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I Should've Kissed You Fan Fiction

Chapter 1

“SHUT UP HOES!” I yelled at my best friends Jonelle, Alexandria and Nae. They was gettin’ on me about how I am “in love” with Chris Brown. He was that guy that everyone knew, wanted to be, or get with.

“b**** you are and there’s no denying it” said Nelle to me with that ‘don’t lie to me’ look on her face.

I wouldn’t say it was “love” though. It was more like “lust”, that I’ve had since like the 6th f***ing grade. But I rarely talk to him, and when I get the chance it’s like words seem to come out my mouth the wrong way.

“Truthfully, I don’t know what the f*** you see in his obnoxious ass anyway Ash” Alexa said. She never liked him, and it was funny when she started baggin on him. “He’s a f***in douche too.” she continued.

“UGH! I ain’t finna listen to y’all b****es lecture me again. I’m so f***in done.” I said to them while I walked out my room and headed downstairs towards the kitchen. But of course I wasn’t done and they wasn’t gonna give two s***s bout what I had to say.

Since my parents were out for their monthly date night, it was just me and my girls. Until my brother and his homies got home. I love my bro,but at times he can be a f***in pain in the ass. The worst part about having Aaron Daniels as your older brother, by two minutes, was the guys always over the house, and the girls who would try to make me put in a good word for them. I swear, it was pathetic and hella funny to watch a whole bunch of females throw themselves at him and his crew. Pure comedy.

“Whatchu finna cook for us girl?” Nae asked as her and the others walked in the kitchen.

“Haha! You funny, you know that?” I asked her.

“Trick you know you bout to cook for us. Like always.” Alexa chimed in.

“Who said I felt like cookin anyways?” I asked them.

We all looked at each other and we all just laughed. We do this every time and it never gets old.

** 1 hour later **

“Aw shiznit my nigga, it smells good up in here!” Nelle said comin in the kitchen yellin over the music.

“Graci, graci chica.” I said.

“Um, the guys just pulled up and there’s not enough for eight.” Nae yelled while running into the kitchen.

“Its okay. I ordered for pizza and it should be here within the next 10 minutes.” I yelled back at her.


But before she could reply, the guys walked in, with him trailing in last.

“I see you lil sis.” Aaron said while leaning over the island trynna grab at some of the food. He think he slick though.

“I’ma really need for you to back the f*** up thoo Aaron.” I said to him while holding this big ass knife in my hand. He looked at me with the knife and made the right decision by backing the f*** up.

My girls and I laughed while his boys started getting at him.

“Ash you wasn’t bout to do nothin.” Aaron finally said.

I laughed some more and was finally able to get a “Mmkay” out.

“Where’s our food at, ma?” he asked. It was the first time he spoke since they had got there.

“Uh, it should be here soon, but y’all gotta pay for it yourselves.” I managed to say without hesitation.


Saved by the f***ing bell I thought as I went to go get the door.

“Hi beautiful, are you the one who ordered 3 boxes of pizza, 3 boxes of wings, 2 bags of breadsticks and 2 2-liter sodas?” the delivery guy asked.

“Yes, that would be me. How much?” I asked while still blushing.

“$27.75, not including the tip.” he said smiling.

“I got it, ma.” Chris said walking up behind me.

“Um, okay.” I said while taking the pizza and breadsticks.

“$27.75, not including the tip.” Chris said to him. They were eyeballing each other a little to long, so I had to intervine.

“Well, thanks.” I said getting the rest of the food since Chris wasn’t moving.

“No problem beautiful,” he said while handing me the receipt and his number. “See you around.” and with that, he walked away.

“You okay?” I asked Chris. He just looked at me, grabbed the food, and walked away.

What the f*** was that?


run it

Chapter 11

Last night had to be one of the worst nights of my life. But after learning that my father will live, everything seemed as if it would be okay. I was really glad Chris had been there for me, even after I said those mean things to him. I needed to thank him as soon as possible. This morning went great. Everyone was laughing and I loved seeing my mom smile, especially after what we’ve just went through. After we all finished eating, my mom decided to go see my dad before we all got there. The rest of us stayed home. The girls and I cleaned up the kitchen since it was the guys who ended up cooking breakfast while they just went to chill in the backyard. As we were cleaning and what not, Lex decided to make a conversation.

“Wassup with you and Chris Ash?” she asked as I was washing the pots.

“What do you mean?” I asked playing stupid.

“Heffer don’t play dumb with me!” she yelled. “You know exactly what I mean.” I just laughed at her reaction. She was too funny.

“I don’t know what’s really going on between us,” I said to her truthfully. “I gotta figure that out myself.”

“Well I hope you figure it out soon,” Nelle said.

“Why?” I asked her.

“Because he’s coming,” she replied. Within seconds, Chris appeared in the doorway and everyone immediately got quiet.

“Yo Ash,” he said looking at me. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure,” I said putting the pot I was washing on the counter. “I’ll be back guys.” I said to my girls before I left. Chris and I decided to go talk in my room for some privacy. When we entered, I went and sat at the edge of my bed as Chris closed the door behind him and just stood in front of me. For a few minutes it was silent as I was looking at the floor waiting for him to speak.

“How you feeling?” he finally asked me.

“Good I guess,” I said finally looking up at him.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “I’m fine, really.”

“Well I just wanted to let you know that if you need anything, I’m here,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said smiling at him. “You’ve really been a lot of help.”

“No worries,” he said. “I just want to make sure that you’re okay and that you’ll be okay.”

“I am and I will Chris,” I said to him while I started to stand up. “I really do appreciate you being here for me though.”

“Oh you do, do you?” he asked smiling at me, revealing his dimples and pearly whites. I smiled back.

“Yes, I do,” I said. “And I’m also sorry for what I said to you last night.”

“It’s all good cause you gone make it up to me,” he said smirking. I laughed because I already knew where his mind was going.

“How am I going to do that?” I asked.

“Well first,” he said grabbing me by my waist and pulling me towards him. “You’re gonna give me a kiss.” I just looked at him, not realizing what he just said. Had he actually wanted me to kiss him?

“I am?” I asked playing along.

“Yeah,” he started. “Everything else will just happen from there.” Before I could even respond to his last comment, Chris leaned in and kissed me. My arms instantly went to wrap themselves around his neck. His hands soon went to the bottom of my ass as he picked me up and laid me on the bed. Our lips never lost each other. He made sure that my head was rested on a pillow before continuing. My arms were still around his neck when I felt his hands pulling up my shirt. I wanted to stop him, but I couldn’t find the words to do so. We finally pulled our lips apart when he pulled my shirt over my head. All that was left on me was my bra and shorts. He just looked at me as his body was hovered over my body. He then gently placed my hands above my head and looked at me up and down while licking his lips before leaning in as if he were about to kiss me, but quickly went to kiss me on my neck. Before I was able to stop myself, a moan escaped my lips. His kiss soon turned into sucking, causing me to let out a moan yet again. After the sucking, he was then biting, causing chills to be sent through my body along with one last moan. He suddenly stopped and without moving or looking at me, he began to talk.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” he said calmly, leaving me speechless. I knew I wanted him to stop in a way, but now I wish he would keep going.

“Okay,” I said. I didn’t even want to look at him at this moment. Instead of getting up right away like I thought he would, Chris slowly rose his head up from where it had been rested and looked at me deep in my eyes, making me immediately look away.

“Don’t take this the wrong way though Ash,” he said. “I shouldn’t be doing this because now is not the best time.” I continued to not look at him. And he continued to talk. “You may not believe me, but I want our first time together to be special.”

“But you’re not a virgin,” I said, finally looking up at him.

“I know,” he said. “But you are.” How did he know that? For all he knew I could’ve lost my virginity a few days ago without anybody knowing.

“Says who?” I asked him, trying to see if he really thought that.

“Your moans,” he said smirking at me. I quickly turned my head away from him so he wouldn’t see me blushing, but I was already too late. “Don’t try to hide your face now ma,” he said turning my head so that I was looking directly at him. In my ear, he then whispered before getting off the bed, “In time, those moans will become screams.” Those words in his tone of voice sent another round of chills through my body.

“JEEZUS!” I thought.


I had Ashleigh exactly where I wanted her. Although I could’ve kept going when I had the chance, I wasn’t going to be able to live with myself if I just took advantage of her like that. One day, we were going to make love, and I was going to make sure that it was perfect for her. By that time, she would also be my girl and not some fling. Also, the timing now was just not right. She had guest downstairs and her father just survived a deadly car accident. Losing her virginity shouldn’t even be crossing her mind. With me around, I knew it was though. What I said to her before leaving her room was probably a little c**ky, but that’s how good I knew I was. I just had to get out before she went from her bra and shorts to being fully naked. All I could say is that if we were alone at that moment, s*** would’ve gone down. As I was walking back downstairs and out to the backyard, I see Ty and Mijo standing around by the door watching Nelle and Gui flirt with each other in the pool while Nae, Aaron and Alexis just chilled on the pool chairs not really noticing what was going on right in front of them. Not wanting to make a scene, I went to stand over by Ty to see what was up between them.

“What’s all of this?” I asked nodding my head in the direction of Gui and Nelle.

“I don’t even know bro,” Ty said just eyeballing them.

“s*** I think Gui got a thing for Nelle,” Mijo said.

“Damn, you think so?” I asked looking at them. I was noticing the way he was looking at her though, as if he would risk his life in order to save hers.

“Hell yeah,” Mijo said laughing. “They’ve been hanging out a lot more lately too.”

“Really? Since when?” Ty and I asked at the same time.

“Yes man,” Mijo said. “I’m telling ya’ll, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were already together.”

“That ain’t even possible,” Ty said. “Gui is the shyest person we know. He doesn’t even be trying to talk to females when they are throwin themselves at him.”

“I know,” Mijo said. “Maybe that’s why he got a thing for Nelle. She’s never trying to throw herself at some nigga. And neither do Nae, Lex or Ash. They got respect for themselves and I got mad respect for them.” What Mijo said was true too. The girls, as long as we’ve known them, never stooped to that hoe level for any nigga that came around. That’s why they clown on girls who go that low when trying to get with us.

“Damn,” I said shaking my head. “You right bro.”

“Yeah,” Ty said, releasing some of his tension. “If they got a thing for one another, or already together, I’m happy for them.”

“We just gotta see if they gone come out about it,” Mijo said.

“Definitely. And we about to make that happen.” I said as I started opening the door and making my way outside. “Wassup love birds?” I asked looking at Nae and Aaron who were all up on each other.

“Nothing much bro,” Aaron said. “Wassup witchu?” he asked.

“Just chillin’ mane,” I said looking at him.

“Where’s Ash?” Nae asked.

“Oh, uh she’ll be down soon,” I said looking away.

“You don’t sound too sure about that Chris,” Aaron said.

“Aye, wassup with Nelle and Gui?” I asked them hoping to change the subject.

“What you mean?” Nae asked turning her attention towards the mysterious couple who were now getting out the pool.

