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Serious Questions from Scottish Journalist

As we all know Chris Brown beat his then girlfriend before the 2009 grammy awards leaving her needing hospital treatment and him facing a felony charge. 3 years on and Brown was invited to perform at this years award show and picked up two awards. I am writing an article about the music industry welcoming him back into the fold and would appreciate if fans, particularly Scottish or UK fans (where he is not allowed to tour due to the felony charge) could answer a few questions for me. I would also appreciate any moderators not deleting this for being anti Chris Brown, everything i have stated above is the facts, here are the questions I would like answered.

Does he deserve another chance?
Are radio stations particularly BBC Radio 1 (publicly funded) justified in playing a convicted criminals music.
Is he the sort of role model young men should be shown?
With reports he stole another womans phone and is using the line "I promise I wont beat you" to chat up girls, is there any justification to the argument he has served his time and learnt his lessons.
Was it right for him to be invited to perform twice at this years Grammy's.
Are celebrities like Jack Osbourne and Miranda Lambert right to point out that everyone seems to have forgot about a vicious assault on a woman who he threatened to kill?

Thanks for your responses and if you feel you could answer further questions on a one to one basis then feel free to contact me, your help will be greatly appreciated and please realise I am trying to write a balanced article with both sides of the story.


Ok You have to remember that Chris was 15 years old when he entered the music world. He quickly grew into stardom. Chris was what 18 years old when this happened? Couple stardom with being raised in a small town in Tappahannock, VA and you're gonna get some shocking behavior? Ri was born in another country and is equally to blame for what happened that night. It doesn't make it right or wrong -- but you gotta know it takes 2 to tango or tangle when it comes to relationships. Have you ever met a vindictive person in your life? To answer your questions:

1. yes he deserves another chance.
2. yes radios are justified in playing his music -- music is music.
3. role model -- depends on your personal circumstances. As an artist - yes.
4. The media will simply not let it go. They live for the publicity it generates. So they talk about it. He has served his time and is entitled according to law to the freedom he now enjoys.
5. Yes. Yes. He should be invited to perform at the Grammy's.
6. Jack Osbourne and Miranda Lambert have the right to voice their opinion because this is a free country -- but they should look in their own closets.

I personally understand domestic violence and how it affects our lives -- I also know that this 1 incident has changed Chris and Rihanna's lives forever. I strongly believe that Chris Brown and Rihanna are good people at heart -- but I also think they fell in love way too soon in their careers. I hope some day they both will be able to put it behind them and move on. I also hope you -- the media -- will move on to another topic of interest. I am a huge fan of Chris Brown then and now. This 4 year-old incident changes nothing. So please be fair in your writings. I will be watching.