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If I Want To I Can Replace You {Updated 10/16}

Waking up next to a fine ass bytch is what <a href="">I</a> do on a daily basis. Thats just who I am, I love bytches and I love puccy. Niggas try to hate on me because they know as quick as I snap my fingers I can have they girl on my arm. Its not my fault doe so why be mad.? I dont even have to do much to get any of the girls I have had. I lost my virginity at the age of 8 to my nanny who was 26 and boy let me tell you that shyt was on point.! I remember it like it was just yesterday....

I was sitting in my room playing video games when nanny <a href="">Sofia</a> came in and sat on my bed. At the time my parents were away on their seventh honeymoon trip so being home alone with Sofia was becoming very normal to me.
"Keyshawn honey can you come here please." she said to me softly. I stolled over to her calmly and sat on the bed next to her.
"now sweetheart I have been noticing lately that you have been starting to explore your body, am I right.?"
"yes." I said putting my head down in shame but with her index finger she lifted my chin uo so I world be looking at her.
"baby boy its perfectly natural but your missing something in those explorations."
"what.?" when I asked that she got up and took off all her clothes and stood in front of me.
"me silly." she stood me up and proceeded to take off my clothes and laid me in the bed. At first I felt kind of awkward but when she started sucking my dicc I began to relax more.
"ay papi.! su pene es mas grande de lo que esperaba.!" she said looking up at me smiling but then going back and sucking it more. Now back then I couldnt even have told you what the fuxk she said but now I know it was ' your penis is bigger than I expected' and damnit when I learned thats what she said to me couldnt nobody tell me shyt about my dicc but any back to the excitement. She was down there sucking my dicc for a good ten to fifteen minutes then she got up and straddled me sliding my dicc inside of her soaked puccy and began to ride me. That shyt was too fuxking wet and I was liking every moment of it. I could tell Sofia was too because the whole time she said not one English fuxking word. I only lasted about ten minutes then I came so fuxking hard inside her and she just sat there laughing.
"aww little Keyshawn we will work on your stamina. No girls likes a minute man baby." With that she got up and went to tge shower and I just laid there staring at the ceiling still shocked I just lost my virginity.
Over the next few years me and Sofia continued our secret love affair until I turned about fifteen then she ended up getting pregnant and had to quit and move away. She told me she didnt want our kid to have anything to do with me so that I can have a normal life and a bunch of other bullshyt. At the time I was hurt but shyt after a while I was like fuxk it.! Its time to live my life and every since I been a fuxk machine.!

* Flashback Ended*

Well here I am three years later still on my same shyt and I aint changing for nobody.!!!

What yall think.?
Run it or Dump it.???
Details please


Run this!

I hope key stop her before it happn run it

run it

coming back.!

I like that Renee held her own with Bre'Na and Kimmie. Keyshawn seems to like her. Too bad she has a boyfriend. Tyson's fyne too lol. But she shoudlnt be having sex just cause she thinks that what her dude wants. If he loves her he'll wait as long as he has to. I hope keyshawn does ruin her lil unvirginization some how lol. Run It!!!

Nooooooo, don't do it girl. RUN IT!

She shouldn't be f***ing cause she thinks he want to!
Run it!

Nah Keyshawn is going to call before anything happens...hopefully

She is going to say keyshawn name turn sex ... Yup that is what will happen..

Runn It

Damn Renee!! You should always have sex because you want to not because you think it's the right thing to do.

Run it

*Renee's POV*
I've been avoiding Keyshawn for a very long time only because I know if I dont I may begin to develop feelings for him. I mean unlike the guy I first met Keyshawn is actually a sweetheart and its very nice to see that side of him instead of the jerk he can be. Dont get me wrong I love Tyson with all of me but I feel like the chemistry between us is fading. He never wants to be around me like he use to, I think its because we've never been intimateand he's getting tired.of waiting. Should I just give it up to him.? I mean I do really love him and who knows it could save our relationship. What's there to lose right.?
I called up my girl <a href="">Lania</a> so she could assist me with planning this romantic evening for me and Tyson. she agreed and we went straight to Crillia and then went to the dollar store and a got a few packs of rose pedals and some candles. Lania rented me a hotel room for me and I was ready to go.
"girl are you sure about this.? Lania said while I was putting the finally touches on the <a href="">bathroom</a> and headed to the bedroom.
"ofcourse I am Lania. I love him and wanna do this."
"I guess girl. I just hope you wont regret this." I ignored her last comment and went in the other room to put on my little outfit.
"what do you think.?" <a href="">I</a> said posing for her.
"hot.!" Was all she said. Just then Tyson and Keyshawn texted me.
Tyson: <strong>hey babe Im headed to the hotel now. what room is it.? </strong>
Keyshawn: <strong>look I hope I didnt upset you that night in the park. I just wanna talk to you Renee please call me or something</strong>
I reread Keyshawn's message then deleted it. I couldnt let him distract me.
<strong> its room 1080 babe</strong>
"alrighty Tyson is almost here so you have to go. thanks so much girl."
"no problem suga." I walked her out and just chilled there.
Forty minutes later Tyson was at the front desk and I told them to give him a key.
I heard him coming and got in the bed tryna be cute. He walked in and his mouth just dropped.
"you like.?" <a href="">I</a> asked looking up at him.
"hell yea baby Im loving this." <a href="">He</a> said loving the view. He stripped down to his boxers and climbed in bed ready for action. <cite>Here goes nothing</cite>
Run it.!!!