“Haven’t ya’ll been watching them?” I asked.

“What’s there to watch?” Aaron asked.

“Trust me,” I said. “Just keep a look out on the two of them.” With that, I walked over to where Lex, Ty, Mijo, Gui and Nelle were sitting. “Wass good ya’ll?” I asked mainly looking at Gui and Nelle.

“Nothin’ much,” Lex and Nelle replied at the same time.

“Life bro,” Gui said. “Wass good witchu? And where’s Ash?” he asked.

“She should be down soon,” I said immediately. Within second, Ash came walking through the door with her bikini top and shorts on with her hair pulled into a messy bun. s***, she looked good.

“What’s everyone doing?” she asked as she went to sit down next to Gui.

“Just trying to figure some things out,” Ty said keeping his full attention on Gui and Nelle.

“You okay Michael?” Ash asked as she noticed him staring them down.

“I’m good Chelle,” he said. I just started laughing. Ty and I were the only ones taking this thing between Gui and Nelle seriously. I really had to know if they was a couple or not, because if they were, Gui should’ve been able to tell us. We were all boys. What was there to hide?

“What’s so funny?” Nelle asked looking at me like I was on some s***.

“Nothing Nelle,” Mijo said finally intervening. “Don’t even pay him or Ty any attention.”

“Well s*** I wanna know what the f*** is so funny,” Lex said looking between Ty and myself.

“Ask them,” we both said staring straight at Gui and Nelle.

“Aw s***,” I heard Mijo say.

“When ya’ll gone get together?” Ty asked immediately. It through everyone off, especially since everyone soon started to look between Ashleigh and me.

“Ya’ll lookin’ at the wrong couple,” I said to them. Everyone’s attention soon went to Lex and Mijo since they were sitting next to each other, which was kind of weird. “Look again,” I said. They all already knew that Nae and Aaron were together. And we knew that Lex and Ty was never gonna have those types of feelings for one another. Next, everyone’s eyes landed on Gui and Ash. “Just one more look,” I said laughing, like Gui and Ash would really get together in the first place. Finally, everyone’s attention was on Gui and Nelle. Gasps were in the air.

“Bingo,” Ty said smiling.

“What,” Lex said.

“The,” Nae said.

“f***,” Ash said.

“Here we go again,” Aaron said.

“s***s about to get real,” Mijo said.


“Damn,” I mumbled as all eyes were staring at Nelle and I.

“How’d you guys know?” Nelle asked smiling, not even trying to deny it.

“We saw the way ya’ll was messin’ with each other in the pool,” Ty said to her.

“Ya’ll suck at trying to keep things on the DL,” Chris said smiling.

“Was it that bad?” I asked.

“Yeah nigga,” Mijo said laughing.

“Why didn’t you tell us Nelle?” Lex asked her.

She just shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess I didn’t really know how to find the words.”

“And why didn’t you tell us nigga?” Aaron asked to me.

“Why didn’t you tell us about you and Nae?” I asked him. Everyone just started to laugh because they were all probably thinking the same thing.

“Man whatever,” he said laughing.

“Anybody else wants to come out with their secret relationship too, or is this it?” Nae asked us. Everyone got quiet and soon had their attention between Ashleigh and Chris.

“Nope,” I said not paying attention to everyone and their eyes. “That should be it.” Although we knew that Chris and Ashleigh had a thing, we also knew that they haven’t made it official. If anything, they would’ve been one of the main people to let their relationship be known.

“Aye Ash,” Aaron said trying to distract everyone.

“Yo,” she said.

“When you wanna go see pops?” he asked.

“Whenever you ready nigga,” she said smiling. I knew she couldn’t wait to see him. They were also extremely close.

“Well s***,” he said getting up. “Let’s all bounce.” And with that we all headed out the house and towards Aaron’s mom big ass truck. Aaron and Nae were in the front seat. Chris, Ash and Lex were in the middle row. Mijo, Nelle and I were in the third row. The car ride to the hospital was chill. Nelle and I were together, Chris and Ash were kind of close, and Aaron and Nae were holding hands. Lex and Mijo were the only ones not really into the conversations going on. They were too busy on their phones texting.

“We were seriously going to have to get both of them someone.” I thought.

Chapter 10

As I got in bed that night, I thought about what I did with Aaron and how I know it wasn’t cool messin’ with him like that, but it was just too funny. And the way he was looking out for his mom was very sweet. I couldn’t believe that this was the same Aaron who, no more than 1 year ago, was known as a “bully”. He’s changed a lot since then, and I think that’s why I love him the way I do. If you would’ve asked me 2 years ago if I would considered dating Aaron Daniels, immediately, I probably would’ve said, “Hell to the mother f***ing no!” This just goes to show you that people can change, some for the better and some for the worst. Aaron is one of those people who change for the better, and I’m glad he did.


Alexia and I were one of the first people up this morning. Since it wasn’t much for us to do, we got ready and headed downstairs for breakfast. I didn’t expect for anyone else to be up, let alone him, standing there with him.


These last 12 hours have been crazy as hell. For some odd reason, I couldn’t sleep after only about a few hours of drifting in and out. So, I decided after an hour of lying awake, to just go get ready and then go get something to eat. When I exited the bathroom, I saw Mijo leaving one of the guest bedrooms. I’m assuming that just like me, he couldn’t sleep either.

“Wass good bro?” he said dapping me.

“Man, nothing much. Wass good witchu?” I asked him as we headed back towards Aaron’s room.

“Same. I couldn’t sleep though so I had to just get up,” he said.

“That’s exactly how I was feeling.” I said I we approached Aaron’s door.

“Ayee, we should just head downstairs and get us some food since everyone else is still sleep,” he said after we peaked inside and saw Chris, Mike and Aaron all still knocked out.

“Fasho,” I said as we went to go fill up our stomaches.


As me and Gui was in the kitchen trying to find us something to eat, we hear footsteps coming down the stairs. As soon as I turn around, I see her walk into the kitchen. Looking the way she did, I swear I could’ve taken her down right then and there. But word on the street was that she got a dude that no one really known about. All I could say is, “Damn!” It’s a shame that all these years I’ve known Alexia, I never looked or felt the way I was feeling and looking at her right now.


As Nelle and I walked into the kitchen, I saw Mijo standing there with Gui. Damn, Mijo looked good. But then again, he always looks good. Lately, my feelings for him have grown stronger. At first, I thought it was just a simple crush, but the more we continued to talk, the more I started to like him. It’s just a shame that he won’t know that though since he always have females throwing themselves at him. And I see the way he treats some of these girls out here. That’s definitely not how I would want to get treated, by any man.

“Lex!” I heard Nelle whisper yell at me, bringing me back to reality.

“What?!” I whisper yelled back.

“Don’t you here Mijo talking to you?” she asked. I guess I hadn’t realized that I zoned out for a minute.

“Oh, no. Sorry.” I said apologetically as I looked over at him.

He smiled at me and said, “That’s cool. I just asked how ya’ll slept since yall up so early.”

“Oh. Uh, I slept okay, I guess,” I said. “How bout y’all?”

“My sleep was in and out,” Gui said from over by the fridge where he was probably trying to find some food.

“I slepy ok too, I guess,” Mijo said.

“Oh, okay. Cool.” I said. I notice that I was probably standing in the same spot by the door for about a few minutes now, so I decided to go sit at the island with Nelle.

“Are ya’ll gonna cook us some breakfast?” Nelle asked as I was taking a seat. Gui was the first to answer.

“Ha ha ha. You funny,” he said as he started pulling out breaksfast food to cook.

“Come on Gui,” I said joining in, “You know ya’ll wanna make us like the best breakfast ever.” Mijo spoke up now.

“What we gone get if we make ya’ll some breakfast?” he asked looking at both Nelle and I.

“Sheeit. Not a damn thing,” Nelle said in her ratchetest voice ever, which caused me to laugh.

“Damn bro, she told you,” Gui said, joining me in my laughter.

“I don’t know why the hell ya’ll laughing cause now none of ya’ll getting’ any food,” Mijo said trying to sound all hard.

“Okay. I’m sorry.” Nelle said after catching her breath. “Ya’ll gone make us some food or not though?” she asked.

“Ya’ll the women, ain’t yall sposed to be the ones cooking for us?” Mijo asked as he started pulling out things used to cook.

Nelle and I just looked at both of them and started laughing all over again. They were pure comedy, especially Mijo, with his crazy ass.

“Look,” I started to say after a few more minutes of laughing, “Ya’ll cook and we’ll clean, deal?” I asked, hoping they would hurry up and say ‘yes’ so we could hurry up and eat.

“That’s cool,” Gui said as he started to mix eggs in a bowl in order to scramble them.

“Whatever,” Mijo said as he started preparing the bacon and sausage.

*******30 minutes later********


When the food was finally done, everyone was up, dressed and ready to eat. Lex and I decided to help Mijo and Gui cook since one by one everyone started to get up. After about 30 minutes of inhaling the smell of bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits, pancakes, and waffles, everyone was in the dining room with their plates stacked, cups full, and ready to dig in. Mrs. Daniels wanted us all to say grace first, especially after the miracle that happened at the hospital with Mr. Daniels. As soon as ‘Amen’ was said, all you heard was spoons and forks hitting the plate.

“Oh my goodness,” said Nae as she was eating her waffles. “These waffles are so good. Who made them?” she asked.

“I did,” I said as I watched her scarf down another piece of waffle. It was too funny watching her eat the way she was eating. Her facial expressions were just on point with every bite.

“Babe, is it necessary for you to make those faces while you eat?” Aaron asked as he watched her as well. Everyone at the table started to laugh, and even Mrs. Daniels cracked a smile.

“What are you talking about?” Nae asked looking like she didn’t know what was going on. “I’m not making any faces,” she continued.

“Uh, yeah you kinda are Nae.” Ash said from the other side of the table where Mrs. Daniels was sitting at the head of the table with Aaron at the other side. On one side of Aaron, it was Nae, then Michael, then Mijo, then Lex. On the other side of Aaron was me, then Gui, then Chris, then Ash, right next to Mrs. Daniels.

As I was eating, I felt a hand being place on my thigh. I looked up and see him looking at me from the corner of his eye. Although we’ve only been dating for a few weeks, it felt so unreal that I was the girlfriend of Gui, out of all people.


When I placed my hand on her thigh, I felt her tense up a little bit. But after a few seconds, she immediately relaxed. It’s only been a few weeks since I asked Nelle to by my girl. We haven’t told anyone yet, well because that’s not something you just bring up out of the blue. After Aaron and Nae came out about their secret relationship, I figured, well Nelle and I can come out with ours. But then everything happened with Mr. Daniels, and now just didn’t seem like the right time. I remember the first time I kissed Nelle, just as if it were yesterday.


“Gui, I can’t help you if you don’t take this seriously,” She said. We were at her house and she was tutoring me in Statistics. I was getting bored with going over math for an hour in a half.

“Nelle, this s*** is boring,” I whined a little, hoping she would just let us chill for a while.

