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For The Record {Chapter 55 Added} {3/10/13} {I'M BACK!!!}

HI! :) Haha, this is my first CB story so let me know what ya think!

<em>Cause when I'm looking in your eyes
Feels like the first time
Give me one good reason why
We can't just press rewind</em>

The lyrics spill out on the page without much effort. She doesn’t have to try hard. They’re embedded in her brain and easily transferable to the paper. She tries her damn hardest to withhold the tears that are threatening to fall. Her make up for today isn’t waterproof and she doesn't feel like taking time out to do it over because her jolted emotions can’t control themselves. Misty eyes are as far as she’s letting it go. He’s not worth her tears. At least, that’s what she tells herself. Then again, she’s been telling herself a lot of untrue things lately.

Sighing heavily, <a href="" target="_blank">Layla “Lala” Brown</a> sets the pen and paper to the side. She doesn’t feel like writing anymore. The sudden urge she previously had to finish the song is no longer there. She gets up from the writing desk and makes her way over to her California King Size bed. Yanking the covers back, she slides in the warm bed, huddling under the covers. The vacancy next to her is impossible to ignore. She lies on her back. Her long jet-black hair splays all over the pillow. She does not bother wrapping it up. She sees no reason to; it’s not as if she has to wake up tomorrow looking presentable for <a href="" target="_blank">him</a>. He won’t be there.

She winces slightly thinking about where he is. She doesn’t know exactly, but she has a pretty damn good guess. A guess that makes her heart ache even more. She wonders how she got there. How they got there. She has a good life. At the tender of age of 20, she lives a life most people would kill to have. Her debut album went multi-platinum and won her two Grammy's along with countless other awards. She has sponsorships with mega companies like Juicy Couture, Nike, South Pole, etc. She successfully ventured into the acting business and received critical acclaim for all her performances. Millions of girls look up to her and want to be just like her. Guys think she’s sexy as hell. Most importantly, she’s the wife of international superstar Chris Brown. Yet, she’s miserable as hell.

Her eyes start to water even more as she thinks on how much things had changed. She knew marriage was going to be hard, but she never thought it would be this difficult. She always knew she would never be enough for Chris, sexually. How could she? She was inexperienced when it came to sex before Chris. She knew the logistics of it, but that was it. She was clueless when it came to what guys liked, what turned them on and all the right places to attack. He wasn’t. He knew exactly what to do and was perfect at it. He constantly reassured her that she was fine in bed and shouldn’t worry so much. She blindly listened to him. She should have known better. If she was really fine in bed, why the hell was he out somewhere f***ing one of his many whores?

She wanted to believe, if not her skills in bed, then maybe her undying love for Chris would keep him from straying. Their love should have been enough. But it wasn’t not anymore. They weren’t the same people they were almost two years ago. His love for her has diminished and she wonders if there is any hope for them. So much has happened.

Is it too much to overcome though?



Awe. thank you. Yeah, Idk what's up with the site. There was an incident a few weeks ago where people's stories were just up and deleted. O.o Too weird. I appreciate you even taking the time out to even read my story. :D

And yes, I saw the picture too. :P

#HeCanTakeMeDownAnytime lmao

Lmao at the video... That was too funny. I saw the pic it was really nice ;)

So ive Ben trying to log on since the chapter that she told everyone what happened... But I dk wtf is going on with my account...that was a sad chapter how could she hes raped and her mothers initial response is for her not to tell anyone rather than getting her daughter some help. Smh I understand that she didnt want anyone to know buy damn ... Shes sick... The wedding chapter was beautiful her dress was so pretty and Im sitting here tearing while Im reading how everything played out. I could probably write 10 page comment on everything I love about this story... But I dont want to over do it. Keep up the good work ill be here reading.
... Oh and Tyga is funny af lol

I'm trying to hurry up ya'll. It's just taking longer to flow. But I'll be damned if I don't finish this within the next hour! lol

In the meantime though, watch <a href="" target="_blank">THIS</a> adorable video of Chris. Lmao

*does the cabbage patch* I'm ready! I'm ready, oh yeah yeah yeah!

