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For The Record {Chapter 55 Added} {3/10/13} {I'M BACK!!!}

HI! :) Haha, this is my first CB story so let me know what ya think!

<em>Cause when I'm looking in your eyes
Feels like the first time
Give me one good reason why
We can't just press rewind</em>

The lyrics spill out on the page without much effort. She doesn’t have to try hard. They’re embedded in her brain and easily transferable to the paper. She tries her damn hardest to withhold the tears that are threatening to fall. Her make up for today isn’t waterproof and she doesn't feel like taking time out to do it over because her jolted emotions can’t control themselves. Misty eyes are as far as she’s letting it go. He’s not worth her tears. At least, that’s what she tells herself. Then again, she’s been telling herself a lot of untrue things lately.

Sighing heavily, <a href="" target="_blank">Layla “Lala” Brown</a> sets the pen and paper to the side. She doesn’t feel like writing anymore. The sudden urge she previously had to finish the song is no longer there. She gets up from the writing desk and makes her way over to her California King Size bed. Yanking the covers back, she slides in the warm bed, huddling under the covers. The vacancy next to her is impossible to ignore. She lies on her back. Her long jet-black hair splays all over the pillow. She does not bother wrapping it up. She sees no reason to; it’s not as if she has to wake up tomorrow looking presentable for <a href="" target="_blank">him</a>. He won’t be there.

She winces slightly thinking about where he is. She doesn’t know exactly, but she has a pretty damn good guess. A guess that makes her heart ache even more. She wonders how she got there. How they got there. She has a good life. At the tender of age of 20, she lives a life most people would kill to have. Her debut album went multi-platinum and won her two Grammy's along with countless other awards. She has sponsorships with mega companies like Juicy Couture, Nike, South Pole, etc. She successfully ventured into the acting business and received critical acclaim for all her performances. Millions of girls look up to her and want to be just like her. Guys think she’s sexy as hell. Most importantly, she’s the wife of international superstar Chris Brown. Yet, she’s miserable as hell.

Her eyes start to water even more as she thinks on how much things had changed. She knew marriage was going to be hard, but she never thought it would be this difficult. She always knew she would never be enough for Chris, sexually. How could she? She was inexperienced when it came to sex before Chris. She knew the logistics of it, but that was it. She was clueless when it came to what guys liked, what turned them on and all the right places to attack. He wasn’t. He knew exactly what to do and was perfect at it. He constantly reassured her that she was fine in bed and shouldn’t worry so much. She blindly listened to him. She should have known better. If she was really fine in bed, why the hell was he out somewhere f***ing one of his many whores?

She wanted to believe, if not her skills in bed, then maybe her undying love for Chris would keep him from straying. Their love should have been enough. But it wasn’t not anymore. They weren’t the same people they were almost two years ago. His love for her has diminished and she wonders if there is any hope for them. So much has happened.

Is it too much to overcome though?


Me and Kianna got Racks! Ok, we balling out here in LA! We bout to buy up the whole Boulevard! But Evan, it's rough on ya! Well, it's rough on me to but, hell.......Hopefully I'll get over it

This case though, I don't know what to say. I'm glad that they are likely to win but I'm not that happy that Chris just speakin' for Lala though. I mean, even if she DID feel that way, he should have let her voice her own opinion of what she wanted to do and how she wanted to handle it. I just feel that it wasn't his place. Even as a husband. He just should have let her speak.

Ashley, she the same old Ashley as before. Love it! I missed her crazy ass!

And school, girl cut her ass! Cut her! Get like Ashley and cut that b****! Lmaoooo I'm just playing. School is s***. Shiz-ni-eeeeeee *in my Scrappy voice* lmaoooo

Run it

i understand how chris is feeling..he kows that lala is still coping with the situation and that it would be hard for her to talk abt it in front of all those ppl and on top of that have lawyers comin at her every way with allegations..but still he shud have let her speak for herself

Me & Tia got money to blowwwwww, aye. Shopping! Shopping! Poor Evan isn't there for Tia old sad ass. Lmaoooo, anyways. Wtf? How the hell can they hold her against her past rape experience? That some shxt. Chris is such an amazing, man. Like really, although his temper and his rage--it's always for his woman. :) it's so beautiful, so I think. I hope the case goes well tho, or awwwllll hell......