“Ugh!” she semi-yelled. “Fine, we’ll take a 20 minute break and then pick back up where we left off,” she said as she headed downstairs and to the kitchen. As she was finding something for us to eat, the doorbell rang.

“You want me to get that?” I asked as she dug in the fridge looking for food.

“Uh, yeah. Can you?” she asked.

“Sure.” I said as I got up and headed towards the door. As I opened the door, I couldn’t believe who it was. This nigga Richard. Him and Nelle have been dating for about 5 months, but I never knew what she saw in him.

“Nigga, what the f*** you doin here?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “Aye Nelle!” I called out towards the kitchen, “Yo friend is here.”

“Aye nigga,” Richard said, “I ain’t her friend, and you know that.” I honestly didn’t give two f***s what this nigga was talking about. Most people think that just because I’m quiet, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to speak. I catch niggas off-guard when I beat the s*** out of them for disrespecting me, or anybody else I associate myself with.

“Yeah, whatever,” was all I said as I head back towards the kitchen when Nelle finally decided to come to the door.

“Aye Nelle,” I heard Richard say, “You need to get your punk ass friend.”

“Richard shut up!” I heard Nelle say, “He isn’t a punk, and every time you see me talk to another guy you get all jealous and what not,” she continued.

“Hell yeah,” he said. “You can’t trust niggas these days.”

“Yeah,” Nelle said. “Well you can’t trust hoes these days either.”

“What that s*** supposed to mean Nelle?” Richard asked getting mad.

“Richard, it means that I’m tired of people telling me all these stories about how you’re always seen with these different females at these parties whenever I don’t go.” Nelle said.

“f*** Nelle!” Richard yelled. “You always seem to believe someone else over me! ME! I’m you’re f***ing boyfriend and you go and do this s***!” he yelled.

“You need to stop yelling at me like you own me or some s***!” I heard Nelle yell. “Nigga you don’t own me!” she screamed. Damn, Nelle is pissed. She only call people out they name or cuss them out like such when she mad, and right now, she mad.

“b****!—“ was all I heard Richard say before some type of man scream. I ran back to the front door to see what the hell happened. When I got there, Richard was bent over on the porch holding his balls.

“Don’t you ever, ever in your life call me out of my mother f***ing name again nigga! What you feeling now isn’t as close to what you gone feel if you make that mistake again. You got it?! b**** ass punk!” she said before slamming the door in his face. I’ve never seen Nelle this mad before in all my years of knowing her. She walked right back to the kitchen and started opening and closing drawers and cabinets really hard.

“Nelle,” I said after about 5 minutes.

“Yeah?” she asked not turning around to look at me. I slowly walked over to the stove where she was standing.

“Nelle,” I started slowly. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” she said. Before I could even respond, tears were rolling down her cheeks. I immediately pulled her in a hug and the tears came soon after. We stood like this for about 10 minutes. After she calmed down, she let go and just looked at me with those eyes of hers. “Thanks,” she said.

“No need to thank me,” I said smiling a little, hoping it would get her to smile. She smiled back before replying.

“Yes, I do need to thank you,” she said. “You’re always there whenever I feel like no one cares,” she said looking down.

I tilted her head up, so that way she could look at me, and said, “Well, just know that no man is ever worth your tears if he doesn’t know how to love you right. And that I’ll always be here whenever you need, no matter what.”

“Now I see why all the girls like you,” she said smiling and breaking our gaze.

“Well, I don’t really care for other girls or what they say at the moment,” I said. “But why do you say that?”

“Oh. Well because you always seem to know what to say,” she said. “And because you’re always nice, and sweet, and such a gentleman.”

“Oh,” was all I could really say.

“Gui?” Nelle asked looking up at me.

“Yeah?” I answered.

“Why don’t you care for other girls or what they say?” she asked, not breaking our gaze this time.

“Because I only care for this one girl and what only she has to say,” I said.

“Who?” she asked. She broke our gaze again and then said, “If you don’t mind me asking.”

“You,” I said immediately. “If you don’t mind me answering.” Her head shot up when I answered. She started to blush, and then started to smile, but before she could say anything, I leaned down and kissed her. That moment started something new and sparked the new beginning of something I never thought would happen in a million years.


you guys && ya'll comments are gonna make me cry!

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&& for those who want to know what house Chris took Ash to, he took her to his old house in his old neighborhood. I havent gotten around to explaining about his past yet, but I'll get there.

i'll be posting like 2 more chapters tonight.

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Chapter 9

As I walked in to the room, I couldn’t help but wish that he would just wake up and yell, “Gotcha!”, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. It was hard to see him lay there looking lifeless. I knew he was alive, but you could barely even tell. Chris pulled up a chair next to the bed and signaled for me to sit in it. I did just that, and sat there not really knowing what to say. So, I started with the basics.

“Hi daddy.” I said. You could hear my voice cracking. I was trying to be strong, but it was really hard. After about a minute of silence, I continued. “I really wish you weren’t leaving so soon. You were supposed to be there to watch me graduate high school at the end of this school year. And then you were supposed to see me off to college at FIT in the fall. Do you remember that dad, huh?” I asked as if he was going to respond. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I just cried and let it all out of all the things he was going to miss. “Then after college, you were supposed to help me launch my career. You were going to teach me how to market and network, just like you. We were going to even open up our own business in the near future. Once I got everything together, I was going to bring home a really nice guy for you and mom to meet. You wouldn’t like him at first, but you would give him a chance, just for me, your baby girl. Eventually you’d grow on him because we’d soon be engaged. Of course you’d say I was young, but as long as I was happy, it didn’t matter. I had a job, and was on my own. I wasn’t your little girl anymore, but you still saw me as that. There’d be fustration with all the wedding planning, but it wouldn’t matter because it was ‘my big day’. You’d walk me down the aisle and see me off as I became a wife, and maybe even a mother in the near future.

“After about a year in a half of marriage, I’d come home for the holidays and announce that you were expecting your first grandchild, if Aaron hadn’t beat me to it.” I laughed at the thought itself. “You and mom would congradulate us and you may even shed a tear. Over the next 9 months, you and I would become closer than we’ve ever been. I’d then give birth to a beautiful baby boy or girl. If it was a girl, I’d name her “Erin”, after her grandfather. If it was a boy, his middle name would be “Aaron” as well. They’d grow and grow throughout the years, admiring how such a great man their grandfather is. He’d teach them a couple of life tips, just the way he did to his own children. Then they’d have children, and soon we’ll both be grandparents. At 95, you’d pass away, leaving behind a generation of people who love and admire you. I’d cry, but then stop because I knew that you lived a full and great life, making a difference wherever you went.”

I continued to cry after just letting it all out. “I’m gonna miss you daddy,” I said while grabbing his hand. “I love you, and don’t you ever forget that.” I was still holding his hand when the machine started beeping. I instantly let go and started to freak out.

“What happened?” a nurse said coming in.

“I don’t know, it just started beeping,” I said getting out the chair and out the way. “What’s happening?” I asked, now nervous.

“Ma’am I’m going to have to ask you to step out,” the nurse said walking towards the door. “I need doctor!” she yelled out in the hallway.

Before I could respond, someone was pulling me away. I started to cry even more as I saw them pump my dad. It was no use though, he was gone.


When I saw all those doctors run towards the way Aaron and his mom walked out, I reaally hoped it didn’t have to do with his dad. Then I saw Chris walk out with Ash in his arms crying, and I knew it couldn’t be good.

“He’s gone. He’s gone. He’s gone” Ash said, over and over again. She kept crying in Chris’ arms. Seeing her cry, made me cry, and next thing you know, we were both crying.

“Ash, what happened back there?” I finally asked after I pulled myself together.

“I don’t know,” she sniffed. “The machine thingy just started beeping out of nowhere. Chris had to pull me away since I didn’t want to leave. The last thing I saw was them pumping him,” she said. I couldn’t help but cry some more. I couldn’t bare witness what she had witness. We were still crying and hugging when the doctor came out.

“Mrs. Daniels,” he said. Mrs. Daniels got up and walked over to us.

“You don’t have to tell me. When can we come to get the body?” she asked. You can tell she wanted to cry because her voice cracked as she asked that question.

“Mrs. Daniels,” the doctor said again. “That won’t be necessary.”

We all looked at him like he was stupid or something. He noticed our reactions, and continued.

“Your husband survived, Mrs. Daniels.” he said with clarification in his voice. Everyone gasped.

“What do you mean ‘survived’?” Aaron asked.

“After his heart rate started to drop, we pumped him as many times as we can. At first, we lost him, but after about 7 tries, he finally respnded. He asked to see his family, but we told him it was best he get some rest first. He should be in here for about another week, and then he’s able to go home. We want to keep an eye on him and see how he does breathing on his own for these first couple of days. You’re more than welcome to come back in the morning during visiting hours,” the doctor said.

Mrs. Daniels just continued to cry, but we all knew they were tears of joy. “Thank you doctor, for everything,” she said after the waterworks stopped. “This truly is a miracle.”

“Just doing my job,” he said. “Just know that God was with you.” With that,he smiled and walked away. I looked over at Aaron who was giving his mom a hug. Ash was still crying in Chris’s arms. Aaron came over and pulled me in a hug. He rested his chin on the top of my head. We stood like that for a few minutes. I pulled back some, looked up at him and kissed him. He kissed me back passionately, as if he didn’t want to let me go.

“Some miracle, huh?” was all he said. I just smiled and nodded.

Everything was going to be okay.


After delivering the news to everyone else who had came to wait with us, and Ash and I’s grandparents, we all headed back to the house. I knew my mom didn’t want to leave, but she needed her rest, and so did we all. When we finally pulled into the driveway of our home, it was about 3am. We were all tired and just wanted to get in bed and sleep for as long as possible.

“Goodnight everyone.” mom said as she walked towards her room.

“Goodnight Mrs. Daniels,” everyone said at the same time.

“Mom, what time do you want to go see dad?” I asked her before she walked in.

“Why don’t we just get some rest first. We’ll go when everyone is up and ready. No need to rush. Your father will understand.” she said.

‘Are you sure? I don’t-” she cut me off.

“Yes baby I’m sure. Now, go get some rest, you look like you can use some.” she said.

“Ok. Night mom, love you.” I said giving her a hug and kiss on the forehead.

“I love you too, baby boy.” she said, and with that closed the door behind her. When I turned around, the only person in sight was Nae. She was wiping tears from her eyes.

I walked over to her and pulled her close to me by the waist. I tilted her head up a little so that she was looking at me. “Why are you crying babe?” I asked wiping the finally tears from her cheek.

“Because that was beautiful,” she said smiling and sniffing.

I just looked at her and laughed a little bit.

“Why are you laughing?” she asked, hurt.

“Because you’re emotional,” I said.

“Whatever,” she said pushing me off of her and turning to walk away. I gently grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her back to me. “Aaron-” she started to say, but stopped her with a kiss. She locked her arms around my neck and started to kiss back after a couple of seconds. My hands trailed up under my sweatshirt she was wearing. But before we got any further, we were interrupted.

