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Why the breezy haters?

Do you know what really pisses me off?????
Everybody who disses Chris Brown....
All he is trying to do is make a living off of what he loves doing best.. SINGING and PERFORMING...
And all of those other singer "haters" "critics" or whatever people want to call them.. need to realise that this is what he is trying to do...
Rhianna Fkd up his life and he is only trying to rebuild it because of the sh*t it caused...
Everybody who are haters... give chris a break...
If not then F**K OFF... nobody wants you around!!!!




I feel like that they hatin on him because he BLEW UP!!!! He was at the top from the begining and been doin the damn thang SINCE, even with that Rihanna BS he was down for just a little bit but look where he at now, back at the top MF!!! And another thing, why tf people still stuck on the stuff that happened 3 YEARS AGO!!! OK it happened, he human people acting like he the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD who ever layed they hands on a female, naaw bruh. But JUST BECAUSE they famous it got play. Thats some BS if you ask me. If neither of them were famous then no one would of been even interested in it, i doubt it would even make LOCAL news. He apologized and has moved on and thats what everyone else needs to do, TEAMBREEZY TILL I DIE!!!!

Haters will always be jealous :P

He's young, black and very talented! That makes him enemy #1. Look at all the great black men the media/critics/haters have devoted their time and energy to try and destroy. Martin L. King, Jr, MJ list goes on and on. "Can't we all just get along?" Yes, through music! The haters cringe to the thought that CB could possibly be our generation MJ. Bringing all colors, races, nationalities, sexes, religions together through his music. Chris is not perfect and nor is anyone else. But he is talented like no one-else on the planet right now. And that's why all the haters. The great news is that TEAMBREEZY is more powerful than all CB's haters in the world. Teambreezy, continue to love what you love: CB's God given talent. The world didn't give it, and the world can't take it away! God bless you CB for making so many happy with your music...

Chris is doing nothing but living his life and doing what he loves, and thats why he has haters. People hate to see someone actually being happy! it pisses me off because i respect and love chris, not only his music, but him as a person and his character. Chris and Team Breezy will continue to shine no matter what! #teambreezy all dayyyyyy :)

The only reason drake and Chris are actually gonna fight is because someone is paying the winner a million dollars... and Chris has a gf her name is Amber her nickname is seven she is from the group rich girlz he really loves her and cares about Rhianna but at this point he is basically like f*** RhiRhi f*** the haters and that's that

I Feel u miss. Don't worry Chris ain't giving a f*** about em. Chill! :)

Ya know what...Looking at the news today about the beef with Drake. If what I read was true, I think everything points to Chris being in the right. I can totally feel him on that <a href="">tweet</a> after the incident!

Big up Breezy!

Why the haters? Ill tell you why. Because they know he's the best. And they know he will always be the best and always put on a show for his fans. People hate cause they have nothing else to do or think about. Oh well at least we know he's on their mind all the time :)

All of your hate for Chris Brown just makes his fans want to TURN UP THE MUSIC even more!!!
so if you don't like it FK OFF!

i know!!!!!
thank god someone agrees!
coz i was wondering what all these "fans" were doing on here
...if they didn't reply/ agree...
thankyou for your comment <3

I know right. I feel the same way you do. Why can't people just give him a break and let him live his life the way he sees fit. Nobody can control him because the only person who can do that is Chris himself. I can't stand when people keep bringing up the past with the Rhianna stuff. He learned his lesson and he appologized. Why do the other artists and haters have to keep harping on that sh*t. It drives me insane!!!! My advise to the haters is that if you don't like his music, don't listen to it, if you don't like him then change the channel it's that simple.

Ugh! -___-