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Chris Brown: Fortune

Fortune (2012)


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    Turn Up The Music - Produced by The Underdogs & Fuego


This is boobyoutthere rateing chris browns album fortune 50 stars
and even more stars.

The subculture that wants to dance to it is scimpy subculture and also pervy subculture, and if you want to be soft porn then you have to adorn the body with the trend that is suitable. Its really fashion and music, if its not you cant be.

Lots of respect and nuff and lots of success to chris brown.

Hand shake to from with chris brown.
Lickylush is a bastard and PLC is a slut. Boobyoutthere is the best.

Its are babies birthday in 3 days guys!! Ahhhh 'aha♥

already got the album hahahahahahaha loooolz

fine china good song

CB is tooooooo much been my fav singer from day one :D

i love his music and all of his stuff is cool hes the main man love him xxxx

i love all his albums but this one and f.a.m.e are outstanding. i love Chris!

Listened to the album every day since it came out, amazing, loveeee x

Favourite album after Graffiti, soo good but extremely underrated

Best album of 2012, can't wait for his next one