As always, thank you all for the wonderful comments. Hi new reader! :) lol

Typing up the new add now. Some of you will like it. Some of you won't.

One word though:



*Sits back, pops another pain pill and resumes typing*

I'm a new reader!! Omg this story is so freakiin good! Chris definitely needs to open up a can of somethin on this nigga brian. Nd why wont drake and tyga marry them girls..they playin house anyway.. im eager for more! Run it!!

Lmaoooo she said take yo ass to marvins room lmaoo she a fool. But I'm so happy Chanel slipped up! Im SOOOOOO happy she slipped up! I don't think you understand right now! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy she slipped up and said Brians name! Now Chris gotta reason to beat that nigga ass! And ooooweeee I just thought of something! What if Chanel is like in the bathroom or the shower or something and her phone starts to buzz and Chris picks it up and reads the text from Brian?! Or from RiRi.....well who ever the damn text is from! I hope that happens! Nevermind, I just hope he finds out about the damn text! But for Ash, Ty, Mickie, and Drake.......they just need some counseling. Some Jesus.......some prayer. I hope they get back together because they were really cute.

Run it

Oh wow. Tyga and Drake are in trouble. They better do something quick to get their women back.

LaLa does need to start discussing things with Chris more. They're doing great tho (: Christopher is a wonderful husband.

Run it!!!

dang..tyga and drake betta make things right with they women..

that was a terrible blowup..i hope they can resolve it..


Well ATLEAST things with Lala and Chris went good, I like how Chris is being real and sweet to her. Try are a team, I'm glad none of the others couples relationship drama is rubbing off on them. Damn, that add was pretty ridiculous. Can't believe two of the couples are having a rocky ass time. /: Drake and Tyga please fight for those good women! Lmao. "take yo ass to Marvin's room!" ROFL!

::.Chapter 30.::

*Lala POV*

s***. f***. Damn. And every other curse word known to man.

“Ash I….” Tyga struggles to find the right words, starring down at the ground in shame. “I didn’t mean-“

“Yes you did.” She says coldly, with her hands balled into fists.
“You meant exactly what you said.”


“When the f*** did you plan on telling me this?” She cuts him off, starting to walk closer to him. “Or were you even going to?”
He finally looks up at her. Remorse is written all over his face. “I was waiting for the right time…”

“Bulls***.” She scoffs. “You weren’t going to do s*** T and you know it. You knew from the beginning that you could never be with someone like me. You just figured I was easy and that-“

“Would you just stop and give me a second to explain myself?” He interrupts her impending speech.

“What’s there to explain?” She asks in disbelief. “You don’t want to make a commitment to me, you don’t want to get married, you don’t want kids. You’re clearly perfectly content with the status of our relationship.”

“And the problem with that is?”

“’I’m not!” She yells at him, her voice growing emotional. “I’m not okay with it! f*** T, I’m sick of just being your girlfriend. I want more than that! I need more than that! I feel like the only reason you’re with me is for the sex and because I make good ‘eye candy’.” She harshly spits out the last bit.

“You know that’s not true Ashley.” He shakes his head. “You know I love you-“

“Do you? Do you really?” She questions, quipping a brow. “Or am I just a live-in f*** buddy?”

“Ashley…” Drake trails off, looking at her sympathetically. “Ty d-“

“Don’t you dare.” Mickie cuts him off, walking to stand beside Ashley. Her eyes are right on Drake and their formed into slithers. “You, of all people, are the last one that needs to be talking.”

“Why?” He challenges, returning her glare. “Because I ain’t wife you either?”

I mentally groan and physically slap my hand against my forehead. Why the hell did he have to say that?

“Yes. That’s precisely why.” Her nostrils flair. “There is no perfectly good reason why we shouldn’t get married.”

“Why the hell are you pushing this so much?” She looks at him as if he’s grown to heads and motions to her still flat stomach.
“Because you pregnant? That ain’t no reason to marry someone Kayla.”

