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The End And Beyond {The Sequel to Til the End}

How will Renee react to the news of being pregnant with Jason's child.?

Will the child have certain behaviors as Jason.?

How long will Renee and Keyshawn last after the child is here.?

You will soon find out lol

If you need to catch up on wtf my talking about heres the link
to the other story <a href="">Til the End</a>

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*Renee's POV*
I really couldnt sleep at all last night. I never wanted Zariyah to find out about this and now that she knows I dont want to taint her thoughts about him with every detail about our relationship leading up to his death. I walked through the house checking on the kids. When I got to riyah's room I seen her asleep with her iPAD. I walked over and removed it and tucked her in then I looked at the screen and saw that she was looking at pictures of Jason and I on his facebook. I never understood how we ended up the way we were. It really sucked because I use to want a family with him and now look we have have a daughter that he never got to meet because he went crazy. Looking through his statuses I noticed one in particular that actually brought a tear to my eye.
<cite>thinking about my baby girl Renee wishing she was here with me right now. I wish her dad believed in our love the way we believe then maybe we wouldn't be so stressed all the time.! but anyways Renee if you see this I love you girl til the death of me and beyond</cite>
It sucked that this wasnt the guy who I ended up with because he turned crazy. As I was going through the page Zariyah woke up.
"hey mommy.!" She said stretching and rubbing her eyes.
"hey baby girl. you ready for our big day.?"
"we going to grandma nichole's house.?"
"yes we are. go ahead and brush your face and wipe your teeth." I side smiling.
"mommy you mean wash your face and brush your teeth." She giggled getting out the bed.
"yes baby. come on so we can take your brothers to papa's house."
"ok mommy."
Zariyah went and got dressed and I got the boys ready and we headed to my dad's house. I got the spare keys from under the mailbox and let myself in.
"dad.!" I yelled closing the the door as the boys ran to their play room. My dad then emerged from his den looking like he just woke up.
"ew papa you look rough.!" Zariyah said laughing.
"I know papa just woke up." He said hugging her.
"we see." I said laughing and kissing his cheek.
"where the boys.?" My dad asked.
"where you think.?"
"riyah go make sure they not tearing up." I told her.
"ok." When she was out of ear site my dad let me have it.
"what the fuxk possessed you to tell that girl about jason.?"
"it was not intentional."
"what you mean."
"keyshawn and I were discussing a nightmare I had and zariyah walked in on it so I had to explain it all to her."
"so you told her everything about him.?"
"not exactly."
"renee stop playing with me."
"dad chill. my baby is not gonna know about the bad side of her father."
"yea iight."
I said my goodbyes and got riyah and we headed to nichole's house.
"hey ladies." lania said as she let us in.
"hey nia is nichole here.?"
"yea she's in the kitchen."
we went in the kitchen and found her making breakfast.
"grandma.!" Zariyah ran to her yelling.
"well good morning beautiful." Nichole responded hugging her back. "to what do I owe this visit.?"
"go head riyah."
"I wanna know about my daddy."
"I dont know much about your daddy suga."
"but he's your son." In shock Nichole grasped her heart.
"are you talking about Jason.?"
"yes ma'am. mommy said you can tell me stories about him."
"is this foreal..?" Lania asked.
"yes it is. I told riyah she could spend the entire day with you two and learn all the GOOD things about her father." I said rubbing her hair.
"this is really amazing renee." Lania said.
"you dont know how excited I am." Nichole said.
"well before you go crazy can I know what your cooking so I can get a plate."
"you know how I do.! I got pancakes, eggs, sausage, french toast, and biscuits."
"oh yea can you hook me up a to go plate.?" I asked.
"sure baby."
I got my plate and headed out. I hope this works out and doesn't blow up in my face.

