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For The Record {Chapter 55 Added} {3/10/13} {I'M BACK!!!}

HI! :) Haha, this is my first CB story so let me know what ya think!

<em>Cause when I'm looking in your eyes
Feels like the first time
Give me one good reason why
We can't just press rewind</em>

The lyrics spill out on the page without much effort. She doesn’t have to try hard. They’re embedded in her brain and easily transferable to the paper. She tries her damn hardest to withhold the tears that are threatening to fall. Her make up for today isn’t waterproof and she doesn't feel like taking time out to do it over because her jolted emotions can’t control themselves. Misty eyes are as far as she’s letting it go. He’s not worth her tears. At least, that’s what she tells herself. Then again, she’s been telling herself a lot of untrue things lately.

Sighing heavily, <a href="" target="_blank">Layla “Lala” Brown</a> sets the pen and paper to the side. She doesn’t feel like writing anymore. The sudden urge she previously had to finish the song is no longer there. She gets up from the writing desk and makes her way over to her California King Size bed. Yanking the covers back, she slides in the warm bed, huddling under the covers. The vacancy next to her is impossible to ignore. She lies on her back. Her long jet-black hair splays all over the pillow. She does not bother wrapping it up. She sees no reason to; it’s not as if she has to wake up tomorrow looking presentable for <a href="" target="_blank">him</a>. He won’t be there.

She winces slightly thinking about where he is. She doesn’t know exactly, but she has a pretty damn good guess. A guess that makes her heart ache even more. She wonders how she got there. How they got there. She has a good life. At the tender of age of 20, she lives a life most people would kill to have. Her debut album went multi-platinum and won her two Grammy's along with countless other awards. She has sponsorships with mega companies like Juicy Couture, Nike, South Pole, etc. She successfully ventured into the acting business and received critical acclaim for all her performances. Millions of girls look up to her and want to be just like her. Guys think she’s sexy as hell. Most importantly, she’s the wife of international superstar Chris Brown. Yet, she’s miserable as hell.

Her eyes start to water even more as she thinks on how much things had changed. She knew marriage was going to be hard, but she never thought it would be this difficult. She always knew she would never be enough for Chris, sexually. How could she? She was inexperienced when it came to sex before Chris. She knew the logistics of it, but that was it. She was clueless when it came to what guys liked, what turned them on and all the right places to attack. He wasn’t. He knew exactly what to do and was perfect at it. He constantly reassured her that she was fine in bed and shouldn’t worry so much. She blindly listened to him. She should have known better. If she was really fine in bed, why the hell was he out somewhere f***ing one of his many whores?

She wanted to believe, if not her skills in bed, then maybe her undying love for Chris would keep him from straying. Their love should have been enough. But it wasn’t not anymore. They weren’t the same people they were almost two years ago. His love for her has diminished and she wonders if there is any hope for them. So much has happened.

Is it too much to overcome though?


I love this story! It's one of my favorites! :) Trey is a freaking coward, talk all that junk and get his ass whooped twice. Such a shame, lol. Hope he won't say crap else. Chris and Chanel are so adorable, have they even said "I love you" during their flashback? But anyways, he spent money on her & they ain't even had their 1st time together, I have a feeling it's gonna be very special & Chris is gonna be the one making it special, ^.^

Run this asap! Im gonna keep checking my phone all day!

Chapter 14


::.August 24, 2011.::

*Lala POV*

I’ve never ever felt particularly safe at any time in my life. Not in the security of my home, the comfort of my dad’s embrace, hell not even in a police station. There’s always been this feeling or voice in the back of my mind that just screams ‘Danger’. It’s different with Chris though. Lying here, in his arms, I feel like nothing bad can touch me. <em>He</em> makes me feel safe. He brings outs a different side of me. A side that’s been lying dormant for majority of my life. The side of me that’s not afraid to speak up for myself or admit to my own obvious sex appeal. The <strong>real</strong> Lala.

Carefully peeling his arm off me, I smile looking at him as he sleeps. He’s even insanely attractive and adorable while off in deep slumber. I tip toe out of the room, taking a glance back when he stirs a little, before continuing my trek to his bathroom. Closing the door, I look at my appearance. MY makeup is ruined from last night’s crying. I travel my eyes to my left arm where my new tattoo resides. The tattoo that also happens to be the reason for me staying the night at Chris’s. I’ve always wanted one, but my mom’s always been dead set against them. She thinks they’re just another “mark of the beast.” Mind you, my dad has one and so does she. Of course, since she got hers before she was saved, that makes it okay. Yet, she won’t save up the money to get it removed. Hypocrite.

Anyway, the day after our reunion, Chris finally talked me into getting one. He really was supportive about the whole thing and not once did he pressure or force me. It was all on me. He was just playing the part of a loving boyfriend. I always wanted to get a religious tattoo, so I decided on getting “God Is With Me Always” tattooed in Chinese letters. It came out really nice and didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. That spray Chris uses really does work. I was able to keep the tattoo a secret from my mom up until last night. She went ballistic. Cursed me out. Yelled at me. The whole thing. What really threw me over edge was when she slapped me and called me a “Satan worshipping loose whore.” After she said and did that, I grabbed my purse and cell and ran out the house. Thank God, Chris is in town again this week. I called him and he picked me up a few blocks away from my house.

He took me back to his Condo and just held me as I cried. I cried until I fell asleep. With my urging, he slept with me. I didn’t want to be alone. We didn’t do anything. He respects me too much to try anything. My dad’s out of town and I know if he was there, the incident with me and my mom wouldn’t have gone as bad as it did. But whatever. Everything happens for a reason right?

After doing my normal hygiene routine, I sneak out the bathroom and walk downstairs and into the kitchen. Chris’s place is nice. I never noticed how upscale and fancy it really is. He really does have good taste. I’ve only been in here once and that was only so I could drop of some of my stuff. We didn’t stay long and I never really got a good look. Filling up the water pot, I flip the switch and prepare to wait for it to finish boiling the water so I can fix some coffee. Turning on the Sirus radio, I smile when “International Love” comes on.

“You put it down like New York City. I never sleep!” I sing along, not even trying to stay on pitch and harmony, but doing exactly that. Ever since Chris heard me sing at Church, he’s been throwing hints that I should pursue singing professionally. Well, they’re not really hints. He keeps <em>telling</em> me that I have an awesome voice and that he could get me an audition with his record label. But that would require me to travel to L.A. with him. And I don’t think I’m ready to do that. I get nervous singing in front of people period, so how the hell does he expect me to sing in front of a damn record label?

Singing and writing music have always been a huge love of mine. I’ve been writing songs since the fourth grade and started singing in the second. Music is a big part of my life. It’s my passion. Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind becoming a singer. If I could just get over my stage fright, I know I could do it. The only problem is my crazy and evil mother. She wants me to go to college. My dad is supportive of whatever decision I make. It’s hard though because I graduated already and by the end of next month, I have to have made a decision. College or music.

“Wild like Los Angeles. My fantasy!” I continue singing; dancing around in the kitchen, while wearing nothing but Chris’s white wife beater, my bra and underwear. I can’t let things I have little control of stress me out. I’m sick of my mother. I have to start living my life for me. “Hotter than Miami. I feel the heat!” I jump in shock when I feel arms wrap around my waist.

“Ohh, girl, it's International love.” I quickly calm down, after recognizing the voice, turn around and see Chris. He smiles and finishes singing, “Ohh, it's International love.”

“Morning,” I blush, as he leans down and captures my lips in a short, but sweet and loving, kiss.

“Morning,” he replies, lifting me up and placing me on the counter.

“Sorry if I woke you up,” I quickly apologize, “I tend to sing loud without even realizing it.”

“Don’t worry about it bae,” he reaches in the fridge and starts pulling out random objects, “I like hearing you sing anyway.” I instantly melt at the sound of his voice. His normal voice is sexy, but his groggy and sleepy morning voice is pure sex.

I can feel myself blushing even more, “What are you doing?” I ask, realizing he’s pulling out a skillet and other cooking utensils.

“Cooking us breakfast,” He responds nonchalantly, “Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. You don’t like eggs, grits, or oatmeal. Your bacon has to be dark, almost burnt and you only drink strawberry or chocolate milk.”

“I can’t believe you actually remembered all that…..” I feel like crying. He’s so good to me. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t deserve him. “But baby, you don’t have to cook for me. Just fix something for yourself. I can eat a bowl of Frosted Flakes or some s*** and keep it moving.”

“But I want to,” he kisses me again, “Especially with after what happened last night.”

Smiling, I cross one leg over the other, still sitting on the counter, “Are you sure? I’m no cook, but I can at least try to he-“

“No!” He yells, putting his hands up in a defensive position, “I mean….” He rubs the back of his neck, “I want you to rest, ya know and-“

I cross my arms, “Ashley and Mickie told you I can’t cook didn’t they?” My tone is blunt and to the point.

“Yeah,” he sighs, running his hand up and down my thigh, “And no offense Chanel, I think I speak for myself and on the behalf of this city, when I say we like having our electricity on and working.”

“It wasn’t that big a deal.” I mutter, crossing my arms over my ample chest.

“Bae,” he looks at me as if I’ve lost my mind, “The last time you cooked, you caused the entire city of Virginia Beach to go without electricity for almost 24 hours.”

