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happy birthday chris imvery pround to be your fan may god continue to bless you wit many more years to come nd may he giude you to your destiny

#ill be there till the end sonabreezy
#1 husband <3


Christopher Maurice Brown,
I know you most probably wont see this , because you got all these other people commenting you and writting to you. I know you get "Omg chris i love you so much! " everyday by so many different people and i have done EVERYTHING to try get your attention on twitter and instagram, but it never works! . Just before you went to the bank nightclub in sydney a few days after supafest , i saw you standing outside with a few of your people and i was legit 1 meter away and i saw your face and i was going crazy , but your security signalled me to get away. I know i probably sound like some retart but theres not one day that goes by where i dont wish and pray to god that one day i will meet you . I would do ANYTHING just too see you , your my inspiration . I sound like some dumb *itch because you dont even know that i exist but, im so proud of you , you are a MAJOR success and this letter is getting a little too long but its worth it i promise :)

Ive been your fan since day one. Team Breezy all the way. I wish i was more then just Team Breezy but ahh well! Im always keeping posted with the new updates about you ! and i nearly have watched every single video of you on youtube. My friends think im crazy for how much i love i have towards you haha , i wish i could just have that one chance too speak to you and wish you acknowledge me. Your a dayum cutie mayn! I also had a letter to give to you which i gave to crisszy but i duno if you recieved it. Your the best dancer and singer i know, and you probably get bored of hearing it everyday but trust me , you got so many people out there loving you, being your fan and till eternity i will never back down. Please reply or SOMETHING. My email is Please spare SOME time just to have a little chat with one of your fans , thats if im lucky :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY! i love you so much .

My names Anita Romero Sanchez, Im from Sydney , Australia. Half Puerto