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This will be a <strong> SHORT</strong> story that I told Nani that I would do about our "life" lol. There are a little bisexual content in this. I am not bisexual, but I am very comfortable with my sexuality. So, why not kiss a b*tch in fiction? Lol. It ain't like I'm doing this sh*t for real. Anyway, this is what boredom gets you. Enjoy or don't enjoy! Idgaf! lol


<a href="">I</a> laid in the bed watching <a href="">him</a> prepare to walk away. This was our tenth time arguing today. Especially over something stupid as f*ck. I just didn’t understand him. He would lie to me over sh*t he shouldn’t and that’s when I started going the f*ck off at his ass. He love calling me crazy, but he made me this way. We been together for three years and he STILL can’t be upfront with me? I’m tired of this bullsh*t. I watched him pack his sh*t and started to laugh in his damn face. Now, that made him madder. He HATED when I laughed at him when he was so-called serious. Him being serious is what made me laugh. This nigga STAY packing his sh*t, but NEVER go nowhere. So, this was very routine. And what the f*ck I’mma do? Get on my knees and beg him to stay? Why do that when he’s gonna be running right back to my ass.

I giggled louder, while getting up and helping him pack some of sh*t in boxes. That’s when he pushed me slightly, “Breana, move the f*ck out the way! Don’t touch my sh*t!” I laughed, “Oh really Michael? Really? You sure you don’t want me to call U-Haul? I’m sure they don’t mind coming and helping you.” He dropped the boxes and came rushing towards me with anger. He glared at me, “YOU THINK EVERYTHING IS SUCH A F*CKING JOKE! EVERYTHING IS A F*CKING COMEDY TO YO ASS! BUT I’MMA BE THE ONE TO GET THE LAST F*CKING LAUGH! I’M LEAVING BREANA!” My laughter soon faded. I looked at him seriously, “How many times have you said that sh*t though Michael?”

“IT DOESN’T F*CKING MATTER, BUT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I’M PLAYING? YOU LOSING ME! DON’T YOU SEE IT? I’M TIRED OF THIS SH*T! WE CAN’T EVEN HAVE A NORMAL CONVERSATION WITHOUT LOUD TONES AND CUSS WORDS! I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SH*T; WE’RE TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SH*T. AND IF WE’RE NOT ARGUING, THEN WE’RE F*CKING. I’M TIRED OF HAVING TO F*CK YOU ALL DAY FOR US TO BE HAPPY! THIS SH*T IS JUST TOO CRAZY FOR ME!” He roared, while shaking his head and walking away with some of the boxes. I followed him downstairs, “So, you gon’ f*cking leave me when the going gets tough? Huh? Huh Mike? That’s what you’re good at now?” He placed the boxes at the door.

He then walked over to me, “Baby, why keep fighting for someone who don’t want to fight back? If the going keeps getting tough, then when will it get smooth? Breana, I love you. God knows I do. I just need time to clear my head.” “Time to clear your f*cking head? Nigga, what the f*ck you mean? Well, go sleep in the guest room or on the damn couch! Go smoke a blunt and then come back! But DON’T f*cking leave me! I f*cking love you Michael and I’m not letting you go!” I shouted, walking to the door. “Bree, please let’s not do this. Okay? And besides, this will be some good news for you to tell Nani. I bet she’d be happy to know we’re broken up now. So, she can have you all to her f*cking self!” He spat, now shaking his head.

“Nani? We’re just friends Michael! You know I don’t even swing that damn way! We’re only friends! And baby, please! Think about this sh*t!” I spat on the verge of tears. He chuckled slightly, “Bree, who the f*ck you fooling? I’m no f*cking dummy! I see the way she looks at you, but it’s not even about her right now. Baby, I love you and I won’t be gone for long.” “OH YOU F*CKING LOVE ME? BUT YOU LEAVING ME? F*CK YOU! GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE B*TCH! LOVE ME THEN HO!” I roared, now crying. He shook his head and planted a kiss on my lips. He pushed me out of the doorway and then carried his boxes out of the door. “Hey Ty, what’s going on?” Michael or ‘Ty’ looked at me, then at <a href="">her</a> walk through the door. He chuckled, while shaking his head, “What’s up Nani? Ask your ‘best friend’!”