“How about because you love me and want us to spend the rest of our lives together?” She shoots back, obviously quoting him. “Or did that offer end the minute you found out I was pregnant?”

“I don’t see why you two,” Tyga gestures to Ashley and Mickie. “Are making such a big deal out of this.”

“Because it is a big deal Michael.” Lele stresses, using T’s real name. s***, she only does that when she’s real upset. “I don’t think you two realize how you’re making us look or feel.”

“Look and feel?” Drake sighs; obviously growing frustrated, and looks at Mickie. “What the f*** does that even mean?”

“Don’t play games with me Aubrey.” Mickie hisses, crossing her arms over her chest. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t act like you don’t hear and see what folks are saying about me. Drake’s gold-digging baby mama and Tyga’s whore.”

“Who gives a s*** about what them motherf***ers think?” Tyga exclaims.

Next thing I know, Chris grabs me by my arm and pulls me out the room without any of them even noticing. When the hell did he even come by me? f***ing ninja.

“This is bad.” He whispers, looking down at me.

“No s*** Sherlock.” I snort, rolling my eyes. “What should we do?”

“We?” He questions, blowing me off. “<strong>We</strong> don’t have to do s***. This ain’t our problem.”


“I’m just playing with you bae.” He laughs. Ugh. This boy drives me crazy sometimes. “I think we should divide and conquer. Works every time. But first, we gotta get them the hell out of my cave before they-” The sound of an object breaking cuts him off. “Break something.” He finishes dryly.

“f*** is wrong with you Ashley?!” Tyga screams in anger and shock.
“Do you have any idea how much that s*** cost?!”

“Probably the same amount as an engagement ring would!” She screams back.

“Don’t be breaking s*** in my house!” I yell towards the door, shaking my head, and leaning against the wall. “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another.”

“Seem like drama follow us wherever we go.” Chris sighs, moving so that he’s standing in front of me.

“Must be you.” I tease, before going serious again. “I just wish T and Drake would just apologize, grow a pair and propose, so they can cut this s*** out.”

Chris c**ks his head to the side. “Why should they apologize?”
What did he just say?

“Please don’t tell me you agree with them Chris.” I practically plead with him.

“Well no.” Cue sigh of relief. “Not exactly.” Never mind. “I do understand where they’re coming from though.”

Oh?” I quip a brow. “Please, elaborate.”

He looks at me and studies my face. “Forget it.”

“Oh no.” I shake my head. “I want to hear this. You didn’t want to marry me?”

“Of course I did.” He says as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “I did-“

“And another thing!” ‘Smash’ “I’m sick of your black ass mama!” Ashley shouts.

“Now see, why you got to bring moms into this?!” Tyga yells back. Oh Lord. Why the hell did she have to bring his mom into this? Every black woman should know not to ever bring a nigga’s mother into your arguments. s*** won’t end well….at all. “You don’t see me talking about your crazy ass mama!”

“We should get in-“ He starts to move back, but I grab him and push him up against the wall.

“I wasn’t done talking to you.” I attempt to be assertive, but with how good he looks right now…and those lips. Goddamn he just licked his lips. Bad thoughts need to go. His lips are on mine before I can even register what’s happening. Damn, I am so weak willed. I feel his arms travel down to the back of my thighs as he pulls me up and my legs wrap around his waist. He smirks into our kiss, before switching us.

“s*** Chris.” I hiss in pain, as my back collides with the wall. He’s too rough. “You know I’m still trying to heal from Brian’s crazy-“ I stop, realizing what I just said. Dear Lord, please let him have not heard me. Please. Please. Please. *Insert a million more ‘Pleases’*

“The f*** you just say?” Oh s***.

“Uhh….I….umm.” I stutter nervously. “I said my back is still sore from falling on it during a dance rehearsal?” I chuckle nervously.

“Chanel…” He growls and, even though the tone in his voice is sexy, and the rage on his face is frightening, I’m not really nervous. “Don’t play games with me. You damn well that’s not what you said.”

“Well then if you already know, why bother asking me?” I crack a smile at my bad attempt to lighten the mood. It only seems to piss him off even more.