“Ahem,” they said. When we turned around, it was Nelle and Lexi just standing there with their arms folded across their chest.

“You plan on taking her down right here on in a bedroom?” Lexi asked with a smirk on her face.

“I could’ve done it right here, but we were interrupted.” I said, stating the obvious. Nae punched me in my arm, but it didn’t hurt since I was a whole foot taller than her and have been hit by dudes 3 times my size. The only thing I could do was laugh.

“Anywaaays,” Nelle said. “We came to see if you were sleeping with us, but we see that it’s not us you gone be sleeping with tonight, so we’ll just leave.”

“Oh, uh … it’s okay. Let me just change and I’ll be in there in 5.” Nae said. She was twisting her charm bracelet without looking, which only meant one thing. She was nervous. As the girls turned and walked away, I pulled her back to me before she could even move.

“What you nervous for?” I asked her before she could even say anything.

“Nothing?” she said. Only it came out as a question. As if I didn’t notice.

“You’re messing with your bracelet,” I said looking down at her wrist as she pulled her hand away. “Which means you’re nervous.”

“Oh,” was all she said as she continued to look down at her wrist. I lifted her chin up and kissed her gentley. I pulled back once I new she as a little bit calmer.

“We don’t have to talk about it now, if you don’t want,” I said. “Just know I’m here for you.” She nodded her head and bit her bottom lip. She stood on her tippy toes and gave me another kiss. This time it was a lot more passion. After a while, we finally pulled apart, gasping for air. I just smiled at her as she stood there and blushed.

“What?” she asked, still blushing.

“You’re cute when you’re blushing,” I whispered in her ear.

She giggled like a little girl who had a crush. She was just so sexy when adorable. “No I’m not,” she protested as she pushed me away.

“Yes you are,” I argued as I followed her down to Ash’s room. Before she could reach the doorknob, I turned her around and pushed her up against the door. “And it’s turning me on, if you know what I mean.” I whispered.

“Good night Aaron,” she said as she opened the door, slipping away from me.

“You just gone leave me like this?” I asked looking from her down to my sweats. She looked down and then back up at me.

“Yeahp.” she said smiling and closing the door in my face.

“f***!” I thought.

Chapter 8

Chris and I were finally reaching our destination after about another 45 minutes of driving. I had turned my phone off because Aaron and them were bugging the hell out of me. We’d been cruising all day really and I was getting tired. I hadn’t noticed that we had stopped and parked until Chris came around to my side and opened the door for me.

“You gone get out or what?” he asked irritabley.

“Oh, uh yeah. Sorry,” I said. I slowly got out taking in my surroundings. It was dark though, so there wasn’t really much for me to see. Except that I could tell we were in a really bad neighborhood, compared to the one we live in now. Chris and I walked towards the front door. He bent down, lifted up the welcome mat, and grabbed a key. As he unlocked the door, I just kept looking around outside. I was getting a bad vibe from this place and was just ready to go home. I turned back around to tell Chris, but he wasn’t anywhere insight. The house was black and I was starting to get nervous and scared. So, I walked in slowly and carefully.

“Chris!” I whisper-yelled. I couldn’t see anything so I had no clue where I was going. “Chris!” I whisper-yelled again. No answer. I decided to turn my phone on that way I could use the light from it as a guidance. As I stood there, alone, in this scary ass house, I couldn’t help but think of why Chris would want to come all the ay out here to “get away”. My thoughts were soon interrupted when some one came up from behind me and yelled, “Boo”.

“AAAAHHHHHH!” I screamed. I was pretty sure that I had woken the neighbors, if there were any around.

“f*** girl, what the hell you screamin like that fo?” Chris asked as he was laughing and walking passed me into some room. I followed him afaid of being alone again.

“Sorry,” I said still kind of shaken by the whole thing. “But you scared me and I had no idea where you went,” I said.

Chris finally turned on a damn light. That’s when I noticed him just staring at me laughing. “Ugh! He’s laughing at me again. Nice going Ash!” I thought to myself. It took him a while to notice that I wasn’t laughing with him. He finally stopped and walked over to me.

“I’m sorry ma,” he said wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close to him. It caught me off guard. I didn’t expect him to even apologize, let alone hold me the way he was holding me. I liked it though, so I didn’t say or do anything. “It’s just that you actually thought something was going to happen in those 30 seconds that I was gone. It’s cute how you looked so worried though, so don’t even trip” he continued.

I just looked up at him lost in his eyes. It took me a minute to come back to reality. “Whatever,” was all I said as I tried to push away, but Chris didn’t let me go. He just continued to hold me and look at me with those eyes of his. I don’t know what it was about them, or him for that matter, that drew me in. “Chr-” I started to protest, but was stopped when his lips touched mine. It was the second time that he’s done that to me within the last 24 hours. I hadn’t realized that I started to kiss back when Chris pulled away. He just looked down at me and smirked.

“You should answer your phone” he said looking down at my phone as it was lighting up. The caller ID read “Aaron” and I just kept wondering why he kept blowing me up.

“What?” I said as I picked up the phone.

“It’s about f***ing time your ass answered the damn phone!” he yelled. “We’ve been trying to call you for a hour now. Where the hell have you been?!” he asked, still yelling.

“I’m still with Chris. And we’re in Tappahannock.” I said dryly.

“You’re in Tappahannock?!” he yelled again. “How could you be so stupid as to go out that far. It’s a damn near hour. Dad’s in the fuhcking hospital on his death bed and your in f***ing Tappahannock!” he said.

I wasn’t sure if I had hear him right. “DAD’S IN THE HOSPITAL?!” I yelled, now furious with myself for coming out here with Chris. “WHY DIDN’T YOU f***ING TELL ME THAT WHEN I ANSWERED THE f***ING PHONE DUMBASS?!” I said still yelling and on the verge of crying. I saw Chris from the corner of my eyes look at me with concern in his.


“Is he going to be alright?” I asked now in tears and in a softer tone.

I heard Aaron breathe really hard, and that’s when I knew it wasn’t going to be good. “He may not make it Ash,” was all I heard him say before I dropped the phone and broke down in tears. I saw Chris pick up the phone from where I dropped it and heard him talking to Aaron.

“Yeah man, we on our way now. Call us if ya’ll get any updates and we’ll be there as soon as possible.” Chris said and then hung up the phone. He came and sat next to me on the floor with his arms wrapped around my shoulders. I was still crying, trying to figure out why my dad, out of all people, had to be fighting for his life at this very moment. “Ash,” Chris said after about 5 minutes of silence.

“What if we don’t make it.” I said still crying, looking at the floor.

“Don’t think like that Ash, okay?” he asked. “And we will, which is why we have to leave now.” He said getting up from the floor. But I couldn’t move. I was numb. Chris just stood there waitinng for me to get up, after he realized that I wasn’t moving, he picked me up himself and carried me back to the car. I saw him go inside and then when I turned back, I saw him walking back to the car. He got in, buckled up, and drove off without a word.

Me, on the other hand, just continued to cry and ask myself, “Why?”, until I finally drifted to sleep.


Ash was sleep for about 30 minutes when we finally reached the hospital.

“Ash,” I said trying to wake her up. “Ash, we’re here.”

“What?” she asked, half sleep and half awake.

“We’re here.” I repeated. She shot up from her seat so fast that she ended up hitting her head on the roof of the car.I had to hold in my laughter because I knew this wasn’t a time to be smiling. “Are you okay?” asked.

“Yeah,” she said unbuckling her seatbelt. “Let’s go.” she said getting out the car and heading towards the entrance. We walked in and didn’t even bother going to the nurse’s station. We immediatley spotted everyone on one side of the waiting room. Everyone looked stressed, tired, and worried. But Mrs. Daniels caught my attention first. She looked like she was already dead. You can tell that she had been crying her eyes out for who knows how long.

“Mommy!” Ash yelled running over to her and pulling her into a hug. They both stayed like that for at least 5 minutes just crying. It was heartbreaking to watch. Ash was asking all these questions and you can tell her mom was doing the best she can to answer them withoug breaking down all over again. I just kept my distance. Hospitals weren’t really my thing, but Aaron was like family, so I decided to stay. I walked ove to him and Nae to talked to him.

“Yo wassup,” I said, He looked up at me, sighed and just shook his head.

“Man, I don’t even know.” he said. It was clear he had been crying also because his eyes were bloodshot red.

“Well what happened man?” I asked. I waited as he looked off into space trying to gather his thoughts.

“It was a drunk driver,” he finally said after about a minute of silence. “Mom said that they were laughing one minute, and then the next she was yelling for my dad to, “Look out”, as a car was headed right for them. She said that she thought they had ran the red light since they were laughing so much, but the light had been green, and it was the other car that ran it. Since it hit my dad’s side, it was harder for them to get him out than her. She said she thought he was going to die right then and there, but he kept fighting. She didn’t find out that the driver was drunk until about 20 minutes ago. My dad is in surgery right now and they’re doing everything they can to save him since he lost a lot of blood. I did a blood transfusion, but they said it wasn’t enough. Ash can’t do one since she’s adopted, and the blood doesn’t match, ya know? And my mom isn’t a match. My grandparaents are out of town and won’t be able to make it back until the day after tomorrow. By then, it’l be to late. I don’t think this is how my mom wants to let him go, but this may be her only option,” he said looking at his mom and Ash cry with each other in their arms. “I don’t know how this is going to affect my mom though.” he said, still looking at his mother and sister.

Before I could even reply, a doctor came out asking for, “the family of Aaron Daniels.” Aaron, Ashleigh and Mrs. Daniels all stood up and walked over to the doctor. We couldn’t hear what was going on but I knew it couldn’t be good because Mrs. Daniels covered her mouth with her hand as she gasped and began to cry. Aaron and Ashleigh was trying to console her, put it wasn’t helping much. She just kept crying. Just then, Ashleigh started crying too. I walked over to help Aaron out because I knew it was all just to much for him. I grabbed Ash by the waist and pulled her in as she contiued to cry.

“He’s gone Chris,” she cried. “He’s gone and I didn’t even get the chance to say bye.”

“It’s okay Ash,” I said rubbing her back. “You’re going to get through this. You have me, your friends and your family. We’re all here for you.”

“You don’t understand!” she yelled pushing me away. “It’s all my fault for going with you!”

“No it’s not Ash,” I said stepping closer to her to try to get her to calm down, but that just made her even madder.

“NO!” she yelled. “This is all my fault. God is punishing me for my stupid actions. Now my dad has to pay! The only father I will ever have is going to be gone in less than 5 hours and there’s nothing I can do about it!” she yelled still. All eyes in the waiting room were on us at this moment. “If I hadn’t went with you, then this would’ve never happened!” she said now crying, finally allowing me to comfort her again.

I knew she was upset and angry, but the way she was saying those words actually made me believe it. But I knew it wasn’t her fault. She just wanted someone to be angry with, and that person was me at the moment.

