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Fck You, Cupid!

I, [<a href=>Margueritte</a>], walked onto the track and field. I stopped to take a look around. I was gone for a year, and now i'm back at Cornell Brown High School, as a junior. Freshman year was okay, but now it's time to make a change. A difference. I'm an upperclassmen and being social is important. Fck being lazy anymore and not talking to people. I needed to experience life, and getting on the girls' track team was it, well at least for me.

I was in gym earlier and was asking around what's the best sport at the school now during changing time in the locker room, and most of the girls say that the track team are champions. I wanted to be a champion and do the best in what I love; however, there was one problem.

<a href=>Him</a>. He, [Joseph Brown] the guy who I've known all of my life since pre-school, was now going to this school, as well. We never talked, ever, throughout our school years together. He was so fine, and I heard through the grape vines that he thought I was sexy. In all reality, he liked the popular girls and that just wasn't my circle.

I liked being neutral. If people remembered me by name or by talent - drawing and poetry - then fine. But i'm not about to yap all damn day and make a fool of myself. The main point of my problem is, he's also on the track team, and we were the only two people in the same area. I really didn't want to speak to anybody, right now, but he was heading on down from the top of the bleachers.

"Ugh," I mumbled. "Please don't say anything to me," I repeated in my head as I threw my book bag to the gate separating the bleachers from the track. I continued to the 3rd inner lane and got in the ready, set position. And just as I was about to jet off, I felt someone's hands on my waist and pelvic area on my ass. "Wtf?"

Should I laugh, yell, scream, or hand out an ass-whooping? I didn't know what I was going to do. Sometimes I'm cool and funny and other times I'm mean and sarcastic...maybe a bit angry. Right now, i swear...I just don't fckn know. I'm in my zone, tryna get some heat off and people wanna play games. I don't do those. I just do real sht. And this right here, could go either way.

"But if it was Joseph," I thought. "If it wasn't? Tell me that I was either having a dream or a nightmare, Mar. Tell me now because my reaction will matter. I do care sometimes.'re so indecisive," I thought, laughing at myself.

"Damn you must like this position if you ain't moved, yet." I heard a male's voice.

I've been gone for so long, I just couldn't tell who it was. I would love to hate, and I would hate to love whatever happened. But this issue I was going through, made it all depend on everything.

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He really tryna get at her on the low lol I think She shouldn't go to the party stay home and chill. She can always party some other time it bad enough she smoking with some nigga she just met.

Girl R U N I T

"Since I still don't give a fck..." Brett smiled, "why don't you have a life?"

That snapped me out of my daze. "Excuse you?"

"Ol girl said something about baby-sitting. What's up with that? Like you sit in the house all the time?"

I sigh not wanting to talk about it. "Sometimes I baby sit for my sister so she can have her fun. She hasn't been able to go out in a long time and she's always in school, so I baby sit my newborn nephew," I shrug. "It's not a problem."

"You crazy af, shawty! That is a problem. You in high school and you need to be havin fun. Hit shawty back up, cause this ngga down to party."

"Nosy ass," I smile.

"Lemme don't party," he shook his head now driving with one hand on the wheel and the other on his chin. "You need me in ya life. I'll take you places no other will."

"Sho you right," I smirked.

"Girl keep it up, I'm a push yo ass out!" He joked. "But fa real, I do like to party and ain't sht poppin on my lines. Erybody sleep and sht from practicing."

"Not Darryl or Lance." I roll my eyes.

"Man them nggas goin out on a double date with they girls. I'm talkin bout the lames who go to school, go to practice or do they homework, and then go to sleep."

"Sht unlock the door then so you can push me out," I say.

"Baby after you fcks with me, ain't gon' be a need to chill at ya crib. Listen, you seem real cool. But you need to loosen up. And tonight, I'm a start you off with some basic ass sht." He reaches over and opens up the glove compartment. "Since I'm guessin you a virgin, I'm a hit you with some weed first."

"Ah nah... ion smoke."

"Why not," he closed the glove compartment after grabbing his wallet out. "It relaxes the mind. Pros vs. Cons - Weed and Alcohol - Alcoholics are speed demons. They got the heavy foot and will fck some sht up. Weed heads drive about 8 miles per hour and hit a kid. But he iight tho! Cause we not all the way gone."

I laughed. "Oh fa real?"

