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Fck You, Cupid!

I, [<a href=>Margueritte</a>], walked onto the track and field. I stopped to take a look around. I was gone for a year, and now i'm back at Cornell Brown High School, as a junior. Freshman year was okay, but now it's time to make a change. A difference. I'm an upperclassmen and being social is important. Fck being lazy anymore and not talking to people. I needed to experience life, and getting on the girls' track team was it, well at least for me.

I was in gym earlier and was asking around what's the best sport at the school now during changing time in the locker room, and most of the girls say that the track team are champions. I wanted to be a champion and do the best in what I love; however, there was one problem.

<a href=>Him</a>. He, [Joseph Brown] the guy who I've known all of my life since pre-school, was now going to this school, as well. We never talked, ever, throughout our school years together. He was so fine, and I heard through the grape vines that he thought I was sexy. In all reality, he liked the popular girls and that just wasn't my circle.

I liked being neutral. If people remembered me by name or by talent - drawing and poetry - then fine. But i'm not about to yap all damn day and make a fool of myself. The main point of my problem is, he's also on the track team, and we were the only two people in the same area. I really didn't want to speak to anybody, right now, but he was heading on down from the top of the bleachers.

"Ugh," I mumbled. "Please don't say anything to me," I repeated in my head as I threw my book bag to the gate separating the bleachers from the track. I continued to the 3rd inner lane and got in the ready, set position. And just as I was about to jet off, I felt someone's hands on my waist and pelvic area on my ass. "Wtf?"

Should I laugh, yell, scream, or hand out an ass-whooping? I didn't know what I was going to do. Sometimes I'm cool and funny and other times I'm mean and sarcastic...maybe a bit angry. Right now, i swear...I just don't fckn know. I'm in my zone, tryna get some heat off and people wanna play games. I don't do those. I just do real sht. And this right here, could go either way.

"But if it was Joseph," I thought. "If it wasn't? Tell me that I was either having a dream or a nightmare, Mar. Tell me now because my reaction will matter. I do care sometimes.'re so indecisive," I thought, laughing at myself.

"Damn you must like this position if you ain't moved, yet." I heard a male's voice.

I've been gone for so long, I just couldn't tell who it was. I would love to hate, and I would hate to love whatever happened. But this issue I was going through, made it all depend on everything.

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Run It

Her and Brett are tf cute!!!!!
Sorry I've been m.i.a :(

But hakeem needs to hurry up and tell his parents I'm sure they'll understand
I don't like her cousin she knew mar like joseph she dirty for that
And them b****es ain't hip!!!
If they want it then mar and them better han them they ass on a platter!!!
Damn I wish I could throw down with my girl

Run it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love It...RUN IT:)

Run it I lov it her n Brett cute together Daryl I cnt stand Sean funny me n mar are hilarious talkin bout whoopin ASZ took fckn funny Darius right we shudnt fight but oh well I'm fightn for him n me so oh well

I swore I commented, my bad...
I don't like her cousin! You knew she liked him!
I also don't like Joesph cause I feel like he sending her mix signals!

She is a better woman than I, cause it would have taken me a while to go down and help my cousin, I mean I would have helped cause I don't play when comes too my fam squad, I just would have taken my sweet old time, cause she knew what she was doing when she got wit him!

Well, at least Brett don't have no case of the ex drama!
Joesph brother remind of this track star *here @ school* I know, I may find him attractive?
I'm wit Darius, they shouldn't be checkin if they already got that ass beat!
I ioono man fuk is your biscit, if I get swinging on a big b****!
How the f*** they goons getting they ass beat, tf?

See, now me and Daryl need to have ourselves a little talk! He need to leave the girl alone, she don't want you, he need to check his attitude!

I swore I commented, my bad...
I don't like her cousin! You knew she liked him!
I also don't like Joesph cause I feel like he sending her mix signals!

She is a better woman than I, cause it would have taken me a while to go down and help my cousin, I mean I would have helped cause I don't play when comes too my fam squad, I just would have taken my sweet old time, cause she knew what she was doing when she got wit him!

