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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

*Six Years ago*

We were on the blacktop playing one on one. I was up by two and had the ball "Ju you're never gonna beat me" <a href="">I</a> said faking left and going right and made a lay up making the score 12-8. "game over, you suck Ju" I said sitting on the side of the court taking a swig of my gatorade. "man shut up, you know last game that fat kid fell on my leg" <a href="">he</a> said snatching my gatorade. I laughed at his sorry excuse, then heard my dad calling my name. 

"Tae! Tae! It's time to come in the house"

Ju looked at me "until next time" he said getting up and reaching his hand out to pull me up.

"until next time" I said walking off with my ball as he walked in the opposite direction

I walked in the house to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch with my baby sister.

"what's going on?" I said sitting on my ball against the wall

"shaunte' sweety your dad is being stationed in Wyoming. Sooo we're moving" my <a href="">mom</a> said 

My mouth fell open 

"I know you've made friends over the past five years, but you're young you can make new friends were ever you go" she continued

"and it's not guaranteed that we stay there. We might even end up moving back here" my <a href="">dad</a> said trying to lighten the mood

"but what about basketball, and Julius? He's my best friend"

"Tae you can play basketball anywhere. And guys can call each other or even write letters"

"okay, when do we move?"

"in one week" 

I sighed deeply "okay" and I went up to my room.


Justice was served!!! Runnnn!

Are you reading my story. if not you should.

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They are always eating. lol

Girl r u always eating when u write these posts?
Them characters forever eating!
They need to start sharing!!
Ju is crazy bout kidnap Lo...
And hey, ain't It Just life where u got fakes tryna b diamonds in the ruff?

And u r welcome hunny
Mama Toya luvs u 2

45 yrs. hey mad as s***. iwanna knw wat hey was eatin tho, cuz im ji like hungry
but s*** workin out for the best
run it

Everything in that story is you and he who shall remain nameless. Lls !!

Love it Skank !!!! :)

Thank you Charm and Toya!!! *blows kisses* love y'all

Hmph I wish everyone else would realize my story is the truth lol

Thank you for the love everyone :) I got some stuff up my sleeve!!! I'm so excited lol

We sat in the burger king eating lunch before Ju and Tyler went back to school for the rest of their classes

"man I never realized how many fake people were at our school" Mo said eating a few fries

"yes! The same niggas that was mean mugging us and talking s*** a few weeks ago were tryna dap me up today"

"yes some nigga that was talking s*** on twitter came up to me today and was like 'congrats on winning the case. these hoes be acting up man you gotta watch 'em. When's the next party?'"

We all shook our heads "what you say?"  I asked

"I was like its on my d*** now stop sucking me. Fake as niggas I swear" He said shaking his head

I took a sip of my shake "the same females are mugging me cus I got you" I took another sip and shrugged my shoulders "ain't nothing change"

Mo chuckled "whole time the next party I have is gonna be for Tae birthday and my birthday"

"I don't want a party. I just want a small birthday dinner with my inner circle

Mo kissed my cheek "Iight, I got you"

"Ayee we run circles around these Triangles" Ay said randomly

"where did we find you?" Ty asked laughing 

Ay shrugged "I don't know but do y'all wanna go see the Christmas lights at the park on Saturday?"

"yeah, Let me text Lo" Ju pulled out his phone.

"aye do she know where she going to school yet?" Ty asked

"umm right now it looks like Howard because they offering a full scholarship, but she got good offers from Florida State, Spellman and she still waiting to hear from the coaches at UCLA."

"dang son what you gonna do of she go all the way to the DMV"

"I don't even know son. I'm thinking about kidnapping her and making her live in my closet" he said as we all laughed "I'm dead ass"

"we know" we said in between laughs 

"well it's about that time" Ty said getting up to dump his trash with Julius following behind.

"later y'all" Ju dapped up Mo and hugged me and Ayanna

Whhewwwwwwwwwww *Rolls my eyes*

All Caught Up.. LMAO At Mo doing the rick ross.

Okay.. See nah this story is the truth. I really think all of them are really kewt they are all appy and trusting . I loves Tae's Family. thats what you call STABILITY.

All of the girls have good men.

Glad them stupid ass duck face hoes got what they deseve..