He then walked out the door, now slamming it. I sat on the couch crying my eyes out. Nallely or Nani was my best friend. Well, lately we have been fooling around. We only kissed and hugged. She made me feel wanted and like I was heavenly or something. I never thought I would ever look at a girl this way. It hurts because Ty knew all about our secret relationship. It would only be sooner or later when her boyfriend Cole finds out too. “Bree, what’s wrong hun?” She asked, while placing her arm around me. “Everything. Mike knows about us. He just broke up with me. And he’s moving out!” I spat, now crying on her shoulder. She kissed my tears away slowly and then cuffed my face, “I’m here for you. No matter what. You know that. I told you to leave him a long time ago! But you didn’t wanna listen! Now, we can be together.”

I damn near slapped her and looked at her crazy, “B*tch you crazy? You got a man! And so did I before we walked out that damn door! I’m not gay Nani! You’re fun, but I don’t wanna be with you.” She looked at me as if she was hurt. She hopped off the couch and glared at me, now folding her arms. “What the f*ck you mean by that? I told you that I’m willing to leave him for you Breana! But you’re the selfish b*tch who didn’t wanna give up Ty for me! And you’re not gay! And neither am I! We’re bi! That’s a difference!” She growled, now shaking her head at me. I looked at her with disgust, “Why the f*ck would I give up some good d*ck for a fake one? Hell naw b*tch! And that’s your dumb ass! Didn’t nobody tell you to give that nigga up! And I am NOT bi! I am straight. You’re just my experimentation!”

She shot me a disgust glare, “I’m just a toy to you?! A F*CKING SCIENCE EXPERIENT?! HUH? YOU ARE SO F*CKING SELFISH BREE! ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOU! YOU DON’T EVEN REALIZE THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU! YOU STUPID, SELFISH B*TCH!” She was now in full tears. “Oh really Nani? Just blame every f*cking thing on me! Like ALWAYS! I am a selfish b*tch, but you knew that sh*t before we even got caught up in this bullsh*t! Don’t play f*cking dumb now!” I roared harshly. “PLAY DUMB? BREANA I NEVER ASKED YOU FOR SH*T! I ONLY THING I HAVE EVER WANTED WAS YOUR HEART! AND YOU CAN’T EVEN GIVE ME THAT?! MAN, F*CK YOU. I DON’T KNOW WHY I PUT UP WITH YOU!” Nani yelled, now heading out the door. I felt my tears slowly fall. I ran to the door, “Nani don’t leave me. You’re all I have. I’m so sorry for now loving you like you want me to. Just don’t leave me. Please.”

She looked at me, while I wiped her tears away. She closed the door and walked into my arms. “I love you too,” I whispered. Her eyes widened, “What did you just say?” “I said I love you too,” I repeated. She started to cry harder, “That’s the first time you have ever told me that!” “Oh God! Please Nani! Stop all this damn crying! You been real emotional lately! What the f*ck wrong with you?!” “It’s not really my fault Bree. I’m pregnant.” That’s when my eyes bucked, “YOU’RE WHAT?!”


ohh will she be preggers??
run it

Y'all are such a trip. At first I just knew Mike was gonna leave her but then once Nani had her baby. Which was so sad. I believe that's what really won Mike over because it brought them together. They're are like a weird little family. The saddest part about this whole thing was Bree mama. She was ignorant as all hell. I understand you in the church and all but that's your daughter you should love her regardless of how she chooses to live her life. Finally Bree and Mike have sex, I agree , I figured they just abstained and that's why her and Nani were messing around. I think Bree will be pregnant though Mike didnt use a condom. And he didnt pull out. Run it.