It's not crap!!! Lol woww laughing at the fact that Chris tryna make decisions for his wife without even consulting her..hmm lol run it

::.Chapter 42.::

<em>This chapter takes place two weeks after the last….</em>

“We’re in Cali b****!” Tia yells, as she and Adrienne walk down Hollywood boulevard.

Adrienne smirks at the hype girl next to her. “And to think your ass didn’t even want to come.”

Tia stops to glare at her roommate. “Hoe don’t be changing my words around. I said I didn’t want to come <em>without</em> Evan. But now that we’re through…..he can go sit on a big d***.” Tia scoffs, trying to play off her hurt, but Adrienne can see right through her act.

“We can talk about it…” Adrienne offers, pulling out a stick of gum and popping it in her mouth. “If you want….. I mean.”

“He cheated on me, got the b**** pregnant and I didn’t find out until she served his behind for back child support.” Tia sucks her teeth. Evan was her first everything, including <em>it</em>, so to say she’s not the least bit hurt, would be a blatant lie. Still, she tried to put up her façade.

“With his trifling ass.” Adrienne shakes her head, as the two stop to take pictures.

“I ain’t even mad though.” Tia shrugs and decides to change the subject. “I can’t believe everyone done abandoned our asses.”

Adrienne rolls her eyes. “It’s not like they didn’t have a good reason Tia. They had to go meet with the law folks to see if they have enough evidence to build a case against-“

“Yeah yeah, I know.” Tia waves her off. “I just wish we could’ve gone too though.”

“Why?” Adrienne questions. “It’s not like we were witnesses to anything.”

“Still.” Tia groans. “I just feel so….helpless. Like, there’s something else we could be doing instead of shopping and sightseeing.”

“I know how you feel.” Adrienne sighs. “But, C and L apparently want us to ‘take some time and enjoy ourselves before we start looking for work’.” She uses hand gestures, but smirks when she pulls out her wallet, revealing several hundred-dollar bills.

Tia’s eyes go wide. She stops walking and yanks Adrienne, by her arm, pulling her to the side. “Where the <strong>hell</strong> did you get all of that?” Fear fills eyes. “Please tell me your ass did not go rob a bank and not bring me with you?”

Adrienne gives her a ‘WTF’ look. “Where do you...never mind. No, I did not go rob a damn bank. Chris and Lala gave it to me…..well us.” Tia gives her a disbelieving look. “I’m serious!” She pulls out her cell and reaches it towards Tia. “Call and ask them if you don’t believe.”

Tia glances at the phone, then at Adrienne and finally the money.
“How much is it?”

“Five.” Adrienne smirks.

“Five hundred?!” Tia yells, eyes growing even wider.

“Try five <em>thousand</em>.”

“Fffiiiveee ttttthhhouus-“ Tia stutters for a couple seconds before regaining composure. “Well girl what the hell are we standing here for?!” She snatches a few hundreds and stares at them dreamily. “Imma buy every damn thing I see! Come on Adrienne! We got shopping to do!”


“So you <em>really</em> think we have a case?” Chris queries. “And that we could win?”

“Absolutely.” The group’s lawyer, Olivia Pope <strong>(Scandal anyone? lol)</strong> answers, looking over at the group of ten. “Not only do you have a case, but a strong one at that.”

“What about Chris?” Lala chimes, sitting right beside him, twiddling with her fingers. “Will he be charged with anything?”

“Neither Mr. Neverson or Mr. Palmer have given any indication that they will press charges, so I think a lawsuit against Chris is out the question.” Olivia answers, much to everyone’s relief. Whether Chris would be held accountable for his beating of Trey and Brian has been on everyone’s minds. Especially Lala. She could never forgive herself is something happened to Chris because of her.

“And Ashley?” Tyga asks. “What’s the situation with her case?”
Detective Stabler decides to speak up. “Ms. Barnes is a little more complicated.”

“How so?” Ashley arches a brow. “I was shot. What's so complacted about that?”