RUN IT...!!!!!!

awww the proposal was so cute got me close to tearing up
girl im hating on u... them adds so damn long it's gonna
take me forever to catch up when im tryna rush read lol
im missing breakfast for this
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no kissing when u around
wow i forgot about the case
i say we kill em girls so there wont be no worry
-looks at next post-
it's loonggg
lemme stop waisting time and go read
woop woop
my boys got spotted
innocent?! more like innocently bent the wrong way in their minds!
i was singing 'I want it all back' with my girl last week
pls send me the link for the other 2 songs
awww Mo all growed up
ha! Water bottle couldt say nothing bout the texts
heart broken girls do not stalk their exes when they arent wanted
they sit in their rooms
cry their eyes out
and eat ice cream
they are mentally broken
not heart broken!!!
but their lawyer is a dummy
she gon bring up the past then when someone else tries talkn bout it
she says it's irrelevaant
she know my homies be talkn the truth
raaaa 45 years?
smh damn shame
and yay i caught up :)

@Toya I'm not even mad at ya

Thanks Charm *blows kisses* :)

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Omg they finally get the punishment they deserved!!!! That last tweet was soo f***ing funny!!! Mo is a trip.

Yessss, justice is served. RUN IT!

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The judge told Lola to come to the stand and she would be asking her questions. 

"Ms. Richardson can you tell the jury what happened at the party?"

"but I just told you" Alexis interrupted

"I know I want to hear Lola's point of view" she said with some attitude.

"we were having a party that she was NOT invited too. She came in saying that she wanted to get back with Julius. Julius said no but she didn't budge. She pushed me out the way and kissed him on the cheek trying to get under my skin. I moved her off him and told her to leave. She pushed me so I defended myself and pushed her to the ground. She got back up and pushed me again and we started fighting." Alexis sat in her seat glaring at Lola

"your honor I think I speak for everyone when I say that the recap of these altercations are irrelevant to this case" Ms. Hansworth said

"No, they are relevant. These alterations gave Avion and Alexis motives to seek revenge on my clients. They are jealous and want what they once had with my clients. They stooped so low as to kidnap them at a school dance, drug them with GHB, and raped them while they were unconscious. An here's the paperwork from the hospital and police the night they were first arrested." Emily handed the information to the judge. 

"Jury" she handed all of the information to one of the jury members "we're on a thirty minute recess until the jury have the verdict" the judge hit her gavel once more.

Everyone went to lunch at the panera bread across the street.

"I wanted to slap those fake ass tears off her face" Tae said

"Yesss, she was acting like s***. That hoe deserve an Oscar" Ay added

"I'm ready to get back in their now to hear the verdict" Ju took the last bite of his sandwich 

Mo took a swig of his Tea "they ain't have nothing. Emily made them look like some unprofessional ass bums"

"yes, and when she kirked at the end" Tyler started a slow clap "well done"

"how much time left" Mo looked at his watch

"ten minutes" he gathered his trash "we should get going" everyone got up throwing their trash away

*ten minutes later* 

Everyone came back right on time and took their seats in the court room. The leader came up and gave the response of the jury to the judge.

"in the case of Maurice Brown and Julius Cruz V. Avion Lakeland and Alexis Lucas. Avion Lakeland and Alexis Lucas are found guilty of all charges" all the families with the exception of the Lakeland's and Lucas' clapped feeling that justice was served " the charges being kidnapping, drug possession, drugging and raping the victims Maurice Brown and Julius Cruz. Under the state of California you are both sentenced to 45 years in jail" the judge hit her gavel for the last time and Alexis and Avion began balling their eyes while being handcuffed.

<em>@KnowAbout_Tadowww: Damn 45yrs smh I hope them b****es look good in orange</em>

<em>@Tae_AllWilddd: Karma's a b**** and b****es ain't s***</em>

<em>@HollaAtJu: God Is Good</em>

<em>@HollaAtLo: Save them crocodile tears for your cell mate b****</em>

<em>@AskAboutTyyyy: Did they really think they were gonna get away with it smh hoes these days</em>

<em>@WildddBoyMo: These b****es can't hold me back *Ricky Rozay voice*</em>

Ctfu !! These b****es are really ill .. Like I could just pimp slap them all

"<a href="">Avion Lakeland</a> to the stand" Avion got up with her best poker face and swore to tell the truth before taking her seat in the stand.

"Ms. Lakeland do you still have feelings for my client" Emily pointed to Maurice

"no ma'am"

"do you care to explain why on several dates during the month December you were texting him?" Avion didn't respond " December 3,2011: Hey babe I can't wait to see at the game today :), December 4,2011: you look damn good running up and down the court ;), I just saw your new b****. You better tell her what's up or I will, December 5,2011: Did you and that new b**** break up? I hope so, so you can get back in this ;). Mr. Brown never gave a response and yet you still continued to text him. Why?"