Well, at least Brett don't have no case of the ex drama!
Joesph brother remind of this track star *here @ school* I know, I may find him attractive?
I'm wit Darius, they shouldn't be checkin if they already got that ass beat!
I ioono man fuk is your biscit, if I get swinging on a big b****!
How the f*** they goons getting they ass beat, tf?

See, now me and Daryl need to have ourselves a little talk! He need to leave the girl alone, she don't want you, he need to check his attitude!

I woke up in the morning along with Kimber'Ann realizing what happened last night. I was kind of curious. "I know we both going with these guys and stuff, but I mean...Joseph, tho?"

Kim looks at me while sitting on the edge of my bed. "Yeah, is that a problem?"

"Nah," I shrug. "Just saying, you know. He sat there not doing sht just letting us fight."

"It was our choice to fight. He don't have a say in it. Like it would've mattered if he did anyway."

I didn't even talk on the subject of him being my crush. She knew that sht, but if he wasn't checking for me then what the fck was i gonna do about it? I pushed the fck on. We made it to school and Kim parked in the student parking lot. I saw Tia talking to Brett and made my way over as Kim split over to Joseph's car.

"M. Stacks!" Tia gave me dap.

"T. Racks, what's good shorty?"

"Breakfast, babe. Let's get it!"

"iight," I walk over to Brett. "Good morning."

"Hey bae," he gives me a hug and a kiss. "What you doing after school?"

"Track practice."

"iight i'll be back to pick you up around 5."


"y'all don't have any classes together?" Tia asks.

"Nope," I shake my head. "Well, see you in the hallway." I let go of Brett and walked away with Tia.

"Fck you think Daryl gonna say when he find out you going with Brett," she asks.

"He gonna call me a hoe! But i ain't goin round the school going with everybody! I'm not skipping nggas like rocks! I found a dude I like and that's what it is. He don't like it, then it's too damn bad."

"You don't think it's pretty fast though? I mean for you to be going with Brett?"

"I mean what's gonna be the difference in him asking me to go with him a month later than now? We're still gonna be getting to know each other and...." I smile. "It's whatever. I'm a be sticking to the one dude so yup."

We make it to breakfast and I run back into Kim and see Joseph. Everybody sitting at the table was pointing fingers at him for letting us fight but me, Kim, and Nic was like we was down to fight so who gave a fck what Joseph was gonna do about it!

First block was Physics. Hakeem was in there and we usually stayed a distance but today he was really clingy after yesterday's conversation. He was seriously scared to tell his parents. "It's gonna be alright. And if it's not, if they don't take it well, then it's time for you to grow up just a little bit earlier than expected."

He sighs wiping his face. "I don't know man," his fingers shook. "Just thinking about it. Where am I supposed to live you know," we walked out of class. "I understand where you coming from but everybody parents not supporting like yours."

"I know. But um...just start looking for a job, and take it from there. Baby steps."

"Yeah. Thanks for not being smart about me feeling this way."

"Hey, I know ya ass ain't that damn bad. You got a good heart in you. Just takes a lot for you to show it."

"iight. Well, I gotta get to this next class. See you later. Tell Oshyn I said to meet me by the front lobby."

"Ok." I smile and go to my locker. Daryl was waiting with his girl. I rolled my eyes. "Hey Laila!"

"Sup girl!" She smiled and then it faded as Daryl looked at me.

"What?" I look at him.

"I hear you got a boyfriend."

"And you got Laila, the fck you care for? Fck ya man care about me?" I look at Laila. "Getcha boy, boo." I open my locker at get my World History book out and my notebook to go along with it. "Pimps up, hoes down, ass up nose down" I recite as I walk away behind Sean. "BOI I do it!" I laugh and then sing, "I'm high"

Sean laughed. "YO!" He gives me a hug. "Sup lil sis! I ain't seen ya ass in ages!"

"IKR! Where's DerDer at?!" I ask talking about my other brother, Derrick. He was on Varsity basketball. That was my bro! A bit overprotective but he's better than not having a brother.

"That ngga flocked up at the locker!" He smirked. "Man, fck him tho cause I don't need to be at the locker to get flocked. They blow my phone up all day!"

I shook my head. "See you at lunch, big bro."

"iight." We head down some stairs and then split up.