“Details,” I wave him off.

He just laughs and continues fixing breakfast.

“Breakfast was amazing baby,” I peck him on the cheek, placing our used dishware in the sink. Might I say, Chris is an excellent cook. Honestly, if he didn’t sing; he could seriously look into being a chef.

“Hmm really?” He comes behind me and starts kissing on my neck.

“Chris,” I moan, filling up the sink with soapy water, “I have to do the dishes.”

“Why don’t you do me instead?” He mumbles, as he starts sucking on my neck and his hands start to roam my body. They start to move under his shirt I’m wearing. I can feel his fingers trace along the lines of my underwear, while his other hand gropes my breast. Chris and I always test the waters like this. Our heated make out sessions always near the edge. Clothes are usually shed, until I’m in my bra and underwear and he’s in his boxers, but we always stop before we go too far.

“Don’t” A moan. “Start something we can’t finish breezy.” I smirk, using his nickname. Apparently, he finds it a turn on when I say it.

He stops sucking and spins me around so I’m facing him, “Who says we can’t finish?”

“God,” I raise my hand, showing him my purity ring.

He throws his head back and releases a groan, “f***ing c**k blocker.” He mutters.

I slap his arm, “You better watch what you say before God smites your black ass.” I gasp and cover my mouth. Call me crazy, but I have this issue with people cursing and using God’s name in the same sentence.

“Now who needs to worry about being smitten?” He smirks. I flip him the middle finger. He laughs, and grabs my hand to lead me away from the kitchen. “Come on, we gotta get ready.”

My eyebrows scrunch together in confusion, “For what? I’m not going back home. At least, not until my dad gets back home.”

“I know, I’m taking you shopping.”

“What? No, Chris. You know how I feel about you spending unnecessary money on me.” I grab the heart and key necklace I haven’t taken off since I received it, “This is enough to last me a lifetime.”

Chris looks uninterested in my objection, “Protest all you want Chanel, I’m taking you shopping.”

I suck my teeth and cross my arms, “Over my dead body,” He smiles evilly, “What are you-Chris!” I yell, as he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder, “Put me down!”

He just laughs and continues to walk.

“I can’t believe you forced me to go shopping with you.” I mutter, arms crossed, as we walk through a prestigious sopping promenade.

He rolls his eyes, “Come on Chanel, I’ve barely even spent any money on you.”

My eyes go wide, “We’ve only been here for half-an-hour and you’ve already spent 500$!”

He just shrugs, “That’s not a lot a money.”

“Maybe not to filthy rich people like you,” I scoff, “But to poor people like me, it is.”

“Sup Lala, hey apple head.” Ashley greets, walking up to us with only a small Forever XXI bag in hand.

“See!” I gesture to her bag, “Tyga and A have been here the same amount of time as us and look at all he’s gotten her.”

“Oh this isn’t all I’ve gotten,” she laughs, “T has the rest of my bags. Hurry it up baby won’t ya!” She barks back at Tyga.

“Sorry <em>honey</em>, but it’s kinda hard to walk carrying all these bags,” He scowls, struggling to walk and hold all the bags. My mouth drops at the sight of all the different shopping bags in his hand.

“Weak ass nigga,” Ashley murmurs.

“You were saying?” Chris laughs.

“f*** you,” I mumble, “I’m gonna go look inside this store.” I tell him, before venturing off into Journey’s. Surprisingly, the place isn’t that packed. Go figure, I knew rich people don’t be wearing this type of s***. Well, I mean, they probably <em>do</em> wear it. They just buy the products from big stores like Nordstroms. A pair of Pink Vans catches my eye. Grabbing them, I search around for a sales employee. His back is towards me so I tap him on his shoulder, “Excuse me?”

He turns around and, I swear, the smile that forms on his face would make you think he just won the lottery.

“Oh hi!” He smiles brightly at me.

“Hi,” I laugh a little, “Do you have these,” I show him the shoes,
“In a size 8?” He’s still staring at me. “Sir?”

“Wow you’re pretty,” He says in almost trance like state.

I blush, “Umm thank you.”

“Do you….” He clears his throat, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Weird dude say what?

“Umm, I do actually.” I tuck a string of my coal hair behind my double pierced ear.

“Oh,” he says disappointed, “Figures. All the beautiful one’s usually do.”

“I’m sorry?” I don’t know whether to voice it as a question or a statement.

“Don’t be,” He replies coldly. The hell? He was just so nice a minute ago. Snatching the shoe from my hand, he asks rudely, “Eight right?”

“Look Mister,-“ I start, ready to tell him a thing or two about himself, “I don’t know what your problem is but-“

“Lala!” Ashley screams, running though the store.

“Not now A, I’m in the middle of something.” I put up a freshly manicured hand to silence her.

“Oh yeah, that’s fine.” She waves her hand as if it’s nothing,“Take your time. I’ll just go and watch as Chris prepares to pummel Trey. No big deal.”

My eyes go wide as I turn to stare at her, “What?!”

“Yes!” She yells, “Now come on!” She grabs my arm as we run out the store.

“What the hell?!” I scream, at the sight of Trey, on the ground, covering his blood filled mouth and nose.

“Come on nigga!” Chris taunts him, “What happened to all that s*** you was talking online? You ain’t scared of me? Prove it motherf***er! Get yo b**** ass up!”

“Kick his ass Chris!” Ashley yells, “And get in a hit for me too!” I shoot daggers at her. “I mean….violence is not the answer!” She foolishly tries to correct.

I roll my eyes and hastily place myself between Chris and Trey, “Chris stop!”

He looks down at me with conflicted eyes, “Chanel? Bae what the f*** are you doing?”

“Baby please, don’t do this”

“You siding with him?!” Chris demands, gesturing to Trey who’s being comforted by his latest hoe of the week. Pussy nigga.

I shake my head no, “No baby, I’m with you . You know that. I don’t want you to do this, because this is what he wants you to do. He wants you to go off on him so that it’ll make you look bad. Chris,” I sigh, my voice lowering a little. “You’ve already been in trouble once. I don’t want you to get in trouble again and especially not over me. I’m not worth it and Trey’s weak ass definitely isn’t.” I feel Chris trying to inch forward and decide I have to press on. Placing both hands on his chest, I look up at him with pleading eyes, “Please Chris…for me….for me baby.”

He looks down at me, still with those conflicted eyes, before sighing. “Fine.” He relents, puling me to his side. “You’re right,” He sneers at Trey, “He’s not worth it.” We turn to walk away. Tyga tries to pull Ashley, who looks disappointed that there’s no fight.

“Oohhh” Ashley sounds, looking at Trey, “You better thank God in church Sunday for saving that wimp ass of yours from a good ass whipping. Cause Chris was about to lay your black ass OUT!”

Tyga rolls his eyes as he continues to drag Ashley away, “Come on Ash,”

I can’t help but to smile softly. Ashley’s behind is really crazy.

“Yeah, ya’ll better walk ya’ll asses off! Walk away with your b**** Chris!” I her Trey yell and I roll my eyes. He really is lame and pitiful. “That’s all that b**** is good for anyway….. and laying on her goddamn back.” Oh s***. My instant reflexes kick in as I hurry up and grab Chris who turns around at Trey’s comment and looks ready to stomp him.

“Chris no!” I yell, trying to retrain him, “I got this one baby.” Smirking, I turn around and walk towards Trey and his nameless bimbo. “You know Trey,” I smile, chuckling a little. “Like I said, Chris has an image to maintain and a reputation to uphold.” I take off my earrings, throwing them to Ashley. “But guess what boo boo?” I ask, leaning closer to him.

“What?” I swear, I’ve never seen him look so nervous.

My smirk drops. “I don’t.” As soon as the words leave my mouth, I’m on top of him. My fist collides with every inch of his body. I use all the strength I have in me as I rain down on him with punches. Using my stilettos, I kick his side multiple times before using my fists again. I see blood, but I can’t stop myself. I hit him not just for that comment, but for every cruel and hurtful thing, he’s ever said or done to me. I land as many hits as I can before Chris and Tyga pull me off him.

“Now call me a b**** again and see what I do to your ass!” I yell as Chris drags me away, an impressed smile on his face. “Who’s the b**** now motherf***er?! Who’s the b**** now?!”

“I can’t believe I did that. I mean, I believe I did it. But, I just can’t believe I actually <em>did</em> that.” I continue to rant, pacing across Chris’s bedroom floor. “It’s so unlike me. I’m not a violent person.”

“Could’ve fooled me.” Chris snickers from his seat at his desk.

“Not funny Chris.” I glare at him, “I’m serious. Now I know my ass can’t go home for sure.”

“You could go to L.A. with me….” Chris mumbles distractedly, typing away on his MacBook Pro.

“Yeah,” I whisper, “You’re right….I think I will.”

“Will what bae?” Chris asks absentmindedly, immersed into whatever it is he’s working on.

“I’m going to L.A. with you.” I smile, walking up towards him.

He immediately stops typing, whisks around in the chair to face me, and removes his black rimmed glasses. “What?”

“I’m going to L.A. with you,” I repeat a little louder, as his arms snake around my waist. I put my hands around his neck as he looks up at me, “Unless….” I begin to frown a little, “You don’t want me to.”

