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Fck You, Cupid!

I, [<a href=>Margueritte</a>], walked onto the track and field. I stopped to take a look around. I was gone for a year, and now i'm back at Cornell Brown High School, as a junior. Freshman year was okay, but now it's time to make a change. A difference. I'm an upperclassmen and being social is important. Fck being lazy anymore and not talking to people. I needed to experience life, and getting on the girls' track team was it, well at least for me.

I was in gym earlier and was asking around what's the best sport at the school now during changing time in the locker room, and most of the girls say that the track team are champions. I wanted to be a champion and do the best in what I love; however, there was one problem.

<a href=>Him</a>. He, [Joseph Brown] the guy who I've known all of my life since pre-school, was now going to this school, as well. We never talked, ever, throughout our school years together. He was so fine, and I heard through the grape vines that he thought I was sexy. In all reality, he liked the popular girls and that just wasn't my circle.

I liked being neutral. If people remembered me by name or by talent - drawing and poetry - then fine. But i'm not about to yap all damn day and make a fool of myself. The main point of my problem is, he's also on the track team, and we were the only two people in the same area. I really didn't want to speak to anybody, right now, but he was heading on down from the top of the bleachers.

"Ugh," I mumbled. "Please don't say anything to me," I repeated in my head as I threw my book bag to the gate separating the bleachers from the track. I continued to the 3rd inner lane and got in the ready, set position. And just as I was about to jet off, I felt someone's hands on my waist and pelvic area on my ass. "Wtf?"

Should I laugh, yell, scream, or hand out an ass-whooping? I didn't know what I was going to do. Sometimes I'm cool and funny and other times I'm mean and sarcastic...maybe a bit angry. Right now, i swear...I just don't fckn know. I'm in my zone, tryna get some heat off and people wanna play games. I don't do those. I just do real sht. And this right here, could go either way.

"But if it was Joseph," I thought. "If it wasn't? Tell me that I was either having a dream or a nightmare, Mar. Tell me now because my reaction will matter. I do care sometimes.'re so indecisive," I thought, laughing at myself.

"Damn you must like this position if you ain't moved, yet." I heard a male's voice.

I've been gone for so long, I just couldn't tell who it was. I would love to hate, and I would hate to love whatever happened. But this issue I was going through, made it all depend on everything.

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she told hiim *snap* *snap* lol bet he know better now

run it

<em>**iight i'm a start bringing my cast in after this add, but when i'll add again once this is posted...idk. probably not until thursday**</em>

"Hi-five, M. Stacks!" Tia says.

I smile and give her dap. "My bad. I got a short temper problem yo."

"You shouldn't really let dudes get to you like that," Joseph says while focusing on driving. "But in that case, I can understand. It's really disappointing and inappropriate for him to had called you out your name just because you don't like him."

"I mean he CUTE! He REAL cute!" I say. "But that attitude he got, that game he playin is not how I gets it poppin. No sir, no ma'am!"

Joseph smiled, checking me out in the rearview mirror. "May I have your number?"

"Me too," Tia says handing back her phone. "I'll just send your number to Joseph."

"K," I take her phone and put my number in it, and hand it back. We pull around to the front and I saw my sister's maroon Intrepid instead of my dad's Navigator. "Tf," I thought. "Talk to y'all later. Thanks Joseph. Bye guys," I get out.

"Bye M. Stacks," Tia says as she rolled down her window.

"Bye Mar," Joseph winks at me.

I smile, wave, and head over to my step-sister, <a href=>Marley</a>'s car. I get in. "Hey," I throw my bag in the back.

"Girl, do I have some tea for ya ass!"

"What? Daddy finally got me a car?!" I smiled brightly. "But wait, don't I have news for you, too!"

