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The Life of a star sister * PLEASE READ*

Intro: The summer had just begin and Teona had jus got her record deal it was a start to a new beginning she was moveing to miami and she was haven her sister's n cuzn's come wit her for the summer,she had a surpise for them she had moved across from this singer her sister tink was so in love wit at least she thought she was.They made it to teona new place she had them pick there rooms then get ready for dinner what they didnt no was dinner tonite was at Chris house yes im talkn chris brown teona was cool wit chris mom n she font out bout the gurls stayn wit teona for the summer so she wanted to welcome them so she made dinner for them. Teona waited to tell the girls that they wasnt haven dinner at the house until they was dressed.When the girls got to wer they was haven dinner and who it was wit they was so surprised,Teona new sum of the girls was shy but she thought wen they saw Chris they was gone be fan crazy but to her surprise they was cool which was strang to her cus her sister was chris crazy but as the nite went on teona and tink(her sis) noticed Chris was more into there god sister no words was said even when they got back to the house.