“Ashleigh, sweety,” her mom said walking over to us. “Don’t blame yourself. It was just bad timing,” she continued putting her hand on Ash’s back.

“But mommy, it is my fault. If I was the right blood type, then I would’ve been able to save him. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t save him.” Ashleigh said crying even harder now. Her mother pulled her into what seemed like the longest hug ever. Just then, the same doctor walked out and over to Mrs. Daniels and Ash.

“Mrs. Daniels,” he started. “You can see your husband now. Although he’s on life support at the moment, he’s still allowed visitors. But only two at a time,” and with that, he walked away.

“Come on mom,” Aaron said gently grabbing her forearm. “I’ll go in with you.”

After they walked away and out of view, Ashleigh turned around and walked to a chair to sit down. I followed her and sat right next to her. She just stared out in space for a good 2 minutes.

“Why are you still?” she asked after a while.

“Because I’m not leaving until I know that you are okay” I said.

With that, we just sat there in silence waiting for it to be Ash’s turn to go in. After about 15 mintues, Mrs. Daniels and Aaron came out, signaling that Ash could go in. We got up and started walking towards the room. When we got there though, we didn’t go in right away. Ash just stood there looking at the door.

“I’m here for you, Ash” I said grabbing her hand and giving it a small squeeze for reassurance.

She looked up at me and said, “Okay.” before slowly opening the door into the room.

Chapter 7

Chris and Ashleigh have been gone for about an hour in a half now. My parents will be home soon, and I don’t know what to tell them when they ask about Ashleigh. Everyone heard what Chris said before he hung up because I had put the phone on speaker. Nae had been trying to calm me down ever since then, but nothing is working. I all I want to do is beat the s*** out of Chris. I may not know the full story behind his comment, but once I do, that is his ass.

“Aaron!” Nae yelled bringing me out of my thoughts. She had took me into my room away from everyone since the whole thing went down. I haven’t said much and she was still trying to hold a conversation with me. I think I was scaring her a bit too because she’s never seen me so mad.

“Yeah?” I asked looking at her. She was sitting next to me on the bed with her hair in a messy bun, some sweats, and one of my hoodies. She still looked beautiful though.

“Are you okay?” she asked. “You’ve been kind of quiet since getting off the phone with Chris.”

“Uh, yeah. I’m just worried, that’s all.” I said. She had this concerned look in her eyes. Like she knew I was lying, but she didn’t want to push it.

“Well, Ash is a big girl. And Chris won’t do anything to hurt her. I’m sure everything is perfectly fine. Where ever they are.” she said.

“I guess you’re right.” I said.

“Of course I am.” she said leaning in kissing me. I don’t know what it was about her, but she always knew how to make a bad situation into something good.

I pulled her in close then rolled her around so that I was on top. She locked her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. Then she took of my shirt. I don’t know how it happened, but it did. I then started to take off the hoodie so that she was now only in a bra and sweats. It was as if she want me to take her down right then and there. I was getting tempted, but I knew that she wanted her first time to be special. A quickie in my bed isn’t that special when you think about it. So, I stopped her before we went any further.

“What?” she said looking at me confused.

“Nothing, I just don’t think we should get to carried away.” I said. I know I was hurting her, and I wasn’t trying to, I just knew that if we kept going, she was going to regret it, and maybe even me.

“We weren’t getting carried away Aaron.” she said. The sadness in her voice was slowly coming out.

“Yes, we kind of were. And I know that you want your first time to be special. Not when there’s a group of people downstairs to give a show to.” I said.

“So you’re saying that if we were here alone, you would have sex with me?” she asked. Oh hell. I didn’t know if I should answer that. Was it a trick question?

“Are you pulling one of those female moves where you ask one thing but are really asking something else?” I asked.

“Just answer the question Aaron.” she said.

“Yes, if we were here alone I would have sex with you. But that’s if you were ready.” I said.

“What if I was ready now?” she asked. She was still in her bra and sweats. Damn, she looked really good.

“You aren’t ready Nae.” I said.

“We’ll see about that.” she said grabbing the sweatshirt and heading towards the door. But before she could walk out, I grabbed her, spun her around and kissed her like I’ve never kissed her before. She locked her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck just like she did a few minutes ago. I picked her up and walked over to the bed never breaking away. I threw her down, climbed on top and went to work.

I kissed her lips, then went down to her neck, after was her breast, and then her stomach. I went back up to her lips and asked her if she was ready. She nodded. When I got to her inner thighs, I did my magic. Her moans were soft, sweet and low. I sucked, bit, nibbled, and slurpped on her clit. Her moans grew louder but I knew I wasn’t done yet. I spelled out “Aaron loves Nae” and that’s what made her explode. I reached over in the night stand, grabbed a magnum and slid it right on.

“Are you sure you ready?” I asked her.

“Stop playin with me and f*** me already Aaron!” she yelled.

I slid in slow.

“s***. f***. A-aa-aaron.” she moaned my name like it was the only thing she knew. I knew I had her where I wanted her, so I pulled out, tossed the condom in the trash and threw on some boxers, a shirt and some sweats.

“What the f***?!” she yelled.

“I told you that you weren’t ready.” I said tossing her my hoodie and sweats, along with her bra and Vickie Secrets.

“So you were trying to teach me a lesson or something?” she asked still sitting up in the bed with the sheet covering her.

“Yeah, pretty much. Now go get showered. I gotta wash those sheets now, and there’s people downstairs waiting for us.” I said walking towards the door.

“Ugh! I f***in hate your ass.” she said walking towards the bathroom still covering herself.

“I love you too!” I called after her when she slammed the bathroom door.


I was laughing to myself as I went downstairs. I put the sheets in the washer and then went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Nae didn’t feel me up that much so I was still hungry.

“Aye nigga! What the hell was ya’ll doin up there?” asked Mijo when I walked in. Him, Ty and Gui were all roaming the kitchen.

“Why everytime I come up in here, ya’ll niggas is always in here?” I asked.

“Answering a question with a question I see.” said Ty.

I just started laughing. They really thought I was gone tell them what had just happened. “Where the other girls at?” I asked trying to change the subject.

“Now we changing the subject. Ok, two can play that game. They out back straightening up.” Mijo said.

“Where’s Nae?” asked Gui.

“Oh, uh …. she’s in the shower.” I said. But I sort of mumbled it hoping they didn’t catch what I said.

“She what?” asked Gui. He already looked mad.

“She’s in the shower?” I said. It came out like a question though.

“Nigga is you crazy?!” Gui said running and yelling at me. Ty and Mijo held him back though.

“Gui, man calm down. It’s not even like that.” I said. It was half true. Me and Nae didn’t have sex, I just ate her out. Complete difference.

“It’s not even like what?” asked Nelle who was walking into the kitchen at this point. “Where’s Nae?” she asked.

“Damn, why is everyone so concerned about Nae?” I asked. “Nae is fine. She’s in the shower. Who we need to be worrying about is Chris and Ashleigh.” I said. “Have they called or texted yet?” I asked to no one in particular.

“Naw, they haven’t got in contact with us since earlier.” Ty said.

“Alright, well we need to call them again. My parents are going to be home in less than an hour and Ashleigh needs to be here.” I said. “If not, then that’s my ass, along with all of yours.” I said, making it clear that we all went down if them two were not walking through that door in less than an hour.

“She isn’t answering my calls.” I said to everyone when I was walking into the living room. We’d all been trying to call Ash and Chris for the past 20 minutes. At first, she didn’t answer, but now it’s going straight to voicemail which only means one thing. She turned her f***in phone off.

“I keeping getting Ashleigh’s voicemail.” said Lexi.

“Well where the hell could they be?” I asked, hoping someone had answers.

“s***, I don’t even know where to start looking,” said Ty.

“We don’t need to leave this house. We need to stay here just in case they come back before your parents do. Who knows, their phones might have died and they could be on their way back right now.” said Nae. She was right, but I still wasn’t convinced.

“f***. They need to be here soon. They’ve been gone for almost 4 hours,” I said. “Where the hell could they even go?” I asked.

I sat down and put my head in between my knees trying to calm myself down.


I ran to the phone and picked it up without looking at the caller ID.

“Hello!” I yelled.

“Aaron, it’s me, your mother.” my mom said.

“Oh, hey mom. You and dad almost home?” I asked.

“Uh, sweety … there’s …. there’s been an accident.” my mom said before breaking out in tears. “You and Ash need to get down to the hospital as soon as possible.” she said still crying.

“Mom what’s wrong? Is everything okay? How bad was the accident? Where’s dad?” I asked her.

“No everything isn’t okay!” she yelled. “And it was horrible.” She continued.

“Where’s dad?” I asked again. “Is he going to be fine?”

“He may not make it Aaron.” was the last thing I heard before my mom broke out in more tears and the line went dead.

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run it!!!!

Chapter 6

After I saw Ty with his arm over Ash’s shoulder walking towards us, I had completely lost my appetite. I had threw my plate away, walked into the house, and was about to walk out the door when Ash called me.

“Chris!” she had yelled. I didn’t know if I should just ignore her or keep going. There wasn’t much time to think about what I wanted to do because she was already in front of me when I was trying to walk out the door again.

“What?” I asked. I figured if I was hostile to her, she would go away, but she didn’t. She stood her grounds.

“What is your problem?” she asked. “Like seriously, Chris. One minute you’re laughing with everyone, then the next you’re running away with this mean look on your face like someone did something to you!” she yelled.

“I ain’t got a problem.” I said bluntly. I hated that I had to act like this. If I stayed, there was no guarenteeing as to what might happen.

“Well obviously something happened out there that has you running off the way you did.” she said, still not backing down.

“Nothin happened. I just lost my appeptite and decided to go for a drive.” I had said. Hopefully she believed me.

“Mmhmm.” she replied with “the look”. So much for believing me.

I started to go around her, but she just got back in my way.

“Well, I’m coming with you then.” she said while finally opening the door and heading towards my car. I was shocked too. Why would she want to come with me after the way I just treated her?

“You don’t need to come with me.” I said. Maybe she would think that I didn’t want her to come and take a hint.

“I don’t care what you gotta say,” she said. “I’m getting in this car, and you can try to stop me if you want, but you won’t have much luck.”

Damn, she a little fiesty one.

I just looked at her and laughed. “What the hell you gone do anyway?” I asked. “You short as hell.” I continued.

“Hahaha. Very funny,” she said while sliding into the car. “But you don’t know what I’m capable of.”

I don’t know if I have a dirty mind, or if I heard her right, but I could have sworn that she was flirting with me. “Yeah, well we’ll see about that real soon. Won’t we?” I said with a smirk on my face.

She opened her mouth to say something, then closed it, then opened it again. But nothing came out, and she just sat there, probably processing what I had just said. “If that’s what you think.” she finally said after about a minute of silence.

“I don’t think, I know.” I said. Maybe I was becocming too c**ky with myself, but the facial expression on Ash’s face after that last comment was priceless. She just turned her head and looked out the window without saying one word. Silence. Exactly what I needed at the moment.