"That kiddy sht can wait!" Marley drove off She was a sophomore in college, and 20 years old with a newborn baby. "Tell me why - Cause it's the reason I had to pick you up and ditch what the fck I was doing!" She tilts her head to the side, annoyed. "TELLLLL me why your <em>MOTHER</em> came to the house while everybody was sleeping, banging on the door, and THEN is gonna have the nerve to call the police! And that's not the topper! Oh no! Guess fckn what?! She told the police that daddy had been hitting on her! UM, NOT TRUE! Talkin' about they got into an argument this morning and blah, blah,blah! I was there this morning and she's the one who started the argument and DADDY left to get away from her crazy ass! The police gonna come up in the house and arrest daddy believin every word she said! I had to wake up out my damn sleep to go talk to the police officers like, "NO OFFICERS THIS WOMAN IS Bi-polar! Ask me how i know?! Police officers: 'how you know?!' Cause i'm majoring in muthafckn psychology, that's how! Now take these got damn cuffs off my daddy before i call my uncle over here to fck up y'all jobs and oh, cause he is the chief of police by the got damn way!" She breathed in, putting her elbow up on the window ceil and her balled up hand against her cheek, leaning her face into it.

I sat in my seat shaking my head and looking out the window. I wanted to cry so bad because...this had been going on for so long, and mostly everybody looking in thought that me and father were crazy whenever we tried to tell them that my momma was crazy in the head. ...They just ain't know. Every year this sht happens. Tears escaped my eyes on the way home. I just couldn't hold them in. It hurt so bad. Momma was either never told that she was bi-polar or is in denial, and either way that sht just ain't cool.

damnnnn she let that nigga have it


Tia and I walked out of the back of the school building after taking a shower and changing. "Yeah, my hair really crinkles up if I wet it," she told me.

"My hair does a little bit, but not as much. I wanna see!" I ran my fingers through her straight hair. "But i like it straight though."

"I wanted to do something new," she smiled.

" did it for a boy, didn't you?!" I jumped up in the air with my hand in my hood pockets.

She blushed. "It's not that I don't love myself or that I hate my natural hair. I did want to impress, but I also did it for myself first. I never tried straight hair. I tried it. I like it. Others like it. It's cool," she smiles.

"Yeah. So...I have no clue why I'm back here, again. My ride is up front!" I smirked.

"Girl, you was gonna ask Trey about Brett and key the right car!" Tia reminded me skipping across the street to Joseph's car sitting on the curb. "Shotgun!" She called and got in. "Hey, M. Stacks, Joseph can just drop you off around front!"

"Can you, please?" I stop and ask him.

"Yeah, it's cool." He shrugged as he rolled up a blunt.

I nodded and walked over to Trey's car. "So...what was that," I asked him. "Stealing my bag and giving it to one of your friends because I ain't give you my number? Like really?"

"You got it back, didn't you? Fck is you over here for," he asked and then smiled.

I rolled my eyes and walked away, shaking my head. "Fckn kids, man. I swear." I walked away.

"HOE!" He called making his friends laugh.


"DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN!" All his boys say.

I hop in the back of Joseph's Monte Carlo. "Let's go," I closed the door.

She's a trip!


& I cannot stand these dudes.. except Joseph ;)


Run this.

Thanx babies LOL
Run it


okay so dayrell is a bum and is full of himself. Mar is f***ing funny as shot. I like t racks

Um for my pic can I change it to Chanell Iman please

I love the title! :)
Darryl is a doush! He was wrong, just cause you a QB don't mena you GTD! Don't no body want you grey hound looking ass no way!

Now wait, pause, how did Brett end up with her bag?
RUN IT! lol i like this though run it

adding later or tomorrow. not too sure

Run It tho

Her persona is hilarious.

She just don't give a f***.

I love how her and Joseoh were acting like kids.

He is too cute.

Darryl need an ass whooping.

I totally thought T. Racks was gunna be a b****.

But she cool people.

Brett for some reason had me hella weak.

Run it

"Looking for ya bag," a <a href=>girl</a> asks. I noticed her, but didn't know her name. I'm guessing she was a friend of Joseph's. They were all crowded at a table during lunch being loud and obnoxious. Not like that's a problem. It's not like it was class or anything. "T. Racks."

"What," I ask. "I'm Margueritte."

"It's my nickname. Don't you got one?"

"Um, yeah. Mar."