Sorry ladies ex girl friend was Rihanna
@jazzy the baby was in the other room
so she didnt see anything Bre did

Thanks for the feedback keep running

Run it!! Bre calm down damn pahaha

I'm so stupid!
Shawn better listen!
Run it Zay!

all caught up!!! Sophia was trippin talking bout he can't see his child smh. and what with Bre's attitude towards Renee' she did a little too much.... but now she's saying she cool smh and his ex (the link didn't work) she crazy just walking up in their demanding answers smh girl bye. Bre is so reckless just dragging hoes in front of in front of children lol

run it boo

holy s*** I forgot all about this story smh and i'm suppose to be in it. i'll catch up later! I promise!!

*Keyshawn's POV*
Since that night in the park I haven't heard from Renee. Did I go too far by kissing her.? Shr kissed me back though so I know I didnt force it. What could be the problem then.? I just want some answers.
Its my weekend with Lillianna so I planned a full daddy-daughter day. We went to the zoo, then hit up an indoor waterpark, and then we ended the day with chuck-e-chesse and big slices of pizza. My baby is so full of energy just like I am so we really had a blast everywhere we went. By the time we got home she and I ended up falling asleep in the front room on the couch. Its really fun spending time with her because there's never a boring moment.
The next morning we woke up bright and early and I felt like cooking breakfast.
"ok what does daddy's princess want to eat this morning.?"
"I want PANNYCAKES.!!!"
"ok and what else.?"
"ummmm eggs, hashbrown, and sausamages.!" Lillianna sung.
"and your gonna be a big girl and eat it all right.?"
"yes daddy."
"pinkey promise.?" She came over and locked pinkies with me.
"kiss it daddy." I kissed my thumb as she did and then went to begin breakfast. In the middle of me making my sausage there was a knock at the door. I open the door only to find my ex <a href="">Imani</a> at the door.
"hey lover." She greeted me walking passed me.
"what are you doing here Imani.?"
"I came to see you. I been missing you." She tried to kiss me but I backed off.
"last time I checked you were with <a href="">Malcolm</a> so why are you here.?"
"I left him because Im still in love with you."
"love.? girl it was never a love thing between us. we just fuxked. now get out my house."
"what you got another bytch up in here with you.?"
"no your dumb ass is the only bytch in here."
"oh really then why you cooking for two.? Keyshawn you better tell me something."
"girl I aint gotta tell you shyt now go.!" Just then Lillianna walked in.
"daddy who's she.?" Lillianna asked pointing at Imani.
"nobody important sweetie now go in the kitchen because breakfast is almost ready."
"so you playing daddy to yo new bytch's daughter.?"
"no bytch thats my baby now I aint gonna tell you again, GET THE FUXK OUT.!" I opened the door only to have Bre'Na standing there.
"I aint leaving Keyshawn." Imani said.
"Bre'Na man handle this please."
"she aint bout that life." Imani said looking Bre'Na up and down. I dont know why she said that cuz the next thing I knew Bre'Na punched her in the face and dragged her ass out the house to the sidewalk. Not once did she say a word. She walked back in, took off her jacket and came into the kitchen with me and Lillianna.
"good morning Miss Bre'Na." Lillianna greeted her while smothering her pancakes in syrup.
"hey little momma. Keyshawn why was Imani even here while she here.?"
"man I swear she just showed up talking bout she loves me and wanna get back with me. I been tryna get her out forever."
"watch them thangs Shawn they gonna mess this right here up for you."
"Bre the only chick Im checking for is Renee."
"I dont know why cuz she aint all that. but she's cool. she can handle her own and I like that."
"yea I know she brings something out of me I never knew was there. only thing now is took take care of her little boyfriend situation."
"boyfriend.? come on now you better leave that alone. if she'll cheat on him with you what do you think will happen once you get her.?" I didnt say anything cuz Bre'Na did have a point but I was drawn to Renee and I cant explain it. I just gotta play this cool.

Run it.!!!

Updating tonight

wow run it

My bad didn't mean to make you mad. I would've walked by too.
I mean think about she kissed Chria back now he gone be thinking that it's something between them, & I'm sure she don't wanna lead him on so it was best to ignore him. But it's too late now so I guess she's gonna have o explain this to her man.
Run it ^-^

Lol ! Damn bre calm down !!! Smh

I don't know why she faking on manz though, tryna walk by like she ain't see his big ass. Ha!

I wouldn't be so comfortable telling people that but whatever !!

*Runnnnn It!!!