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Update coming soon

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*Zariyah's POV*
when they saw me standing there their mouths dropped.
"daddy your not my real daddy.?"
"baby girl come here." he said hold his arms out.
"no.! i wanna know the truth. are you my daddy or not.?"
"riyah he is your daddy. he's just not your biological father." my mother spoke up saying.
"so where is he at then.? does he know about me.? didnt he love me at all.?"
"aw sweetie come here." i went over and climbed in to my mom's arms.
"you see honey before i knew i was pregnant with you your real dad Jason died. he was a very bad man and hurt alot of people including me and your daddy."
"so he never even knew about me.?"
"no honey but when me and daddy got together he promised to take good care of us and he loves you because you are his princess."
"do you miss my real daddy.?"
"sometimes. he was a nice person when he wanted to be and i know for a fact that he would have loved you very much."
"but i don't even know what he looks like."i know but here's what we are gonna do. tomorrow im going to take you over grandma Nichole and auntie Lania's house."
"because thats his mom and sister. they are.gonna tell you lots of stories about him and show you pictures of him and everything. how does that sound.?"
"ok mommy."
"thats my big girl, ok now give kisses and go back to bed." i looked ti her and kissed.her cheek then went over to daddy and kissed him then walked out to my room. i really dont know how to feel right now. i have two daddys and nobody told me. i needed to know more. i ran back to my mommy's room.
"mommy whats his name." i asked poking my head in the door.
"his name was Jason Keys." my daddy answered. i ran back in the room and pulled out my iPAD and searched his name on facebook. i strolled through then i stopped when i saw a <a href="">picture</a> of him and mommy. they looked happy together i wonder what he did that was so horrible that he died. i kept looking <a href="">pic</a> by <a href="">pic</a> but still nothing anything. i wanted some answers and if anybody would tell me the truth i know my papa will. i put my iPAD down and picked up my <a href="">phone</a> and called him. after three rings he answered.
"hey sunshine. what you doing up so late.?"
"papa you wouldn't lie to me would you.?"
"what did my daddy do that made someone kill him.?"
"did this happen tonight.? where is your mom.?"
"not this daddy my real daddy Jason."
"how do you know about him.?" his voice instantly changed.
"well Zariyah you know papa loves you but thats something mommy has to tell you not me."
"im sorry princess but thats not something i can tell you. now go to sleep and you and mommy will take about that tomorrow ok.?"
"papa loves you."
"i love you too."
i hung up still confused. whats the big secret here that nobody can tell me about Jason. i went back to looking at his facebook pictures. and eventually fell asleep.

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*Renee's POV*
We got home and Zariyah helped me put the <a href="">twins</a> to bed and asked to stay up with me and Keyshawn. We all got in mine and Keyshawn's bed and watched a movie. That's when the worst happened.
"mommy who's that Jason guy you and auntie Harmony were talking about.?" Zariyah asked causing me and Keyshawn to just look at each other.
"what are talking about baby.?" Keyshawn asked.
"mommy was telling auntie Harmony about dreams she was having about some guy named Jason. he must have been a bad man cuz auntie Harmony looked very concerned." Zariyah revealed.
"aw sweetie he's nobody you need to worry about." I said cuddling her to me looking over to Keyshawn as he gave me a look of disappointment. Should I have just told her that it was her father.? That could really mess her up since Keyshawn is the only daddy she knows. Hell even.when she's with Nichole I explainedthat she must not be told about Jason. Am I wrong for that.?
About thirty minutes later Zariyah was knocked out and Keyshawn carried her to her room. I changed into some night clothes and when Shawn returned he wasted no time letting me have it.
"so were you ever planning on telling me about these dreams.?"
"babe they only just started when Zariyah's birthday came. it wasnt that serious so I didnt tell you."
"oh but you can run to Harmony."
"she's a therapist I figured she could explain it to me."
"I dont care if she was Dr. Phil himself I am your husband Renee you should have told me."
"Im sorry ok."
"yea whatever." Keyshawn said getting under the covers.
"I dont want her to be like him." I confessed.
"what are you talking about.?"
"Harmony thinks the dreams are based on my fear Zariyah will end up with his psychotic nature and try to kill me."
"aw babe thats one thing you.should never worry about. Jason had nothing to do with her upbringing and she could never be like him."
"I know but its still in the back of my head."
"I promise you Renee you have nothing to worry about."

*Zariyah's POV*
<strong>outside Renee and Keyshawn's bedroom door</strong>
How could they lie to me all this time.? Keyshawn isnt my real dad this Jason guy is. I wonder where he is and if he even knows I exist. I cant believe they've been keeping me from him. All these years they have been lying to me. The lie stops now.
I open the door, tears streming down my face and they were both stunned.