“Okay look.” I sigh. “I didn’t want to tell you because I knew you’d blow it all out of proportion –“

“The three bruises….”His fingers caress over my fading black and blue bruise on her.” Well technically, I did fall into the wall the second ti- “They’re from him.” He grits out through clenched teeth. “He hit you. He f***ing hit you Chanel and you’re just now telling me?!”

“I….I’m sorry” I look down in shame. “I should have told you sooner but-“

“Damn right you should have!” He yells, throwing his head back and groaning. “I really don’t understand you Chanel. Why the f*** do you continue to hold s*** in and keep it to yourself?!”

“I don’t-“

“Yes you do!” He interrupts, starring down at me disapprovingly.
“You keep things to yourself and try to deal with it yourself instead of coming to me. Just like with the baby, you should have told me that you had been having stomach pains or-“ He stops, undeniable guilt for what he just said on his face. “s*** Chanel, I didn’t mean-“

“No.” I whisper lowly. “You’re right. I do keep things to myself. I’ve always been that way though. I’m just so used to internalizing everything.” Trailing off, I try to shake away my guilty feelings for our son’s death. It wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t. “I just don’t like bothering people with my problems.”

“That’s just it though.” He says more calmly, cupping my face.
“They’re not your problems. They’re our problems. If something or someone is bothering you Chanel, as your husband, I have a right to know. I want to help you. I want to be there for you. But you have to let me in first.” He leans down to kiss me, but the door to his man cave being slammed open startles us.

“FINE! YOU DON’T WANT TO GET MARRIED?! FAN-f***ING-TASTIC! BUT DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT BRINGING YOUR HALF-BLACK ASS HOME TONIGHT!” Mickie screams at Drake. “CAUSE I SWEAR, IMMA HAVE THE SECURTIY SYSTEM SET SHOOT TO KILL IF YOU SET FOOT ON MY PREMISES!” She turns on her heel and smiles sweetly at Chris and I. “Thanks for having me over you guys. I had a wonderful time tonight.” She turns back to look at Drake with a venomous glare. “SHOOT TO KILL MOTHERf***ER!” She flips him the finger and starts walking off.

“WELL WHERE THE f*** AM I SUPOSSED TO STAY?!” Drake yells after her.


“GO TO HELL MICHAEL!” Ashley screams as she and Tyga leave out the room.


“WELL I’M DONE TALKING TO YOU!” She turns back around to face him.





The two of them each walk off in different directions.

What the hell just happened?

This chappie is so unorganized and random. -_- #AmberIsNotSatisfied

Lol, my dad just left for VA :O I'm in Nawf Currrllinnnnnnaaa. ;D lmao, but you are so dumb. Taking the wrong meds, better watch out luvie! Ahh. But I can't sleep, to save my life for some odd reason. But yay, your hype ass is typing up an add. :DD

*Carefully peaks head out from door*
Umm yes well see, it's a funny story actually, cause you see, what happened was.....

Long story short. My dumbass took the wrong pain meds, AKA the one's that make my ass sleep so while I was supposed to be typing, my ass was sleeping. -_- So, I woke up like an hour ago (I'm in VA so we have the same time zone) SO f***ing SLEEPY. lol

But, I made a great risk and sacrifice and snuck downstairs to fix my ass a big cup of coffee, grabbed some snacks and hurry up and got my ass back in my room before I got caught. Cause Lord knows if my mama caught me.....

Here Lies:
*Insert First Name* Amber *Insert Last Name* Beloved sister, daughter and future wife of Chris Brown. (LOL)

But yeah, it's coming along. You'll get your Tyga moment(s) along with....oh just wait and see. I'm gonna finish this tonight cause this coffee got me too hyped now. lol

*tries to keep calm, counts to 5, & slowly exhales* ah, im gonna remain calm, I'm glnna be nice and say that I love how your ass is good in photoshop, I love the story banner, the little title is pretty cool, unique ya know? The couples pictures are cute too btw. :] But, SMH. Got your hurr diddd, okay! Okay! I bet it looks cute. (: seeeee, Amber! I am nice. ^_^

Now, *sucks teeth* I am disappointed. It is nearly 1:20AM , eastern time. I been out all day, thinking I'll come back home and be able to go and read a good add & go to sleep. But, looks to me like I won't. :( where the flip is Tyga at? Lmao. I need him now!