Oh and he can
stop all that f***ing smirking!


Lol, that was so
f u c k i n g sexy!!!!

I pictured all of that!
Good job!
Gotdamn my baby
put in that work!
Yes lord!


That was better than I expected. I love a man that talks s*** during sex.

Awww s*** na run it

There's your stank asx sex scene

It was the middle of the night, Mike was knocked out snoring lightly and here I am lying wide awake staring at the ceiling. I have the sudden urge to talk, I know Mike is gonna get mad but I don't feel like calling Nani. I push his shoulder making him jerk awake; turning over he looks at me wide eyed. "What's wrong? You aight?" He asks in a low raspy tone. "Yeah. No. Hell, I have no idea," I answer honestly. Mike turns over then slides me closer so that my head is resting on his bare chest. "What's on your mind?" "Just thinking about how much our lives have changed in the last year. I wouldn't change anything but its a lot to take in." "I know what you mean," he agrees while yawning. Looking down, I start tracing over his tattoos on his stomach going lower and lower and his breathing starts to slow. "I swear its like i have a relationship with Nani and you're just my roommate that I cuddle with. Ya know?" "Yeah. Well I'm sure we could fix that," he breathes out as his fingers tip down my back then to my behind that he grips not too rough but just how I like it. "How are we gonna fix it?" In one swift motion, I am beneath him breathing hard with my heart racing. He balances himself on his elbows while he watches me. We stare for what seems like forever and I'm not sure why but I squirm under his gaze from nervousness. I've been with this man countless times but he still manages to make every time feel like the first. "You nervous," he asks then bites his lip knowing it drives me borderline insane. My voice is gone, all I can do is shake my head. "No huh? Well, your body is telling me otherwise," he replies laughing softly. I want to yell at him for laughing at me but my body compels me to do otherwise so I wait silently for his next words. Nothing--he only dips his head down and captures my bottom lip between his teeth. Slowly, he releases my lip then pecks my lips a couple times. He brings his head up so that we are gazing at one another once again; tilting his head to the side he smirks at me. "Why are you smirking at me?" Finally, my voice is back. "Because I can." <em>Smartass.</em>

Slowly, he runs his left hand down my side, thigh, stops under my knee and pulls it up so that its hitched to his hip. I watch him move his hand from my knee to between us where our hips meet. "We just cuddle, huh?" "That's what I s-s-said," his fingers invading my treasure catch me off guard but I can tell he's enjoying that. "What panties are you wearing?" I'm not sure what this has to do with anything but I oblige anyway. "Black lace," I gasps he's entered a second finger, "boy shorts." "Hmm," he murmurs kissing my lips, "How much do you like them?" I shake my head concentrating on his rhythm. <em> In. Out. Around. Out. In.</em> He's deliberately going slow to torture me and its working. Then in a matter of seconds his fingers are gone and on the hem of my panties. "No answer so I will take that as you don't like them that much. Good, me neither." I hear the fabric rip but I don't feel it; dragging my other leg up to his hip I use my toes to push down his boxer. Once they are half way down he pushes them the rest of the way himself. He springs free, I can't see it but I feel him pressing against me asking to enter. Locking my legs around his waist, I pull him closer to me making him smile. "Thought you wanted to cuddle." I roll my eyes, he's enjoying this and I can't lie a part of me is, too. Using the hand that ripped my panties from me he guides his d*** into me, I groan and grab onto his arms as he fills me; its almost too much but I'd never say stop. Slowly, he strokes with his hands now on either side of my head; he doesn't make a noise but I can see his lips part and feel his cool breath against my face. Never would I ever get tired of this feeling; feeling him inside of me, us connecting over and over. My hips thrusts upward to meet his, this friction heats my body even more. His teeth graze my jawline before he placed a hard kiss on my lips then our tongues are intertwining as we're our bodies. "f***, not so fast," I moan out breaking our kiss. "Take this d***, girl," he replied gruffly sitting up then placing my right leg on his shoulder, "You better not wanted this so you gon take it." Holding onto my leg he speeds up his pace, his eyes never left my face. Or at least I don't think they did I couldn't keep mine open. My body shook, that time is coming but it was too soon--it was purposeful. A broad smile stretches across his face, his eyes glaze over as he throws my other leg on his shoulder. Faster, he strokes in and out of me, rotating his hips. I grip the sheets as I throw my head back digging it into the pillow. "Oh, f***! No, Mike." "Yes, baby. Give it to me," he smacks my ass adding insult to injury, "Now!" On cue, my body explodes around him; he follows calling out my name. My legs fall from his shoulders with him between them both breathing hard.


