, and zoe turned and stared at him with a hard look. But then her eyes grew big in surprise. The guy as well.

"Well if it isn't little zoe? I never thought you would become this cute."

"<a href="">Jake</a> " Zoe said, as she backed away. Oh yeah she remembered this guy. He had been her boyfriend in her high school years. Jake started to walk towards Zoe. Zoe turned around and started to run. Jake grinned, he always like how Zoe would run away from him. Jake chased after Zoe. Zoe was just turning into the street where the Chinese restaurant was, when Jake grabbed her by her small waist. Her feet popped off the pavement as Jake dragged Zoe backwards into an alley. Zoe then elbowed Jake on the stomach making him drop Zoe. All of a sudden Zoe saw the headlight of a car and she was going to scream but then she was grabbed again Jake put a strong big hand to zoe's mouth.

"You little b****. I'll show you how to have a little fun," Jake said, as he dragged Zoe into a dark alley. Even though panic made her strong Jake was stronger.

Jake pushed Zoe's body into the wall, with Zoe's front to the wall. He lifted Zoe's hands above her head and pinned them there while his other hand went to lift Zoe's shirt up. Zoe did one last effort to get free, by hitting Jake's nose, with her head. Jake let the grip on her hands go and Zoe started to run but then Jake recovered and then went after Zoe again.

"You son of a b****...or should i say Daughter" Ushio yelled as he grabbed Zoe, turning her and grabbing her by her throat and slammed Zoe into the wall. Stars exploded in Zoe's vision, since her head was hit hard. Jake then let go of Zoe's throat and lifted Zoe's shirt. He started to touch her while zoe gritted her teeth at the feeling that Jake was causing. When Jake started to kiss her breast, Zoe opened her mouth and screamed. Jake then slapped her across the face hard.Zoe's eyes stung with tears she wouldnt dare let fall, she felt her lip split open. Blood gushed into her mouth while the pain stunning her.

"You do that again, and I'll cut your f***ing throat."

Zoe closed her mouth as she nodded since JAke had his hands on her throat once again. Jake then lifted her shirt up again but than deciding that it was a nuisance he just ripped the shirt off. Zoe winced at the shirt being ripped easily after all it was a thin material. she cringed in disgust while Jake started to nibble and suck on her nipples pulling at them making zoe winced and tears falling down her face. jake then started to lick her neck, biting her ear. "Man I never knew that little ol you would be this sexy and slender as you got older" Jake began, as he kept on licking Zoe's skin. "Such pretty skin," Jake mumbled as he gripped Zoe's soft skin. When Zoe felt that Jake started to unzip his shorts some part of her brain kicked into gear and refused to let this happen. she forced herself to stop struggling going back to the time she trained in karate. for her safety she stop her heavy breathing and her body went still. Jake noticed and he squeezed his hand on zoe's throat.

"So you're gonna play nice?" zoe nodded and jake let go of zoe's throat. With that zoe kneed jake in his d*** and then hit jake in his nose by the palm of her hand. "f*** you b****!" Zoe screamed as she saw Jake fall down to his knees. Zoe picked up her purse, which had been thrown to the floor and bolted out off the alley. she held her purse to her chest since her shirt was ripped. she didn't stop running until she was at the door of her apartment building. Her hands were shaking so badly she could barely get the key in the locks. It wasn't until she stood in front of her bathroom mirror that she broke down and cried uncontrollably while wrapping her arms around her chest.


<a href="">Tristan Taylor</a> looked up when the police radio under the dash of his unmarked car patrol car went off. There was a male victim down but breathing in an alley not so far away. Tristan checked his watch. A little after ten o'clock which meant the fun was just getting started. It was Friday night in the early part of July. He figured that the guy had either been mugged or taught a lesson. He hoped it was the last one.

Tristan grabbed the handset and told dispatch he'd head over even though he was a homicide detective, not a beat cop. He had two cases working right now, one body in the CA River and the other a hit and run but there was always space for another one. As far as he was concern more work the more time away from home. The dirty dishes in his sink and the wrinkled sheets on his bed were not going to miss him. He hit the siren and the gas and thought, Beside it's not like anyone is waiting for me.

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