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Lost Love and Friendship(Drake and Chris story)

See im tired of this s*** every time i seem to see yall two you let this b**** cum between use smh Drake you pose to be my bestfriend and Chris you pose to be my man what the f*** is wrong with u two she only usen yall two dumbass and chris as my man you aint pose to be lookn or actn the way you are to no other b**** but me im sick and tired of being put on the back burner in both your lives and how yal gone let this hoe RiRi cum between yall friendship yal was like bros damnit now yall all beefed the f*** out smh I dnt no what to do nomo s*** the guys dnt even wnt to hang around yall nomo cause of this s***.

(Alice POV):

s*** i couldnt take lookn or talkn to them dumb f***s nomo they wer really hurtn me yet they couldnt see it i cant take this im to stressed for my age s*** i was only 22 and was goin threw hell tryn to be the number one gurl in chris life s*** he put his ex riri before me s*** wen eva she clled he was at her feet and everytime i said sumn bout the s*** he look dumb as hell then tells me im the one he loves who he wnt to be wit this given me mix signals s*** is getn old im really moven to say f*** it and let him go smh (tears)yet i love him it hurts me so much and its so hard. And then this b**** got my bff pushn me to the side and being distant (tears) i miss my bff so much.

(Chris POV):

when my bby start yelln i didnt no wat had got in to her it started to turn me on a lil yet i listen to the things she was sayn and she was rite bt i wasnt gone say that. Wen she walked out wit out sayn anything to me or drake my hart droped and i got scared i hope i didnt lose her ova this s*** i no its hurtn her ima make it up i promise that.

(Drake Pov):

damn i neva saw my bff that way i really f***ed up this time i got to make it up i promise that cause i dnt no what i would do if she wasnt in my life she been there threw it all im nt gn lose her even if her boyfiend is a d*** head punk ass nigga.


Up date soon

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So Im guessin Tyga can't survive w/ out Kam , mm yeah they need to get back on it !
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i was at home alone my mind been gone seens i talked wit kam i cnt think straight eat or sleep my baby cant leave i need her and she havn my seed i no she wouldnt take that frm me to no my unborn my mind was every were all i could do was jus layn n bed i wouldnt answer my phone to nobdy soon i jus turned it off not thinkn how worried every one would be after a hour jus layn there i heard sumbdy kockn

Ty: who is it

F/v: ty open the door

Ty: hi

Kam: hey

Ty: wat brings u hear

Kam: you every one was worried

Ty: was u

Kam:( looks down) yes very i been calln n txtn u but wasnt getn no answer

Ty: (grabs kam waste ) im srry baby i jus needed to think n be by myself then

Kam: why

Ty:cus u leaven me n taken our kid wit u

Kam: no im not i jus need a change ty u bout to hav to kids and i hav to deal wit dat cus its gn be my child sister or bro

Ty: man that aint my baby only child i gt is by u so stop sayn dat

Kam: no i want cus u f***ed her and wrap up u dnt no if its urs or nt

Ty:man i dnt wnt to fight wit u can i jus enjoy u being here wit me n hold u and cuddle

Kam:ok i want fight wit u

Ty:(whispers) i love you please dont leave me

Kam: im not baby

soon as my ty layed on me he fell to slp i cn tell he aint been eatn or slpn ima let him slp for now but wen he wake up ima whoop him he no he cnt be doin dat ima hav to be around him more so he will eat n slp

Whew!!! I thought Kam was just gonna up and leave. I was about to drag her ass down! That would be a f***ed up move if she just left AND took Ty's baby with her. Ooooo! I wanna go too!!!
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Update wen i get home

Damn thought she way ready to dip !
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Any runs for this story?