“Yes, but the bullet wasn’t meant for you. It was meant for Mr. Stevenson.” Detective Benson reminds everyone. “And since the shooter is dead, that makes it even harder to figure out why exactly this all happened.”

“We’ll ya’ll better find whoever the f***-“

“Nigga watch you damn language.” Mijo cuts Kevin off. “Act like you got some Goddamn sense. This is a respectable establishment.”

“The f***?” Kevin questions with incredulity. “Nigga you the one calling nigga’s nigga in front of these w-“

“Would the both of ya’ll just shut the hell up?” Deena scoffs. “Acting like some damn Gorilla’s.”

“Gorilla?” Kevin repeats. “Oh, so cause I’m a dark nigga, you gotta associate me with a dark ass animal?”

“Now see.” Nix scoffs. “Your ass is taking this to a whole nother’ level. Why you gotta be turning Dee Dee’s words around? Everybody know her only date chocolate men anyway.”

“Word ma?” Kevin smirks, licking his lips.

“The blacker the berry.” Deena returns his smirk and leans over to give him a better view of her D’s. “The sweeter the juice.”

“Uh uh!” Ashley shakes her head. “Ya’ll are some nasty freaks. Eye f***ing each other while in the damn law building.” She’s been doing remarkably well since her release 3 days ago. She still has to take physical therapy though, but Tyga has been supportive through it all.

“Hey.” Drake speaks up. “What happened to Chris and Lala?”

“And the damn legal team?” Mickie adds, while everyone finally notices their absences.
“I didn’t want to ask you this in front of your……friends-“

“Oh, those ignorant people are not our friends. We just met them that night at the club.”

“Chris!” Lala hisses and slaps him on the arm.

“Okay fine.” He relents before gesturing to his wife. “They’re Chanel’s friends.”

“Ignore him.” Lala apologizes to the detectives and Ms. Pope. “He was dropped on the head as a child. Please continue.”

“Yes well.” Olivia resumes, barely containing her smile at the cuteness of the young couple. “Even though, I strongly believe we can win your case. It won’t be easy. Any types of case involving actual or attempted sexual violence against the victims never are.” She confesses, talking to the husband and wife, but looking at Lala. “You’ll have to testify along with your husband and the rest of your friends.”

“I can do that. I want to.” Lala affirms.

“I don’t doubt you want to, it’s if you <em>can</em> that I’m uncertain about.”

“Why?” Chris questions.

“I’m just going to be honest with the both of you.” Olivia sighs and hesitates. “They’re going to try every tactic in the book. The one that concerns me though….is bringing up past events. That’s why I need to know now…..if there is anything that either of you have done in ‘secret’ that could come back and bite us in the ass.”

Lala looks down and bites her lip. “We already told you about infidelities.”

“Yes, but is there anything else?” Olivia presses. “Believe me, I hate prying into aspects of my client’s lives that they wish to keep secret, but the prosecutors wont. They will find even your deepest and darkest secrets. Stuff that you’ve probably forgotten about. And this is directed more towards Lala than you Chris. Because she is the one they planned to drug, kidnap, rape and only God knows what.” Chris tenses at the word rape. He can still feel the rage he felt after Chanel revealed to him what Mariah told her Trey and Brian had planned. All he could see was red. The result of his fury was several decent sized holes in the walls. “That’s why this is so important. Is there anything that maybe Trey or Brian have on you that could cause a problem?”

Lala thinks for a moment. “No, I don’t think so. I……” She trails off, thinking about the dinner part. The revelation. The fact that Brian was there and knows about her rape. “There may be something.” She mumbles, diverting her eyes away from everyone. “I…I was….raped during my childhood. I just came out with it about a month ago. My parents, Chris, Mickie, Ashley, Tyga, Drake, Mariah, Chris’s mother, her husband, and…..Brian are the only ones who know.”

“And he’s probably told Trey and their lawyers.” Ms. Pope mutters to herself. “I’m so sorry Lala.” She offers her sympathy.
“But… that I know this and the other lawyers probably know this too….there’s no doubt in my mind that they will run with it. They’re going to try to use it against you.”

“The hell?” Lala sees the look of anger flash across Chris’s face.
“What does what happened to her have to do with anything? It doesn’t have anything to do with this.”

