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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


lmao , RUN IT !

They gettin turnt up aye doe. Can't wait to see what happens @ the club. Run It

i wanna know what tink mean too run it

Lol they funny!!!!
Run This!!!!

Run it!!!

Really feeling this!!

I love this story
keeis, mijo and hood know how to party
I can't wait until they get to the club

Run It!

Quick lil add before the club scene. Adding more later! RUN!

Mijo escorted Indigo and I to the van he was riding in where we were joined by a light skin guy and a heavy set guy with dreads.

“Keeis, Hood, this is Tink and Indigo.” Here he was calling me that Tink sh*t too. Someone was going to tell me what that meant before the night was over. They both nodded their heads, and the one they called Hood kept eying me before he passed Mijo a blunt they were smoking.

“Ya’ll rolling with us tonight?” Hood asked as we both shyly nodded. “Man ya’ll too f*ckin quiet. Mijo pass em the loud!” Mijo turned to pass me the blunt and I shook my head.

“I’m coo.” I said simply as he looked at me wide eyed.

“Didn’t I tell you we partied hard?! You don’t smoke?” He asked as I shook my head. “If you trynna endure this night, you should smoke. It’s not cigarettes. It won’t kill you.” I turned and looked at Indigo as she shrugged. I already knew her motto. F*ck it. You only live once. Hope I don’t die tonight, with my YOLO ass.

I took it from him and took a drag inhaling the drug as I blew it out. They all looked at me in shock. “What?”

“You ain’t cough or nothing. You’ve done this before!” <a href="">Keeis</a> smirked as he reached out to get the blunt from me as I shrugged. It wasn't as bad as I thought. He took a puff before passing it to Indigo, who took a LONG drag then blew it out her nose. I was shocked.

“You’ve DEFINITELY done this before! Lil ol’ G!” Mijo said dapping her up as she giggled. Next thing I know shots were being poured and passed around.

“Man wtf! Can we get to the club?!” I asked as they all started to laugh.

“Lil Tink, it gets way worse at the club. This is what ya’ll call pre-game.” Hood replied as he handed me shot. I shook my head as they raised their glasses and we took a shot, all of us wincing and making ugly faces.

“What was that?! Gasoline?!” I asked coughing and holding my chest.

Keeis shrugged, “Damn near close. 151.” Yep. I was going to die tonight messing with these niggas.

i love this story.. i swear i doo!!!!

haha they way they met too funny

and i know why he called her tink. i think lol

poor lil tink tink lmaoo

^^ thats not the reason though

run this

@tnicole. i live in columbus the southside of it. lmao my ex boyfriend lives in gahanna.

okay let me catch up on the add

lolololol !
I freaking love this story !
It's soooo ... ME !
I love how we can imagine ourselves as the main character .
My uncles are actually radio personalities & the whole smack someone in the face thing ? Yeahhhh , I've done that to Ray Ray of Mindless Behavior , lol except I was doing the cabbage patch lmao !

danggg they finna have a good ass night! RUNNNN IT

Runnnnn It :)

Lol why yall aint tell me the link for Mijo's pic wasn't working?! It's working now :) Keep running please!!

im loving this story RUN IT

They are crazy af.

Mijo is dumb!

Yo, they throwing bows. Haha had me weak.

Im glad their encounter wasnt awkward.

Run it

AYEEEE I WALK INNNNNNNNNN THEN I TURN UP!!!!! And Mijo a trip lmaooo but I like this story alot. Its cool.

Run it

Run It

lmao b****es already fightin wit ppl!!
let's see what pops off at this party!!
run :)


Ok! Like seriously....I'm LIVING this story! I can already see it's gone be fire!!


Tiffany and Indigo walked arm and arm as they were escorted backstage by security after the show. Before and during the show they had been drinking a little to calm their nerves. Backstage they were introduced to Kendrick Lamar, one of the Chris’ opening acts, before being taken back to the section where Chris Brown was. When they finally arrived they saw Chris being swarmed and surrounded by a large group of other fans who had also had VIP passes.

“I don’t want to go over there with all of those people.” Tiffany sighed as Indigo tried to drag her towards the group.

“So…what? We’re just going to wait till they leave so we’re standing there alone? That’s awkward af!” Indigo said as she tried to drag Tiffany again before they noticed one of the fans surrounding him started to do a freestyle dance.

“Man, niggas over there dancing n sh*t.” Tiff said chuckling a little. “I have NO talents to impress him with.”

“Right.” Indigo agreed as they watched the boy dance for Chris and the other fans from a distance.

“Man eff it. I’m about to go over there and hit the robot one smooth time!” Tiffany joked as Indigo laughed watching her do the robot. She continued to dance in their corner when she turned and accidently smacked <a href="">him</a> in the face.