On my way to class I pass by Joseph locker but he wasn't there. I kept on walking until I heard hands around my waist. "Hey!" I turn around and see Joseph. "TF?!"

"Sup, Stupid!" He plastered a big grin across his face. "The goon squad looking for ya!"

"Yeah," I smile. "Well tell them the goof ass btches to square up next time!"

"Mar you crazy! Where yo cousin?!"

"ionno! Blow the whistle! She'll hear it!"

"BTCH!" I hear Kim down the hall. "I HEARD THAT SHT HOE!" She yelled. "FCK YOU AND YOURS WENCH!"

"You gonna be down there when i get there, right?!" I wave that girl off and walk into class laughing. I bump into Darius who was walking away from the pencil sharpener. "My bad."

"You good," he smiled walking back to his seat.

Class was kind of full and I set my desk up to be in a triangle with Darius and Nicole. Us three together was no good! We were up there rapping whole songs getting on Mr. Fletcher's nerves. But all he gave us was two damn work sheets and we tore them btches up in ten minutes! others were still working but we was bored.

"Fck we posed to do," Nic rolled her eyes. "This some BS, Mr. Fletcher! We bored!"

I walk up to his desk and turn in our worksheets. "You don't have homework for us or nothing?"

"Nope. Sit there and continue to be quiet, please." He sighs.

"Man..." I go back to my seat. "Aye Nic," I smirk. "Joseph said the 'goon squad' looking for us," I whisper.

"Oh word? Tell them btches they gon' learn today! Just like yesterday! Fck they thought this sht was! Im tired of teaching btches what's good? Like really? Yo ass ain't learn sht the last time!"

"I swear," I shook my head.

"That ngga ain't no good setting y'all up," Darius sighs.

"Who he setting up?" I ask.

"Them girls ain't lookin for y'all if they got they ass beat yesterday.'

"Sht they is if they tryna go another round for a rematch with they weak ass!" Nic yells. "Mar our ass-whoopings so good they want another round like we handing out the d***! Ain't that some sht?"

"Yeah, they thirs asses probably talking sht, too. My ears are ringing."

"Mine too," Nic says. "Man, let one of them hoes run up on me I'm going to jail today."

"Tia just texted me," I look at my phone hiding it from the teacher's view. "...she's just confirmed that we're giving out another ass-whooping today!" I giggled.

"Let's do it," Nic says like Sean.

"I'm down," I sung.

"Man that ngga Joseph and Sean needa get in the studio!" Darius says.

"Yeah, they should." I smile. "I like that song, too. The See Through song Joseph was playing. That's my sht. He needa send his demo in to somebody."

"He's shopping it around, I heard." Darius shrugs. "Fifteen more minutes of this sht. I'm bouta ditch. Go to the fckn bathroom or sumn and get the fck outta here."

"Mr. Fletcher!" Nicole raises her hand smiling knowing what we were up to. "Me and Margueritte gotta go to the bathroom really bad, and you know I got a bladder problem!"

Darius and I chuckled because as soon as we left, he was gonna ask to go to the bathroom. Mr. Fletcher actually fell for it and we got away to a staircase where don't any security guards stand near so we could talk and wait until the bell ring, text messaging, and getting amped up. Darius was telling us not to do it; however he was agreeing with us if one of them were to run up and start some sht. Man, I wasn't worried about them girls. I wanted to see Brett after Daryl ol hoe ass. Time was going by slow af. Sht needed to hurry up so I could chill with my man real quick.

Joseph seems kinda iffy just sittin there watchin them fight like
Run It

That's why we messed them hoes up lame asz Btces sloppy thirsty ppl ugh that's why I beat DAT ass mfcka we so funny n Darius dum ASZ recorded it ahahha

Joseph really sat there laughing, watching them fight smh... Run it


<strong><em>I probably won't be adding this weekend. i'm a be hella busy and plus no internet. so if i come across a library or free-wifi i'll add. till then, later Loves,
RUN IT</strong></em>

Aye!!! Kim and her crew BOUT THAT LIFE THO lol

I think Mar and brett movin way to fast. WTF Joseph how you just gone stand there and watch them fight!! CHILDISH NIGGAS REAL s***.

R U N I T love

"You da one that fcked up!" Joseph yells. "So don't come crashing my sht cause you feel guilty as fck! Fck outta here!"