Avion swallowed hard "because I wanted to"

"December 10,2011: I see you and I'm coming for what's mine. This text was sent thirty minutes before the altercation between Ms. Lakeland and Mr. Brown's current girlfriend"

"I was just in hollister minding my own business when she attacked me like a wild animal" Avion hissed 

"Shaunte' Brooks to the stand" Shaunte' glared at Avion as she came down

Shaunte' put her hand on the bible "do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god"

"I do"

"Ms. Brooks can you tell me what happened in the hollister clothing store on December 10,2011"

"my friends and I were shopping and waiting for Maurice to try on his clothes. After Being in the dressing room for about three minutes the entire store heard his screams from the back. He screamed rape and my name multiple times. I ran to the back and saw both of their bodies in the same stall. I proceeded to drag her from underneath the fitting room door. And yes I beat her up but only in the defense of my boyfriend Maurice Brown who yelled for my help"

"Ms. Walker where are you going with this" the judge asked

"I'm going here with this" Emily pressed held out a remote pressing a button allowing the projection screen to ease down. The security footage from the hollister dressing room that day began to play. "you can clearly see Ms. Lakeland sneaking in behind
Him. And in this angle" a birds eye view of Mo and Avion was shown "Mr. Brown was pushing her off of him and then called with Ms. Brooks assistance"

"very good Ms. Walker" Emily sat down "<a href="">Ms.Hansworth</a> you may come forth and present your case" 

"Everything she just presented has nothing to do with anything"

"but it does, i'm not only going to prove they drugged and raped my clients but in the process were constantly antagonizing them. They are mentally I'll" a few people clapped

"order in the court" the judge hit her gavel causing everyone to get quiet. "Ms. Hansworth"

"my clients are two heart broken girls. Heart Broken by Maurice Brown and Julius Cruz. And what's worse is their currents girlfriends are constantly attacking them. Verbally and Physically"

"I object your honor" Emily hopped up

The judge motioned her to sit down " aside from the mall incident there were two incidents where Ms.Lucas got into a confrontation with them. Alexis to the stand please"

<a href="">She</a> went into the stand looking sad and pitiful trying to put on a show.

"do you mind sharing with us what happened" Alexis nodded her head and proceeded to speak

"the first time with Shaunte' I was just sitting in the car with my friend talking to him. He said he needed some advice so I was there for him like I good friend should" Tae sat in the audience stale faced "then Shaunte' came up to the car and tapped on the glass. I asked her what did she need and she pulled me out the car window by my hair and.." she stopped creating make tears "she...dragged me onto the sidewalk a-and beat me up in front of everyone. It was humiliating" she sobbed

"I'm sorry, no one should have to go through that. The second incident please"

Alexis wiped her tears 

"me and my friends decided to go to a party since it was the last weekend before school started. I got there and within five minutes I'm being attacked by Lola Richardson" she pointed at <a href="">Lo</a> from the stand.

"bulls***" Lola stood up angrily 

"order" the Judge hit her gavel . . . .

Yesssss, I felt the music.

They bettah SAANG them songs.

Runnn It !!!

Sunday morning everyone arrived for church with Mel leading the way. Mel showed them to the middle of the church where they took up two pews. The choir came forth ready to sing for praise and worship. 

<em>He's able 
i'know that he can do it 
he said he'd help me through it</em>

<em>Hold on my brother your change is gonna come 
be strong my sister for your work is not done no 
just keep on believing and hold on tight
he's able to give you joy in the morning light</em>

Everyone in the congregation began two stepping and clapping along with the choir enjoying the musical selection.

Tae grabbed Mo's hand and smiled up at him as he kissed her forehead.

The first song ended and the pianist began playing to the beginning of the next selection. The choir director came up and wiped the sweat off his forehead while grabbing the mic.

"have you ever felt like the devil was trying to take your peace of mind? Like he was turning your everyday life into pure chaos and insanity?"
Linda and Ava stood up and clapped agreeing with him.

"well if you have I want you to look at your neighbor and say...."

<em>I want it all back</em>

<em>You may have thought, you won that last round .You may have laughed (cuz) I almost fell down .Maybe you think I give up easy .But its not ovah, I got more in me</em> 

<em>You thought I stopped, you thought I sat down .But I am standin', you made me mad now! You got some things, I think you owe me . I've come to get back everything that you stole</em> 

The congregation stood to their feet dancing to the song. Clapping their hands agreeing with the lyrics. Shouting and praising god.