***** 20 minutes later *****

I didn’t know exactly where we were going, but I just needed to get away for a while. We’d been driving for about 20 minutes when Ash finally spoke since we drove off.

“Where are we going?” she had asked with a slight attitude.

“Don’t worry about it. You the one who decided that they wanted to come.” I said.

“Ugh!,” she half yelled. “I’m hungry. Can we at least stop to get something to eat?” she asked.

“Why didn’t you eat at the house?” I asked. But then regretted it the next minute.

“Well I was about to when somebody decided that they wanted to act like a jealous b**** and run out the house.” she said.

Damn, it was like that.

“Well, ain’t nobody told you to go run after that “jealous b****” in the first place. You could’ve just stayed yo ass back at the house.” I said, now kind of mad at the fact that she thought I was jealous. Ha! Who was the funny one now?

“I’ma need you to stop cussin at me like you own me or something,” shesaid. “I’m not one of your little hoes that you can just boss around. You better come at me more better then that, Chris.” she said.

f***! She had an attitude. For some reason though, it all just seemed sexy to me. The way she was talking to me was pure sexiness. She ws right though. She wasn’t like them other girls I be f***in with. I did need to watch the way I talked to her.

“Yeah, whatever.” I said. I did say that I “needed” to watch the way I talked to her. I never said I “would” watch the way I talked to her.

“Keep f***in with me Christopher. I will personally chop of your balls and feed them to the gorillas at the zoo.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you serious right now?” I had to ask. Two things was wrong with what just happened. One, she called me Christopher, something no one called me. Two, I couldn’t tell if she was dead serious or just playing around. I guess she was dead serious though because she just looked at me and was like, “We’ll see soon, won’t we?”


After I saw Chelle run after Chris, I knew something was about to happen. They had been in the house for about 20 minutes when Aaron finally said something.

“Yo, what the hell is taking them so f***in long?” he had asked to no one in particular.

“s***, I don’t know nigga. That’s yo sister in there with that nigga Breezy. What the f*** you think is takin them so long?” Mijo asked. He must of hit a nerve in Aaron because the next thing I see is Aaron throwing Nae off his lap and running into the house. We all ran after him as we searched for Chelle and Chris.

After about 5 mintues looking for these niggas, Nae came threw the front door yelling, “They’re gone!”

“What the f*** you mean ‘they’re gone’? Aaron had asked. He was now pacing the living room with his fist balled up.

“Well, Chris’ car isn’t in the front anymore.” Nae said. She looked scared. I knew she was though cause when Aaron got mad, he got MAD!

“Did yall try calling them yet?” he asked. Everyone said a quick ‘no’, and that’s all he needed. He ran to the kitchen yelling and s*** while dialing Chelle’s number. I’m assuming she picked up because he was on the phone yelling, “Where the f*** are you?!”

s*** just got real.


I was about to say something to Chris when my phone started vibrating. I didn’t really bother looking at the screen to see who was calling, but I wish I had. When I picked up, Aaron was on the phone yelling, “Where the f*** are you?”

“I’m with Chris, so calm down.” I said. He was overreacting and just needed to chill.

“Calm down! You want me to f***in calm down?! You go disappearing with that nigga and expect me to calm the f*** down?! he yelled. I think Chris heard him because he was just laughing.

He grabbed the phone from my hand, put it on speaker, and started talking to Aaron.

“Nigga, she right. Yo ass need to calm down.” he said.

“Yall need to stop tellin me to calm down. I’m f***in calmer than calm. What yall need to be doin is being on yo way back to the house.” Aaron had said.

“We be there when we be there Aaron.” Chris had said.

“Nigga! You better not try nothin with my sister. Touch her and that’s your ass!” he yellled. Chris was pushing his buttons and he knew it.

“To late for that bro.” Chris said, and then hung up.

***** 10 minutes later *****

I sat there not knowing what to say. Did he really just say what he said and do what he just did? I guess he knew I was trying to process everything that had just happened within the last 10 minutes because he was looking at me saying “Sorry.”

“It’s ok.” I said. It really was okay. I was tired of Aaron always being so over-protective of me. I love him and all, but sometimes he just needed to give me my space. “Are we gonna go get something to eat now or what?” I had asked. I was still hungry, and the situation was getting the best of me.

“Uh, yeah. Where you wanna go?” he asked, steady focused on the road.

“Whatever we see within the next 5 minutes or so.” I said. I didn’t know where the hell we were, so I didn’t want to name a fast food place that was no where around.

“Is In-N-Out okay?” he asked pointing towards the place that was coming into view.

“It’s perfect.” I said with a smile on my face.

“Someone’s a little hungry.” he said laughing.

“Aren’t you? ‘Cause you didn’t eat either.” I said.

“Not until you just said something.” he said now pulling up to the speaker box thingy.

“Welcome to In-N-Out. What can I get for you today?” asked the girl through the speakbox.

I climbed over Chris and yelled, “Can I get a number 1 with a strawberry shake please?!”

“Will that be all?” she asked.

I looked at Chris and asked what he wanted.

“I’ll get the same thing as you, but with a vanilla shake.” he said.

“Uhm, no. Can I get another number one with a vanilla shake please?!” I yelled again.

“Will that be all?” she asked again, now sounding a bit more irritated.

“Yes, that’s all.” I said.

She read us our orders again along with the price.

“Thank you!” I yelled before Chris got ready to drive up to the first window. He was just laughing as he pulled off.

“What’s so funny?” I asked buckling myself up.

“You.” he said while still laughing.

“Whatever.” I said with a slight attitude. He always thinks I’m funny.

When we got to the first window, the girl looked at Chris, then me, and gave us the price. Chris handed her a twenty dollar bill and she handed him the change with the receipt.

“Yall have a nice day.” she said. And with that, she closed the window before we could even say anything.

“b****!” I yelled when we were driving away.

Chris just started laughing all over again.

“Lemme guess,” I said. “I’m funny, huh?”

He just nodded and kept laughing.


It was way to funny not to laugh at Ashleigh. After she called the girl a b****, I just stared laughing all over again. I don’t know if it was what she said, the way she said, or the fact that she seemed jealous in some sort of way, but it all was just funny.

We finally got our food, and headed back towards the road. I looked over at Ashleigh, and she was eating like she had never eaten before.

“Damn girl slow down.” I said while laughing. Everything she was doing was just really funny.

“Stop laughing at me!” she yelled.

“I can’t help it if you’re funny.” I said.

“Ugh! Whatever.” she said now getting upset. “Where the hell are we and where the hell are we going?” she asked.

“I don’t know. And I don’t know.” I said.

“What the hell you mean you don’t know?!” she yelled. “You better figure out where the f*** we are and then take us home!” she yelled again.

I started laughing. Again. She was cute whe she yelled and cussed at the same time. s***, it was turnin a nigga on. If ya know what I mean.

“Calm down. We still in Virginia, just a different part. We’re like 30 minutes from home.” I said.

“What part of Virginia are we in?” she asked.

“Tappahannock.” I had said way to low for her to hear me. I was wrong about that thoo.

“TAPPAHANNOCK! What the f*** are we doing in Tappahannock?!” she yelled. She was now freaking out for no reason.

“Nothing. I just drive out here when I need to get away.” I said.

“Well what are you trying to get away from Christopher?” she asked, using my full name again.

“You.” I said bluntly. I might have took her by surprise because she didn’t say anything after that.

Ha he's jealous lol run it

run it

Chapter 5

I woke up to what I thought was early in the morning to see that Chris was finally back in his spot. After he ran out, for some appearant reason, I’d figure that he’d be back within the next couple of hours. I looked at the clock and it said 10:49. I couldn’t really go back to sleep so I had decided to take a shower and then go downstairs and watch some tv. When I got down there, I saw Ashleigh and Nae staring at the tv like it was about to get up and walk away.

“What the hell are yall doin up so early?” I asked. I guess I scared them because Nae jumped up and screamed like she was watching a horror movie or some s*** and Ash just jumped. When Nae jumped though, I saw what she was wearing, and damn she looked good. I wanted to take her down right then and there, but I had to compose myself. “Just breathe” I told myself after a couple of seconds.

“Don’t be sneaking up on people like that boy! What the hell is wrong with you?!” Ash whisper-yelled at me.

“Uh, sorry.” I said. I was still somewhat focused on Nae. She was breath taking at times, literally.

“What are you doing up so early?” Nae asked. I wasn’t expecting her to acknowledge my presence so it took me a minute to realize that she was talking to me.

“Oh, uh, I couldn’t really sleep anymore.” I said. I started walking towards the other couch since her and Ash were on the love seat, when Ash told me to switch places with her.

“You can take this seat and I’ll sit on the big couch ‘cause I wanna stretch out my legs.” she had said to me.

I didn’t really know what to do or say, so I gave her a quick, “Sure” and went to sit next to Nae. I could feel her tense up a little when I finally sat down, but she started to relax after about a couple of mintues.

“Uh, do you want some covers?” she asked, but it was more like a whisper. I think she was nervous, which was okay since that made two of us.

“Naw, I’m good. Thanks thoo.” I said. She gave me a look that said, “You better take some damn covers.” When I did, she found my hand and decided to hold it. I’ve been wanting to hold her all day yesterday, but I knew I couldn’t just yet. I saw her smile a little when she did this, and I knew she enjoyed every minute of it.

It really sucks that we can’t be open about our relationship. I knew I was wrong for having her go behind her friends back. She deserved more and better. I couldn’t take it anymore and I just had to let her know how I felt.

“Ash, I need to talk to you, like now.” I said to Ashleigh. I saw Nae give me a pleading look from the corner of my eyes, but I didn’t care. We weren’t gonna keep this a secret anymore.

“About…?” she asked. She thought it was probably something stupid so she didn’t pay much attention.

“It’s about me and Nae.” I blurted out. I couldn’t even stop myself from what I was about to say next. “I like her, scratch that, I love her, and hopefully she feels the same about me. We’ve been together for at least about 2 in a half months now and it’s killing me to keep you in the dark about us. I don’t care if you approve or not, but I want to be with her and sneaking around isn’t the best way if we want this relationship to last. I really hope we do have your blessing. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but maybe within the next couple of years. I’m going to marry this girl Ash, and I want you to be there. I don’t want something so important to be the reason we stop talking in the near future. I know Nae is the one, and she’s gonna need her best friend there throughout all our ups and downs.”

When I looked over at Nae, she was smiling and had tears rolling down her cheeks. She kept wiping them, but they just kept coming back. I walked over to her, grabbed her face in my hands and said, “I love you” before kissing her like it was the last kiss I’ll ever have.

“I love you too.” she said after numerous lip lockdowns.

“Aaaawwww, I’m so happy for you guys!” Ash said running over to us for a group hug. When I looked at her, I saw she had tears in her eyes too.

“Why are yall crying?” I asked.