"Fck you and yo new btch!" <a href=>She</a> yells, spitting towards Kimber'Ann but misses.

"YO GET THE FCK OUT!" Joseph yells. "Drita - YOU, YO <a href=>SISTER</a>, and yo <a href=>friend</a>!" He points to them.

"Fck dat sht, I'll show her ass the muhfckn door! Gon' spit at me!? REALLY?!" Kim began taking her earrings and shoes off. Nicole and I were already ready.

"Btch you and ya weak ass army needa fall tf back!" Drita says to Kim. "This is between me and Joseph!"

"BTCH-!" Kim jumps over to Drita so fast. "FCK YOU GON SPIT AT ME AND NOT EXPECt AN ASS WHOOPIN!"

"OH THAT BTCH DUMB AF!" Nicole laughs. "Btch ass, Btch! Fck is her problem!"

"Fck is yo problem, weak ass hoe!" Drita's sister, Eva, points to Nicole. "And the side line btch too!"

"I show yo ass the sideline!" I ran up on Eva and grabbed her hair, throwing her to the ground.

"BTCH!" I heard Nicole yell as her and the friend of Drita, Kara, was also fighting.

We was all getting it in on these hoes. Joseph laughed. Somebody asked him a question. All he said was. "Hell n'all i ain't jumping in! she shouldn't have disrespected Kim! Kim don't play that! She asked for it!"

Soon Joseph's older brother walks in the back. "Yo, what the fck is going on here?! HEY! BREAK IT UP!" <a href=>He</a> says. "ThE FCK JOSEPH!" Some other guys help pull the six of us apart.

"Ah man, Neil!" Joseph sighs. "Take yo ass back to college! This how we have fun! Fck outta here!"

"Ngga you should be ashamed up here letting these females fight over you!" Neil sighed. "Go wash up," he looks at the three of us for some reason like he knew we were on defense or something.

Kim pushed through the crowd and we followed her wherever she was going. "FCK YOU AND MINIONS! WATCH YO BACK HO!" We heard Drita yell.

"Fck she thought this was," I said as we made it to the nearest bathroom to look at ourselves.

"Perfect," Nicole smiles.

" the btch's blood on my face!" Kim washed it off.

I smiled looking at my face. It was priceless. "The TB crew," I blurted out.

"The what," they ask me.

"The Too Beautiful crew. We so got damn beautiful that even other btches can't even be beautiful around us! Why?! Cause they haters! And where does hating getchu? It gets yo ass nowhere but Ugly! Now look at em! They got fcked up and now they ugly!" We all bust up laughing.

Brett, Tia, and Darius soon find us and bust in the bathroom. "WHAT THE FCK! Ya'll went in!" Tia laughs.

"I recorded that whole sht, too!" Darius says.

Brett shook his head as he grabbed my chin. "Tf i do to you to turn you into a beast, baby?"

I smiled and smack his hand away. "You ain't do sht. Them hoes pushing buttons, I'm a pop the fck back."

"Man, let's get back to this party." Kim says.

"Ain't no party," Neil walks in with Joseph following behind him. "Fck is wrong with y'all?"

"She spit at me!" Kim yells.

"Did she spit on you?" Neil tilts his head. "Huh?"

"No..." Kimber says. "But still! She did the sht!"

"I"m a need you to calm the fck down. Don't be yelling at me, lil mama. I ain't da one!" Neil steps up to Kim. "I don't even know y'all lil ass kids, but what I do know is everybody bout to raise the fck up outta here and take it somewhere else. My parents ain't work too hard for y'all to come fck it up!" He walks out.

Joseph rolls his eyes. "Man..."

"Sorry yo," Tia says.

"Fck you sayin' sorry for!" I yell. "They asked for it!" I walked out with Brett on my heels.

"Fck them hoes," Nicole leaves with Darius and we go back up to the porch. As people left they were giving me dap and touching my shoulder as a gesture of good job. I rolled my eyes. I mean was happy to have showed one of them party crashers a lesson, but I was way better than that. "To let them get to me," I shook my head. "Smh."

"yeah," Brett lays under me.