“But it does.” Ms. Pope sighs. “This is a lawsuit accusing those two men of planning to rape Lala. If she’s already a rape victim, they’re going to try to say she’s lying. That she’s mental. Or maybe falsely accusing men of rape. Who knows what else. It’s sick, I know. But it’s how they work.” She tears her gaze away from Chris to look at Lala. “I’m not going to ask you anymore about what happened. I can imagine it’s painful to talk about. But you should know, that on the stand, they won’t give you any sympathy. They’ll chew you up and spit you out. I’m not trying to scare you. I’m trying to prepare you. This won’t be easy. Not at all. Do you think you can handle that?”

Lala opens her mouth to say something, but Chris interrupts her. “Hell no.”

“Excuse me?” Olivia questions.

“Did I stutter?” Chris responds sharply. “Hell no. She can’t testify.”

“With all due respect Mr. Brown,” Olivia matches Chris’s tone. “I believe the decision is up to your wife.”

“Exactly.” Chris glares. “<em>My</em> wife, whom I know isn’t up to stand trial and discuss something she’s still struggling to cope with.”

“I think that Mrs. Brown is perfectly capable of speaking for herself and should do such.”

“And I think.” Chris mocks her voice. “That you should handle our case and let me deal with <strong>my</strong> wife.”

The two stop their spat momentarily to notice Lala rising up out her seat and gathering her stuff. “Where are you going?” They both ask at the same time.

“Leaving.” She replies bluntly. “Why bother staying?” She flashes a fake smile and shrugs. “It’s not like either of you wanted to hear what I think about any of this so, f*** it.” She turns on her heel, marches out the room, pass the elevators, and pushes open the door for the stars. She goes down a couple steps so she’s not in plain sight before sitting on one of them.

Multiple thoughts are running through her head, while the pressing one seems both the smartest and the most ludicrous. She wants to, but at the same time, she doesn’t want to. She’s afraid to. Yet, she feels that this is the right decision. She’s gone long enough. With trembling hands, she pulls out her cell and scrolls through the contact list and freezes when she sees the name. She falters before pressing the name and ‘SEND’. The phone rings three times and just as she’s about to hang-up, they answer.



Hmmm….this seemed a lot better in my head. Ugh. I hate when I think s*** up in my head and think it’s gold, but then I write it and it comes out as crap.


And Tia and Kianna….no words. Ya’ll are BEYOND special. But, I know how ya’ll feel. First day and I already got essay assignments as homework and had to almost cut a b**** during lunch….-_-


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Haha fighting in the hospital! ! Just classic. You people? Hmm haha run it!

They in that hospital raising hell lol

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this story. I can't front I shed a few tears, but I'm still a G ! lol anyway UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE

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new reader// i read this whole story and i freakin love it. from the begining..i liked how u gave us flash backs .. o boy was there alot of secrets n drama.. u kept me on the edge every chapter. im so happy u didnt kill off ashley , i think that would of been too sad.. but please update soon. im lookin forward to see what else this story has in store

Lmao, I love my character personality. Fits my ass, it's hard to be a pimp. Because I'm a P-I-M-P! Lmaaaaaao, FCK with me. ;D & I'm glad everything went well, despite them getting kicked out. That nurse was rude as hell, -_- like damn. Racist ass. Smh, ugh, people like that is a good ass example why I look folks sideways. Lmao, anyways. It's great Tyga is back to his corny ass self and Ashley's father liked him, :D . Wooooooooooooooooooooot! Me & Tia are coming to town, ayyyyyye! "POP THAT" lmao!

You have a new story? :O
Oh sheeeet. Lemme check that out. ;)

Yup, that's me! *in my "That's so Raven" voice* but I need to get my ass on a flight too hell. Lmaooo Evan better bring his ass! Me and Kianna about to be hell up in LA!

And Lmaooo they some damn FOOLS! Actin' up in that hospital like that lmaooo but I don't blame them! After that heffa said "you people" s*** got real!

And Tyga back to his funny self. Talkin' bout they need to manage they temper. Smh That's what happens when the hoes act up! They get smacked up!

And I'm glad everything was civil and everybody came to see her.

