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Just Like You .

<a href="">Kassidy</a> sat alone at a four seater booth at her fathers diner. Looking out the window as the hard rain hit against the window, she plugged in her earphones as she turned on her favorite Pandora station, <em>Rihanna Station</em>. Scribbling on the back of a food order receipt she watched as her father closed up the registers for the first time of his grand opening. Kassidy began to rock side to side, humming the words to Rihanna's, Skin. She closed her eyes moving to the slow beat of the song, then slowly opening them again as she watched <a href="">him</a> walk through the back door of the diner, carrying empty boxes and garbage bags. He was one of her fathers overnight workers.

"Justin, how's it going?". Her father asked from behind the register.

Justin didn't bother to speak. Keeping his head down as he took of his hoodie, tossing it over a chair. Justin looked up at Mr. Morton and gave a dry head nod. He walked over to empty boxes, beginning to rip them up and flatten them out. Kassidy slowly snatched her earphones from her head as she watched and studied Justin's body movement.

"Finished". Mr.Morton said to himself. "Kass, you ready baby girl?". He asked.

Kassidy slid her middle finger across her iPhone, checking the time. 12:13 a.m. She stood up, throwing away the receipt she had scribbled on. As she began to walk away from the garbage can she looked over at Justin. Justin could feel her eyes staring at him, he looked over his shoulder giving her a dead look. Kassidy smiled a little, as Justin shook his head turning around to empty out the garbage.

"Alright Justin, the keys are in the break room once you're all finished to lock up. I'll see you tomorrow man". Mr.Morton slapped his shoulder as he walked out of the door. Justin continued what he was doing as if he hadn't heard anything Mr.Morton had said. Kassidy followed behind her father, wondering what Justin's deal was.

"He seems, rude!". Kassidy blurted out , strapping her seat belt on.

"He's a good kid, just a tough shell on the outside". Her father said.

"That doesn't bother you that he doesn't speak?".

"I know he's a good kid, I know that life he's living. I learned to understand his emotions and actions".

Kassidy bit her bottom lip, staring out the window.

"It's still rude!". She mumbled.


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Other than a few minor errors, this is interesting.
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So Jus turns Kas into a rebel...
Daddy gon kill her ass

Kassidy woke up to the sound of phone going off. She picked her head up from underneath her pillow, squinting her eyes as she read her text message from, Justin.

<em>Good Morning, Ugly</em>

Kassidy smiled from ear to ear.

<em>Good Morning, Troll</em>

Justin laughed. Almost choking on his glass of water.

<em>Good one. You out today? Or do I haveto come to your window like you're Rapunzel?</em>

Kassidy smirked lying back on her pillow.

<em>Ha! Someone woke with some corny jokes. I'll be down after I shower. Breakfast on you?</em>

<em>Gotchu. I leave a bowl and some cereal out for you</em>


<em>Haha hurry up</em>

Kassidy grabbed her towel from behind her door. She walked past her fathers bedroom noticing he wasn't inside. She figured he would've been outside working in the garage like normal.

Justin changed into sweat pants and his Nike hoodie as he sat and waited for Kassidy to show up. He thought about mom, like always. The fact she that hasn't made any effort to call him, killed him.

Kassidy grabbed her house key from the kitchen table. She turned to the note that was taped to the refrigerator that read, <strong>YOU'RE GROUNDED MISS</strong>. Kassidy tilted her head back in frustration. The urge to want to disobey her father crossed her mind too many times. She walked out of the kitchen as if she didn't see or read what her father had said as she left the house.

Minutes later, Justin heard Kassidy ringing the doorbell over and over.

"You know, you're annoying .. As hell". Justin said as he held the door open.

"Yeah, so are you". Kassidy slipped off her shoes at the door as she handed Justin his mail.

"Yeah whatever. So I take it as you're not on lockdown?". Justin asked, as he sat back on the couch.

"..I'm here, ain't I?". Kassidy sat down next to him.

"And, you could've took a risk to see me". Justin laughed.

Kassidy sat in silence.

"C'mon Kassidy. You didn't, right?". Justin looked over at her.

"I only live down the street. I'll be back before he gets home".

"I'll make sure of that".

Kassidy sat up , grabbing the mail that had his name on it.

"You got a letter from your mom". Kassidy smiled handing him the letter.

Justin's eyes grew bigger as he held his mail tightly.

"Are you going toread it or?". Kassidy asked.

"I don't want to read it yet and be dissapointed, you know?".

"Understandable, trust me". Kassidy looked down at his mail again. Did you apply for college?". Kassidy smiled.

"A couple months ago, why?". Justin asked as he began to grind his weed.

"You have mail from, <em>UCLA</em>". Kassidy held up his mail.

Justin sat up in shock opening up the letter. He skimmed thru the letter and put the letter back down on the table.