He smiles, pulling me down on his lap, and kisses my temple, “Of course I want you to. I’ve been trying to get your ass to come with me for months now.” A beat. “Wait….does this mean you want the audition too?”

“Yeah,” I bite my lip, “I do. I’m ready Chris.” I pause, thinking about what I’m gonna say to my dad to get him to agree to let me go. He’s open-minded, but he’s still my dad. My over-protective dad.

“What are you going to tell your dad?” Damn, he must be reading my mind.

“I have no idea,” I groan, laying my head on his shoulder. “God, I can’t wait until December. I’ll be 18 and subsequently, not in need of their permission.”

“And you’ll be legal,” Chris chimes in, wrapping his arms tighter around my waist.

I laugh, “And yes….I’ll be legal.”

L.A…….Here I come.

Okay, it’s official. I’m completely and totally in love with past Chris/Chanel/Lala/Layla (Damn…this bish got a lot of names, huh? Lol).

Oh well, I know you guys were probably expecting a bigger fight between Chris and Trey. However, I’m trying to maintain some sort of realism here, and for Chris to get into it with Trey, it would require for him to get into some serious trouble with the law. Therefore, for the greater good of the story, I decided to just have things go down the way they did.

And as far as the tattoo thing goes, Nicki’s (she’s who I picture Lala looking like) tattoo meaning has been speculated for quite some time now. But I liked the “God Is With Me Always” interpretation the best, so that’s the one I went with.

Also, I know “International Love” wasn’t released onto radio, until like October, and this flashback is set in August, but for the sake of the story, let’s pretend it was getting airplay in August okay? Mkay.

This is the last flashback for a while……I think. I want to focus more on present Chris and Lala. Ya know, rebuilding their relationship and all that jank.

Don’t forget though….


(The more run it’s I get, the more inspired and motivated I am to write.)

Ugh. My power is out, so I have no way compost another ADD tonight even though it's practically done. :/I'm typing this from my phone, but I type the story on my laptop. Unfortunately, I have no way to get the chapter from my CPU to my phone to post it from here. SORRY GUYS. :(



damn thats some f***ed up s***, outta all the hoes that i bet were all over him lusting for him, he choose her thirsty ass. ugh i swear he can really piss me off sometimes. and i honestly think that he shoulda kept that to himself, he know that chanel is not suppose to be stressing or anything so why would he do that. I woulda had a panic attack before he even told me. ughhh im just so damn upset. the only thing <strong>I</strong> wanna hear is <strong>MY</strong> fist colliding with <strong>HIS</strong> face!!

run this

Damn that's some grimey stuff for u to do Chris ya ex is a no no smh

Wow, those adds we're good. I'm glad her father supports his daughters relationship, her mom is a complete distraction & very crazy. Madea & Brown are so crazy, rhu make me laugh in this story a lot! It's great! I like how when she got home from the hospital they were somewhat on good terms I guess? Being more close & calling "baby". I hate how he cheated with an enemy tho. /:

Run this ASAP!

Chapter 13

*Lala POV*





“Because what?!”

“Because!” Chris yells, running a hand through his recently cut, black hair, “You heard what the doctor said; you’re supposed to be taking it easy.”

“I am taking it easy, or at least, I will be.” I attempt to reason with him, “Come on Chris, you and I both know I won’t really work out. I never do. All I’ll be doing is just watching yo-“

“And dancing,” he interrupts, “Which is basically the same thing as working out. Which, in turn, goes against Dr. Carter’s instructions.”

“I won’t dance. Promise!” I smile, showing my dimples.

Chris takes a swift peep at me and rolls his eyes, “Sure you won’t Chanel.” He continues to dig through his drawer, searching for his favorite Nike Basketball shirt. “No, you’re staying here.”

I groan loudly and throw myself back on our bed, “f*** you then. I’m not staying in this house though. I can’t. It’s too quiet. I hate the quiet.”

“Since when?” He snickers, slipping on the shirt.

“Since….” I falter with my response, “Since right now.” I jump up off the bed and grab onto his right bicep, looking up at him through batted eyelashes, “Please…baby….can I go with you?”

He looks back down at me with those gorgeous brown eyes of his. I swear I could drown in those stunning orbs of his. He closes his eyes and then opens them again, “Fine.” He gives in.

“Yay!” I clap in satisfaction, heading towards my closet. “Give me 20 minutes!”

“Don’t take all damn day to get ready,” he warns, from the other room, “It’s the gym. Not the damn Grammy’s.”

<strong>I'm bossy
I'm the first girl to scream on a track
I switched up the beat of the drum</strong>

I mentally groan at the sound of my phone ringing, already knowing who it is, and loathing having to answer the phone.

<strong>That's right, I brought all the boys to the yard
And that's right, I'm the one-</strong>

“Hello?” I answer, silencing the music.

“b****!” The familiar voice screams from the other end of the phone.

“Hoe!” I smile, screaming back.

“The f*** is wrong with you?!” My manager/publicist <a href="" target="_blank">Amerie</a> yells, “I leave for one week to go on vacation and your ass decides to end up in a hospital!”

“Well it’s not like I planned for it to happen.” I roll my eyes, digging through my closet for my limited section of workout clothes, “Besides, it wasn’t that big a deal. I just got a little overwhelmed.”

“Mmmhmm,” She sasses, “So are you gonna tell me exactly what happened or am I gonna have to make up some bulls*** excuse to release to the public?”

“I like the second option,” I smirk, holding up a black pair of Yoga pants that fold over in the back which reveal LOVE written in, large, pink letters.

“Of course you do,” I can hear her sigh, “But seriously Lala, are you okay?”

“I’m fine Amerie, really. Chris is here with me.”

“Oh yeah, because that’s real reassuring.” She sucks her teeth, “How are things between you two anyway?” Stripping my own clothes off, I slip on the pants and pull on a matching hot pink sports bra.

I pull my phone closer to my mouth and whisper, “Girl I’ll have to tell you later. He’s probably listening.”

“You know he is,” She laughs, “Well I’ll work on a statement and you just work on your man.”

I roll my eyes, “Will do. Talk to ya later slut!”

“Kay hoe!” She replies, before we both hang up the phone. Placing my cell on the floor next to me, I tie up my tennis shoes and pull up my hair into a high ponytail. I stick in some small sterling silver buds in my ears and make sure my heart and key Tiffany’s necklace is secure around my neck. Giving myself an onceover in the mirror, I grab my cell and walk out the closet.

“Ready,” I tell Chris who has his back towards me. He turns around and I swear, his eyes bulge out of his head. “What? Something wrong with my outfit?”

“No!” He yells, and I smirk as his eyes travel down my body, “It’s just….a little….distracting……that’s all….” He stutters, rubbing the back of his neck.

I roll my eyes, and grab the matching jacket, throw it on and zip it up, “Better?” No response. “Come on, let’s go.” I get ready to walk out the door, when he grabs by my arm to stop me, “What?” A beat. “Chris, what is it?”

“There’s something that’s been on my mind ever since you were in the hospital and I’ve been meaning to tell you, but I could just never find the right time.”

My heartbeat quickens. I feel nervous. s***, this doesn’t sound good. “Okay…what is it?” I’m almost scared to hear what it is.

“I want us to work and for that to happen we have to be honest with each other. I want to be honest with you.” He continues to ramble,
“Remember….when I told you…that I met someone……that night?”

“Yes….” Gulp. “What about it?”

“It…..” He looks down…in shame, “It wasn’t just someone….”

Oh God. This is bad. “Who….” My voice isn’t strong enough. I need to be strong and stern. “Who was it Chris?” Damnit! Why the hell do I sound so weak?!

He looks up at me through pitiful eyes, “Karrueche”

Stop. Pause.Rewind.

“What?” I breathe in shock, snatching myself away from him, “Please tell me this is some sick joke?” No response. He looks away from me.
“f*** Chris! You slept with that b****?!”

His eyes finally return to me, as he reaches out to touch me, but I smack his hands away, “Baby please-“

“No!” I scream, trying to keep myself composed, “Out of all the people….her?! Your ex-girlfriend?! The same whore that tried to stab me over your ass!”

“Chanel you have no idea how sorry I am-“

“Save it,” My voice is low, like a whisper. A dangerous whisper. “I have to get out of here.” I quickly move past Chris and start heading down the stairs. I hear him calling after me, but it’s no use. I’m not trying to hear what he has to say. I don’t want to hear it. The only thing I want to hear is the sound of my fist colliding with Karrueche’s face over and over again.

Oh s***.

So Chris’s first time cheating on Chanel was with Karrueche who is also his ex-girlfriend?

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

(My sister’s gone btw)

*cue ‘Hallelujah’ music*


Lol naaw it ain't bad cause they really don't understand what you sayin sooooo. Lol

But madea a fool lmaooo "taste the rainbow" and Chris and lala was so cute back then

Run it

ahaha Madea and Mr. Brown!!
Haha, thanks.

And I'm about to tell this terrible ass little boy to do a little more than 'Run it'.

Is it bad to cuss out a nine-month old? lmao

Hope not....cause I'm about to...