“Daaammmmnnnnnnn!” He stretched as he dramatically grabbed his face. Tiffany and Indigo both looked at him in awe.

“I am so sor..” Tiff started before the guy cut her off.

“You over here slappin niggas n sh*t! What I do to deserve that?!” He teased causing the two girls to finally laugh in relief.

“My fault! You were a victim of my robot.” Tiff giggled as he looked at them strangely.

“F*ck you over here doing the robot for?!” He asked as the girls look at each other before shrugging.

“Just killing time.” She responded casually as the guy snatched her glasses off her face.

“These are DOPE!” He replied putting them on. Tiff gave him a puzzled look.

“Okay…sure mysterious stranger, you can just grab my glasses like you know me…that’s fine.” She responded sarcastically as Indigo chuckled.

“Yo Mijo! Whatchu over there doin bruh?!” They heard a voice call out behind them. They turned to see Chris Brown approaching him as the group of fans was being escorted out. He walked up and smiled at the two girls before looking at Mijo.

“Maaannnnn! They over here throwin bows! I was casually walking by and got sucker punched!” He said pointing Tiffany out as Chris laughed.

“Bruh! It wasn’t even like that!” She laughed shaking her head. “And you can’t even talk. You’re over here stealin!” She grabbed her glasses quickly from his face.

“Oh yeah, you were over here doing the robot right?!” Mijo clowned as Tiffany and Indigo quickly became embarrassed.

“The robot?!” Chris grinned turning up his nose. Tiffany paused before she nodded. This was NOT how she was expecting her first and only encounter with Chris Brown to be.

“Uh..yeah. We were having a little dance off.” She confessed.

“Oh word?! Can I join?!” Both of the girls eyes widened as Tiffany slightly pushed Chris to the side. She was definitely feeling her liquor to even have the confidence to touch him.

“Man HELL no! We were just having fun. You gon come over here and start doing back flips n sh*t! Putting niggas to shame.” She joked as Chris and Mijo started laughing.

“Ya’ll cool af! What’s your names?” Chris asked as the girls introduced themselves. “Hey, ya’ll going to the after party tonight? I think it’s at…Republic?” They both shook their head.

“They were asking for too much to squeeze in that little ass club.” Indigo said as Tiff nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, do you know how much THESE tickets were?!”

“Well f*ck all that. Ya’ll can just come with us.” Chris said as their mouths dropped.

“Like with you?” Indigo started.

“With you with you?!” Tiffany asked to double check as him and Mijo laughed.

“Yes, with us with us! Whatever that even means. Ya’ll can ride in the van Mijo will be in. I would have ya’ll ride with me, but my girl probably wouldn’t be feeling that.”

“Man why you sticking me with them?! Didn’t I tell you they were beating my ass a minute ago?!” Mijo said as they all started laughing.

“Wait, you really want us to roll with you tonight?” Tiffany asked Chris still in disbelief.

“Yeah, you’re coo af Tink. Why not?” She raised an eyebrow.


Chris smiled, “It’s my nickname for you.”

“How’d you come up with that?” He gave a smirk before he started to back up.

“Might tell you later. I’ll see ya’ll at the club. Mijo will take care of ya’ll.” He chucked up the deuces before running off.

“I don’t know if ya’ll ready for tonight. We party. HARD.” Mijo said looking at the two girls.

Indigo shrugged, “YOLO.”

Tiffany laughed at her friend, "You're inappropriate."

Whoa Follow My Lead, you stay in the CO?!!! What part?! I'm Gahanna :) and thanks everyone! Add coming soon

Run it doll!

Run it :)

I.knew Tiffany and indigo was from the C.O
When you said giving away passes.on 107 I already knew.

I yelled "that nigga city giving away passes".

But im digging this. I'll give it a chance. :)

I'm liking the fact we.can add ourselfs to the story.

But kae.. Come on now. Do you really wanna be with "Chris brown" and put up with that?

I mean I know when that incident with rhianna happen every adult would ask "could you see yourself with Chris brown after he hits you"? My answer


I have 3 older brothers and a daddy with a shotgun. I'll just tell him " baby I think it's time for you to meet" that muthafuccka wont hit me nomore. Lmao

But could you be in a open relationship with him?

Idts. Im a selfish stingy nigga! Lol

Run this!

Kae need to say that s*** with her chest. She dont need to stand for that bulls***.

I hope tiff gets to say hi :)

Runnnnn it !!!

Kae need to leave his behind!

Kae need to leave his behind!

I am truly disgusted with Chris.

Hes such a man whore. Who does s*** like that?

Ayy!! Jordan can get it.

Lets see how tbis concert goes!!

Run it