Fine...when I get home
I will dova sex scene for you two

You make a very good point Chelle5. I never noticed that.

Nani, why aren't me and my man having sex?!!! Lol.

Love the story BUT Bree and Michael have not had a sex scene at all in the story. I kind go find that odd. It makes me feel like they're not f***ing.


Oh and the name thing... My bad
Damn iPad stay correcting my CORRECT spelling

Ummm no tf you can't! lol

Oh hush .... You know yo asx would go in there
guns blazing.

And I can talk to you anyway I want
I'm no scared of you nigga lol

Ummmm first off...
Who tf is Breanna?
My name is <strong>Breana</strong>.
Get it right! Thank you!

Ummm wow! This is very....
Sad. I honestly wouldn't know how to feel.
I would probably smack the absolute f u c k
out of Mike if he denied our child.
Poor thing!

And Nani your ass out of line!
You gon' STOP talking to me like that.
And nagging and what not! I am NOT going
for that. Point. Blank. Period.
So, get it together ho!

Chris is a very dirty dog. Just dirty!
He should be VERY ashamed of himself.
This b i t ch been your wife for <strong><ul>five</ul></strong> years and you wanna question if Charlie is yours?
The nerve of that nigga!

Damn, We didn't have to come in there
bossing our niggas like that though.
It's a way to do things and that wasn't it!
Hopefully, everything works out for these two.
They have a lot to talk about, but divorce should be
the last option.

Run it.

<em><strong>Two Months Later</em></strong>

"I mean it, Bree, do not be your usual mean, insulting self today. She's already going through enough she doesn't need that s*** today." Rolling my eyes, I took my seatbelt off preparing to get out , the whole way to Robyn's house Nani nagged and nagged about me being nice to Robyn it is working my last nerves. "Look, I get it she's sad and upset I'm not gonna be mean to the girl when she's like this. I do know how to act, Nani," I spat now climbing out of my car. "Yeah well I'm just trying to make sure your ass doesn't forget," she reiterated as she follows me to the front porch. We stood outside waiting for Robyn to let us in, Nani keeps grinding her teeth meaning she's nervous or pissed. I'm pretty sure she is pissed; I grab her hand and rub my thumb across her knuckles that always relaxes her. The door opens revealing Robyn and a sleeping Charlie on her hip, her eyes are red and so is her face. She moves back so we can step in, Nani immediately pulls her in for a long hug when she releases her Robyn comes and stands in front of me. "I know you don't like hugs so I won't hug you. I just wanna say thank you for coming to help me out on such short notice. I really appreciate it, Bree, I really do." Her voice is soft and I can tell she's near tears. She's right I don't like hugs but I can put that aside for now she looks like she could use another. Wrapping my arms around her gently so I don't wake up Charlie, I hug her for a few seconds and kiss her cheek. When I pull away tears are slipping from her eyes.