Omg I hate that.! Please dont just say run it...give me
some detail about what you think of the add.!!!

:O run It!!!!

*Renee's POV*
Late night runs always help me clear my mind and prepare me for the events of my next day. I use to always run back when I was at home with my mom and Rufus and sometimes Rufus would run with me. I miss him so much and no one seems to understand me here.
<a href="">I</a> had just left the gym before this run tonight. Tyson was suppose to meet me there but he got tied up at work so it was just me for three wonderful hours and it was kinda peaceful. And now as I'm coming to the end of my run I see Keyshawn with two girls and a baby, just my luck huh.?
I try to pretend not to see him and keep running but he calls out to me.
"aye miss lady I know you see me." He says. I stop running and begin walkinh towards themslowly.
"hi Keyshawn." I say back dryly.
"what's with the attitude Renee.?" he asked.
"I dont have an attitude Im just clearly my head and you interrupted that." I told him.
"well excuse me." Just then one of the girls coughed obviously wanting to know who I was.
"oh, Renee these are my friends I was telling you about earlier, Kimmie and Bre'Na."
"hi." I said to them.
"hello." one said.
"you look familiar. have I seen you before.?" the other asked.
"I dont think so." I responded.
"actually Bre'Na this is rudeness from the mall that day. remember she bumped into me.?" Keyshawn said with a smile.
"oh yea. God saved yout life that day cuz I was ready to snatch you up girl." Bre'Na said.
"I aint tripping girl." I said.
"oh really.?" she asked.
"yes really. you dont scare me boo boo." I told her.
"any ways moving on. Renee I want to to meet my daughter Lillianna." Keyshawn said picking the little girl up.
"she is adorable. hi sweetie." I said to her. I cant believe he has a baby. I wonder if this Bre'Na chick is her mom.
"hi." was all she said.
"your hair is very pretty Lillianna."
"unlike yours." Bre'Na tried to whisper.
"you know what Bre'Na say one more thing about me and imma have to go upside yo head."
"yea ok chick." she laughed. I started towards her but Keyshawn stepped in my way.
"aye Kimmie can you and Bre take Lillianna to the swings real quick.? I need to holla at Renee real quick." he asked her handing her the baby.
"yea sure come on Bre." Kimmie responded. Bre'Na and I stayed in eye contact all the way until she got passed us and close to the park. Keyshawn and I started walking the track and I figured I start the conversation as always.
"so you have a daughter, how old is she.?"
"she's 3."
"whose the mother.?"
"my old nanny." what the fuxk.
"wait what.? how old is your old nanny.?"
"about 36 or 37 now."
"and you had sex with her at 15.?"
"I had been having sex with her since I was eight."
"your lying."
"no im dead ass serious. she took my virginity when I was eight whilr my parents were on a honeymoon trip."
"and you never told anyone.?"
"well no it was great. I mean it was weird at first but over the years she taught me basically everything. how to please a woman, how to tease a woman, what to do, what never to do, just everything."
"wow thats kinda creepy."
"looking back on it now I agree but back then I thought it was the best thing ever because a woman her age was in love with me, a skinny kid with no life. she was my world and I loved her."
"so what took the love away.?"
"the day she life when she found out she was pregnant. she quit working for my family, and told me I would never see my baby."
"oh man, that was messed up."
"yea but here we are and I have her now and I plan on being the best father I can be."
"that's the sweetest thing I have ever heard you say."
"she brings it out of me. and so do you." I dont know what came over me but the next thing I knew Keyshawn and I were locked in a deep kiss and it was so passionate I didnt want it to stop but then Tyson's face popped in my head and I pushed him away.
"I have to go." I told him.
"but why.? just stay a little longer." he said with his hands around my waist.
"I cant." was all I said as I broke from his embrace and ran home. What was I thinking kissing him like that.? I barely even know him and to top it off I have a boyfriend. But it felt as o right, UGH.!!! this is too much.!

Run it ladies.!!!

Sofia has no love for Keyshawn.
Thats messed up.
She's crazy...

Renee&Keyshawn cant escape each other..
Now what is she gonna think after seein him with a kid???

Run It!

Im proud of Keyshawn for wanting to be in his childs life. That a real man right there. And Sofia should be happy he's involved with her, not many men would have wanted to be with their child. Im glad Ms. Joyce, Kimmie and Bre'Na got to meet her. Oh wow, wonder whats gonna happen when Renee spots them? Run It!!!

Tf !! What would her father let happen to her .. Like *paces post* she f***ing with the wrong one. Everybody ain't all f***ed up like you SOFIA f***ing eight year olds and s*** , nasty ass heffa

This is.cray lily so cute n im happy he dnt wana b a dead beat dad run it

Lol ok imma tell yall the Spanish
Sofia- be a good girl and if something happens that you don't like run away to our special place
Lillianna- but what if I can't find the special place
Sofia- then hide where you are

i like he wnt to be apart of his child life and sofa is crazy if she think he aint gone be in his child life and wat the hell she say in spanish and i wonder wat his homegirls gone think of renee run it