Chapter 12

August 15, 2011


*No One’s POV*

"How can you be okay with this?" Crystal asks her husband of over 20 years. She rubs her temples, trying to calm her escalating nerves. "How can you honestly be okay with your 17 year old daughter going out with some hoodlum 22 year old thug?"

<a href="" target="_blank">Mark</a> sighs, while keeping his main focus on the highway, "Come on sweetie, you and I both know Chris isn't like that."

"Do we?" She questions, "Think about it Mark. We barely know anything about this boy-"

"Except for what Google, one of his many fan sites, or any other type of media outlet can tell us." Mark shoots back, looking up at his wife, "I'll admit, I'm not too keen on the age difference between them, but even you have to admit, there is a lot worse type of men Layla could be going after. Besides, I've met with Chris, talked with him, and got a feel for him, and I honestly have nothing bad to say about him."

Crystal stares at her husband in shock, "Nothing bad? You have nothing bad to say about a man who beat his poor, defenseless, ex-girlfriend to a pulp and never really suffered any real repercussions?"

"You don't think he's paid his dues?"

"He didn't go to jail did he?" She bites back.

"No and neither did I." There is a noticeable silence between the husband and wife. She's dumbfounded. His response throws her completely off guard.

"That's....that's different and you know it," She struggles to find the right words, "You only hit me a few times and never to the extent he did to Rihanna."

"So?" Mark challenges, "Any time a man puts his hand on a woman, it's wrong, and you know it. The counseling, community service, all of it, I went through pretty much everything Chris had to go through."

"I just can't believe you're not trying to talk her out of dating him."

"What good would that do Crystal? They love each other and trying to keep them away from each other will only lead to Layla rebelling towards us. You're suggesting a hopeless cause." He sighs, wondering why his wife is so dead set against their daughter dating Chris. He’s not the biggest fan of the young man’s lifestyle choices, but he can also see the boy’s feelings for his baby girl are genuine. The bottom line is this: Chris makes his daughter happy and, at the end of the day, her happiness is all that really matters to him.

*Lala’s POV*

"Thanks for coming with me. I know it's not how we planned to spend this little time we have together."

"I don't care where we are, just as long as I'm with you."

"Stop being so damn corny," I blush, playfully punching him on his arm, "s*** sounds like some lyrics from a song."

"I can't wait for you to meet Damon." I smile brightly, thinking about how great it's going to be to see my brother again.

"I never even knew you had a brother." He comments.

"Well he's my half-brother," I inform, "Same dad. Different mom."

"How long has he been deployed?"

"A little over a year," I answer.

"You really have missed him, huh?"

"You have no idea...." A beat. "Probably just about as much as I've missed you." I smile, leaning up to kiss him on his cheek.

"Now who's being corny?"

"Hey, I'm a girl. I can't help it." I smirk, looking out the window, watching all the scenery as we drive by it. "You know, this is the first time I've been back home since after Katrina."

"Really?" He sounds surprised, "And home? I thought VA was your home."

"Naw," I shake my head 'no', "New Orleans is where I grew up and lived until I was 13, which is when we moved to Virginia Beach. But I was born in Trinidad. That's where both of my parent’s families are originally from."

"So that's why you have that accent."


He laughs, "Why you say that?"

"Because, having a Cajun and a Caribbean accent wasn't always the easiest thing. I had to learn to balance the two," I respond, "Plus, I got sick of people asking me, 'Could you repeat that again for me baby'" I laugh, mocking their voices, "Deaf dumb b****es"

"Now now, language Chanel. What would Crystal say?" He snickers.

I roll my eyes, "Who gives a s*** about her? f*** that b****."

"Damn, that must have been some fight y'all had." My mom and I haven't exactly been on the best terms ever since our conversation about Chris. We hardly ever speak and even though I've been trying to avoid her, I'm sure she's been trying to avoid me too.

"Yup," I pop the "P.”

"You never did tell me exactly what it was about."

"That's because it's nothing that should concern you." I mumble, playing with my fingers.

"Babe," he sighs, glancing at me before bringing his attention back to the road, "Anything that's clearly bothering you is automatically going to concern me."

"I never said-"

"You didn't have to; it shows."

"Look, I love my mama and I really do respect her, but I'm tired of her trying to dictate my life. She can't tell me who I can and can't date-"

"What? Can't date?" Chris interrupts, "Am I what y'all were fighting over? She doesn't want you seeing me?"

s***. Me and my big ass mouth.

"Well, she didn't exactly say that, but it was heavily implied. She thinks.....she thinks you're using me."

"The f***?!" I see his knuckles whiten, as his grip on the steering wheel tightens, "She doesn’t even know me. Barely even spent five minutes talking to me."

"I know baby," I rub my hand, in a soothing manner, up and down his arm, "Don't get so upset though. She's just still mad that I'm no longer with Trey. Which is really stupid because she's basically saying she'd rather me be with Trey's crazy, abusive ass instead of with y-"

"Abusive?" He interrupts, rage evident in his voice, "That nigga hit you?"

Double s***. I really need to stop talking so damn much.

"No," I quickly correct, "When I say abusive, I mean like mental. Mentally abusive. He used about my looks a lot. Like, he would constantly put me down. Make it seem like I should consider myself lucky that someone like him would even consider being with someone like me." I feel my eyes water, reflecting back on all the cruel and hurtful things Trey would say and how deeply they affected me. I hurry up and blink back the tears, knowing Chris already has Trey as number one on his hit list, "I didn't deserve that, Chris. No woman does. So, I broke it off with his ass. And my mom's been upset ever since."

I can see different emotions rattling around in his eyes: rage (probably at Trey), anger (most likely at my mama), and sympathy (obviously directed at me). It's too hard to tell which is the strongest emotion though. Time to improvise.

"It's in the past though Chris. Trey is my past. You're my present."

"And future?" He smiles, showing his adorable dimples.

I laugh, "Yes, if you want it that way."


"Now, let me just apologize in advance for any embarrassing or uncomfortable encounters you may endure while in the presence of my crazy ass family.” I begin to warn Chris, as we walk hand in hand, side by side, down the street and into my relative’s backyard. My mama's family is huge, there are so many people here, Chris, and I had to park up the street. "Our family reunions tend to get pretty wild."

"Hey," he wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, "You know me, I 'm all for wild."

I glare playfully, "Not that kinda wild, ya nasty ass freak." He really does have one sick and twisted mind....but I love it. He suddenly stops walking, "Chris?" No response. I squeal when he abruptly lifts me up and positions me so that my arms have no choice, but to wrap around his neck while his arms hold up my legs "Chris," I yell, laughing as he resumes walking, "If you don't put me down, with yo crazy ass. I'm too heavy."

"Bulls***," He sucks his teeth, "Hey, is your Uncle Brown gonna be here?"

"Probably," I groan, "Unfortunately, he's not the one you need to look out for." I warn, "My.....well I'm not too sure how we're related, but her name's Mabel, Mabel Simmons. Everyone calls her Madea though."

“And this is her place right?” He asks, as we reach Madea’s <a href="" target="_blank">house</a>.

“Yeah,” I answer, looking around for Drake, Mickie, Tyga, and Ashley. Even though Ashley isn’t blood related to Mickie and I, she’s basically like family and she always comes to our reunions. T and A rode together, while Mickie and Drake took a separate car. I spot my parents car and mentally groan, happy that my dad is here, but upset that my mom is. Even though, it is her family. Still, she always acts so uptight with her ‘I’m better than all of you’ personality.

Chris walks in the backyard, with me still on his back. Just as I suspected, the place is packed with people in every corner of the yard. The smell of home cooked food fills the outside and the sound of throwback music serving as heavenly entertainment. I see Tyga and Ashley over by a table, fixing some food while Mickie and Drake are seated at a table, and already eating.

“Hellur,” My head immediately snaps to the source of the voice, “Hellur, I have an announcement to make.”

“Is that-“

“Yup, that’s <a href="" target="_blank">Madea</a>” I laugh, already knowing where Chris’s question is heading, “And no, she’s not a cross dresser or a tranny. She’s just very…..manly….and crazy as hell so don’t piss her off.”

“Everybody shut the hell up!” She yells, causing everyone to just as she just instructed. “Now,” She clears her throat and I laugh as she puts on her ‘proper white people voice’, “As you all know, there are a few certain peoples in the family who are dating some certain famousd folks and I want each and every one of ya’ll crazy asses to be on your best behaviors. “

“Pssst!” I see Mr. Brown whispering to Madea, “Psst! Mabel!”

“Brown if you don’t get your head and shoulders ass away from me!” Madea yells harshly, “What the hell do you want?”

“You can let me say something! I wanna say something to my family! It’s my family too! You acting like it just yo family!” Mr. Brown continues to rant, when Madea finally gives in and allows him to say something.

“Oh my God,” I mutter in embarrassment, when Mr. Brown pulls out a whole damn blow horn.

“Excuse me! I’m not gon say much. Cause I know dis here is a celebrate and we here to celebrate our family. I just wanna include myself to ya’ll folks who don’t know me. My name is Leroy Brown. My friends and my family call me Leroy Brown. Ya’ll can call me-

“Leroy Brown!” The whole backyard yells back in unison!

“How ya’ll know?!?!” Mr. Brown asks through the blow horn, before Madea snatches it from him and shoves him to the side.