*sharpens my pitch fork* you might wanna be hard & aggressive since your on your period and all, but pssshhhhhhh. *raises my eyebrows* YOU AIN'T BOUT THAT LIFE. :)))

Lmao, just playing.
I can completely understand.
Just know, this is 1 of my favorite stories; top 3 actually. :)

LMAO @ "b**** got the place smelling like Herpes.”..tyga is hilarious!

mannnn drake and tyga slippin..first tyga aint tryna get married PLUS he dont want no children..ashley is def not finna be happy

and Drake he stalling on proposing too..what they waiting on! i tell ya i dont understand men.. he talkin abt everything goin fine why we need to get because its about GROWTH! dont no woman wanna be playin wifey role without the title!

shoot they betta recognize..

dang i forgot abt robyn.she need to keep her stank self away from them like stay away they made it perfectly clear that none of them wants anything to do with you


I love the banner for the story

Runn it

Okay...Good and Bad News.
Good News? The add is about halfway finished. It's a matter of completing, proofing and revising.
Bad news? Had to get my hair did today (lol) and I got my period so I've been b****y. Meaning, the next chappie won't be up until later tonight. Probably 10 or later. Sorry. :(

Buuuuttt in the meantime, you can check out these visuals I made in PS a lil while back! Yup. #Ambyf***sWithPhotoshopSometimes Great huh? *runs and hides as multiple objects are thrown towards me*

<a href="" target="_blank">Breezy&&Layla</a> / <a href="" target="_blank">Drake&&Makayla</a> / <a href="" target="_blank">Tyga&&Ashley</a> / <a href="" target="_blank">Crystal&&Marcus</a> / <a href="" target="_blank">Story Banner</a>

*climbs out of my tent, & looks crazy*

WTF just happened? Robyn ass showing up, acting like a $2 skank? Don't she had better sh*t to do than haunt her sexual partners. Damn, don't she got other niggas to harass than the committed ones. Ugh, stupid ass whore. -_- LMAOOOOOOO @ Tyga tho, nigga had me rolling UH-GAINNNN. Calling her all those names & stuff, lmao. Talking about burn that couch, lmao! He is too real for me too. But Lala needs to tell Chris about that text, show it to him, y'all know Chris is crazy when he comes to his wife. (so cute) ^_^ I wanna say its more from Roybn than Brian now, SMH. Ugh, either way I dont like neither one of they asses. Brian ass probably was the one to even pervoke Roybn to even come back and sabatoge Lala & Chris's marriage. UGHHHHHHHH. *throws another trantrum* ontop of that, I STILL BELIEVE CHANEL IS PREGNANT! She may not be having true signs just yet, but hey, miracles happen. :)

Damn Tyga, he doesn't wanna have kids? Just animals? I think Tyga is afraid of true committiment, I mean him and Ashley are together--been together for 3 years; you would think he would ATLEAST promise her & be more romantic so it wouldnt worry her as much. SMH, damn man. He wants her, but doesn't want to put in the extra stage to keep her! Awwwwl, damn.

Sh*t just got REAL.
*runs back to my tent*

Lmaooooo have y'all seen those little funny pictures with the stick face man that sits at the computer for a minute then when something goes wrong they flip the desk over? If you have then every time you said that T threw his hands up I thought of him doing that! Lmaoooo that's just hilarious. But T is just...........dumb. Like really? He just seemed so heartless just then. Poor Ashley I hope she don't cut him. But ummm for the whole studio thing Tyga was a fool had me rollin the whole time. But it looks like RiRi is the new Mariah and that ain't Finna go down like that because I swear Like Kianna said if somebody messes up their relationship because they wanna be stupid then I'm going to be highly upset! But yeah, I would have been on you like Kianna yesterday too but I was in Atlanta doing school shopping all day because everything in freaking Macon was either sold out or not in the right size. *flips desk and walks out the room*