"What do you need us to do, Rob?" Nani asks softly. "Um, all of me and Charlie's bags and boxes are in the living room," she pauses to wipe her face, "I was just waiting for the U-haul to get here. You guys can help me load it up and if one of you could drive it I would really appreciate it." "I'll drive it since Bree drove her car." We stand silently staring at each other not knowing what to say. "We can go sit in the living room while we wait. Charlie's playpen is in there I can lie him down so I can help you guys." We nod and follow her to the living room; I sit on the love seat and Nani on the sofa, both of us watch Robyn put Charlie down. She sits next to Nani, playing with the rings on her hand. "I don't know what happen. We were finally happy, talking about having another baby and then he tells me that he doesn't think that it's working for him. That he feels like we rushed into it. We were together 5 years before we got married if he felt like that he should have never proposed," she puts her head in her hands trying to hide her tears. Nani consoles her, rubbing her back and smoothing her hair. Quietly, I sat trying to find something to say to her I can't say that I know how she feels because I don't I can only speculate how I would feel. If Michael left me, as hard as I try to be, my whole world would be shattered to pieces. "He loves you, Robyn, you and Chris have been through so much this is just a hill you and him have to get over. Once you both get some space and time you and him can talk or go to therapy and work through the issues," Nani tries to console her. She lifts her head staring at me then Nani, "This is not a hill, Nani, our marriage is over." "You're just saying that because you're still upset," I try to assure her. There have been many times Michael and I have broken up and I thought that we were completely done. "Bree, I know you're trying to help but our marriage was over when he started questioning our son. I can stand for a lot of s*** and I have but I will not have him question my loyalty to him after I've been through so much s*** for and with him," her tone is cold and I can see the hurt and anger in her eyes. There is a knock on the door breaking the tension, thank goodness for the U-haul truck.

Walking into Nani's house, me and her are talking but I don't notice she stops until I bump into the back of her. I push her slightly, "Um did yo ass forget how to walk or some s***, hoe?" Still, I got no response. I walk around her to figure out what she's looking at then I see what's stopped her in her tracks--Chris. He sat with Mike and Jermaine watching a basketball game; none of them notices that we've come in. The audacity of him, he shells out news of wanting a divorce, tells her she needs to move out, questions the paternity of his child and now he's sitting her like he hasn't got a care in the world. I make my way to the sofa and smack him in the back of his head. The three of them laugh as he stands to face me rubbing the back of his head. "Damn, what I do to you?" "It's not what you did to me, it's what you did to Robyn, you a**hole!" He sucks his teeth but doesn't speak; Mike gets up and walks around to where I'm standing. "Baby, that's not our business. Let them handle whatever it is they need to do," he demands softly. "You're an a**hole, too. How dare you sit here and congregate with this sorry ass excuse of a man knowing what he did?" He, too sucks his teeth and I'm just about fed up with that noise. Jermaine sits quietly, he doesn't even turn around, I don't care he's an a**hole as well. "Bree, like I said its not our business." "How is it not our business? These are our friends you may not see anything wrong but I do! She is my friend and I don't like for my friends to be hurt or to be a**holes like him." Its quiet, Mike and Chris stare everywhere except at me but I don't move my stare, Jermaine still doesn't look or get up but I can hear Nani move into the room behind me. "Jermaine Lamar Cole, I know you do not have him in my house? Unless you want to be the next couple getting a divorce I suggest you get this fool out of my house, now," her voice is soft but we can all hear the acid dripping from her words. She kisses my cheek then goes upstairs mumbling the whole way. I fold my arms staring at the three of them. "And then you question whether Charlie is yours or not? You got some nerve that little boy looks exactly like you but I guess you're blind on top of being a stupid ass," I throw my hands up then stare at Mike, "I'm ready to go. I will be waiting in the car. If you're not in the car in three minutes your ass will be walking home. And I dare your ass to get a ride from one of these silly ass niggas." As I'm leaving I can hear him saying his good-byes, by the time I'm off the porch Mike is behind me walking quietly. Yeah, his ass better be behind me.

