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Goosebumps. :""""">

he is so cute

He is so freaking amazing!
That voice, that face, that body, THOSE TATTOOS!!!
He is perfect in every way possible!!

i love that video that could be me and breezy. I am the one and only soon to be mrs. Brown and the only one that is chris browns wife!

Chris, you are an amazing artist. Keep your head up and your eye on the prize.

yea i like chris brown

i really love the end when they have the water coming down

I just LOVE him! <3

christopher brown is blessed i just love him, everytime he take off his s*** i melt and get gusbums plz take your talent to a hhiiggherrr hiigghheeerrr level. MCHWAA!! .

Si j'ai eu un souhait dans ma vie que ce serait voit le marron de Chris dans la personne... :)