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!![READ BEFORE YOU POST ANYTHING]!! - Dear General Section & Newbies

Dear General & Newblets,

I would like to state that the following be understood before you post anything on this forum.

1, <strong>Chris Brown does not come onto this website and read the forum</strong>, he use to back in 2008 but not anymore. If you have a request for him I would suggest that you try him on Twitter, MD, or even Facebook.

2, <Strong>Rumours - IF Chris Brown HAS NOT!</strong> Stated and confirmed a rumour on Twitter then it is just a rumour! Team Breezy is his Life support, his music career, and owes everything to Team Breeyz, we know this, he knows this, his PR people know this. So if there is something happening in his life that would alter his ability to perform for us, <strong>HE WILL TELL US HIMSELF</strong> - Everything else is simply a RUMOUR.

3, <strong>HATERS</strong>, Thank you for taking 2 minutes to google this website, 10 minutes to locate the forum, 15 minutes to sign up and figure out how to post a thread, then 20 minutes to try and think of something witty and clever to diss Chris Brown, then another 30 minutes to realise your a dumbass that doesn`t have anything clever to say so you resort your hatred to an event that had absolutely nothing to do with you that happened, what? 4-5 years ago? <strong>GET OVER IT LOSER</strong> - Rhianna doesn`t know you exist, she still loves Chris Brown and not your ass.

4, Post threads about how much you love him, claim him as your boo, but don`t get butt-hurt when another fan states the samething.

Team Breezy is a fam, a support system for Chris, True TB's understand, bandwangon fans won`t.. All in All, Enjoy the company of others that share the same love for Chris that you do.

Kind Regards,

The Veterans of the Board
The FF Section



tank juh mon *bad jamaican accent* lol