"You need not to say s*** else to me, Michael, you are already on my s*** list for even hanging around that nigga," I spit out lying across our large King size bed. "I ain't even said s***. Calm down, we're not the ones getting divorced, they are. Can we please not argue?" "Can you please not be a dumb ass?" He sucks his teeth and I cannot take it anymore, I chuck the remote at his face. It hits him in his mouth, immediately it starts to bleed I chuckle slightly. Angrily, he stomps off to the bathroom I'm guessing to check his lip. "That s*** was uncalled for, Breanna." "Your actions were uncalled for, Michael," I reply still laughing slightly. "s*** ain't funny you split my damn lip," he complains coming out of the bathroom. He picks the remote off the floor, turns the tv off then sits next to me, "Look, I know that you're upset about this situation between Robyn and Chris but don't let this tear our relationship apart. You said it yourself we're all friends just because they're getting a divorce doesn't mean I need to stop talking to Chris. And it doesn't mean you need to stop talking to Robyn." "And why the hell shouldn't you?" He sighs hard and grabs my hand, "Think about it like this, if me and you broke up wouldn't you be sad if Jermaine made Nani stop talking to you because you were nasty to me during our break up?" "I guess I would be a little upset, I see what you're saying. You can talk to him," he starts to smile but I hold up my hand to stop him, "But I do not want him in my house or around me unti he works something out with arobyn and apologizes to her. He really broke her heart especially whe pn he denied Charlie." Mike nods, "Yeah, I'm sure. Me and J will talk to him about that. I'm sure he doesn't mean what he said about Charlie."

run it

You apple jelly nigga

Ugh!!!! Idk if I'm here for Tae! Like tf? Why she grab on me like that? She don't even know my ass lol. And see she need to chill tf out calling Nani that early in the morning. Tf is there to talk about at 6 am? And why tf she answer?! And I'm definitely not jealous nigga lol. You just don't do that s*** with her. I don't like it and I don't like her.

Run it

"Come on, Robyn. Let's get you upstairs and in the bed." I sat on the couch watching Nani help Robyn up the steps. I told her drunk ass to stop after her sixth patron shot but of course she didn't listen. But I can say she was an interesting drunk; the whole way home he indulged us in stories about her and Chris without sparing details, good or bad. They been through a lot of s*** and still in love with each other, true love I would say. "Aye ugly, what's on your mind?" "Who you calling ugly, naked mole rat?" She laughed as she played with my bracelet, "I see why they like you. You're very feisty." "Not you too," I groaned snatching my wrist from her. She continued to laugh which for some reason or another didn't piss me off. "What you mean, ugly?" "I know you're not trying to f*** me, too. What is it with y'all and me? I know I'm attractive but damn." "I was simply stating facts, Bree," she giggled out. "So you're not bi?" She shook her head trying to look as innocent as possible but I wasn't sure if I believed her or not. Grabbing my phone and house keys I stood and hugged her briefly, "I need to get home. Tell Nani to text me when she make it home, please." "Sure, sure," she responded walking with me to the door, "It was nice meeting you. Hopefully you'll come out with us again." "Yeah, no doubt." We both stepped out onto the porch and I started to step off when Tae grabbed my arm pulling me back to her. She wrapped her arms around me again squeezing tightly then my ass. Pulling away from her I gave her the screw face, "Woah. Watch your hands." "Sorry. Couldn't help it," she winked stepping away towards the house, "See you soon." Shaking my head I walked briskly to my car wondering about Tae's weird ass.