“Brown, shut the hell up!” She lectures, through the blow horn,

“Looking like a big ol’ bag of dark chocolate skittles. Taste the rainbow.” She laughs, “Alright, I’m done ya’ll. Remember what I said though. Be like the Bible says in 1 Crones and peace be still…cause I always keep me a piece of steel.” She gestures to her black purse.

“Does she really have a-“

“Yup,” I laugh, as Chris finally lets me down.

“Bridges?” I freeze, hearing a nickname I haven’t heard in years, that’s only ever been used by one person.

“Damon?” I whisper, almost scared to turn around, but when I do, I can’t do anything but smile and run up to my <a href="" target="_blank">brother</a>. (A/N: Isn’t he just yummy? I love me some Lance! :P) “Damon! You have no idea how much I’ve missed your special ass!” I laugh, as he picks me up and twirls me around.

“I’ve missed your ass too Lil Bridges,” He murmurs, setting me back down on the ground. Damon’s been calling me “Lil Bridges” ever since I was little. Apparently, when I was younger, I was obsessed with the movie ‘Ruby Bridges’ and one day, he called me that, and its stuck ever since. ”Now where the hell are the rest of your clothes?” He demands, and I just laugh. My <a href="" target="_blank">outfit</a> is fine. He’s just being his usual overprotective self.

“Come on,” I grab him by the hand and lead him over to Chris, “Damon, this is my boyfriend Chris and Chris, this is my big brother Damon.” I smile, as the two do that weird man hug thing guys do. I never will understand that…

“It’s an honor to meet you,” Chris says to Damon, “I really do respect what you do for our country. “

“Thanks man, I <em>really</em> appreciate you watching out for my little lady bug.” I glare at Damon for using his other nickname for me that has an embarrassing story behind it.

“Ladybug?” Chris questions while smiling humorously.

Damon smiles back, “No one ever told you that story?” Chris shakes his head no, “”Well then I’d be honored to….over a plate of food cause I’m hungry as f***.” The two laugh as they begin to walk off, but I hurry up and grab Chris’s sleeve, pulling him close to me so that we’re out of Damon’s hearing distance.

“You’re seriously going to leave me to hang out with my brother?”

Chris laughs, “Come on bae, he seems chill.” He tucks a string of hair behind my ear, “Besides, I’d like to get to know my future brother-in-law.”

“Brother-in-law?” I question, with a smile, “What, you plan on marrying me?” No response. He just continues to smile. My own smile starts to falter slightly, because of shock. “Chris?”

“You said future right?” He replies, flashing the deuces before kissing my forehead and jogging off to meet up with Damon.

I’m in shock. Did Chris seriously just insinuate he wants to marry me?

s***, where’s Mickie and Ashley when you really need them?

Okay, sorry if I changed Lala’s dad’s name. I can’t remember if I did or didn't say what it was before, and I’m too lazy to go back and look to make sure. I think there will be one more flashback which will include the Trey and Chris confrontation , but after that, I plan on focusing more on present Chris and Lala. There will still be flashbacks, but they won’t be as frequent.


hope you feel better. so that you can post an add:)

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Update Coming Soon.

Hopefully by the end of the day.

I'm stuck in bed with a bad stomach virus, so I haven't been able to write that much. Plus, my sister's baby is a walking menace. :| But, they're leaving tomorrow (hallelujah) and I'm starting to feel a little better, so bear with me here. lol

Again, thanks for all the run it's! (:


Omg I missed so much!!!!

Run it!!!!!

She was wrong but I'm glad she apologized and Stephanie needs to get it together smh

Love this! Run it!!!!!!!!

I ain't gone lie, she was wrong for the way she acted towards him after he took up for her after all they've been through, I'm glad her FRIENDS talked some SENSE into her .

I'm also glad that they have decided to take things slow this time kind of start from the bottom and make their way back to the top again.


Run it

Run it!

I'm glad her friends let her know about herself Stephanie a harsh bitvh she need to stay in her lane it seems like Chris & lala relationship will progress

Runn it

A/N: OMG, I’m so sorry for not adding sooner. My big sis is in town for a whole week with her nine month old and I barely have time to do anything, let alone write. So the update won’t be very frequent again until after she leaves. Sorry.  I had to write this on my Touch and that thing was SO NOT made for writing fics so excuse any mistakes. This one is pretty light. So will the next one....I think...Idk.

Chapter 11

Lala POV

"I'm free! I'm free at last!" I yell in pure bliss, "I'm coming out! I want the world to know! Got to let it show!" I sing, kicking my legs up and down in excitement. Dr. Carter has FINALLY approved for me to be discharged after two long and brutal days. Yes, two whole damn days. I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Chris shakes his head at my actions, "Really Chanel? You've only been here two days."

I roll my eyes, "That's two days too many," I retort back, watching the nurse intently as she finishes gathering her stuff.

"Okay," she says, looking at me, "I'll leave you alone so you can get dressed."

I wait until she's completely out the room, before jumping off the bed, "Thank God. I thought she'd never leave." Standing up, I stretch and yawn before walking over to the sofa to grab the bag M and A brought over. I take a peek and see it has everything I need, including my favorite pink jogging suit.
The sound of Chris's cell phone vibrating fills the room. I groan mentally. Its been doing that all morning.

"You should take that," I tell him, still digging through the bag.

"It must be important since they've been calling all morning."

"It's just Stephanie," I pause, hearing her name. Stephanie is his manager/publicist whom I can't stand and she can't stand me either. She always acts so rude and nasty with me, but when Chris comes around, she wants to play nice. Fake b****.

"Right, because incessant phone calls from your manager are never really that big a deal," I reply sarcastically, turning around to face him. "Chris, go call her. I have to get dressed anyway."
He looks confused, "What does you having to get dressed have to do with anything?"

"Because," I start, with a 'duh' tone, "I want to get dressed in private."

"Why?" He snickers, "It's not like I haven't seen anything already."

"And you won't see anything until you and your little friend," I gesture to his groan, "Get your asses tested." I sass, turning back around to zip up the bag. I can hear the sound of him rising from the sofa and freeze slightly when I feel him right behind me. He places one hand on my hip, and uses the other one to move my hair from by my ear.

"Little?" He chuckles, whispering in my ear, "Have you not met my.....friend? “Actually, I have." I roll my eyes, turning around to look up at him, "And so have half of the hoes in the music industry." I narrow my eyes a little, "Which is why, until you get tested and cleared, below here," I draw an imaginary line above my chest, "Is off limits.....if you catch my drift." I wink.

“The hell Chanel," He scowls, "You know I'm always safe. I don't need to get checked. I'm clean."

"You're right Chris, I do know you. But I don't trust you. Not anymore. How can I? I can't trust you when you say you were safe every time.....I'm sorry"

He just looks at me, his expression unreadable, when his phone starts vibrating again. "I think I'm gonna take that call now." He replies curtly, walking out on the hospital balcony.

I roll my eyes, grabbing the stuff I got out from the bag. I swear, sometimes I really do think he's bipolar. I walk into the bathroom and prepare to close the door, stopping when I hear a phone ringing. He must have the phone on speaker. I know it's wrong, but I can't stop myself. I press my ear against the door, so I can listen in.

"Chris!" Stephanie yells from the other end of the phone, "Where the hell have you been?! I've been trying to get in touch with your ass for the past two days!"

I can hear him sigh, "Didn't you get my message? Chanel-"

"Yeah, I got it," she interrupts, "She was rushed to the hospital for reasons you, apparently, didn't care to share with me."

"It's personal Steph."

"Personal?" she repeats in shock, "Chris, I'm your publicist. Managing your personal life is my job." The hell? Is this trick for real?

"No, managing my career is your job. My personal life is just that, MY personal life. What goes on between Chanel, and me is between us. I don't have to tell you s***. Now what did you need?"

"Whatever," she scoffs, "I needed you because I was able to get Swizz in the studio to do a track with you. God Chris, do you have any idea how hard it was to book him?"

"Did you tell him what the situation was with Chanel?"

"No, why would I? What good could it have done?"

"He probably would have understood."

"Understand? What is there to understand? You blew off an opportunity to make a potential #1 hit, just so you could be with your wife."

"Yes, who is in the hospital." he grits out, growing impatient.

"Exactly! She was in the hospital! She was in good hands. You could have left and came back. You should have!"

"I wasn't going to leave my wife Stephanie!"

"Why the hell not?!?!"

"BECAUSE!" he screams, causing me to jump back in surprise, "You know what......I don't even know why I'm having this discussion with you. I always knew you never really liked Chanel, but I never thought you would be this insensitive."

"Why the hell should I care about her?! I'm not the one married to the b****!"

"The f*** did you just say?" the tone in his voice scared me. "Let me get something straight with your ass. Chanel is my wife. Okay? She's not one of the side hoes I f*** with. She's my WIFE and I'll be damned if I just let you disrespect her the way you just did. I've heard about how funny you act when I'm not around, but I let it slide because you're good at what you do and you were one of the few people that were willing to represent me after what happened with Rihanna, but enough is enough."

"Oh, so what you trying to say? You firing me?"