“Because, my brother just told me that he loves my best friend. And that he’s gonna marry her one day.” Ash said with the biggest grin on her face.

“Well, well, well. Look what we have here.” said someone, who wasn’t Ash, Nae or me.

I had turned around, and it was Gui.


I knew some s*** was up between the two of them. After what I saw yesterday, I knew it was only a matter of time. I walked into the living room hearing the whole conversation.

“I just have one thing to say to you, Aaron.” I said while walking towards them. He looked at me like he was about to get punched on. Just where I wanted him. I stuck out my hand for a hand shake and said, “Welcome to the fam dawg.”

He just laughed and pulled me into a bro hug and said, “Haha. You had me a little nervous for a second there Gui. I thought you was about to pull something and what not.”

“Hahaha. Naw it’s all good bro. Just take care of my baby sister for me. And if you even think about hurting her, yo ass will get whooped on.” I said half-ass serious.

“God-baby sister.” Nae said with that correction tone in her voice.

“I don’t give a f*** what you wanna call it. You’re my sister and no nigga is gonna hurt you without getting through me.” I said. She was tearing up all over again. Right along with Ashleigh.

“Why are yall crying? It’s to freaking early in the morning for waterworks.” Lexi said walking into the living room. Damn, she looked good. s***, she always looked good. But we was just friends. Even though I hoped there would be more. While Ash and Nae took her outside to tell her everything, Chris, Ty and Mijo walked into the living room with the same questions. Aaron told them everything they needed to know.

“Damn nigga, how you gone hold out on ya bros like that?” asked Mijo when he was done.

“It wasn’t even like that man, it just happened, and I really didn’t want to say anything until I knew for sure.” Aaron replied.

“Aye man, how do you even know if she is the one? Yo ass barely just turned 18 not to long ago.” Chris said.

“I don’t know bro. I guess when you know, you know.” Aaron said. I felt him on that one though. You can’t help what the heart wants.

“Aight, enough of this simpin type of s***. Yall need to man the f*** up!” Ty had said getting up walkig towards the kitchen.

We all got up and followed him. I guess we didn’t know how hungry we all were until Ty pulled a little bit of everything from the fridge. We had decided to grill some burgers and hot dogs and have a mini barbeque. The girls had finally came back in the house after about 30 minutes outside. We told them our plan and got to grilling and chilling.

***** 1 hour later *****

“AAARROOON PUT ME DOWN NOW!” Nae was yelling as Aaron was getting ready to throw her in the pool. But of course, he didn’t listen and threw her right in. She got out yelling a whole bunch of s***, but I don’t think he cared.

“Yall are a mess!” Ash yelled at them from the other side of the yard.

I decided to go talk to her, I had a feeling something was bothering her.

“Hey Ash.” I said sitting down next to her.

“Hey Gui. Having fun?” she asked.

“Yeah. I just wanted to come see why you not in the pool?” I replied.

“Oh, well I’m not really in the mood to get in the water. Just kind of chilling here watching everyone else I guess.” she said. She didn’t seem like herself. Not like the fun and outgoing Ashleigh I knew.

“Come here.” I said standing up and holding out my hand. She hesitated for a few seconds, but finally grabbed onto it.

“Your ass better not pull that s*** Aaron jus pulled and throw me in the pool.” she said half serious.

I just had to laugh because she really thought she was gonna be able to stop me. “Hahaha. I won’t, don’t worry.” I said.

“Well, where are we going?” she asked after a couple of minutes of silence.

“No where in particular. I just thought you needed to get away from everyone for a while. I can see that something’s bothering you. If you wanna talk bout I’m here for you, Ash. You know that, right?” I asked.

She looked like she was about to cry, but she didn’t. “Yeah, I know, but I don’t wanna talk bout it. At least not right now.” she said while wiping the few tears that had escaped.

“Ok. Well come to me if you need anything. Or if you just wanna talk to get some things off your chest. K?” I said.

“Okay, I will. I promise.” she said holding out her pink with a smile on her face. I connected my pink to hers and we shook.

“Can I get in here for a minute?” someone had asked from behind us.

When we turned around, it was Ty. Ashleigh’s whole facial expression changed within the next 0.7 seconds.


When I saw Michael standing there, my whole mood changed. I really thought that I was bipolar because one second I’m happy and smiling, then the next, I’m mad as f*** and wanna beat someone down.

Gui looked at me making sure if I wanted him to leave. “I’ll catch up with you later Gui.” I said to him as he started walking away.

“Fasho.” was all he said, then he was gone.

Michael and I were standing there for to long when I finally said something.

“What do you want Michael?” I asked with a slight attitude.

“Look Chelle, we need to talk about what happened last night. You can’t keep avoiding me like this.” He said. Ugh! I hated when he was right. I had been avoiding him, and Chris for that matter, all afternoon.

“I’m not avoiding you Michael, I just don’t have anything to say.” I said. It was semi-true.

He just gave me that ‘mmhmm’ look. He knew I was lying. “So I couldn’t even get a ‘Hi.’ from my best friend this morning?” he asked with hurt in his voice.

“What do you want me to say Michael, huh?” I asked. “Do you want me to tell you that we shouldn’t have kissed and that it was a big mistake? Well guess what, we shouldn’t have kissed and it was a big mistake! Are you happy now?!” I yelled.

“You know that it wasn’t a mistake. And yes, we shouldn’t have kissed, but we did and we can’t really change that now. Can we?” he asked.

I just stood there. Did he really say that it wasn’t a mistake? “No Michael, we can’t change that, but we can move on. I love you and I know you love me, but there’s someone else you love more than me. And although you haven’t told her yet, I’m sure she’ll probably feel somewhat the same. But me and you, we’re just best friends, and that’s it. Maybe somewhere in the future when the time is right we’ll be together, but there’s someone else who has your heart.” I said.

“f***, I hate it when you’re right Chelle.” he said running his hands over his face and smiling. That made two of us.

“Well, ya know how I do.” I said while cracking a smile.

“Don’t get c**ky.” he said while laughing.

“Niggggaaaa, what is you talking about. Never that.” I said.

“Mmhmm, well can I get my hug now before that c**kiness goes to your head?” he asked.

“Sure, but only if you tell her how you feel by the end of today. Deal?” I asked.

“Ugh! Chelle are you forreal? Why today? How come not next week or some s***?” he asked.

“‘Cause I know if your ass wait til next week, it’s not gone get done. Plus, aren’t yall together anyways?” I asked.

“Naw, we not together, just talking really.” he replied.

“Well either way it go, you need to talk to her.” I said, now slowly going back to the group.

“I hear you Chelle.” Michael said, throwing his arm over my shoulder and guiding us back.

When we got back, everyone looked up as soon as we came into view. The first person I saw was Chris, and that was when he was throwing away his plate and walking off into the house with a mad look on his face.

“Oh lord, here we go again!” I thought as I ran into the house after him, something I’ve done for the first time out of all the situations we’ve had within the last 24 hours.

Lol they're just gonna go back and forth ....but whoa there tyga..kissing her really!

Run it!!!!

Chapter 4

I seriously couldn’t believe the move I just pulled on Chris. Those words would’ve never escaped my mouth even if I conviced myself. I had just left him there looking like a fool just like he did to me less than 25 minutes ago. He deserved it though. As soon as I got to my room, the girls threw a million questions at me.

“OMG! What the f*** was that about!?” asked Nelle.

“Giiiiirrrllll!” Nae said, emphasis on the ‘girl’.

“We want all the details. And yo ass better not leave nothing out either.” demanded Alexia.

So, I told them what happened, starting with what had happened at the door when I got the pizza. It wasn’t a super long story, but they still wanted all the details. When I was done, they all just looked at me in shock. Nae was the first to speak.

“He so wants to tap that.” she said with a big ass grin on her face.

I laughed at how crazy she was. “What are you talking about. I am only Aaron’s little sister to him and nothing more” I said while still laughing a little bit.

“b**** please!” yelled Nelle. “You know you would jump on his d*** the first chance you were to get!” she continued.

What she said was true, but maybe not all the way true. Yeah I would be really happy that he might like me, but I don’t think I would f*** him the first chance I got. I’m still a virgin and still think about my first being with someone I love, not some high school crush. I guess I was thinking about what she said, because when I snapped back to reality they were all looking at me.

“What the f*** yall b****es looking at!?” I snapped, now irritated and mad that they think I would just give it up to Chris at any chance.

“Someone’s a little cranky,” Alexia said while getting up to get the tv remote.

“Sorry, but what Nelle said isn’t true. If I were to get the chance to f*** him, I would, but I doubt it’ll be the first chance I got. And with him, I don’t wanna be some one night stand.” I said, with my voice cracking a little bit.

They all just kind of looked around not knowing what to say. I guess they were shocked as to how I took Nelle’s joke. That made four of us then.

“Ash, I’m sorry to have made you mad. You know I was only kiddin with you girl.” Nelle said walking over to sit next to me on the bed.

“It’s okay. I don’t know why it got to me so bad. Normally I can just brush it off.” I said while wiping the few fallen tears from my eyes.

“Ok,” Nae said trying to get us on a happy note. “Why don’t we pick some movies to watch, get some snacks, boxes of tissues, and let our girls night in begin!”

“Haven’t we had enough tears for one night?” Alexia asked while laughing.

“Yeah guys, Lexi’s right. We should get some comedies and some scary movies. No rom-coms tonight.” I said since I wasn’t for anymore tears.

“Ok, how bout 1 rom-com, 2 comedies, and 2 scary movies?” Nae asked. “I really wanna see No Strings Attached.” she continued.

“I wanna see that too,” said Nelle. “I heard it was really funny.”

‘Well,” I said lingering on the thought, “1 rom-com wouldn’t kill us, I guess.”

“That’s fine with me too,” Lexi said. “Who’s gonna get the snacks?” she asked looking around at everyone.

“Um, I’ll do it.” I said heading towards the door.

“Ash, you sure? I mean, I could do it if you want me to.” Nelle offered. I shook my head and headed downstairs towards the kitchen.

I figured Aaron and the guys were in his room chilling or something, so I wasn’t expecting to run into anyone on my way, or even in the kitchen. But I did.


Them niggas was to damn lazy to go get they own food, so I decided to do it myself, or else we was gone starve to death. As I got to the kitchen, I started roaming the cabinets for s*** to snack on while we played some games. I didn’t hear any footsteps, so when I turned around, I was kind of shocked to see her down here.

“Sup, Chelle.” I said to her. I was the only one who called her that though.

“Hi, Michael.” she said, with an attitude. She was the only one, and I mean the only one, who called me by my real name. Everyone else called me Tyga, or Ty. By the way she said it though, that meant she was still mad at me about what I told her last week.

“I guess you still mad at me, huh?” I asked.

“You expect me to be happy about this s***!?” she yelled. And a little to loud.

“Shhhh! What the hell you yellin for Chelle?!” I whisper yelled at her. She was bout to cause everyone to come down here, and I wasn’t having that.