She smiled. "Anyways, Darryl took it since you rejected him, telling all the guys how you're such a btch, and hid it. Don't ask me cause I was too lazy to run after his fast ass. But it's probably somewhere around this area or in the parking lot or in his car so you'll have to talk to him."

"Oh wow," I shake my head and stare at him on the field. I look back at her. "What kind of car?"

"Black Camaro. But don't try it, they're like 3 of em in the parking lot."

"Fck da bullsht. I need my bag now!" I yell and walk over to the coach. "Excuse me, Joseph." I stare at the coach. "One of them lames on the FOOTBALL TEAM," I yell loud enough; "took my bag and hid it. I think I know where it's at, and I need to go find it now just in case someone calls with an emergency."

The coach nods. "Go ahead. You got 6 minutes. We start practice-" He blows his whistle as I walk away. "PRACTICE STARTS IN 10 MINUTES!"

"Tia," the girl who notified me of where my bag was possibly at says, walking with me. "You're on track, too? Cool."

I nod. "So let's split up. It's not hard to miss. My bag is plaid with purple, black, gray, and white."

"Gotchu," Tia nods.

We enter the parking lot and each take a row. There were four rows, but with me observing people for the longest and watching a bunch of detective shows, sht couldn't be so hard. "YOU GOT KEYS?!" I asked and yelled, giggling.

"SHT YOU KEYIN?! I'M DOWN!" She laughed too.

"I JUST MIGHT! LEMME FIND MY BAG AND SOMETHING MISSING?! GIRL!" I shake my head. "ION PLAY DAT! I don't run my mouth, but i'll surely lay these hands!"

"I don't blame you, these kiddy ass nggas! Always get mad when you reject em, but they treat you like a hoe when try to holla and then when we get mad cause they disrespectful, they wanna call somebody a btch! Like ngga fck outta here!"

"IKR!" I sigh and continue looking. "This ngga..." I shook my head and spotted my bag sitting inside a Camaro on the front windshield. "FOUND IT!" I ran over to the car. "UGH! BTCH!" I kick the tire. "Keys, please?!" I hold out my hand towards Tia.

She laughed. "This isn't Trey's car, though."

"Yeah, it's mine." A male's voice says. We look behind us and see <a href=>him</a>.

"Oh what's good," Tia shakes up with him. "Don't worry. He's cool people."

"Yeah with you," he smirks at me. "Who dis?"

I roll my eyes. "M. Stacks, and I'll get one my dudes to come pop you in da head if my bag ain't in my hands in less than a minute!"

Tia laughed while he licked his lips, staring at me. "Oh fa real," he dug in his pant pockets for his keys. "Damn, lil lady. Chill. I got you." He pulls out his keys and then opens the driver door.

"You a btch ass ngga," I blurt out.

He looks at me and closes the door. "What you just say," he asks walking up to me and getting in my face. I was damn near bent back over the hood. I smiled and put my hand in the middle of his chest. "Nah, what you say?!" He asked while smacking my hand away standing in between my legs. We both smiled.

"TIAAAAA!" I screamed.

"Chill bro," she laughed pushing him back. "This Brett."

"Brett was about to wax dat ass, too!" He went back to open his door, reach in and grab my bag. He threw it to me and I caught it. "Fck off my hood hoe," he got in his car and closed the door, starting up the ignition.

I rolled my eyes and threw him the middle finger. "FCK YOU DUDE!"

"Don't get fcked up shawty! I'll pop the goon squad on ya ass! I don't give a fck!" He drove off. "T. RACKS! I'll holla baby!"

"iight!" Tia yelled. "Girl you crazy!" We laughed on the run back and made it just a few minutes late. But who cared? Beef with nggas was too funny. Not that I was used to it, but sht it could be sum'n if I say it is. And if i say it don't, then eh...I guess I'm not interested.

I lay on the cot while Joseph sat on the table getting his eyes checked. He told the nurse his eyes and head were hurting. "I'll go get you an aspirin," she leaves out the room.

"Aspirin," I sit up and ask. "Fck that. I got Ibuprofen in my locker. It works way better than that weak sht!"