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I was in a daze wen kam walked up wit shell and alice she was so sexy how could i hav did that to her she mean so much to me but she not filln me to much rite now and i dnt blam her i want to make it up i need to

Ty: kam can we talk

Kam: sure wats up

Ty: look i no im not sum one u filln at the moment and im srry cus thats my fault

Kam:lol u good mike

Ty: baby no im nt look at wat u jus called me and i acept that i dis to myself i hurt u and that hurt cus i neva wanted to do that to u

Kam: ty i said u good im ova it look hows yo baby mama hope everythings good

Ty: (looks down) smh baby she not my baby mama

Kam:um ok wel see u wen i see u

Ty: smh kam would u please stop actn like that damn im srry ok i f***ed up big wit u but baby im tryn to make it rite i love you kam i cant deal wit u not talkn to me

Kam: look ty im ova it all wat im actn like is a woman who is single got her s*** together thats moven soon yea ty u hurt me and i was mad for a while but i let that go and forgave u lng before now for u to say srry tells me that you care for me look i care for u to maybe to much but i need to find me this move gone help me wit dat

Ty: wat u mean move u leaven LA wer is u goin no im nit letn you run from this from us from me running want do nun but pro long the pain u filln baby dnt run frm me run to me let me fix the hart i broke let me heal u baby i need u kam baby u cant leave me we need each other i no baby u dnt hav to run i no dnt worry i wnt this wit u

Kam: ty i cant i got to go (crys) its not jus for me look ty i love u but im leaven n two weeks no regrets wit this a no one stopn me i need this we need and this rite here gone need love and i can only give that if i find myself

Ty: but it need it frm both of us kam im nt letn u go

Kam: ty u got rather u like it or not im leaven in two weeks (crys)


Why why did i hav to say i was leaven it was gone be so much easier now i dnt think he gone let me leave so easy smh who told him the other part doe how did he no

Alice: we srry kam but he had to no

Kam: yall told him

Shell: wen u first told us

Kam: thanks but im still moven

Shell: kam cum on dnt stay we can help u threw this

Alice: yea cuz u no we got u all the girls we here wit u

Kam: alice i cant this need a chance

Alice: and it will here jus stay promise it will all work out

Kam: -looks at stomach- hope ur god aunt n god mom is rite baby (smiles)

Shell: so u gone stay

Kam: yea ima stay but dnt tel ty please but i am stil goin out there for a vacation to relax a lil

Alice: yay ok but u do no rissa gone want to go wit u to rite she been stressed

Kam: wel ima find out wats goin on wit her


Baby jus left n my nigga ty flippn off kam moven i fill her on moven but there is sumn wrong wit that she havn this man baby she cant take that frm him he hav a rite to be there i jus hope they work sumn out i dnt want to see either of them hurtn

Just hope Drake don't slip upp and Rihanna don't come around & tempt him none of that foolery .
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I'll come back later with a real comment, for now....
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I was chilln wit the guys enjoyn the day then my thoufhts started to drift off to shell i missed her neva new i would miss her so much noing i hurt her n now she want talk to me hurts i needed to talk to her i got up cus i needed sum air to clear my head

Tyga: a bro u good

Drake: yea...naw im nt bro i miss her so much im goin crazy i think about her all the time ty man i dnt no wat to do im ready for her i really am dis time

Ty: wel hav u tryed clln riri

Drake: huh wat hell no nigga i aint talkn bout her ass im talkn bout shell bro

Ty: oh s*** nigga i aint no but i fill u kam wnt tlk to me either


Me n shell had wnt n got kam on our way to get the other girls chris clled me wntn to see me before we wnt out so thats wer we headed i no its gn be hard for the to see the guys n keep there calm but my girls cn do it there strong

Alice: hi ty hi drake wer chris n the house

Ty: um yea he in there.... Hey kam (bits lip)

Shell: um ty i am here to punk (push ty head)

Ty: lol srry sis hey wats up

Drake: hey shell

Shell:hey drake

Drake: how u

Shell: im good wby

Drake: not so good

Shell: aww why wats wrong(grabs drakes hand)

Drake: i like dis girl alot bt i dnt think she like me nomo i think i took to long

Shell: (look down :-( ) well jus talk to her ask her maybe she do
Shell thoughts: i no i do

Drake: i tryed she want listen but ill try again

Shell: ok well im bout to go say hi to the guys before we leave

Drake: wait shell a friend of mines told me to talk and ask again shell baby i like you and i i miss u i want to be wit you im ready baby for u i lose slp cus all i do is think of u this nt tlkn to u n u ignoring me it hurt so bad baby thats why im not ok cus i need you

Shell: (crying) drake i miss u to i want to be wit u to but i cant i cant get hurt agin i need to find myself im not gone lie i do hav guy friends and they hav kept my mind off the pain but im not ready to be wit anyone