Darius and Nicole come take their original spots on the L couch next to us. Joseph and Kimber'Ann walks onto the porch and sits down with us. Tia left. The conversation started up slow, but we eventually got to talking about sports somehow. Once it turned 3, Neil came and found us to let us know we had to go. I did not like him, but I guess he was only looking out.

Nicole left with Darius. Brett dropped Kimber and I off at my house. She was gonna spend the night, so she went in my house. I stayed outside with Brett a few minutes before going in.

"I'm a pick you up tomorrow or what?"

"...uh, nah. I'm good. I'll probably catch a ride with Kim. Thanks anyway though."

"iight." Brett kisses me and I give him a hug. "Night baby."

"Night. Drive safe," I let go of him and walk up to the house. I go in and head upstairs to my room. Kim was lying in my bed, and I got in, too. We talked for awhile about the fight, and then eventually fell asleep. I wasn't even thinking about school. Neither one of us, but after tomorrow it was only Friday left. So we might as well went to the first we of school knowing damn well we'd probably miss a bunch of days further into the semester.

run it

oh s*** "IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!!" *Kevin hart voice*

Dmn run it I lov it we so crazy mar n Brett so cute Joseph n Kim together wow I wuda never seen that comin n Awww SHT it's bout to go down basement Friday the 13th shimmered I'll beat a bc ASZ imma whoop some ASZ n darius sexy af I'm funny tlkn bout my lips

<em>another add coming tonight around 10,
RUN IT</em>

We arrived at the house party. Haters were loving the crew the way people were breaking their necks to stare. I mean, I don't blame em. We looked fly, and Brett looked high but hey he still looked good. Kimber'Ann showed us where the party really was. It was in the back by the <a href=>pool</a>. It was crowded.

I heard a whistle and looked around. Nic was leaning over the edge of the upstairs balcony. "Hey!" I put my hands on my hips.

Nic laughs. "Come up here, stupid! It's where it's poppin at! Fck da pool, you ain't gettin in! We both know this sht!" She disappears.

Brett looks at me and shrugs. "Wait ho!" Kimber'Ann says appearing out of the crowd holding someone's hand. I look and see Joseph. "I want you to meet my new boo."

"Your new boo?" I look at Joseph. "Oh this is your girl?" I smirk. "Uhh, ew!" I laugh. Brett snickers.

"Fck you btch!" Kim rolls her eyes. "Joseph you know this hooker?!"

"Yeah, we met early today."

"We're both on track," I stare at him and then Kim. "Well then, I'm on my way upstairs. Go fck ya weave up hoe!" I roll my neck and walk away.

"I'm a whoop yo ass when I catch yo fast ass!" Kim yells after me, laughing, too.

Brett sighs as we head upstairs. "Long ass fckn staircase. Like what the fck, bae?"

"Chill. We're almost there!"

"How you know? You been to this ngga crib before?"

"No!" I stop to turn around and stare at him like he was crazy. We ain't even together yet and he accusing me. "Stop playin, dude."

"Oh, i'm still yo dude?" Brett looks up at me smiling and rubbing his chin. He looks away.

"How tf we together and I don't even know you?"

"So that ain't mean sht?"

I smile and look away, too. Damn, he got me. "Man, I guess."

"Why do I feel like the muhfckn female, right now, tellin yo ass we in a damn relationship?" He shook his head and passed me.

"You mad?" I grab his arm as it began to get crowded again.

"Nah," he says. We see Nicole and she shows us to the <a href=>porch</a> area. "This tight af, all these people up here."

"I got some seats for us," Nicole says leading us to an beige, L couch. "VIP for da crew!" She says. "Y'all this my dude, <a href=>Darius</a>. D, this my girl, Margueritte and her dude-"

"ANT! Correction!" I smile. "This my boyfriend now!" I hugged him as we sat down.

"Ooh girl! Thas whassup. Well that's Brett. Her cousin Kim downstairs somewhere."

"Yeah, she down there with JOSEPH!" I yell over the balcony.

Joseph was in the pool. He smile sas he looks up at me and gives me the middle finger. "HATER!"

"Of HER?!" I roll my eyes. "Yeah ok!" I laugh. "IM DA BEST! FCK YOU MEAN!"