Run it

bout to start catching up :-)
inbox though missy

::.Chapter 41.::

“Can I ask you something?”

Mickie tears her eyes away from her Smartphone to glance at her cousin. “Of course.”

Lala takes a deep breath and thinks of how to word her inquiry. “It’s nothing serious I just…..” A beat. “I noticed how at the dinner that night….when I accidentally spilled the beans that you were pregnant….”

“Yes?” Mickie presses, moving a seat over so she’s sitting adjacent to Lala instead of across from her. “Go on.”

“Lee Lee didn’t seem shocked at all.” Mickie tenses and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Lala. “It was like….she already knew.”

Mickie puts her phone in her purse and just looks down. “That’s because she did.”

Lala’s mouth drops. “You told her before you told me?” There’s no malice or jealousy in Lala’s voice. She’s more hurt than anything. She loves Lee Lee just as much as she loves Mickie, but the two girls have a bond closer than anyone could imagine. They’re like sisters. No, they <strong>are</strong> sisters. They tell each other almost everything. Even though Lee Lee was present when Lala took her first pregnancy test; <em>Mickie</em> was the one she confided to when she speculated she was with child.

“Please don’t be upset Lala.” Mickie frowns. “I wanted to tell you <strong>so</strong> bad. You don’t even know. To be honest, I wanted to tell you before I told Aubrey. I just……”

“Tell me.” Lala encourages. “And I’m not upset. Not at all. I just want to know why.”

A beat. “It’s just that….with everything that was going on with you and Chris….and especially after what happened to Marcus.” Both girls feel a wave of grief pass over them as they think about the beloved, deceased son and nephew. “It just didn’t feel right for me to come tell you something so….wonderful while you were going through something so…..horrible.”

Lala instantly feels bad for even bringing up the subject, despite her gentle way of handling it. Her cousin was just looking out for her. Lala places a hand over Mickie’s, who looks up at her in response.

“Thank you Mickie.” She says softly. “For being such a damn, good friend and for always being there for me when I need you.”

Mickie’s smile falters and is replaced by a grimace. “Not always….”

Lala tenses again. She realizes what Mickie was referring to. The rape. “Don’t you dare feel guilty about that. You couldn’t have known it was going to happen. “

“Yeah but-“

“No but’s.” Lala cuts her off. “I don’t want you beating yourself up over that. Not when you have other things to concern yourself with.” Lala moves her hand to touch Mickie’s stomach. “I think it’s going to be a boy.”

“You think?” Mickie smiles back. “I hope so. Although, I kinda want a little girl so I can-.”

“Hi Mickie!” Carlos yells running up to the pregnant woman, but stopping before he collides with her stomach.

“Hey little man.” Mickie laughs.

“So, I’ll have Nurse Lewis schedule your pre-op appointment and then we’ll take it from there.” The <a href="" target="_blank">doctor</a>, a young and attractive man, walks out with Mariah as the two discuss Carlos’s surgery. “How does that sound?”

Mariah wipes her tear stained face and smiles brightly. “It sounds great. I can’t begin to thank you enough for doing this for me. You have no idea what this means to me.”

The doctor smiles and places a hand on Mariah’s shoulder. “You don’t have to thank me. This is my job. It’s what I’m here for.” He turns to look at Carlos who seems infatuated by Mickie’s pregnant belly. “Carlos is an amazing kid.”

“Yeah….” Mariah stares in awe at her pride and joy. “He is.”

“I hope you don’t mind me asking but….where is his father?” Mariah looks at the doctor and then at the ground. She wasn’t expecting that. “He’s uh….he’s not in his life.”

“Oh.” The doctor flashes her a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t be.” Mariah tells him. “It’s for the best….trust me it is.” She shakes her head, wanting to vomit at the thought of Carlos’s rapist father being in his life. “Besides, it’s like the saying goes; what one man won’t do-“

“Another one will.” He finishes for her and the two shares a look. It’s obvious he is flirting with her, but the thought of getting into a relationship with the man who will perform her son’s heart surgery seems odd to her.

“Yes well…” Mariah stumbles. “I should be getting ready to leave.”

“Yes, of course.” The doctor stumbles as well and extends a hand. “It was a pleasure meeting you Ms. Campbell.”