"The only thing with weed is you forget sht sometimes," he smiled. "Like I was at the gas station, right? I walked up to the counter and I was about to pay for my gas. I was like, 'Yeah lemme put $20 on pump um..." He laughed, "Lemme get $20 on pump um...uh...sht, hold on.' And I went to go look. I came back and told em the number, paid the cash. Went back to my car, hopped in, drove tf off. Bout 5 minutes later, I noticed I ain't even put no damn gas in my car."

I smiled. "Hell n'all! That's fcked up. Maybe yo ass shouldn't have been driving while smoking!"

"I don't do it no more," he smiled. "So you gon' loosen up?"

"...I am stressing."

"Well if we can't fck..." he looked out the window in his side view as he got over in a lane; "Weed will do you justice."

The rest of the ride we talked about classes and school, that kind of sht. Nothing else personal besides his momma readying him to move out by buying him an apartment already and putting nice furniture on lay-away. I had to say, dude was rich. But like I gave af about money. I barely liked someone giving me money or spending it on me. I felt like I had to give it back. But if all I had to do was not pop off at the mouth, then I'd let him pay for me tonight.

We sat out on the docks at Lake Michigan eating our Mr. Greek philly cheese steaks. After we ate, we talked for a few more minutes before he pulled out a bag of weed. I watched him roll up a blunt. He talked so smooth, all I could do was stare at his lips while he talked. I would look away before he could see me staring. Soon enough we were puff, puff passing and getting higher than the clouds drifting by in the sky revealing the stars.

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OMG! I've been so unnecessarily busy smh.

OMG hakeem better get it together and tell his damn parents, so can't wait to see what happens there.

I love Mar's mouth she absolutely does not give af, just like my best friend lol.

her and Brett are actually pretty cute together she needs a man like that to keep her in check and shut her up.

I'm glad she's getting out the house instead of watching a child that ISN'T hers, teenagers are suppose to have fun smh. I wonder whats gonna happen at this party.

as for Darryl whatever tf, he's a punk ass hoe and somebody needs to shut him and that other girl the help up!!!

RUN IT MA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lov it run it Brett is absolutely funny n cute mar is crazy I love her oshyn n Hakeem need to get it together they crazy selves Fck daryl btc asz

awwww u finally put me in the story :)
but yeah i whop ass too wasnt even tlkin to ur non factor ass u jump in the convo lucky she aint get her ass beat


run it

Hekeem sucks, letting her get kidnap by some dude she barbly know! Lol
She need to go out and have fun! Tell ya sister you didn't lay down and have that baby, she did!

Who Tf he think he yelling @??? If it's funny i'ma laugh! Don't get mad cause she cracked on you, you the one sitting up there calling this child out her name and she did nothing to you!

Let me find out we finna have some problems lol

b****es finna get they asses whoop...You aint bout that life hoe lol

But ugh real nigga s*** is brett checkin for Mar??

Her cuz is hella pretty tho.

I think she should go to the party.


I glanced at Brett as we passed, he was staring at me. I wanted to say. "Boo," I thought. But I just kept to myself. I was talking slick out the mouth - just blurting random things - and...I didn't know why.

"That's not the usual Mar," Oshyn says.

"I know. I guess...I just want to get noticed."

"Welp, that's how you do it." Hakeem says as we reached Oshyn's car. "And that's how you get your ass beat, too." He laughed.

I smiled. "I can fight.'

"Yeah, that's how we met!" Oshyn joked as she hoped in the passenger. Hakeem was driving us to the spot, Sonics, to get something to eat. It was right down the street and not too far from my house.

As I was rounding the hood of Oshyn's red Sunfire, I heard someone calling my name. I look across the parking lot to see Brett waving two fingers at me to come to him. "COME HERE!" He yelled.

"Fck dat," I stood outside the car. "Hakeem drive me over there, real quick."

"Sht you get in now, you ain't getting out." Hakeem got in the driver seat. "You better run ya ass over there, and make it quick. I'll wait for a few minutes."

I closed the door and walked halfway. "What?"

"So that's yo crew?" Brett nodded over at Oshyn's car as Hakeem backed out of the parking space.

"That's yours?" I nod at the group leaving to Darryl's car. "Look more like the Glam Squad to me," I said loud enough for Darryl to hear. Even Brett looked over his shoulder to see his face.

Darryl stopped to looked at Laila who was laughing at my joke. I smirked. "FCK IS YOU LAUGHIN FOR?!" He yelled at Laila as they reached his car.

"You posed to be his girl! Tf?" Lance shook her head.

"BTCH!" Miya glared at me.