Run it

@Drama_Queen_Amby; your welcome giiiirl ;)

this story gets better and better. LOVE IT ..
i cant effin' stand Brian , LaLa doesn't want you so move the f*** on .. i laughed when he called her "Chanel" only Chris can call her that dude , you aint Chris. smh!
i have a feelin he sent that text .. and she NEEDS to let Chris know about it .. it'll only make it worse if she doesn't ..
.. glad Lala is close with her dad , i jst feeel sorry for the mom tho.
and Chris NEEDS to chill out with that attitude , why cant he jst be happpy that his mom is happpy.
smh! Tyga done eff'd up, pooor Ashley.


::.Chapter 29.::

*The Guys At the Studio*

*Chris POV*

Tyga, Drake and I are in the studio working on this song. I can’t lie. I’m too hype about it. Nix did a f***ing awesome job with the beat, but Drake adding his spin on it (He’s co-producer) is sure to make it a banger. Tyga’s verse is dope as f*** and my vocals are on point.

“What do you think?” I ask <a href="" target="_blank">Nix</a> as Tyga and I walk into the room with her and Drake.

“I think it’s going to turn out great.” She smiles, turning to face Drake. “What you think Drizzy?”

“I’m working on it.” He says arrogantly, but we all know Drake ass ain’t got it in him to be egotistical. “It’s guaranteed to be a hit.”

“Boy please.” She laughs and then sets her eyes on T. The two exchange venomous glares. I really don’t know what the deal is with them. “I’d like you to do your verse over though. Not now. Some other time. I have other obligations.”

“The f***? What for?”

She rolls her eyes. “This isn’t the bedroom Michael, and I’m not your girl.”

A questioning look appears on all three of our faces.

“f*** does that mean?”

She shrugs, standing up and brushing off invisible lent. “It means
I don’t tolerate underperformance.” She smirks, grabbing her phone. “I’ll be back.” She walks out the room and as soon as she does, Tyga explodes.

“Man f*** that ugly, pussy loving b****! Hoe ain’t even fine! Lookin like a fake ass Basketball Wife reject! b**** wish she could get the pipe!”

Drake and I share a look before busting out with laughter.

“Knock Knock.” All laughter ceases as Drake and I freeze up. It’s a voice neither of us want to hear. “Mind if I join in?” <a href="" target="_blank">Robyn</a>smirks, walking in and sitting on the sofa. Leaning back, she crosses one leg over the other and shifts so her dress rides up her leg.

“Awe s***.” Tyga says, throwing his arms up. “This b**** done contaminated the seat with her STD transmitting ass. Ya’ll know we got to burn this s*** now right?”

“What the f*** are you doing here Robyn?” Drake asks her starkly, ignoring Tyga’s comment.

She c**ks her head to the side and smiles at him. “I was in the neighborhood and figured I’d drop by and see my favorite two hoes.” She winks at me. I think I’m gonna be sick.

“Okay.” Tyga interjects. “You came. You saw. Now leave.”

She shoots dagger at T. “Was I talking to you? No. So shut the f*** up.”

“b**** who the <strong>f***</strong> you think you talking to like that? With your skinny, druggy, looking like a tall, dark, no talent Prince impersonating -”

“You need to leave Robyn.” I tell her, cutting of Tyga. “Now.”

She completely ignores me. “So where’s your little wife?” She smirks, turning to look at Drake. “And your girlfriend? Heard you knocked the b**** up. Congrats.”

“What part of be gone b**** don’t you understand?” Tyga hisses.
“Don’t nobody here want your stank ass.”

“You sure about that?” She gazes at me seductively and gets up from the sofa. “Come on Chris. I know you. I know you miss me. You must, considering that little girl you married-“

“Watch how you talk about my <strong>wife</strong> Robyn.” I hiss, trying to remain calm.