Drake: i understand baby and i want push you but can we atleast try and work on us while jus being friends i cant let u go baby

Shell: ( crying) drake i-

Drake: (kiss shell on the lips) baby stop crying please say yes

Shell: ( sniffle smile a lil) (shake head yes) yes drakey we can be friends and work on us meaning only getn to no each other

Drake: thank you

Alice: a shell u ready...o s*** my bad um jus let me no wen u ready

Sorry guys i keep mixn the names up been really tired frm work so my writen been a lil off lol drake is shell soon to be man nt kam so the last post was shell n alice

Mm , I still dnt know about Drake && Ayeee they abt to turn upp !
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Drake does need to get it together finally. I'm glad Shell wasn't being stubborn 'n s***. Aye! They on that good kush! Aww, Chris was worried. Turn up!!!!!
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Kam prov

I was headed to alice place we was havn a shopn day and talk bout wat happn at the party s*** gt crazy bt i had fun my bday was cool but the whole drake thang had my head cloudy its like i wnt to be wit him but he got to much goin on and he dont no wat he really want so im cool on him

Alice: hey girl

Kam: hey hun wer my bro chris at

Alice: in the room slp

Kam: lol alice please tel me u aint put dat man to slp now u leaven wit out him noing

Alice: lol wat he will be ok lol

Kam: smh u no he gone gt u rite

Alice: lol yup and i hope good lol

Kam: smh lol yal nasty sum big freaks

Alice: lol ok enuf of dat wats up wit u n drake frm wat i be hearn wen him and chris be talkn sounds like he cumn for u lol

Kam: wateva aint nun up wit us ignore his clls delete his msgs n send everything he send to me back i aint gt time for games

Alice: true but i think he ready for u kam now i think he see that u not plyn no games

Kam: i hear u al but i dnt wnt to get hurt again i no his history wit riri they on and off again

Alice: i no kam but its sumn different now about him jus talk to him please he my bestfriend n u my best cuzn i jus want to see yal happy dats all

Kam: ugh ok ill talk to him thats it no promises but only if he call will i talk lol

Alice: lol ok ill take that

Kam: ok enuff of that i need to find sum shoes to go wit dis outfit i jus found

Chris prov

I woke up to no alice in my arms or n the house my phone start ringn i hope its my baby i looked at the caller id and picked it up

Chris: wats up

Tyga: nun chilln wit drake n bow passn that good s***

Chris: damn no invite

Tyga: nigga i txted yo ass earlyer n clled alice said u was slp
By the way we tryn to turn up tonite u down

Chris: hell yea and im bout to cum ova soon as i find out wer my baby went

Up date soon

- mockin Trey & Summer - "Yes ! Yes ! Yes !" lls but uhm aww they made upp . Nice way to wake upp w/ ur girl ridin you though :)
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Get it Summer!!! Aye!! She a freak! Trey done turned her out. Hey hey, Summer you know damn well you wanted it in the bed too....mhmmmm.
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Trey pov

I wanted to stay wit summer cuz i made her mad and i needed to make it up and i jus wnted to hold her while i slpt plus i been real
Busy n cnt spend dat much time wit her we gt n bed and i pulled her close she felt so good to me i dnt no how i was gn do it

As i layed there tryn to slp i felt a kiss on my lips but i aint open my eyes jus stayed layn slpn then i felt it i thought i was imaging things it felt so good and rite as i opened my eyes a moan escaped my lips and she smiled i couldnt believe summer was on me riden me she was so tight n wet i couldnt take it no mo n i bust n her rite wen she came

I woke up n a sweat i looked down n shook my head it was all a dream mt baby was slp next to me cuddled to het pillow i had to go take a shower it was a dream bt it felt so real so real dat i bust n my slp n woke up to a mess n even doe i nutted i was still horny as hell n d*** rock hard sum times i cnt control my urges around her

Summer pov

I woke up to my baby gn then i heard the shower i new then wat was wrong he had a dream i hav them to so i choice to gt up n take a shower to i wnt n the dresser n gt wat i needed trey neva saw me cum in i took my things off n changed the temp of the water cus i new it was cold that gt trey to turn n look at me he was so sexy so i kissed him he kissed me back wit so much passion i new he wasnt gn take it to the next step so i did i was ready to giv my self to him i took the condom that was in my hand n opened it