"FCK YOU TOO!" I yelled at her. "I ain't have no problems with yo ass, but if you wanna start sum'n make sure it's gon be somethin cause I'll lay these hands! Fck you mean!'

Miya shook her head. "Yea iight hoe," she got in the car.

"Man..." Brett smiled, looking down and shaking his head. "You are one hell of a sht starter."

"I ain't start sht! They calling me out my got damn name. They asking for attitude! Am I right? I called you a btch ass ngga earlier and look what happened? Exactly," I smirked.

"where you going, home with the rest of them lames?"

"Sht you the lame ngga," Hakeem rolled up in a parking space. "You riding or not?"

This ngga was pushing it. I look at Brett. "Tf you want dude?"

"Ride with me."

"Ride with you?"

"That's what I said," he smiled.

"Man ya car smells like weed."

"I got air freshener, Ms. Officer."

I rolled my eyes. "You gonna take me out to eat or sum'n?"

"Sht, McDonald's!" He joked. "But nah...I'll take you to my spot I like to kick it. It'll be a minuet till we get there though. It's called Mr. Greeks."

"Aw sht, ngga that's the spot!" Hakeem smiled. "Expensive ass sht," he joked. "$8?" He asked.

"$8?" Brett asked back. "Sht, ngga hell n'all!" He laughed. "Hop in," he nods at me and walks around to open the passenger door for me.

"A ngga opening doors for you," Hakeem smiled. "You set, ma." He backed out of the parking space.

"Bye y'all," I waved at Oshyn and Hakeem. "Take care of my Love!"

"Yeah, yeah..." Hakeem slowly drove off as Oshyn waved at me and blew a kiss. Then he sped off.

I looked at Brett and got in his ride. Soon as he closed his door my cousin <a href=,cute,girl,hair,red,pretty,girl-4d396cc44b3d1beeb195811b13be189c_h.jpg>Kimber'Ann</a> called. "Sup btch!" I put my seatbelt on.

"Hoe, what's good?!" Kim yelled back.

I laughed. "Chillin wit some dude," I stare at Brett who was getting in on the driver's side.

"He cute?"

"He iigh," I roll my eyes.

Brett shook his head as he started up the car and backed out. "Just disrespect a ngga in my car. I'll kick ya ass out," he backs out of the space and drives out of the forest preserve.

"What's up wit you, Kim?"

"Kim?" Brett grinned. "Lemme holla. She sound and look way better than you, right about now."

I scoff. "Don't be tryna do me. I'll car jack ya ass."

"Girl, I'm tryna go to a party tonight!" Kimber'Ann says. "You down or you chillin in the house baby-sittin so ya sister can take ya place?"

She knew that sht irked me when talking about me sitting in the house. "Nah i'm busy. So i'm a need for you to call me back."

"Btch it's 8:00...and you busy? Is you fckn this ngga?"

"Not yet," Brett smiled.

"Girl, I"m a call yo ass back. He ALL up in the convo."

Kimber'Ann laughed. "I'll text you then. Bye cuz."

"Bye," I hang up. "So Mr. Greeks be poppin?"

"It be on," Brett drives down a two-laned street towards a main street. "You a junior?'

"Yeah, is that a problem?"

Brett was 18 and a senior from what Tia told me during practice earlier. "Nah. I like em young." He snickered and made a right onto the main street headed towards the freeway. "Ever been downtown?"

My mind automatically flashed a bunch of memories from when I was younger of my mother taking me downtown for some meetings. I never got out the car, and Marley would sometimes come, too. I snapped out of it not wanting to get emotional right now. "No," I lied.

"Well, you're in luck." He bit his bottom lip. "And since i'm your waiter tonight - You'll see what tf I'm talking bout so don't fckn ask - I'm a need you to leave a ngga a tip! So if you got a way of not poppin' off at the mouth, that'll be some nice change."

I smiled. "Okay."

"Cool," he drove onto the ramp leading to the highway and I was so scared of driving on the highway yet alone even with someone else driving. I always closed my eyes, but I had to be brave. I ain't know this ngga! "You good," he asked as he rolled the windows down letting the warm air in.

"Yeah," I stare up at the sky.

"Here," Brett pressed a button and the sun roof window slid back. "Better than breakin ya neck. Ion need that. Need you to break ya neck for sumn else," he laughed.