"No, not yet anyways. But call my wife out of her name again and consider your ass dismissed." The next thing I hear is a ‘beep’ sound that lets me know the phone has been hung up. I’m shocked. Chris has never stood up for me like that. At least, not with that b****. I feel conflicted though. He’s known all this time about how she treats me and never did anything? I agree that she is good at what she does. Maybe even one of the best. But there’s always someone out there that is better than you. If he looked hard enough, he could have found someone. Also, how can he expect her to respect me when he doesn’t even respect me his damn self? Cheating on your wife is one of the upmost forms of disrespect if you ask me.

Oh s***, he’s waiting for me. I hurry up and throw on the pink jogging suit, not bothering to shower. I’ll wait till I get home. Hospital showers give me the creeps. I then proceed to wash my face and brush my teeth. I don’t bother putting make up on and just settle for some strawberry lip gloss. Sliding on some comfortable flats, I collect all my stuff and walk out the room. Chris is back inside and sitting on the sofa.

“Do you think I should just get the test done now?” He asks, “You know…since I’m already here.” I shrug, readjusting the rubber band in my hair, so it’s tighter,

“I don’t know. I guess. Do what you want. I don’t care.” I reply, not even looking at him. I don’t know what comes over me. The directness in my voice shocks me.

“What’s wrong with you?” He questions, obviously confused by the sudden change in my demeanor. I see him roll his eyes out the corner of my eyes, “What I do this time?”

“Nothing,” I turn around and give him blank stare, before turning my attention back to gathering all my things. “That’s the problem.” I mutter quietly, hoping he doesn’t hear.

“The f*** does that-“ He starts, but then stops and rubs his temples, “Forget it. Just forget it. I’m gonna go take the test now. I’ll text you when I’m done so we can meet up.” He proceeds to get up and walk towards the door.

“Whatever,” I mumble, not even bothering to look back at him.
I hear him mutter a frustrated ‘hey’ to someone before hearing footsteps. I turn around and look at M and A. “Sup b****es,” No response. I notice the serious look on both their faces, “What’s up with ya’ll?”

Ashley cuts her eyes, “No, what the hell is up with your ass?”

I roll my eyes, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Makayla rolls her eyes too, “Like hell you don’t. Why were you acting that way with Chris?”

“What way? I wasn’t acting any kind of way.”

“Bulls***,” Ashley scoffs, “We heard everything Lala. The no sex, getting tested, his phone call. Everything.” I must have a surprised and confused look on my face because she continues, “We were listening in from outside the door.”

“These are some cheap ass walls.” Makayla comments.

I sigh and cross my arms, “Okay, so maybe I was acting funny with him, but don’t ya’ll think he deserved it?”

Ashley sucks her teeth, “Oh please, the only thing that man deserved was a ‘thank you’ from your ungrateful ass.”

My eyes go wide, “Thank you? For what? For cheating on me, for letting that b**** Stephanie treat me like some common hoe-“

“No,” M interrupts, “For finally sticking up for you.”

“He should have been did that.” I scoff.

“Look Lala,” Ashley starts, “You know you my girl and I would die for your crazy ass, but you should also know that I’m gonna tell you like it is. I don’t sugar coat s***. And you were dead wrong for how you just treated Chris.”

“She’s right Lala,” Makayla agrees, “I know Chris has done a lot to you these past months and I know that you’re still hurting. Nevertheless, that’s no reason to act ugly with him when he’s trying to do something nice for you and he is trying Lala. You can’t just expect him to do a complete 360 after just a few days.”

“And you have to be willing to change too Lala,” Ashley adds on,

“You can’t keep holding onto the past. Yeah, he should have been put that trick in her place, but he also has to do what’s right for his career. Besides, it’s not like you’ve never had people that worked for you who Chris didn’t like because they acted funny, right?”

“Well yeah, but that’s different-“

“No it isn’t,” M interjects, “Now how do you think Chris feels now? After he done stuck up for you and threatened to fire the woman who was partially responsible for putting his career back on the map and you just gone act nasty with him? You foul girl and you owe him an apology.”

“You’re right,” I mumble, looking down at the floor. I smile, looking back up at them, “When the hell did ya’ll become so smart?”

“Dr. Phil and Oprah. Works every time.” Makayla replies. The three of us laugh.

“Alright, now go make things right with apple head,” I smile at Ashley’s nickname for Chris, “We’ll finish things up in here.”

“Thanks you guys. I owe you.” I hug the both of them before grabbing my purse and running out the room and towards the elevators. I look at the chart and find the department I’m looking for. Pressing the buttons, I tap my feet impatiently, while waiting to reach the floor. I rush out of the elevators as soon as the doors open. I scan my eyes around the waiting room. Once I spot Chris, I slowly make my way over to him, sitting next to him. He’s filling out paperwork and only doesn’t even acknowledge my presence. I can’t say I’m mad at him for it though. I deserve it.

“I’m sorry,” I blurt out, and he looks up at me with a raised eyebrow. I sigh before continuing, “I’m sorry for how I acted up there. It was wrong. Dead wrong. And I’m really sorry.” I sigh, playing with my fingers, “I also want to thank you for defending me against Stephen.”

“I think you mean Stephanie,” He chuckles.

“Naw,” I smile, “I like Stephen better.” I lay my head on his shoulder, feeling him tense briefly before relaxing. “So….do you forgive me?” I look up towards him.

“Hmmm, I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it” He sighs and my eyes widen in alarm before I see him smile and he sneaks a quick kiss on my lips, “I’m just playing with you girl.”

“Mmmhmm,” I smirk, lying my head back down, not bothering to look at the board as he fills out the paperwork. One step at a time. We have to take this one step at a time.

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im just now catching up but yeahi hate her momma and trey, first off her momma is wrong because NO parent should put their child down like that. if anything, they should uplift them. she should of came at her in a different approach if she felt that she had to say
something about their relationship. she was doin the most when she came in thereshe shoulda just kept her opinion to her DAMN self if she was gone act like that.

second, trey needa shut his hatin ass up, a b**** nigga, thats that s*** i dont like, and he is a b**** nigga cause any nigga can be a internet gangsta, but it take a real nigga to be bout they s***, and i know trey gone be s***tin bricks when he see chris.

run this, you havent been adding:(

Her mom was wrong, hateful & yet wrong. How dare she act like that towards her daughter. Selfish as hell is what I think she is; it's crazy how se said that stupid stuff about everything and Lala's love life. Indeed, she is young but if Chris makes her happy & treats her right; then damnit let it be. :) As for that Trey nigga, he weak as hell. How dare he lie over Twitter about sleeping with her. /: SMH! Chris is so sweet, I love the surprise gift he gave her. It makes me think how lovely and in love they were; now they have come to this: a big bump in the road of their marriage. :(

Her mom just made my claws come out! Hell she tryna do?! Sabotage her daughter's happinesS? JEALOUSY IS UGLY!

Trey is such a female! Only women do that type thing! He needs to chill out before he gets cut!

Sorry to hear bout ur pops, hope he gets well asap!

Her mon hating she need to mind her business
Awww Chris sweet cute necklace
They going in on twitter lol trey a hater too


Chapter 10


July 21, 2011

No One's POV

Lala knew a relationship with Chris would include being apart for extended periods, but she never factored in just how hard it would actually be. She hadn’t seen Chris since his birthday because he had started his international tour. They talked, texted, emailed and Skype’d each other whenever the opportunity would arise. She knows absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder, but this was a little beyond ‘absence’. Its been almost 3 months since she’s seen him in person and every day they’re apart, she feels as if they’re growing apart.

Every time she watches a video of him on tour with some lucky girl he pulls on stage and can’t deny the jealousy and anger she feels watching him. She knows its all a part of the act, but that doesn’t make it any harder for her to watch <em>her</em> boyfriend grinding on some girl. Especially since she and Chris relationship is platonic. He’s always been supportive and respected her decision to wait until she’s married to have sex, but he’s still a guy, a guy with wants and needs. Moreover, knowing that girls are constantly throwing themselves at him, causes her to question her vow.

Even though her best friends are in the same situation, sex is a factor in their relationship, unlike with her and Chris. Besides, she knows how wild Chris can be and she’s seen some of the girls he’s surrounded by. They’re prettier than her, way prettier, closer to Chris’s age and only a phone call away.
Sighing, she grabs her phone and opens up her Twitter app.

<strong>@iLaLaLuvYou: With you is where I'd rather be. But we're stuck where we are</strong>

She tweets when someone knocks on her door, “Come in” she says, and looks up to see her mother. “Hi mom, what’s wrong?”

Crystal doesn’t say anything and instead takes a set on the edge of her daughter’s bed. She just looks at Lala for a few seconds before saying, “We need to talk.”

“Okay,” Lala frowns, “What do you wanna talk about?”


His name immediately catches Lala’s undivided attention, “What about Chris?”

“I think you’re becoming too attached to him. You’re getting your feelings too involved.”

Lala’s frown deepens, “And if I am? What’s wrong with it? He’s my boyfriend and he cares about me.”

“Oh he cares about you alright,” Crystal scoffs, “Cares about getting in your pants.”

Lala scoffs in disbelief, “How could you say something like that? You don’t even know him. He’s not like that. He’s always been nothing short of a gentleman with me. He’s never crossed that line.”