Trey: baby u sure bout dis im nt dreamn am i

Summer: yes im sure n lol n ur nt this is real

I slid the condom on him n he kissed me frm my lips to my neck to my stomach he soon found his treat he put me against the wall as the water washed down my body n lift my leg on his shoulder he kissed my inner thigh so sweetly it sent chills threw my body before he kissed my lips n parted them wit his tongue and flicked my clit and i started to shake the fill of his tongue n water had me wantn to run frm him bt he had a grip on me so i jus took it and came n his mouth he licked up n let me go i was to weak to stand on my on bt he wasnt dn n one sweft move i was n his arms gtn lowered on to his d*** the
Moment i felt him enter me i was high i new was gn be addicted to the fill of him he was so big and new how to work it he hit my spot every time thrusted in

Summer: o trey yes baby f*** u fill good (moans)

Trey: damn baby u so tight n wet s*** (moans and grunts)

Trey: o f*** summer s*** baby u gn make me cum

Summer: s***(moans)

Trey: baby u gn cum for me cum for me baby its gn fill good jus let it go (gruts s***)

Summer: ohhhhhh trey baby baby bae im cumn

Trey: o f*** baby me to

Summer: (screams n shake) treyyyyyyyyy

Trey:(grunts) f***kkk summer baby i love u (collapse on the wall)

Summer pov

I hope i heard trey rite did he really jus tel me he lov me we stayed on the wall for a min he had his face n my neck kissn it then he spoke while still there

Trey: baby did u hear wat i said i love you summer

Summer: (lift his face up) i love you to baby (pecks lips)

Summer: baby we cnt stay n here all nite pt me down so i cn wash up n we cn go to bed

Trey: ok baby (bites lip )

Summer: n im slpy so we nt bout to take this to the bed lol

Trey: lol ok

\_(0_0)_/ WTF Trey! We f***ing s*** up already. Summer mad.....she'll get over once Trey giver her the D. Lmao
Run it!!!

\_(0_0)_/ WTF Trey! We f***ing s*** up already. Summer mad.....she'll get over once Trey giver her the D. Lmao
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Uh Oh ! Trey know he about to get some ass . I thought he was cheatin for a second but guess not .
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Summer pov

s*** gt crazy at the party bt it was a hit my baby couldnt cum he sprang his ankle so im headed to him no to spend sum time wit him before he start tourn again yes me n trey is together now n im loven it hes the sweetest

Txt msg

Summer: bay im on my way

Trey: baby its ok u dnt hav to im nt even home nomo

Summer: wait wat...wat u mean u nt home

Trey: sum of the guys wnted to go out

Summer: so u cn go out wit the guys bt nt cum to yo friend party n u didnt even tel her happy bday do u no how hurt she was u no wat eva bye trey

Trey: baby its nt even like dat i-

Summer: (hung up)

Trey pov

Damn my baby mad at me n i no wat she thinkn bt its nt even like dat the guys called n i was bord n to no dat alice n kam mad at me for nt shown up tells me im n deep i i gt three important ppl mad at me gt alot of maken up to do

Ring ring ring ring (clln summer)

Man my baby wnt even answer the phone for me smh now i gt to leave n go to her house to make dis rite....

Knock knock knock

Summer: who is it

Trey: baby open the door please

Summer: wat u wnt trey

Trey: you

Summer: -silence-

Trey: baby im srry ok i dnt want u mad at me ok im srry

Summer: wateva trey is u stayn or no im bout to go to slp

Trey: yea im stayn

Damn , So Rihanna broke it off w/ Drake . . talk about doin him a favor . Let her ass go head & cry it out *waves goodbye . & ouchh did Ty's "fake thought she was his baby mama" juss say that ? Mm she foul , glad she got handled .
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Lol srry yall i was so half slp wen i wrote the last add ty was n the room wit kam nt rissa srry for my mistake

Umm, why was I in thr room with Ty?? Where Kam ass? I'm gonna just think that was Kam. Damn she got that ass beat! Riri, why the f*** you crying though. I don't understand...i don't understand b****....i don't understand! Lol
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