I laughed, too, and looked out the sun roof. This was nice, and a good time to get away, too. I hope Marley ain't have no plans, but if she did then sht oh well. I was always watching Jemari. Now it was time for her to watch her own damn son while I was out having fun and hanging with friends. I glanced at Brett and he was focused on the road. I had no clue of where tonight was headed, but as far as I knew I didn't care. As long as I wasn't at home dealing with the same old problems.

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I caught up... Seems to me like somebody needs to make a plan and fast about what they wanna do with this baby.

Run it Babies

it's thursday ova here
.....any more runs???

I finally caught up, You'll do know they got medication for that*bi-ploar* right? Smh head @ they mom!

I love Chris's car! My big brother had one of those

Darryl is a jerk face loser! He such a child! He need grow up! Him and Hekeem both, they baby is here and it is real! Well, they baby is coming and the situation is real!

I can't stand immture boys, if they are not Marques Houston!
So, why I am with him again???

Lifeguard??? Lol

I hope all works out for everyone!

*sticks tongue out*

I gotchu 2ma and the
rest of the cast too

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hey where am i *pouty face*

anyways run it lol

I am so heated right now that all I can say is,



Oshyn and I sat on a <a href=>bench</a> while Hakeem skipped rocks by the lake. "He just needs to clear his mind, Mar. Just think it through."

"Fck that sht! Y'all been together for 4 years! How do he not know what you believe in by now? Like have y'all not talked about babies and sht?"

"...we have, but we never thought that it would actually happen."

Hakeem walked over to us. "Look, we're 17 and she's pregnant. We still got another year of high school to go by. Who gonna take care of this baby?"

"1.)..." I smile going with my numbers again, "it's called getting a job. 2.) it's called a day care center! and 3.) it's called parents!"

"Well it's called kicking-ya-ass-out at my house," Hakeem walked away putting his hands in his pockets and sighed. He turned around. "Okay, so what would your parents say?!" He puts his hands to his chest. "Because mine damn sure ain't about to be all sympathetic about it!"

"My daddy wouldnt be happy to hear that i'm pregnant, but he damn sure would be supportive! He knows that I'm a responsible young lady and that I can find out a way to pull through on the consequences!" I yell back. "So what y'all should do is tell y'all parents, let em know NOW so y'all can figure this sht out."

Hakeem goes back down by the lake. "he's not gonna tell them," Oshyn shakes her head. "I'm just know it. He didn't even tell them that we were together until like freshman year of highschool," she began crying again.

All I could do was continue to console my best friend because talking to Hakeem was getting us no damn where. 20 minutes of us sitting out by the forest preserve's lake when a group of two couples walk down a trail towards us. ...I noticed one of em. She thought she was hot sht, <a href=>Miya</a> - star of the track team. I rolled my eyes and stared at Hakeem until I heard my name being called.

"Hey Margueritte," a female voice says. I look and see <a href=>Laila</a> walking over to me. I took a double look as she let go of Darryl's hand. She was a junior and star of the swim and cheerleading team. We were cool back before I left but not besties or nothing. "What's up?"

"Hey," I stand up to give her a hug. "Thas you," I ask and nod over at Daryl.

"yeah," she smiled. "My first love."

"Oh fa real," I asked smirking. "Mm. What y'all doing here? I'm just hanging. This my best friend Oshyn and her boyfriend Hakeem. She's on the basketball team. Hakeem is on the baseball team."

"Hey girl," Laila waves. Oshyn smiles and says hi before walking over to Hakeem to be held. "What's wrong with her?"

"Just dealing with some issues." I look over at Darryl and Miya hugging up on some dude. "Who's that dude? I already know Ms. Track Star."

Laila smiles. "oh that's her boyfriend, <a href=>Lance</a>, he's on the swim team with me."

"Aw," I sigh. "Well, I'm kinda here tryna release some sht and solve some sht so excuse me. See you tomorrow, lifeguard." I smile.

"Bye girl," Laila walks back over to her group and they walk off. I hear Darryl call me a hoe, but I wasn't gonna have it no more with his ass.

I walk over to Oshyn and Laith. "Well lemme tell y'all about my got damn situation," I sigh. "I got a feeling that my momma is gonna try and pull some more sht tonight. It don't ever end with her ass."

Oshyn sighs. "Girl how do you deal?"

"I try not and I...don't really say how I feel when Marley and my dad talk about it. I just write my poetry and let spoken word spill my pain."

"Maybe you should join the poetry team. Letting it out helps," Hakeem says.

I stare at him. "For once today, you sound like you got some damn sense." I smile. "I'll see about that."