She just laughs and heads for the door. “It was good seeing you two.”

“Can’t say we feel the same.” Drake throws back at her.

“Well you better get used to me being around, because I’m back and this time? I plan to leave with what is rightfully mine.” She says, looking straight at me, before walking out and slamming the door behind her.

“Good luck with that.” Tyga scoffs before muttering. “I got a hundred on Lala wiping the floor with her nonexistent ass before Ashley even gets a chance to touch her. Oh, and ya’ll got some Lysol in here? b**** got the place smelling like Herpes.”

*Lala POV*

*With The Girls*

“I can’t believe that sleazy b**** is trying to squeeze her way back into the picture.” Mickie says, before popping a Blue Ranch Dorito in her mouth. After leaving Johnny Rockets, the six of us headed back to Chris and mine’s place. He and the guys are out in his <a href="" target="_blank">man cave</a> while me and my girls are sitting in my ‘<a href="" target="_blank">Pink Room</a>.’

“Same.” Ashley nods in agreement. “I mean, I can sorta understand her going after Drake, but Chris? When he’s married? Clearly she doesn't follow the hoe code.”

“The hoe code?” I quip an eyebrow. “Is there really such a thing?”

“Yeah, I thought hoe’s didn’t go by codes and s*** like that.” Mickie states, as she passes Lele a chip. “That’s why they call em hoes.”

“Well some do and some don’t.” She explains. “Take me for example, I never did taken guys. Even in high school, if the guy had a girlfriend, serious or no serious, I didn’t let him hit it.”

“You actually turned down a f***?” I snort. “I’m shocked. “Didn’t know you had it in you.” She glares and flips me the bird. “Enough about that c***. What is going on with you and T?”

“It’s what <em>isn’t</em> going on that’s the problem.” She rolls her eyes.

“And by that you mean?” Mickie presses on.

Ashley raises her hand. “What do you see here?” The f***?

Mickie and I give each other a ‘what the hell’ glance. “Nothing?” I reply hesitantly.

“Exactly!” She exclaims, throwing up her hands for dramatic effect.

“Wait……” Ashley says, closing up the bag of chips. “You want to get married?”

“Umm duh.”

“Well why don’t you just tell him that?” I offer, matching her
‘DUH’ tone.

“I have.” She says dryly. “Well, not directly, it’s more indirect. Like, I keep throwing hints around and s*** and the nigga still don’t get it.”

“Well that’s you first problem.” Mickie sighs. “You know how slow men can be with this type of s***. Nine times out of ten, that nigga don’t even realize what you trying to tell him.”

*With The Guys*

*Chris POV*

“It’s all she ever talks about!” Tyga yells, pacing across the floor of my man cave. “Wedding this. Marriage that.”

“Well what do you say when she brings it up?” Drake asks, typing away on his blackberry. I swear. That nigga is addicted to that thing.

“Nothing.” He shrugs. “I just pretend like I don’t even know what she talking about.”

“No wonder she keeps going off on your ass.” I snicker, flipping through the stations. “You seriously think she don’t know you blowing her off?”

“Nigga, how the f*** should I know?!” He shouts.

I try my damn hardest to contain my laughter. I know Ty is being dead serious now, but when he’s pissed, it makes for some funny ass s***.

*With The Girls*

“We’ve been together for almost three years and still nothing.” Ashley yells. ”Not even a Goddamn promise ring!”

“It could be worse. I mean, look at me.” Mickie tells her, munching on hot fries. Damn this chick can eat. “I’m f***ing eight weeks pregnant, Aubrey and I have been together three years too, he bought us a house, but <strong>still<strong> no proposal.”

“Yeah, but at least you got a promise ring.” Ashley snorts, running her hands through her new weave. “All T does is buy me expensive clothes and regular jewelry. Nothing is ever sentimental. I swear, he doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body.”

“You’re not very romantic your damn self Lele.” I laugh, motioning for Coco and Puff to jump up by me.

“All the more reason for him to be.” She retorts.

“You think it’s because I’m not Jewish?” Mickie c**ks her head to the side, starring up into space.