Joseph cringed. "Oh...i can't take any more laughter!" He let out a quick laugh. "You're so funny! How come we've never talked before?! You're hilarious!" He lay back on the bed. "Ah sht. My head is banging like a party!"

I laughed, get up, and walk over to him grabbing his hand. "C'mon. My locker is right upstairs."

Joseph hops off the table and we sneak out of the nurse's office. The security guards were all in conversation down the hall near the stairs closest to my locker. "Fck!" I stop at the corner before turning, holding Joseph back. "Security guards," I whisper.

" i feel like we're on an undercover mission?" He asks, smiling.

"Because we are," I giggle. "I know another way to the target. Follow me," I giggle, again, take his hand and find another set of stairs to the 2nd floor of this school. We make it to my locker safe and sound. I open my locker and then drop my head. "Fck, my bag is on the track!"

Joseph threw his head back. "Plan B?"

I smirk. "What?"

"I know this guy. His name is...Mr. Kravitz, and he might have what we're looking for."

I close my locker. "We're so lame for this sht," I say as we run down the halls. We laugh the whole way there having so much fun. "Man, it's crazy how we meet now, and..." I say as we stand outside a classroom door; "you're a pretty cool guy."

"You're a pretty cool girl," he opens the door and we go in. "Mr. K! I need some Ibu...?" He looks at me.

"Profen," I finish. Mr. Kravitz reaches in one of his drawers, takes out the bottle, and hands it to Joseph. "Back to track?"

"Yeah," Joseph sighs taking two pills out of the bottle and then hands it back to the teacher. We stop by the water fountain and head outside. We run back to the track. The football team were now practicing on the field. "Jerks," he mumbles.

"No lie," I agree. "But why you say that?"

"I may be popular and like the attention, but i'm a gentleman." He winks at me and walks over to the coach.

"A nerdy one," I mumble and smile walking over to where I put my bag. "WTF?" My bag was gone from where I left it. "Oh hell na'll!"

Awwwwwwwwwww Soso, I like this!


Daryl is already on my nerves. Eh!

Joseph, I see you baby! Holla!


Run this Soso!

<em>awwwwwww lol
at first i thought she was a lil uptight...and i still do
but i like her - she's a different character that
i havent read into.<em>

Aww, I love it.

Her attitude is so funny.

Darryl needs to check himself.

Mmm, Joseph :)

Run it

I stood up and turned around to see <a href=>him</a>, [Darryl], a football player - the quarterback. How did I know? He was wearing a chain with the letters QB in all gold around his neck, and because he kept on saying it all day trying to remind everybody to come to the first game of the year.

I looked over to my left and saw Joseph on the ready, set position. "Ready," I said. "Set, go!" I yell. He smiled and jetted off. I didn't know why I talked to him like he was standing in front of me, but...I just did. I turned back to Darryl and raised an eyebrow. "Sup tho?"

"You already know what it is baby?"

"Baby," I asked and then scoffed at him. "Boo, please. Look, I got things to do and-"

He cut me off by taking my hand. "And I have numbers to get."

"You want my number?"


I smile. "1.) I don't have time for you. 2.) I don't date playas. 3.) You must've thought I was a hoe, but guess what you got da wrong one. If you checkin, they in the parking lot flocking the rides. 4.) I'm not interested. 5.) You ain't slick. 6.) I don't date athletes. 7.) Don't touch me ever again if you would like to keep your hands, and 8.) Don't forget my digits, because I ain't handing it out no more," I smirk and then turn around jetting off, right when Joseph was coming around.

"Who you tryna race," Joseph asks smiling.

"Race? Ain't no competition out here," I smile, too.

"Oh yeah," he asks. "Alright then," he picks up speed.

I laugh and pick up speed, too. "Fck you thought this was! I'm number one, dude!"

"Sht you tweakin, shawty!" He yelled. We continued to race - 6 whole laps. By the time we were done, laid out on the track huffin and puffin, the others were finally coming out.

"Somebody call 911!" The coach yelled.

Joseph and I looked at each other and bust up laughing. Our stomachs hurt so much we begged to go to the nurse's office, and that's where our first, real conversation started.