"What? What'd it say?". Kassidy began to get worried.

Justin sat silence, continuing to roll his blunt.

"Justin!". Kassidy yelled. She began to read the letter in silence.

"Oh my god, Justin. You got accepted! Congradulations!". Kassidy hugged him.

"I can't believe that s***!". Justin smilled as clapped in excitement.

"I'm so proud of you, Justin. I wish your mom was here to witness this. I've never seen you this happy since i've met you". Kassidy smiled.

"Thanks. I wish she was here too". Justin's face expression changed.

"Hey, i'm pretty sure if she was here she'd be ten times happier than I am right now!".

"I appreciate that. Now i'm bout to celebrate". Justin sparked his blunt.

"No, <em>we're about to celebrate!". Kassidy reached for the blunt.

"You're just a rebel today, huh?". Justin laughed.

"Shut up". Kassidy hit the blunt a few times.

"Shotgun?". Justin asked.

"That's when we blow smoke into each others mouth right?". She asked.

"Yeah. But our lips somewhat touches too". Justin looked over at Kassidy.

"Just don't slob me down".Kassidy laughed.

"Eww, I won't". Justin smirked.

Justin inhaled smoke as he got closer to Kassidy. She opened her mouth as their lips began to touch. As Justin beganto blow smoke into her mouth, Kassidy's phone began to ring.

"Damn!". Kassidy said in frustration as she looked down at her phone and seen that it was her father calling.

"Oh s***!". Kassidy mumbled.

this is good!
I like Just
Hard nut to crack, but his story makes him a nice character
Kas, she cool too, just hope she can give her parents half the chance they need

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Ive missed this story Justin and kassidy are too cute run it



Yayy, ive been patiently waiting for this add. Im happy their getting to know eachother instead of judging like tgey were in the beginning. Run it!

Awww Justin and Kassidy are soo cute!!! I've missed this story. I know she disappointed her dad. That just sucks. I hate that feeling. Hopefully, she doesn't get into much trouble. I'm glad they are getting to know each other better. Run it!!

Kassidy sat on the couch waiting for her father to scream in disappointment, but he didnt. He sat in silence starring at the television. It killed her. She'd rather get an ear beating instead of the silent treatment.

"Dad, please. The silent treatment, you're killing me right now?". Kassidy sighed.

Her father looked over at her and back at the tv.

"Really?". Kassidy smacked her leg.

"Kass, you tell me what you'd say to yourself right now if you were me?". He asked with out turning his head away from the tv.

Kassidy sat in silence thinking to herself.

"..Yeah, exactly". He sighed.

"I'm sorry". Kassidy said.

"How do you think I feel after seeing you jumping out of a window from a party with drugs and alcohol being that you're only seventeen and the to see you with, Justin". Her father looked over at her.

"So are you saying it as if he's a bad dude?". Kassidy asked.

"I didn't mean for it to sound like that. He's not. No father wants to see their daughter with a boy, jumping out of a window TOGETHER. Meaning they were in the room TOGETHER!". He father yelled.

"Dad, I can promise you that nothing happened". Kassidy put her down.

"I believe you, I just don't want to see that again. So are you smoking and drinking now?".

Kassidy hesitated on answering.

"C'mon Kass. Why?".

"I've never drank before, swear". She responded.

"Weed?". He asked.

"Yes". She picked her head up.

"I respect your honesty".

"I'm sorry".

"We'll talk tomorrow". He stood up from the couch.

"..Don't blame Justin. He didn't force meor anything". Kassidy walked away upstairs into her bedroom.

Justin layed back on his bed starring up at the ceiling. Random thoughts crossed his mind. He hasn't spoken to or seen his mother in almost two weeks, it didn't bother him at all. He missed her at times, other times he knew she was where she needed to be in order to better herself. He thought about Kassidy, a lot. Scared to text or call her thinking her father had taken anything away from her to keep her from speaking to him. He hated the fact they had just began to get close and now it's feeling like it came to an end.

Justin closed his eyes. He felt his phone vibrating under his legs. He reached for it, squinting opening up a text message from Kassidy. He sat up.

<em>My dad didn't kill me, thank god lol</em>

Justin laughed.

<em>I'm glad he didn't, my bad about that</em>

Kassidy smiled

<em>It's not your fault, I know how to say no. I chose not to</em>

<em>Are you on lockdown?</em>

<em>I'll figure out tomorrow once I come see you :)</em>

<em>And if you don't</em>

<em>You better text and call my ass all day. Because it's your fault!</em>

Justin laughed

<em>Oh now i'llbe the blame if you cant step outside</em>

<em>Right. lol but i'm going to sleep, goodnight Justin</em>

<em>Goodnight Kassidy</em>

Kassidy smiled from ear to ear. She was slowly finding herself liking Justin more than she has when she first met him.

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