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Lost Love and Friendship(Drake and Chris story)

See im tired of this s*** every time i seem to see yall two you let this b**** cum between use smh Drake you pose to be my bestfriend and Chris you pose to be my man what the f*** is wrong with u two she only usen yall two dumbass and chris as my man you aint pose to be lookn or actn the way you are to no other b**** but me im sick and tired of being put on the back burner in both your lives and how yal gone let this hoe RiRi cum between yall friendship yal was like bros damnit now yall all beefed the f*** out smh I dnt no what to do nomo s*** the guys dnt even wnt to hang around yall nomo cause of this s***.

(Alice POV):

s*** i couldnt take lookn or talkn to them dumb f***s nomo they wer really hurtn me yet they couldnt see it i cant take this im to stressed for my age s*** i was only 22 and was goin threw hell tryn to be the number one gurl in chris life s*** he put his ex riri before me s*** wen eva she clled he was at her feet and everytime i said sumn bout the s*** he look dumb as hell then tells me im the one he loves who he wnt to be wit this given me mix signals s*** is getn old im really moven to say f*** it and let him go smh (tears)yet i love him it hurts me so much and its so hard. And then this b**** got my bff pushn me to the side and being distant (tears) i miss my bff so much.

(Chris POV):

when my bby start yelln i didnt no wat had got in to her it started to turn me on a lil yet i listen to the things she was sayn and she was rite bt i wasnt gone say that. Wen she walked out wit out sayn anything to me or drake my hart droped and i got scared i hope i didnt lose her ova this s*** i no its hurtn her ima make it up i promise that.

(Drake Pov):

damn i neva saw my bff that way i really f***ed up this time i got to make it up i promise that cause i dnt no what i would do if she wasnt in my life she been there threw it all im nt gn lose her even if her boyfiend is a d*** head punk ass nigga.