"BTCH! YO sTANK HO LOOKIN ASS!" Kim yelled back playing.

"BUT YOU GONE BE DOWN THERE WHEN I GET THERE RIGHT?!" I smiled. "RIGHT!" We all laughed and I sat down to lay up under Brett. He pulled out a blunt. "Damn you was ready to fall back, huh?"

"Hell yeah," he smiled.

"M. STACKS!" Tia walks over to us. "What's up baby?!"

"Nun much, T. Racks!" I give her dap. "How you?"

"Chillin, smokin. Eh, pass that my homie!" She sat down next to Brett and he passed it.

"Wanna puff," she passes it back to Brett and he holds it to me. "Take it or pass it."

I look at Nic and she was staring at me. "These lips gotta stay pretty, don't you pass that sht down here."

"Fck y'all taking all day!" Darius yells. "Pass that sht ova here!" He yells. He reaches across the both of us to take it.

"Fck if y'all ain't gonna smoke, switch this operation around yo." Tia says.

Darius walks down to the other side of Tia while I stayed in my spot talking to Nic. We were in a full on conversation when a group of girls walk in yelling all kinds of things. "It's about to go down in this btch," Nic giggles.

"WHO TF IS THAT BTCH!?" Is all we here. "Oh this you now?! You with her now?! Huh JOSEPH?!"

My neck broke quick! "Let a btch come at my cuz, i'm Tom Cruisin off this muhfckn balcony to whoop a btch ass, bet." I stand up.

All I see is Joseph drop his head. Kim was starin at him, waiting on him to answer. "Who is that," I see her lip synch to Joseph.

"My ex," he sighs. "Lemme handle it, iight?" he gets out of the pool.

"You better handle it before I do!" Kim yells. "Fck you mean!"

"Auuugh!" Darius says. "Them hoes needa quit! Fckn up the party man! Always changin the mood!"

"What yo ex down there, too?" Nicole asks him.


"And you," I ask as I look at Brett.

"That broad know not to fck with me no more," he smiles. "So no she not."

"Fck it, I'm still headed down there."

"I'm rollin" Nic went with me.

By the time we got downstairs, all we could hear was a bunch of yelling from females and males. I couldn't hear Kim's voice, but I doubt that she was still in the spot I last saw her. At least something is getting somewhere at this party. Fck da mood, fighting seemed like some fun sht, and I was down to jump in for my cousin. I wasn't about to let her get jumped by the crew of exes! Fck that sht, she could handle her own! But i still got her back no matter what. Good thing the only yelling was from one female between her and Joseph. I saw Kim walkin up and we went around the group to meet her and stood a few feet behind Joseph. Sht just got real and it's not even 20 minutes that we been her. Tf?

<em>ok, ok i'm writing up an add now
it should be up in about twenty minutes,

I like Brett.

Run it

Girl you better run this

OMG I missed enough!!!

so this Brett guy, seems to fit Mar. I mean even though he's getting her high! smh lol

kim is a mess lol and Nic is back, I know she's happy. They boutta have it up at this party!!!!! They all look the f*** good, lmaooo at the gas convo!

Now run it ma!!!!!!!!!

his story about the gas was funny... awww he felling her... RUN IT

hopefully we get there in one piece hes high ass probably soarin right now lol

run it

Lol we crazy I lov it run it they so cute Brett gettn soft Awwww too cute run it I lov it Kim seems lik a cool cuzn I wonder how this party gon go

On the drive back, I got a text from Kimber'Ann. It was almost 11. [ From Kim - Sure you ain't comin'? ] [ from Mar - I'm goin. Lemme get home and get dressed. ] [ From Kim - You got a date? I aint tryna have no ngga hoverin over our girl space! Jp, I'm meetin dude I met in school today. It's his party. ] [ From Mar - Surprised you even went to school today lol ] [ From Kim - ...yeah, but I saw you tho. You was sped-walkin to class i wasn't about to run after ya ass! ] [ From Mar - stfu! lol but dude wanna come tho ] [ From Kim - thas cool. he drivin? my gas low -__- ] [ From Mar - Till then...i smoked weed ] [ From Kim - :o BOUT DAMN TIME! lol dude must got u hooked hoe ] [ From Mar - he checkin just right too ] [ From Kim - dude party we goin too is as well. im gettin ready,ttyl ] [ From Mar - iigh ]

I put my phone away. Brett soon exited off the highway as I directed him to my house. "So, I'll be back at this house to pick you up or this yo friend house?"