"b****, move your ass parts off my man's lap!" "I told you, Bree. He's our man now," Nani giggled kissing Mike's cheek. "You gon think I'm wrong if I throw something at your ass," I threatened looking for something to throw."I'm starting to think you love him more than me," she pouted getting off his lap. "Finally your ass gets it." "That's alright, Nani, I love you." "Love you, too, J," she blew him a kiss as she stood next to the love seat he sat in, "Bree, can I uh see you in the kitchen for a second?" "We wanna know too," J yelled as Nani walked off into her kitchen. I mushed his head as I followed her; it was crazy how she went from being super happy to so serious in seconds. When I made it into the kitchen she was sitting on top of the island swinging her legs, sliding my feet over to her I stood between her legs. "What's up?" "I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You left and didn't say bye to me." "I was drunk and horny sorry," I joked choosing to leave Tae and I's conversation out of it. "Oh, I thought you were mad because I'd left you alone with Tae," she sighed out now smiling at me, "What'd you think of her? I think she's fun." "Yeah, she's fun. I see why her and Robyn are best friends." "Funny she said the same about you and me. This morning at like six she called me." Screwing up my face I slapped her bare thigh causing her to squeal. "What? I didn't give her my number, Robyn did." "Oh ok. Well what she want?" "To talk." "At six in the morning, Nani?" She shrugged clearly not seeing the problem. "Tell her not to call you that early no more. s*** ain't cool." "Your ass is so jealous. I wear," she laughed running her hands through my hair. "Yeah well what she want anyway?" "She was bored and tired of listening to Chris and Robyn have sex. She just was talking about random s***." I stared at her with my brow raised; I could see why J used to get into so many fights with other dudes over her. She don't understand when someone is being overly inappropriate. Rolling my eyes, I leaned into her placing my head into the crook of her neck, "I know she better keep her hands to herself." "Jealous ass. Are you coming out with us tonight?" "No, Mike's sister and nephew are coming over tonight. He will kill me if I'm not there." Her hands rubbed in circles on my back as I caressed her legs; one of the reasons I loved being with and around her, we don't need words gestures were enough for us. Tilting my head up I little i placed small kisses on her neck up to her lips making her moan in return. Breaking the kiss before it could go any further I placed my forehead on hers, "If you need me tonight. Call me. Okay?"


Short af . . . I had a brain fart lol

That's the plan.

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Ive been a silent reader before but i just had to say i love this story!! run it!

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Uh uhn lol. 
Thank you for adding though!!!!
But naw idk how to feel about Tae ass. 
And Robyn need not sit her ass in Nani's lap. I'll slap the s*** outta her tbh lol. 
And we just some freaky ass, open individuals. 
The f***? I'mma need for me to figure out who the f*** I want. Like this can't be healthy. It just can't. 
I love me some Michael too! He soooooo supportive! 
Couldn't ask for a better man & f*** my judgmental ass mama! Ugh. Won't be controlling s*** over here! 
And I can't wait to see how this night will end!

Run it 


Ugh typos

*weak ass not sack ass

*liquored up not liquor end up

"So it's been two days and you should be ready to talk about what happened?" I sucked my teeth cuddling closer to Mike, "My mom is still trying to control me. She thought taking me down to my father's church would make me submit. But she forgot when I turned eighteen he let go just like she should have." "What made her take you there?" "Me and her had a misunderstanding about Nallely. She couldn't just let go and let me be my own person. After she started about Nani she started talking about you calling you "lizard boy" and you know I really wasn't going for that." I felt Mike grinding his teeth meaning he was upset but I wasn't gonna let my mom have anymore control over him, too. "Baby, chill. It's all over with that woman. You changed the locks yesterday so she will not be coming in here unannounced and I'm pretty sure she knows she isn't welcomed here or anywhere that I am." He chuckled rubbing up and down my arm slowly relaxing me; wrapping my arms around him tightly I started to think of how much my life had changed in such a small amount of time but I wouldn't trade any of it for anything. "You got any plans for tonight?" He shrugged, "That all depends if you going out then I'll find me something to do." "We'll, I'm going over to Robyn's house later. She has this best friend coming in town that she wants us to meet." "Guess I'll call J and Chris see if they wanna go do something." I shifted around so I could see his face to find him making a goofy face at me making me laugh. "Silly. But are you sure you're ok?" "Yeah, I'm good. Why you ask that?" Shrugging I sat back into the spot I was in before, "I don't know. It's just been a lot going on around and with us lately and I never got a chance to see how you were doing babe." Smiling he pecked my lips softly staring in my eyes, "I promise I'm alright, boo. After all if I could deal with your ass all these years nothing could ever bother me." "f*** you." He laughed hitting my thigh playfully. "Love you too, sweetheart."