“Likewise Dr. White.” She smiles, shaking his hand. He waves ‘bye’ to Carlos and walks off.

As soon as he’s out of sight, Mickie and Lala rush over to her.

“What was that all about?” Mickie asks, holding hands with Carlos.

Mariah furrows her eyebrows. “What are you talking about?”

“We’re talking about you and that fine piece of…” Lala stops, remembering Carlos is standing right there. “White chocolate you were talking to.”

Mariah blushes. “He’s Carlos’s doctor.”

“Something tells me he wants to be your doctor too and not for the reasons he’s Carlos doctor.” Mickie winks and smirks as Mariah’s face reddens profusely.

“Mommy doesn’t need a docfor.” Carlos shouts, looking confused. “Do you mommy?”

Mariah laughs and picks up her son. “No baby. I don’t.”

Mickie’s phone starts vibrating. “Hello?” She answers. “Whoa whoa Aubrey baby, slow down. I can’t understand a darn word you’re saying…….what happened?” Her face goes pale. “Aubrey this better not be some type of joke or….” Lala and Mariah grow concerned. Mickie is on the edge of tears. “Oh my God…….okay we’re on our way now.” She quickly hangs up the phone and wipes away the tears that are falling.

“What’s wrong?” Lala questions, almost dreading the answer.

“Ashley….she….she woke up.”


“Damn b****, your ass has gotten some big.” Is the first thing Ashley says when Mickie and Lala enter the room. Of course, the reunion between the three girls is extremely emotional. Actually, the reunion between Ashley and everyone who had been praying for her was emotional. Ashley’s reaction to seeing her father shocked everyone. They were expecting her to go ballistic. Cuss him out. Threaten to cut or even kill him. They just knew s*** was gonna go down.

What they got was the complete opposite. Ashley was rendered speechless. She shed a few tears before the father and daughter asked to be alone. They were only in the room for a good ten minutes and neither was willing to share what they talked about. They weren’t acting too loving, but at least they were being civil.

Tyga meeting David was hilarious. The rapper was clearly nervous as hell and it was only because of Ashley’s intervention that her dad didn’t kill him. Obviously, he was upset about Tyga’s refusing to come see her. She was upset too, but tried not to let it show. She was just happy to be alive.

“We were all so worried about you mija.” Juanita stokes Ashley’s hair as her voice croaks. “I don’t know what I’d do-“

“Ma” Ashley cuts her off. “Please don’t start with the tears. I’m okay. Really.” She smiles, secretly feeling so touched by how concerned everyone was about her. “Well, I will be okay when my nurse brings me my FOOD.” She yells, pressing the button repeatedly.

“Some things never change.” Lala laughs, leaning into Chris as he tightens his hold around her waist.

Finally, the <a href="" target="_blank">nurse</a> walks in, looking annoyed and disgusted. “Your meal is coming Ms. Barnes.”

“Well it’s not coming fast enough.” Ashley snorts, crossing her arms. “Honestly, I ordered my food over half-an-hour ago. What is taking so damn long?”

“We do have other patients to attend to.” The nurse replies curtly.

“We understand that miss.” Juanita chimes in. “But half an hour is a long time to make a recent coma victim wait to eat. She’s famished.”

“I don’t think <em>you</em> understand how hectic it is for me.”

“Oh, I do understand.” Juanita matches the woman’s tone. “Because, I too am a nurse-“

“Really?” The woman scowls. “I guess they’re hiring anyone they can find now days.”

Everyone’s eyes go wide eyed and David quickly moves to restrain his wife.

“Hold up b****.” Juanita announces, taking off her large silver earrings. “Don’t start with me. I’m not the one. I’ll whip your skinny ass right here right now.”

“Of course.” The nurse laughs mockingly, shaking her head. “It’s always violence with you people-“

“Oh HELL no!”

“Someone hold my purse. It’s about to be on and poppin!”

“I’m finna go to jail today for attempted murder!”

“Let me go Aubrey! Imma lay this hoe OUT!”

“She don’t know! All it takes is for one phone call and BAM- bye bye b****!”

All the females in the room go crazy, with each male trying desperately to retrain them. David struggles the most though, with Juanita in one hand and Tamara in the other.