“My God Layla, I thought I taught you better than this. Can’t you see that this man is using you?” Her mother breathes in incredulity, “He hasn’t tried anything with you because you’re still seventeen. But you just wait until your ass turns 18, and you give him what he wants, and don’t try to tell me that you won’t because I know your loose ass will, he is going to leave you. It’s what men do Layla. All they want is sex and Chris is no different. You’re just too naïve and stupid to see it.”

“You’re wrong mama,” Lala shakes her head, trying not to let her mother’s words get to her, “Chris <em>is</em> different. He loves me-“

Crystal shoots up from her seat, “He loves you? Is that what he told you? And you believed him didn’t you?” She crosses her arms and stares down in disappointment at her only child, “Don’t you see what he’s doing? He’s telling you exactly what he knows you want to hear. Think about it. Why would someone rich and famous like him settle for the likes of you? He just wants you for your body Layla. You’re a pretty girl but you’re not beautiful. People like him don’t end up with people like you. You’re out of your league.”

Each word stings and she has to bite down hard on her lip to stop the tears that are threatening to fall, “Why are you doing this to me? Why can’t you just be happy for me? He makes me happy mama. Don’t you want me to be happy?”

“You’re a fool Layla,” Crystal shakes her head in disgust, “A blind fool.” She turns around to make her way out the door, stopping when her body is halfway, “I tried to warn you. You don’t want to believe the truth. Well, when he breaks your heart, don’t expect me to be waiting with open arms. Whatever he does to you, you fully deserve.” She sneers before slamming the door.

The tears start to come gushing out as Lala grabs the nearest pillow, stuffs her face into it, and releases a scream. She’s never felt so hurt before in her life. She never would have expected those harsh words to come out of her own mother’s mouth. She hates her. She knows it’s wrong, but she really and truly hates her.

Noticing a small package sticking out her purse, Lala wipes away her tears and grabs the box. Her eyes scan over the note attached to it. She recognizes the writing belongs to Ashley and figures she must have snuck it in her purse earlier that day.

‘Hey girly, I got this in the mail yesterday and thought it was for me. But T said Chris sent it for you. Why he sent it to me? I have no idea. You’d have to ask apple head himself. Anyhoo, make sure you call me as soon as you open it. And not a second after! Love ya beotch!’

A small smile forms on Lala’s face as she puts down the note and proceeds to pull the packing tape off. She gasps in pure shock as she pulls out the light blue bag with “Tiffany & Co.” written on it in big, bold black letters. Prying open the bag, she smiles opens the note placed inside the bag.

‘Ashley: If you’re reading this, don’t. Stop being so f***ing nosey and give this to my bae.’

She laughs, trailing down the note to see her name.

Words can’t begin to describe how much I MISS and LOVE you. It still amazes me how hard and fast I’ve fallen for you. I thank God every day for bringing us together and I can’t even imagine my life without you in it. I know you told me you don’t want me buying you expensive gifts but I couldn’t help it. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it for you. You deserve it and so much more. I’m literally counting down the days until I get to have you in my arms again. I love you girl.

Forever yours,

“I love you too,” Lala mumbles through the tears of joy cascading down her face. She folds the note back up, placing it back in the bag before exchanging it for the medium sized box. “Oh….my….God,” She breathes, after opening the box. She stares in shock at the stunning and, no doubt, pricey heart and key <a href="" target="_blank">necklace</a>. She carefully runs her hands over the colorful heart, realizing each color represents a birthstone. Sweeping her hair to the side, she unlocks the necklace and carefully places it on her neck. She makes sure it’s secure before pulling her hair back. She can’t stop starring at it and running her finger over it.

Remembering Ashley’s request, she quickly grabs her cell only to see she has a few notifications on Twitter. She recalls her last tweet and smiles, wondering if maybe he saw it. Her smile widens even more after reading his tweet.

<strong>@ChrisBrown: It's so hard, you're so far. This long distance is killin' me.</strong>

Her heart leaps for joy when she sees he replied less than 15 minutes ago. She knows he can’t directly respond, but she doesn’t care because she knows he’ll still see it.

<strong>@iLaLaLuvYou: I got it. It’s beautiful. I love you. #YouOwnMyHeart</strong>

She smiles as she presses send and proceeds to check her mentions and frowns when she sees Trey tweeted her not too long after she tweeted her first message.

<strong>@TriggaTrey: @iLaLaLuvYou Pretty boy leave ya already? #15MinutesUp</strong>

She glares at the tweet before sending her own reply.

<strong>@iLaLaLuvYou: @TriggaTrey Suck my left titty. #f***You</strong>

His comeback is quick and pisses Lala off even more.

<strong>@TriggaTrey:@iLaLaLuvYou Been there. Done that. #UsedGoods</strong>

“This motherf***er…” Lala breathes aloud, pissed that he would even go so far to lie about the details of their relationship. He knew damn well that they never slept together. Lala’s refusing to sleep with him was why they broke up. She didn’t have to deal with his bulls***. She was about to delete him from her followers, wondering why she didn’t do it sooner when she saw his next tweet.

<strong>@TiggaTrey: @iLaLaLuvYou <<< HOELa! :)</strong>

She scoffed. That was pathetic. He was pathetic. It still ticked her off though. Everyone who was anyone at their school followed Trey on twitter and she knew those nosy motherf***ers would start spreading lies about her because of this s***. He was trying to f*** with her. She clicked on his profile to block him when she saw he had stopped mentioning her and chose to subtweet instead.

<strong>@TriggaTrey: Can somebody please let him know that b**** a hoe</strong>

<strong>@TriggaTrey: Ion thank he even know that b**** a hoe</strong>

<strong>@TriggaTrey: No hard feelings, give a f*** about a b****</strong>

<strong>@TriggaTrey: Pass it to the homie, now he hit it….</strong>

<strong>@TriggaTrey: Cause she wasn’t nuthin but a b**** to me.</strong>

<strong>@TriggaTrey: What’s between her legs is the product</strong>

<strong>@TriggaTrey: Use it properly and she’ll make dollars</strong>

The tweets kept coming. They made her sick. It only got worse when her mentions started blowing up with b****es from school she didn’t even know, calling her every name, but the child of God.

Her smile is restored back to her face though when she sees Mickie and Ashley coming to her defense.

<strong>@Karamelbombshel: Oh hell naw! I see some b****es going to get cut tomorrow at school. #WatchYaBack</strong>

<strong>@MMMKayla: The poster boy for why condoms were invented calling someone a hoe. Now ain’t this a b****? #UAin’ts***Trey</strong>

<strong>@Karamelbombshel: @TriggaTrey You a pussy ass nigga. Hiding behind Twitter. Wait till he get back though. #RunWhileYouStillCan</strong>

<strong>@MMMKayla: @TriggaTrey You best believe he gon come after you. Your ass is grass. #RunForestRun</strong>

Lala throws her head back in laughter. She doesn’t know what she’d do without Ashley and Mickie.

She can’t help the eye roll at Trey’s next tweet.

<strong>@TriggaTrey I ain’t scared of that motherf***er!</strong>

Lala rolls her eyes. Trey can talk s***, but everyone know’s he doesn’t have the balls to back it up. Her eyes light up when she sees Chris has tweeted.

<strong>@ChrisBrown: Niggas talk a lot of s*** but that's after I'm gone. Cause they fear me in physical form. </strong>

<strong>@ChrisBrown: Expect me nigga like you expect Jesus to come back</strong>

<strong>ChrisBrown: Expect me nigga, I'm coming. #ThatsAPromise</strong>

The smirk of Lala’s face is priceless as she tweets one last thing before calling it a night.

<strong>@iLaLaLuvYou: @TriggaTrey You were saying?</strong>


By show of hands, who hates Trey and Lala's mom?

*raises both hands*

This one is a filler. I wanted to do a continuation of the last one, but it wouldn't come out the right way. Plus, my dad's been rushed to the hospital so I'm worried about him, which is distracting my writing.

And yeah, I used Ashley King's (Ashley in the fic) real Twitter name. Sue me.



That was beautiful
btw your little author's notes at the end creep me out sometimes but make me laugh at the same time
whether you change the direction of the story 100 time I'd still love it which ever way you go with it!
Run It!

This was a sweet add I hope they can work thru everything

& girl why u tryna kill somebody smh lol

Runnnnnn ittt

That was really sweet, the fact he didn't once leave her side. That's love, no matter how upset he was at her earlier; e was there for his wife because she needed him, no matter how much they goo through. I want them to be back happy, for them to work out. It needs to be done, the love is there; just yr past isn't done with yet.

You mentioned death? :o oh no, that's always surprising! But just dot make Chris or Lala die, I mean they are thee story. Maybe it'll be one of their friends, or their mothers, even if that's sad then they can handle it. I'm sure, cheating? Ugh. That's always horrible. Blah!

Chapter 9

No One’s POV

(Italics are Lala’s thoughts)

Lala never did like hospitals. She wasn’t always like that though. No, it was only when a nurse who was drawing her blood, got distracted and shifted the needle, causing blood to come gushing out, did Lala deem that hospitals were the creations of Satan. At least, the immunizations sections were.