“I thought your sexy ass father was Jewish?” Lele questions. Yeah, she has this weird and disturbing crush on Uncle John. Don’t ask.

“He is.” She replies, smiling as Coco walks over to her and lies on her back. She starts rubbing her stomach. “But in order for me to be considered a <strong>true</strong> Jew, my mom would have to be Jewish. You have to born to a natural born Jewish mother.”

“Oh my Gosh.” Ashley exclaims, jumping up slightly. “What if the reason why Tyga hasn’t proposed to me is because of my sexual past? I mean, you guys say it all the time; no one wants to wife a hoe.”

“That’s ridiculous Lele.” I immediately shoot down her claim. “With all the b****es T has been with? No. Just….no.”

“It’s official.” Mickie announces. “I have to convert to Judaism.”

*With The Guys*

“I bought us a house. We’re having a child together. Our relationship is strong. So why the hell do we need to get married?” Drake states, leaning against a wall, blackberry now in his pocket.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying!” T cries. “Well minus the baby part cause Lord know I ain’t trying to be no dad anytime within the next…..30 years.”

“Hold up.” Did he seriously just say what I think he did? “You mean you don’t ever wanna have kids? Ever?”

“Do animals count as kids?” He asks, being dead serious.

“f*** Ty.” Drake shakes his head. “Does Ashley know?”

“She does now.” I mumble, pointing to the entrance door. The door that contains Chanel, Mickie and a tear faced, pissed off Ashley.


s***’s about to get real.


Yeah, I was half sleep when I finished yesterday’s add and didn’t realize I spelled Robyn’s name wrong. Sorry. Uh oh.

Tyga doesn’t want kids? Hmm. Wonder how Ashley feels about that……

Too tired. I'm taking my ass to bed. lol Gnight.


Ashley, Ashley, Ashley. Tsk Tsk.
You don't even know the half of it.
I'm especially frivolous tonight though. Tehe.

yall are silly lol

I won't kill you...yet. But if this add don't turn out good and something f*cks up Lala and Chris's brand new sweet relationship, or harms Mick's baby.. and if Tyga doesn't make me laugh. IT'S YOOOOOOOOOOOO ASSS, Amber. Ca'peesh? :)

I'm glad you understand me.
*opens a tab and proceeds about my business*

don't you feel the love? <3 ^_^

Lmfao. Mr. Brown too much. Naw, I don't mind. no bother. I like pressure. It urges me to come up with more curve balls. ;) Imma need a little more time with this one though. I decided to include the confrontation with Rihanna (thanks to Tia lol) so I have to figure out where the hell to put it now. Another....half hour maybe?

*runs and hides*
Please don't kill me! lol

Give me a drink, like Mr. Brown said, can I get some "whore doors!" LMAAAAAAAAAO. Welp, excuse my ass for not having patience, I'm bored and urged to know what's gonna happen next. I don't mean to be a bother to you. :( lol.

*Hides behind table*

I'm sorry ya'll. I got sidetracked today. My parents+alcohol=total chaos. lol

Seriously though, I'm working on the next add right now. It should be up within the next hour or so. No later than an hour 10 minutes since crazy ass Kianna ready to go all Brian on folks. You really should practice having Tia. You don't see her going all postal on people. -_- lmao jk

*throws a damn tantrum & grabs your wrist like Brian dumbass did Lala* where in the hell is the add? You went MIA on me today. >=\ "c'mon Anna May!" rofl.

But speaking on the series, it'll be a fun idea! Not many stories have a sequel; and if they do they tend to not hang on to it. But a series sounds good, count KIANNA IN! All the way, :)

*camps out in your post*
Nice weather we're having ....

lmaooo tyga is too funny! But I wanna know what actually happened at the studio. And the woman at that store should of got slapped frfr cause she just......ugh! And ummm Lala crazy, I would forwarded that msg to Chris so fast! And My name is Tia :) I'm ready to beeeeee in the stor-reeeeeeeeeee lol Ok that was un called for

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