“That’s it!” The nurse yells, fear growing in her voice. “I’m calling the police! And I guarantee you animal’s that they will be here in less than 10 minutes!”

“Well good.” Ashley says calmly as Tyga loosens his grip on her arms. “Than that gives me nine to whoop your ass! Come here b****!”

“Ashley no!”


24 hours.

That’s how long each person in the room who isn’t Ashley’s immediate family have to stay away from the hospital premises. The nurse ended up calling hospital security who had to forcefully escort out the fuming group.

“This is some bull.” Lala complains, walking into her house, with Chris beside her and Tyga, Drake and Mickie following behind. “f*** the hospital. How the hell they gon keep us away from seeing Lee Lee.”

“I know right?” Mickie agrees as the 5 make their way into the kitchen. “Don’t make no damn sense. Blowing s*** all out of proportion.”

The guys look at Mickie and Lala as if they’ve grown two heads.

Tyga shakes his head. “Ya’ll really need to work on ya’ll’s temper.”

“Excuse me?” Lala questions, bending down to pet Coco and Puff.

“What he meant was,” Drake glares at Tyga as he acts quickly to improvise. “Maybe you could have handled the situation a little better. Right Chris?”

“Nigga, don’t be putting my name into your s***.” Chris scoffs, moving by his wife. “Me and my baby doing good. I ain’t trying to mess that up.”

“That’s right.” Lala smirks, pecking Chris on the lips with Coco in her arms. “Don’t be trying to cause friction between Chris and me.”

The home phone starts ringing and Lala glances at the caller ID.
She smiles and picks up the phone, before pressing speaker. “What the hell ya’ll want?” She yells a smile on her face. She mouths ‘<a href="" target="_blank">Tia</a>’ and ‘<a href="" target="_blank">Adrienne</a>’ to everyone. Adrienne is Chris’s favorite cousin whom Lala loves like a sister. The two don’t talk much, but Chris always checks up on his younger cousin. Tia is Adrienne’s roommate and also a good friend of Lala, Ashley and Mickie.

“b**** what makes your ass think we want something!” Tia yells.

“Yeah!” Adrienne yells back. “Can’t a woman just call to check and see how her fave cousin is doing?”

“Hell naw!” Chris laughs. “Everyone know your ass only calls when you need something so what is it?”

“Nigga, who said I was talking about you?” Adrienne giggles over the phone. “And do ya’ll have me on speaker?”

“Hell yeah!” Mickie shouts, joining in on the conversation. “Where the f*** ya’ll been at these past couple months?”

“Struggling.” Adrienne replies sighing. “It’s hard out here for a pimp…and Mickie? Hey girl. Don’t front though. You got our number.”

“How’s the modeling coming?” Lala asks, taking a seat on the kitchen stool.

“Didn’t I just tell your special ass times is rough?” Adrienne laughs.

“Yeah! Ya’ll need to hook a sister - I mean sisters up with a job!” Tia laughs.

“We would if ya’ll would take your asses out of VA and move down here to LA!” Drake chimes. “You know we’ll take care of you.”

“Hey Drake!” Adrienne laughs. “And Tyga, I know your ass is there so hi to you too and ya know? I just might take ya’ll up on that. I need a scenery change anyway.”

“Speak for yourself b****!” Tia scoffs. “I ain’t leaving my boo!” Lala laughs, remembering Tia’s long tern boyfriend <a href="" target="_blank">Evan</a>. The two have been together since high school. They’re inseparable.

“Well I am!” Adrienne remarks. “I’m tired of these broke ass VA nigga’s anyway. I’ll be on the next flight out. Bye!” She doesn’t even give anyone a chance to say anything else before hanging up the phone.


Hope this isn’t too boring.

And sorry for the delayed update. Life. -_-

Tia and Kianna, what ya’ll think of your characters? Not too much scenes with ya’ll in it, but I haven’t quite grasped your personalities. Lol.

Oh, and please don’t think I’m abandoning this story for ‘Smash Into You’. That’s just my side story. This is my baby right here though.


its about time tyga went in to go see Ash , ihad a feeelin' that she would wake up , once he came and she heard his voice ..
im glad she's awake , yayyyyy! love tha add .