Large brown eyes blink several times, as she struggles to find the strength to awaken fully. He vision is blurry and that makes it harder for her to figure out where her whereabouts are. She hears the familiar sound of a rhythmic beeping coming from either side of her. She finds that with each blink, her vision becomes clearer. Finally, she’s able to fully open her eyes instead of the annoying rapid blinking.

The first thing she sees is the warm and friendly face of a woman she has never seen before. Her glaze immediately travels down to the lady’s attire; she is wearing nursing scrubs. Lala’s eyebrows scrunch in confusion.

<em>What the f*** is going on?</em>

Suddenly, the sound of soft snoring is heard from the left side of the room. Lala brings herself to turn her head and her heart immediately flutters at the sight of her husband. Chris is knocked out on the sofa, his legs dangling off the edge and his arms serving as a pillow for his head.

“Poor thing,” Lala turns her head back around to face the nurse,

“He just went to sleep not even an hour ago.” The nurse recognizes the confusion on the young woman’s face and continues, “He’s been by your side ever since you got here and refused to leave or even sleep. A young woman….I believe her name was….Michelle-“

“Makayla,” Lala corrects, her voice filled with exhaustion, “Her name is Makayla.”

The nurse smiles understandingly, “Yes, well Makayla was finally able to convince him that you would be fine and it wouldn’t hurt him to get some sleep. Lord knows the boy could use it.”

“How long,” Lala clears her throat, “How long have I been here?

The nurse thinks for a moment, adding up the time in her head, “A little over 24 hours.”

Lala’s eyes almost bulge out of her eye sockets, “What?” She questions in shock.

The nurse pulls up the nearby chair and takes a seat, “Do you remember what happened? Why you’re here?”

Lala contemplates the nurses question, debating if she should be honest or just lie, “Yes,” She admits truthfully, “I had a….”She clears her throat, “I had a panic attack.”

“Yes,” The nurse nods solemnly, “That’s not all though. You fainted.”

“Because of the panic attack right? I mean, I also suffer from fainting spells sometimes.” Lala informs.


“What do you mean? I don’t understand….”

“Layla, prior to the fainting, when was the last time you ate?” Lala frowns, trying to recall the last meal she had. “That long huh?” A beat. “Your hypoglycemia kicked in. Your blood pressure was through the roof. You had one of the lowest blood sugar counts we have ever seen. You slipped into unconsciousness and we had to keep you overnight for observation. What you did was very dangerous and could have ended with an entirely different outcome.”

Lala sighs dreadfully as she looks over at Chris who is still knocked out, before returning her gaze back to her nurse, “You sure do know a lot for a nurse.”

The older woman smiles, “I’m not a nurse Mrs. Brown; I’m your doctor. <a href="" target="_blank">Dr, Angela Carter</a>.”

“I’m sorry,” Lala stumbles, “I just assumed.”

“It’s quite alright,” Dr. Carter rises from her seat, returning her seat to the its former position, “You seem to doing better now.” She jots some notes down on her clipboard, “I’m going to send the nurse in to draw some blood, in about half an hour.” The doctor tells her young patient as she turns on her heel to exit the room. Lala watches as the woman stops dead in her tracks and turns around slowly, uncertainty painted on her face.

“What is it?” Lala inquiries.

The doctor looks hesitant to answer, “I know it’s not any of my business, but I have to say this.” Dr. Carter takes a step closer to Lala, “I don’t know what the situation is between you and your husband, but I can tell you this. What I witnessed these past 24 hours was nothing short of complete and utter love and concern for you and your wellbeing. For a while, I was contemplating having him admitted as well. Paid a pretty penny for this <a href="" target="_blank">room</a> (Yes, this is a children's hospital room but just look at it. s***, I'd stay in it.) too," She chuckled, "He was so concerned about you. God forbid something had happened to you….” She trails off, watching as the young wife internalizes every word that she says. “Just….don’t….don’t give up okay?”

Lala is speechless. All she can do is nod in understanding. Dr. Carter smiles at her before leaving the room. Lala just sits there in shock, the Doctor’s words of advice running around in her head. She wonders if Chris’s “worrying” was all an act, but she immediately dismisses the thought. He would never do something like that.

<em>Chris is a bastard, but he’s not a heartless bastard.</em>
His declaration from just the day before, come rushing back to her memory.

<strong> I do love you Chanel. I know you don’t believe me and I can’t say I blame you for not believing, but I do love you.</strong>

Looking at her side, Lala notices the edible fruit basket and contemplates if she should wake him up. The right thing would be to let him sleep, but the silence in the room is too much for her to deal with. She decides to wake him. She ponders whether she should call out his name, but quickly decides against it. The only way to get him up is through physical methods.

Reaching over the bed, she grabs the sizable red apple, positions her arm, and throws it towards him. The fruit collides with his lower stomach as he releases a pained filled groan.

“The f*** Chanel?” Lala snickered, watching her husband swing his legs back around so he was in an upright position.

“I wanted you to get up.” She smiles inwardly at his use of his nickname for her instead of her birth name.

He looked at her as if she had grown two heads, “You couldn’t just call me to wake me up?” The look Lala gave him spoke all the words he didn’t even hear, “Never mind.” He rises up off the couch, arms raised high as he stretches and yawns. He pulls up a chair next to her bed, staring intently at her. “How are you feeling?”

She shrugs, “I’ve had better days,” A beat. “And judging from your appearance, so have you. You look like s***.”

He smiles at the humor in her voice, “Well it’s not like I’ve had time to get cleaned up and s***.” He places his hands behind his head, looking down at the floor.

She bites down on her bottom lip. Lip biting has always been something she does when she’s nervous. “You didn’t have to stay, ya know.” she whispers, “I mean, you could’ve went home to change or whatever. I would’ve been fine.”

His head shoots up, shock blatantly evident in his brown eyes,

“You’re s***ting with me right?” A beat. “Why the f*** would I leave you here alone when I’m the reason you’re here in the first place?”

“Don’t do that Chris…..” She frowns, hearing the anger in his voice. Anger, she knows, is directed at himself. “What happened back there wasn’t your fault. You may have had something to do with it, but this is the result of months of build-up. It was bound to happen eventually. I-“She scoffs bitterly, “I have an anxiety disorder Chris. This isn’t my first panic attack. I’ve had them in the past. Its just been a while since I’ve had one this severe.”

“When…was the last time you had one?” He seems uncertain, “Not a bad one like this, I mean a panic attack period.”

She smiles, “A week before we met.” The two share a look before Lala breaks their gaze to scoot her body all the way over to the other side of the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“Making room for you,” she responds as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. Once she reaches the edge, she looks up at him sheepishly, “Lay down with me.” She requests, the innocence in her voice tugging at something in Chris he hasn’t felt in months. Kicking off his Jordan’s, he’s careful not to make too much movement as he slides in next to her. She takes him by surprise when she lays her head on his chest and wraps her arm around his waist. He’s hesitant at first, but finally decides to embrace her surprising actions. He places a chaste kiss on her forehead while his hand runs up and down her arm in a comforting manner.

“I know,” she starts, her voice sounding muffled since her face is buried into his chest, “that we have a lot to talk about. We both have so many things to discuss. But I….I don’t want to do that right now. Right now I don’t want us to be…Lala and Chris Brown…I just want to be Chanel and for you to be Chris. That’s it. Just the two of us. I don’t want to think about the bulls***. I just want you to lay here and hold me. Hold me like you used to. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less.” He doesn’t offer a response and instead holds her tighter. Their silence speaks volumes. It says all that needs to be said.

Hmm…I like writing in the ominous POV. I find it much easier. I may start alternating with this and Lala’s POV. I hope you guys are enjoying all this fluff, because I hate to break it to you, but it’s not going to last. Now that you know what happened between L and C, the real drama begins.




Possible death.

Oh yeah, s***’s about to get real.

Did I mention that I'm a total unpredictable troll when it comes to my stories? Example?

Since I've started this story, I've changed the direction it's going in 15 times. True s***.

*insert evil and diabolical laugh*


Umm I know this is probably a stupid question, but.....would you guys be mad at me if I maybe, possibly,....killed someone off?


I don't know. I didn't plan to take it in that direction, but you guys should know that I'm not good with consistency.....

Oh, and I'm breaking my rule of alternating with a flashback chapter and a present day one. Next one will be the continuation of Chapter 8 instead of a flashback. It'd be evil of my to leave you guys hanging like that for two days. lol

Okay, you want my thoughts: so here goes.
I kinda was thinking maybe that could be the reason of what "it" was, along with maybe she cheated or something. But I was right, they lost a baby. I'm so sorry, but I understand how he feels bad & cold about what happened, he didn't get I raise his son, nor see it grow up. But why be so mean & cold hearted towards his wife, the woman that he comes home to. That's ridiculous, it wasn't anything Layla could do about it. It isn't as I'd she murdered it or harmed it any type of way. I want them to talk about it, no more secrets, lies, cheating or dissappointment. Chris needs to love his wife, they could try for another baby.

Run this! ASAP!
I hope she's ok!

*New reader*
Ashley crazy as hell I like her the boys are all punks scared to get cut lol
lala just needs to calm den stressing herself over Chris F him but
Dag that is crazy to carry a baby full term & lose it
Chris can't be mad at her things happen