"Where is this hoe at? I don't have all night." "Why she gotta be a hoe though, Bree?" "Cause her ass taking too damn long. That's why I came late so I wouldn't have to wait." Robyn rolled her eyes walking into the room, "I heard your disrespectful ass, Bree. Don't talk about my best friend, I don't talk about your late ass." "We'll I hope while your ass heard me you was see about your flakey friend." Nani pushed my leg laughing but I paid her no mind; my point of coming here was to meet this girl and she later than a pregnant b**** period. "Cool your jets, Bree. I called her and she said she would be here in five minutes. She had to wait on her car to get there." "Why the hell you ain't go get her?" Robyn ignored me going to sit in Nani's lap, "Nani, she's real excited to meet you and you too, attitudinal." "We'll I'm not gon be happy if she take much longer. And get yo ass out her lap." Robyn threw her hands up defensively getting up, "You're very grouchy today aren't you. What Nani or Mike ain't giving you none? If you need me to I can handle that for you." I shook my head choosing to ignore her but truth be told I haven't had any type of sex since my mother caught me and Nani a few days ago. Not having sex for a few days wasn't bothering me it was the fact that my nut was interrupted so its like I'm sitting on a time bomb that I wouldn't mind if it exploded. The doorbell rung and Robyn excused herself to get leaving me and Nani; once Robyn was out of sight Nani moved to sit next to me. Leaning closed she wrapped her lips around my earlobe then bit down softly and released it slowly. "I know what's wrong with you and if you let me," she paused running her hand up my thigh, "I can help." A smile slowly crept onto my face thinking of what she could do but I knew I had to be attentive to Robyn's friend or Robyn would never <strong>EVER</strong> let it go so I grabbed Nani's hand lacing our fingers together and kissed hers. "Not right now. But later I'll let you do whatever you want if you're good." She laughed lowly before going back to her previous seat just as Robyn re-entered the room with <a href="">her</a>.

"Nani, Bree this is my best friend, Tae. Tae this my boo Nallely but you can call her Nani and her best friend/my new friend Breana but you can call her Bree." Me and Nani stood to hug and welcome her; when she got to Nani she tugged softly at her nose ring giggling, "I got one of those, too. My sack ass forgot to put it in this morning." "Well, I guess y'all can look like some damn bulls together," I huffed annoyed at her lateness. Tae stepped over to me eyeing me with a slight smile, "Yes, Ro, I definitely see what you meant about her. She's a tough cookie but I like her." Looking around Tae I eyed Robyn, "What the hell you told her about me?" Tae answered instead of Robyn placing her hands on my shoulders, "From the looks of it nothing that wasn't true. But she did say you were a loyal friend and I could definitely see that, too." Robyn stepped up so that she was standing next to Tae, "What do you ladies say that we go out tonight? Charlie is with Mama J and Chris is out with the boys for the rest of the night so we can get as drink as we like and come back here and do whatever we want." "s***, I'm down, Ro. You know I ain't come here to just sit at your house on my ass." They high fives and eyed me and Nani, who was smiling. "As long as I can shake my ass and sip something I'm down." "Well, Bree, we only need you to agree and we can go." Eyeing all of them I sighed hard knowing I really had no choice, "Fine but don't be trying to get me drunk so you can do things to me." Robyn squealed as she and Tae lead the way out the door. "Pssh I don't need to get you liquor end up to have my way with you," Nani whispered brushing past me.

I finally caught up lol OMG Bree mom's is a trip. I'm glad I have accepting parents cuz idk wat I would do if I had parents like that smh. Run It!!!

Run it!!!