<em>I want it all back</em>

<em>You hit me hard, I should be knocked out. Things I've been through, don't even wanna talk about 
You crossed the line (this time) you violated me. I want revenge (I want everything back from) A to Z 
The battles not mine, the battle is the Lords .In the name of JESUS, I'm takin' it by force </em>

By the end of the <a href="">song</a> the ushers had dimmed the lights. The congregation had calmed down and took their seats once more. The pianist began to play a soft, gentle piece. Praise dancers had appeared behind the doors dancing ever so gracefully to the front of the church.

<em>Let your glory fill this place 
Let your all-consuming fire, fill this tabernacle </em>
<em>And purify our hearts 
Surround us in this place 
And breathe new life within us 
Send a refreshing glory 
Saturate our hearts </em>

<em>Rain on us, Breathe on us 
Shower down, Shower down 
Send your Spirit, Lord</em>

The congregation stood to their feet once more letting the spirit of good take control. As the choir got further and more passionate into the song people began catching the spirit including Mel.

Mel was crying, praying,  singing an just praising god. The ushers came and provided us with fans to calm her down. Mo moved beside his mom and hugged her tightly as she cried on his shoulder. 

"now that's how you start service" the pastor appeared in the pulpit ready to start his sermon

Golden Corral

"That service was amazing" Linda said taking a bite of her food

"it was, thank you for inviting us" Lola's grandma said

"it was a pleasure having you with us. I'm just sorry you all had to witness my ugly crying face" everyone laughed

"there's no reason to apologize. We've been going through a lot you were just letting it out" Mo said grabbing her hand

"Maurice when did you become so wise and Mature"

"I've always been mature but this whole experience has made me see the world more clearly"

Everyone nodded agreeing with what he said

Run it!

damn. aye these skeeches need to go 2 jail like now. Nd they was real pressed after that interview

Now her daddy KNOW she a holy roller !!! Smh anywhoooo

Runnn It !!!!

The week ended on a good note with two wins for both the girls and boys basketball team maintaining their undefeated streak. 

Mo and Ju were now mentally preparing themselves for their court date on Wednesday. Emily decided to come over to Mo's house with everyone else to have a little mock trial so they know what to expect. 

Brendan was in the stand "Brendan is true that Ms. Lakeland hit on you while she and Maurice were in a relationship?"

"yes ma'am" Emily nodded her head

"I would like to call Ms. Shaunte' Brooks to the stand" Shaunte' walked up and sat in the arm chair "okay now I'm going to play the roll as their lawyer. Remember to show no emotion. Don't let them crack you" Shaunte' nodded her head

"on the afternoon of December 10th,2011 you Ms. Brooks attacked my defendant while changing in the hollister fitting room"

"no your honor" Tae kept a straight face

"so you deny attacking Ms. Lakeland?"


"so you did attack her resulting in a fight"



"Avion was harassing my boyfriend, who is her ex boyfriend, while HE was changing in the dressing room. He called out for my help so I helped him"

"what exactly did you do to help?"

"I crawled under the dressing room and grabbed her legs dragging her out from underneath and started hitting her in the face and body"

"okay, thank you" Shaunte' moved from the seat "it's pretty much gonna go like that" Emily began gathering her papers

"so that's it?" Mel asked

"yup, I'll see you all in four days" Emily smiled "this case is ours" she said before heading out the door.

Mel rubbed Mo's back "how you feeling"

"I'm feeling good actually. I just can't wait for this all to be over"

"me too" Ju added

"I can't wait to see those skanks behind bars" Ay said with dark eyes

"You ain't the only one" Ava said filling her nails

"do we have to go to school this week?" Tae asked with pleading eyes. 

"I don't see why not" Linda said 

"I think that's a good idea since they've been talking about it on the news lately"

"yeah, there were reports at the school yesterday waiting for us" Mo shook his head

"that's just ridiculous. Messing with our babies like that" 

"Alexis' father talked to a report from channel 7. He said he knows that god will see them through because they are innocent." Ty shook his head in disbelief

"he know damn well his daughter guilty" Linda said

"he just tryna save face for the church" Ava sat down in between her boys.

"we should all go to church tomorrow" everyone looked at Mel like she had two heads "oh, not his church. The church I grew up in over in LA."

"okay, that's sound good. And you're all going" Linda pointed at us