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{Without Him} - Chap 19 & 20 is up... STORY IS FINISHED NOW!!!

First and foremost, I would like to thank Bre'Na Wells for the title to this story. I was stuck and she gave me the best idea yet.

Now unto the story.

<Strong> Intro </Strong>

I remember it as though it was yesterday. The summer’s heat was seeping into our bones through our open pores and he was still here with me. Continuously told me that he was so in love with me, but he was sorry for what was to come. If only I knew then what I know now, I would have left him, left them, left there as soon as possible. I would have looked around for the emergency exit before having considered pressing the panic button. But unfortunately, I wasn’t as aware as I should have been. Within 24 hours of telling me what he wanted from me, he left without warning. I could blame God for taking him away so soon, but it wouldn’t be fair on God for he obviously knew that his time was limited and failed to tell me. Now I’m lost with nowhere to go, no one to turn to and a life of hell ahead of me.

My friends try to console me each day, but even a year later I still feel that it was my fault he died. If only I cared more I would have been able to tell that something wasn’t right with him. If only I hadn’t been so caught up in my own world, I would have been able to spend more time. But now he is gone and all that I’m left with is memories of him and a child. His child.


I enjoyed writing this story and am working on another with more twists...

was thinking to bring back Darius... :)


Dani has finally managed to start the journey :)

OK... Here we go.

I LOVE NI-YAH!!! She is the EPITOME of the type of daughter I want to have.

Lil D he is going to be like his sister.

Chris... Chris... Christopher... Maurice

Thank you for being the PERFECT husband and ACTUALLY caring for your wife. That evil bastard motherf***er b****ass made nigga name Darius or Jameson needs to ACTUALLY die.. b**** you gone leave your wife for some hoe that you happened to love more??? NIGGA WHAT?!?!?!?!
Ugh I wanted to PERSONALLY kill his ass for lying to him for everything. Smh.

I still dont like the fact that they havent Ni-Yah though.. they should have told her because now they really done be stuck when she gets older...

BRAVO BRAVO TOYA!! OK *runs off to read the 2nd half*

Dani needs to read this

Yes. I look forward to it.

There is a hidden surprise in the sequel :-)


Chris' sperm, Darius' name, Dalia's egg and Ni-Yah's lil bro

Haha he gon b..... Dun dun dunnnnn

Dang, I wonder how Lil`D will turn out.

Chris` sperm but 'Darius` name.


I got some work to do with lil D, develop his character real good. Heck im gomna work on chap 1 via my phone.

True. She`s soo grown, yet soo cute.
Her & Lil`D.

I feel like she is real and she is a crazy lil girl who u best not mess with haha

Awwwww, cool.

Well, she might be needing aunties in sequel haha

I know.

I feel like Niy`s auntie or something.


Aww Rozay champagne thanks for jumping on board :-)

Thank u Trop, u were here with them from the beginning and watched Niy grow


Toya, I love you for this one.

It was soooooo...what`s the word?


Except for that b**** Darius. I wish I would`ve been in this story to kick his two timing ass. His ol`... Ughhh! I have no words to express how I feel about him. I just...hate him!

Although! I`m glad he decided to go be with whoever this lady was so that Dalia would have a REAL HUSBAND...Chris :)

I hope that wife he has finds out & leaves his dirty ass!

Otherwise, I loved this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was the most craziest, exciting, amazing story
I was almost in tears a few times through it but I
stayed strong. I loved the ending honey minus ass
hole double life coming back from the dead.! Lol

About to start the sequel. (:

@toya word ok. ima finish readin in a min. i wanna the hood ass best friend lmao

Aahhh Jazzzzyyy
Yeah chica
They all happy :-)

Don't be said Bre Bre
Without Him: The Truth has been started
I have put up the intro
I will be posting chapter 1 tomorrow

Thank u much for all your kind comments
You have helped me to continue writing as well as others :-)

I went to school for one day and missed everything!! Omg everyone is happy and Darius is gone. But the sequel Niyah is about to go off!!! Ahhhh

*runs to sequel to read*

I loved the ending :((
But im so sad its done with*cries*
Like I sais before!
This is one of my fave stories on here!
And your and amazing writer
Ru- Opps
There's no more run its :((

So hang on... I lost all the rest of my readers?
Aint no one else gonna lemme know their overall views?
Mhm I love yall too
I see yallllll

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Ahhh Soso love ur comment!!!

aw that was a nice lil and ending and OH that intro!
HA HA! i hope niy pop the FCK outta Darius if and when
she find his ass! I Mean click clack boom po-pop *puts
sunglasses on* walks away as he explodes... ok that
was a lil dramatic BUT YES! going over to read it now!
and don't worry im still hooked i ain't goin no where
girl Niy a BOSS BTCH she gon' handle da business lol
just like her 'daddy' would say except she in da murda

Aww thank u spy Licia!!!!

U gotta run Without Him: The Truth to find out.

Beautiful Ending !!

*spy mode*

But will it stay beautiful ....

*Tuck and roll out of post into sequel post*

Thank u Amby Bamby :-)

I shall try to keep up the standard for the sequel. Will possibly add chap 1 for the sequel tomorrow.