"I ain't see you all day, though!" Oshyn says. "What else happened?"

"Girl, tell me why I finally spoke to my crush, Joseph, today!" I told her.

"Oh my gosh! Tell me everything that happened!" She jumped up and down, excited. I laughed and told her everything as the three of us continued to walk down the trail. Soon enough, we made it back to the parking lot only to see Brett sitting on his hood smoking weed and talking to Miya, Lance, Darryl, and Laila.

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lmaooooooooooooo but no ma'am! i know ya ass will shoot my ass fa real! lol
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Hakeem has a major problem!


She should've told his pretty ass off anyway!

Lol. more add for the night!
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I'm glad she told Darryl off..


her moms is effin coocoo!

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<em>**there will be character name changes, most likely for the guys btw**</em>

I told her what happened on the first day of school. Today was Wednesday, by the way. Upperclassmen ain't have to come in so that the freshmen can learn and sht without jerks and clowns throwin pennies at they ass.

Marley was happy to hear how I handled Darryl, got to finally know Joseph - my school crush always, and a possible future boyfriend - Brett. But was even happier when we stepped in the house. My father, <a href=>Vernon</a>, was lying on the couch cradling Marley's baby boy, <a href=>Jemari</a> in his arms. "Thanks, Ley."

"No problem daddy," she stops in front of him as he gets up and hands over Jemari. "Hey my baby," she smiled then holding him. "Who's that," she turned to me. "Thas TiTi Margueritte?!"

"Oh no, i'm tired from practice." I walked into the kitchen. "Anything to eat," I ask opening up the fridge. I sigh and saw the bare fridge shelves.

"Nope," my dad walked into the kitchen after me opening the freezer for his last beer. "Your mother...ain't give us no money to buy nothing," he sighs and walks back out sitting back down on the chaise. "Maybe you can call her and ask her for some since she's favoring you at the time."

"I don't know why!" I slap my thighs and walk over to the steps heading upstairs to my room.

"Because you're her baby," Marley walked up stairs behind me. "Oshyn just pulled up," she giggled and walked down the hall to her room.

"Okay." I hurry up and put my book bag down, grabbing my phone out of my purse, changing into my sneaks, and hurried outside. <a href=>She</a> was getting out of the car while her boyfriend, <a href=>Hakeem</a>, sat in the passenger. "Hey Love," I smile as I walk down the driveway while she walks up.

"Hey," she slightly smiles. "I really need your help. Hakeem and I have been arguing about a little situation since this morning."

"What's going on," I ask as we hug and then step back from one another.

She sighs, holding her forehead. "I'm pregnant."

My mouth drops, and i cover it. "Whaaat?!"

She nods, then tears begin falling down coming to streams. "What am I gonna do, Mar?!" She hugged me.

I held her and patted her on the back. "It's gonna be okay, girl."

"He doesn't want me to have it! Please, try and convince him that my family and I don't even believe in...abortions," she steps back looking at me. Her eyes were turning red.

I sigh and look at the angry Hakeem in the car. I never liked dude, but that was my best friend's boyfriend. She been with him since the 8th grade. Fck was I gonna do about that? "C'mon, let's go to the forest preserve so I can calm down about my sht so we can get to talkin about possibilities for your sht," we walked to her car. I got in the back. "...Hakeem."

"Margueritte, don't even say sht to me, right now." He looked out the window.

"Not now, but when we get to where we goin, oh you will hear what I have to say."

"Man, whatever."

I rolled my eyes and put on my seat belt. Oshyn got in and put on hers, too. "Bae, put your seatbelt on." She tells him.

"Don't fckn tell me what to do. I been riding the whole time without my got damn seat belt on."

"Chill out yo," I say to him. "Ain't nobody in the mood. We all just need to relax. Let's not fight today, Hakeem. I will pop the fck off for my best friend. Maybe she ain't notice you ain't have your seatbelt on, so put it THE FCK on so we can get away from my got damn house so the police won't get called, again, cause i'm a be whoopin your ass!"

Oshyn looked back at me. "Again? What happened!"

"I'll tell you when we get there," I smiled at her. She nods and drives off. "Lordy, lordy, lord... So help me, God...from letting the beast loose on a ngga today." I stare out the window as we rounded my block and headed towards the forest preserve where Oshyn and I feel calm enough to just think, relax, and enjoy the serenity of nature.

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No you gotta do a new add tonight... Her mom out of there LOL. Damn she gave ok boy the biz like real nigga s*** LOL.

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