“Don’t tell me to ‘shhhh’!” she yelled again. “You’re my best friend. How do you expect me to act like ain’t s*** happenin, huh!?” she continued yelling.

“I expect you to act like ain’t s*** happenin, cause ain’t s*** happenin!” I yelled. I was now pissed that she was still mad. I mean like forreal, how you gone be mad at me for tellin you how I feel bout someone. I guess she wasn’t fully getting it though.

“Michael,” she said, now a bit more calmer. “I can’t keep this from her. If you love her the way you say you do, then you need to tell her. It sucks that I can’t even tell her though. Do you know how hard it is for me to be around her and to just wantin to be like, “Oh, hey by the way, Michael loves you and wants to get with you.” she continued.

Damn, the way she puttin it, it does suck. I hate that I got her in the middle of this. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen either, it all just kind of did. I looked at her and she looked mad, hurt, concerned, and scared all at the same time. I walked over to her and just gave her a hug though. She looked like she needed it. Next thing I know, she was crying.

“Chelle, what you crying for?” I asked. She normally held everything in. But I knew when she just couldn’t take it anymore.

“It’s nothing.” she said while wiping tears away from her cheeks.

I gave her that ‘i-aint-stupid’ look and she just started crying again. It hurts me to see my best friend cry and there isn’t much I can do about it. Especially when I have no idea why she is crying. She lifted her head up at me and just stared at me for a little bit. I looked at her too, and noticed she had the most beautiful brown eyes ever. Next thing I know, my tongue was in her mouth. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so right. She knew it too, because she finally pulled away.

Shocked, she grabbed what she needed to grab and started to walk out the kitchen, but came to a stop when she saw him standing there. She didn’t say anything to him, or me.

“I guess you do have a type.” he said. He looked straight at me, then her and walked towards the front door.

As they both walked away, I just stood there asking myself, “Damn, what the f*** did I just do?”


As I walked out the front door, towards my car, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I just saw. Ty was supposed to my nigga. But I couldn’t be all that mad at him because he didn’t know about how I felt about Ashleigh. But I thought she was different. I thought she liked me, but I guess I was dead wrong. I started the engine and just drove. I didn’t know exactly where I was going, but I just needed to get away.

I was probably driving for at least 3 hours, when I ended up back here. I don’t know why I came back, but I guess I kind of had to. The front door was still unlocked, which was weird. I figured they would’ve locked the door after I left, but I guess they knew I was going to come back. I look at my phone, and it read 2:07. Damn, I didn’t even think it was so late. I headed upstairs towards Aaron’s room, but stopped in my tracks when I heard crying. I followed the sounds to the living room, and it led me to her.

There she was, sitting on the couch with her knees to her face and a small cover, crying. Although I was still mad, I went over to her. “Ash?” I called to her before I could even stop myself.

She jumped at the sound of my voice. As soon as she saw me though, she pulled the cover over her head and yelled, “Go away!”.

I walked a little closer over to her and pulled the cover from over her face. I don’t know what was getting into me, but I couldn’t be mad at her for long. I just really wanted to know if she was ok. “Ash, come on, talk to me. What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it. Just go away.” she said while trying to pull the cover back over her head. But I stopped her before she could even do anything.

“No,” I said. “I’m gonna sit here until you tell me why you’re down here at 2 something in the morning crying in the dark.” I continued.

“It’s not like you even care.” she said. “So why does it matter?” she had asked.

“I never said I cared, and I never said it mattered, I just said that I wasn’t leaving until you told me what’s wrong.” I said.

“There’s nothing to tell. So you’re just wasting you’re time. And what makes you think I would tell you what’s wrong anyway?” she asked. Damn, she had an attitude, normally, I would tell any other b**** to watch the way she talked to me, but with Ash, it was different. She was different. I was different.

“Well obviously there’s something to tell. And it wouldn’t be wasting my time. And what makes you think you can’ tell me what’s wrong?” I asked.

She just stared at me like she was trying to come up with something smart to say. I started laughing because it was actually kind of cute the way she was looking at me. I knew she was thinking really hard for something to say.

“What the hell is so funny?” she asked. Her attitude level was going up, and so was CJ.

“You.” I told her.

“So, you think that it’s funny that I’m sitting down here at 2 something in the morning crying over your ass?” she asked.

What she just said took me off guard. Damn, I thought. I wasn’t expecting her to actually tell me her reason of being down here. Now that she did, I couldn’t even think of anything to say.

“Yeah, not so funny any more is it?” she asked. I just looked at her. I was literally speechless. I don’t know what the f*** was getting into me. I guess she thought I didn’t care ‘cause she started to get up.

“Wait,” I said while pulling her back down next to me on the couch.

She just looked at me. “What? You wanna tell me how you just see me as Aaron’s little sister and that nothing more is going to happen. Well guess what, I don’t need to hear that s*** right now. I already know that you don’t like me the way I like you, and that’s fine, but don’t have me sticking around for something that’s not worth it.” she said with more volume in her voice. She started walking away, but I just couldn’t let her go. I grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me.

We were at a kissing distance. Just how I liked it. She was about to say something, but I cut her off, with a kiss. Her lips were soft against mine. I insterted my tongue in her mouth. I could have sworn I heard her moan a little bit. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started to kiss back after. That’s when I knew I had her right where I wanted her. I pulled back, looked at her, and then walked away.

I left her there to think about what had just happened, just how she did to me less than 7 hours ago.

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Chapter 3

After I saw Chris pull Ash aside, I knew something was about to go down. I just really hope that Chris didn’t mention anything about me and Aaron. If he did, I’m pretty sure I was going to lose my best friend and the love of my life. I liked Aaron, and I was sure he liked me, but I think my feelings for him are a lot stronger than his feelings for me. I guess we were just going to have to wait and see.


When I saw Ash go outside with Chris, I knew something was up. But it was when I saw Nae eyeballing Chris like he was her man. Maybe her and Chris hooked up recently, and that’s why she’s been a little sketchy. If Ash finds out, she’ll be devastated, and that’ll be the end of her and Nae’s friendship. For good!


Everyone seemed really….odd after Chris pulled Ash aside. I was starting to worry that maybe something is going on. Who even knows though, I’m the last one to find out anything. This is exactly why I haven’t even told them about me and ……… yet. I guess when the time is right, I’ll let them know what’s up between us.


It seemed as if everyone around saw Chris and Ashleigh go outside. The only thing I could think about was that I hope he doesn’t mention anything about Nae and I. I mean I like her, hell I think I’m falling in love with her, but I just don’t want everyone in our business like that. Nae probably noticed me looking at them as well because that’s when she texted me.

Nae <3: Do you think he’s gonna say anything to her?

Me: Idk. Maybe….

Nae <3: Well maybe we should tell everyone ourselves by the end of the week.

Me: I think you’re right. I don’t wanna keep hiding like this. It’s my sister we’re talking about, I dnt think she’ll care. More than anything, she’ll be pissed we kept it from her.

Nae <3: Ok then. This weekend, we’ll let them know. K?

Me: Yeah, fasho. Are you sure? I mean I don’t wanna push you into doing anythig you don’t want to.

Nae <3: Yeah I’m sure! J

Me: Haha, ok then. I’ll talk to you later. K.

Nae <3: K :-*

Me: Btw, you look really cute today.

After I sent that last message, I saw Nae blushing from reading it. Her smile is the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. I really do think that she may be the one. I guess people are right when they say, “When you know, you know.”


Talk about tension in the room. As the girls were walking upstairs, and I saw Chris pull Ash aside, it was like everyone had on their fighting faces. The rest of the girls had went up without her. Nae kind of lingered around texting away on her phone, like usual. She was always on that phone of hers. But when I saw her look up and smile, at him, that’s when I started connecting the dots. This nigga….


“Oh s***!” was the first thing that came to mind when Ashleigh and Chris when outside. And I wasn’t the only one who noticed. The other girls had just went on ahead upstairs, except for Nae, who slowly took her time. Gui, Aaron, Mijo and I had stayed down to wait for Chris. Lil mama was looking good going up them stairs though. I think she just see me as a friend. I be wantin to tell her that I wanna be more, but I think that’s gone ruin what we got. One thing is for sure, I’ma wife her up one day.


When Chris and Ash went outside to the back, and everyone’s faces went from “cool” to “f*** no”, I immediately thought, “It’s. About. To go. Down.”

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Chapter 2

“You okay?” she had asked me.

How was I supposed to respond to that. ‘Cause the answer is, “Hell no I’m not okay!”. She looked really concerned and worried standing there waiting for me to reply. I did what I normally do, block my feelings and keep it pushing. Most females would’ve got ghetto or some s*** and ran after me, but she didn’t say a word. There, that’s when I knew she was different.

“What the f*** took ya’ll niggas so f***in long?” asked the homie Mijo.

“Nigga, who the f*** is you calling a nigga? Do I look like a f***in nigga?!” Ashleigh asked while trying not to laugh. I saw the smile creep up on her face and had to smile along with her.

“I’m callin you a nigga, nigga. And what kind of question is that. You know damn well yo crazy as is to emotional to be a nigga!” Mijo yelled back. Everyone around us was just standing around laughing while these two was bout to go at it. But Aaron had to jump in an mutualize things like he always do.

“Aye none of that s*** in my house!” he hollered as if he was the man of the house.

“You know what, both yall need to shut the f*** up over here acting like ya’ll some G’s.” Ash said while heading towards the stairs.

I couldn’t let her think I was jealous of what had happened at the door with that b**** as nigga, although I kind of was even if I aint gone admit that s*** to no one. So I grabbed her to the side before she could make it up the stairs and talked to her right quick.

“Yo, can I talk to you for a sec Ash?” I had asked while grabbing her gently on her elbow.

’S-sure.” she said not knowing if she wanted to. “You want to go outside?” she continued.

“Uh… yeah fosho.” I replied.

As soon as we got outside, we just kind 0f stood there for a little bit longer then expected. But while I was standing there looking at her, I never reallly noticed how beautiful she was. My question is, why she don’t got a nigga thoo?

“Soooo, what did you want to talk about?” she asked me, interrupting my thoughts.

“Oh, uh I wanted to talk to you bout what happened at the door a while ago.” I said, probably sounding kind of nervous.

“Yeah, uhm wha was that? You went all “This nigga better not try to pull anything” on me.” she said. I stood there trying not to laugh as she did her best guy impersonnation.

“Haha, yeah I’m sorry about that. It’s just that I know, or I knew, that guy and he’s bad news. I couldn’t live with myself if something were to happen to Aaron little sister and I could’ve did something about it.” I said, shoking myself about being so truthful, something I rarely did.

She looked at me, probably just as shocked as myself. “Oh, well that’s okay. He seemed like a nice guy, but he isn’t my type.” she said.

Her type? I didn’t know she had a type. “So you have a type?” I asked. I don’t know why, but it just slipped out.

“Yeah, I guess I do.” she said smiling. And with that, she walked off. Leaving me there dumbfound.

I guess she think she gone get away with that.

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