*runs in ....* hey guys. <3

Name: Adrienne
Age: 22 (:
Character Picture: <a href=> Aaliyah </a>
Guy/Boyfriend/Love Interest: : J. Cole
Personality- ummm, a real down to earth girl that is related, let's see, ah yes Chris. Either Chris's favorite first cousin (or his adopted sister) that is very chill & cool. Handles her, not ghetto but will easily speak my mind. An upcoming model for famous clothing line, that has much difficulty finding a very good guy while she tries to fulfill her life long career. I'm a bit conceited, in a good way. My "parents" are dead. Ummm, what else? I love to party and enjoy myself, I date a lot. That's all. Lol. ^_^

Ohhhhh s***! Me and Kianna finna start be up in this b****!!!!! Lmaoooo

Name: Tia Carin
Character Pic: My girl <a
Age: 21 or 22
Love Interest: Evan Ross I guess lol [he fine as hell to me even though he be looking a little on the fruity side sometimes]
Persona: [this is about to be long]
I'm loud, bubbly, fun, funny. I'm not scared to say what's on my mind. I f I have something to say I will say it without thinking twice. Even when I say things I don't mean. I just don't really think before I say things and that gets me in trouble alot. I act off of first hand emotions. How I'm feeling at the time is how I will act and react. I'm lovable. I can also be sensitive. I can yell at you but I hate to be yelled AT! lol. I don't like seeing other people upset. I like being the person that people can always call for a shoulder to cry on. For a person who will listen to them. I'm a good advice giver. I'm wise beyond my years. (I was raised by my grandparents for half of my life) So I know alot of remedies. I'm a good soul food cooker. I respect anyone that will respect me. But as soon as you disrespect me, my man, or my family. Oh b**** it's O.V. for yo ass! I hate cheaters and liars because if you do it once then you will do it again. I don't LIKE to lie because it's pointless. Why lie, when eventually the person who you are lying to will find out the truth? I'm an animal lover. I LOVE animals. I'm a party animal too lmaoooo. I walk INNNNNNNN and I TURN UP! Ayeee! I'm a good ass friend. I got yo back if you got mine type person. I don't take s*** from people! I'm allergic to bulls***......ummmmm and I think that's it. I'll add more if I think about it.

Girl I can't WAIT!


Give your casting call form...thingy's or whatever. Looks like you'll be making an early appearance. :)

Character Pic?
Age? (You have to be over 20...sorry gals.)
Love Interest? (He can be famous or non-famous but NOT one of the main male characters for obvious reasons..)

And any other thing you can think of! :D


You were gonna kill off Ashley? How dare you, MURDERER. Lmao! Anyways, that add was very cute an positive. In glad Tyga came; even tho his ass should have been there, I can relate. I hate the hospital, I hate visiting and everything. But I kinda wanna be a nurse. Lmao, kinda strange. *shrugs* poor little funny nigga was crying, too real but too sweet. It's crystal clear that he loves her--beyond everything. I just hope he stands behind his words and actually take the next level soon, or else. All she needed to wake up, was basically him. For him to pour out his heart and soul and hand it to her, I'm glad Ashley crazy ass is up. :)

As for Lala being there for Mariah and Carlos is sweet. I wanna believe Mariah now, about the condition Carlos has. She seems like a cool girl if you cut off all the past bull she created just a few weeks ago. Maybe they can be friends? I take that back---associates. Lol.

Ashleys up!!! Yayyyyy! Haha. Took long enough. I hope she heard everything the said to her..she needs to hear it. But thats wssup...more drama? Oh noo...

sooo glad u let her live!!! lol

*does a praise dance around my room* Thank ya LAWD! He brought her back (well, you brought her back lol) Thank you for bringing her back! I would have cried so hard if she died! Harder than I cried on the wedding add, and I cried hard af on that wedding add. But then hours in the beginning though lmaooo that was funny to me for some reason.

I know it's about to be some s*** though, when her daddy come back. And it's finna be crazy when everybody else find out that Ashley awake! I just can't wait!

It's about to go down! *in my Kevin Hart voice*

Run it