"This my house, and yeah. Kim asked if you could take us to the party since her gas on low. She'll probably pay you some money for gas, anyway." I unbuckled my seat belt.

"cool, cool. Well, had a nice time witchu and all, but a ngga needa shower and sht. Get fresh. You damn sure needa get clean," he bit his lip. "But I'm a let you go. Be back around 12 sumn."

"Okay." I nodded and look at him. "See you then," I went to reach for the door.

"Hold it, shawty! Don't move too fast girl!" Brett laughed as he got out the car to jog around and open my door. "Now getcha fast ass out!"

I laughed, grabbed my purse, and got out. He quickly grabbed me by my waist with one hand and pecked me on the lips. Fck! He was so fine, and starin me in the eyes and sht. I pushed him back even though his arm still gripped my waist. "Gettin soft on me, huh?" I smiled licking my lips.

"Sht you bad af. I'm bouta say fck this party." He came back up to me placing his hands firmly on my waist and giving me a softer and slower kiss. "don't take all damn day," he smiled.

I pushed him away. "Boy gone," I smiled walking up the driveway and went in the house hurrying up the stairs to grab something sexy to wear and take a shower.

"MARGUERITTE!" I heard someone calling my name.

I rolled my eyes, locked the bathroom door and hopped in the shower to wash up. I got out, rubbed some lotion on, and wrapped a towel around my body to answer the door that someone was banging on. "What!" I opened the door.

It was a friend from down the street who I was best friend's with before I left but we lost contact after awhile because she moved to LA. We both moved, but she moved out of state. I guess she was back now, too.

"<a href=>Nic</a>?" I squint my eyes.

"Naw it ain't true!" She smiles. "It really is you, huh?! Yeah, it's me? Who you? Girl, it's Nic btch! The Nickster, fck you mean, i'm a bad trip but a good upgrade, you know this!"

"AUUGH! YO TWEAKN ASS! COME'ERE!" I gave her a hug. We used to write poetry together and blurt out crazy rhymes. "I missed you, Nic!" We stepped back from one another.

"Yeah, don't get the fits dirty." She pushes pass me to walk into the bathroom. "Go get ready! I'm going to the party too! So get cute boo!"

"Get cute! I been cute! I'm getting sexy!" I walk across the hall to my room.

"Whateva," Nic popped her gum while I put on the <a href=>outfit</a> I picked out. I tm'd Kim and she was wearing shorts too so I decided to join on the shorts crew. "Let's go," she says looking at her <a href=>outfit</a> in the bathroom mirror.

"Ready," I grab my purse as I slip on my flats and we wait outside. Kimber'Ann pulls up wearing her <a href=>outfit</a>. Then Brett pulled up to the curb and we all hopped in. "Look at you," I grab his chin. "Eyes red as fck!" I sit back in my seat. "Kim should drive!"

"This my muhfckn car," Brett smiles as he pulls off. "I'll drive."

"Thought you said you weren't gonna smoke and drive no more," I shook my head as I put my seat belt on.

"Yeah, I forgot to leave out the part where I wasn't gonna smoke and drive when my gas was low." He laughs. "And my gas ain't low. So we good."

I smirked. "Brett this my girl, Nic. Nic this my dude Brett. Brett that's my cousin Kim."

"Sup" they all said to one another. Brett blasted the music once we got off the block and headed to the party with the directions Kim gave him.

Okay, at frist I needed a Shane *from 'Collisions' by express* in my life, and now I need a Brett in my life! I officially love him!

He opens her up! He gets her to enjoy life and have fun!
Now, she need to tell him to back up a little, cause she trying to make room for her crush!

oooooooooo she puff puff passing now oooooooooooooooon im telling

lol run it

Glad she's getting to know him.

He seems real chill.

Him smoking reminds me of those good ass days when s*** was chill and all i did was smoke.

Glad she atleast tried.

Not influencing anything :)

Run it