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I turned around only to find Maleek standing there tryna hold in his laugh.
"Maleek you ass hole.!" I said smacking his arm.
"girl I had to do it and your body stiffing up like that just made it that much better. how could you even think Jason could be here.?"
"I don't know. wheres my Harmony.?"
"over with Riyah and the twins." I hit Maleek one more time before going to find Harmony. I needed a shoulder and since she's a therapist I figured maybe she could shed some light on my little situation.
"hey suga." I greeted her.
"hey mommas.! how are you.?" She said rising to hug me.
"I been good girl. but theres something I really need to talk to you about."
"sure whats up.?" We walked in the kitchen and I went into detail about the dreams I had been having. She sat there just nodding her head never interrupting and aftei was done she just stood there looking at me.
"come on Harm Im really freaking out about this what do you think.?"
"honestly Renee, I dont think theres ever been anything like this before. I believe this is something within yourself that you must get over. you know Jason is dead but the fact that Riyah is apart of him in your mind you thonk by some strange way he can come back through her and finish what he started so long ago."
"I just dont know whats real Harm. I know my baby is nothing like him but when I look at her after she has gotten in trouble or something and she's upset all I see is Jason."
"thats something you have to work on."
"I know."
We sat and talked a little while longer then it was time to get the part started. All in all it turned out great. I feel much better and I think Riyah loved the 58 gifts she got. She's Too spoiled. Lol

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Once we get to my dad's place I immediately see Nichole and Lania so I go over to speak.
"hey guys thanks for coming." I said hugging them both.
"this is my grandbaby's party Renee so ofcourse I was coming.?" Nichole responded with.a little attitude.
"momma dont start." Lania said to her in a low tone.
"look I really dont feel like arguing today. its MY daughter's birthday so can we be civil.?"
"fine." Nichole saif before walking away.
"excuse her Renee she's still a little upset about how things went with the whole last name thing." Lania admitted.
"that was seven years ago she has to move on. Keyshawn is my husband and her father so Nichole has to get over this."
"I know but its like you took away her last piece of Jason."
"Zariyah sees her whenever she asks me so that doesnt make any sense Lania. you know what tell her until she can respect my wishing about how my child is raised then she wont be seeing her."
"you mean our child." That voice made my heart stop and I felt like I was about to throw up.
Could it be.?
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Not a day goes by that Im not thankful for all God has blessed me with. And here we are seven years and I am as happy now as I was then.
When I thought there was a chance I could have lost Renee I knew if she made it we were taking that next step and two months later we were married. Zariyah was given my last name, against Nichole's wishes ofcourse. I mean it was Renee's decision so Nichole will just have to deal. I love her just as much as they do so I dont see the problem.
Now here we are seven years after her birth and also two years after the birth of our twins Keyshawn Jr and Tyshawn and Im so happy. Today for Riyah's birthday and we were taking the kids to their grandpa David's house for a party for her. I just.hope everything goes smoothly.

*Renee's POV*
I never would have thought in a million years I would be married to Keyshawn with three kids.! We've been through so much pain and its finally been looking great for us. My babies are my world and I thank God everyday he brought me through that transfusion. The doctors said I would never be able to have anymore children because my body would give out but look I safely gave birth to a set of boys NATURALLY and I was so proud. I love the family God blessed me with and I wouldnt change them for the world.
Lately though I've been having these weird dreams about Jason. I dream he comes to my house and tries to make Zariyah watch as he kills me. Each time I wake up in a cold sweat and Zariyah is standing next to my bed looking at me with this weird look in her eyes. I haven't mentioned this to Keyshawn because I dont want to worry him but honestly its beginning to scare me.
Once we get to my dad's place I immediately see nicho

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"you all have to clear the room." I doctor said assertively.
"whats going on.?" Mr. Bryant asked.
"I wont know until I have you all out." I doctor said as the nurse escorted us out and closed the door. My mind began to race.! I cant lose Renee like this and I pray I wont have to. Mr. Bryant, Lania and I joined the others in the waiting room and I went straight to my dad.
"how is she.?" Harmony asked.
"we dont know." Lania said as she noticed her mom finally here.
"what do you mean.?" Maleek asked.
"after she handed Keyshawn the baby her monitor started beeping weirdly and they put us out." Lania continued.
"are you kidding me.?" Tati spoke up saying.
"I wish.! They better save my baby girl in der man or I will tear this bytch up." Mr. Bryant yelled causing the people at the nurse station to look over at us.
"how you doing son.?" My dad asked.
"I dont know man. I cant lose Renee like this dad we been through so much for it to end like this." I could feel the tears falling from my eyes.
"we need to pray." Renee's mom said standing up and having everyone hold hands.
"Dear Heavenly Father we come to you right now to ask thay you keep Renee in your hands Lord we asked that you bless her Lord God for you know her time on this earth is not over yet bless the hands of the doctors working on her so that the can treat her properly to bring her back to her newborn child Lord God and to those in this circle who love her as well. In this we asked in Jesus precious name, Amen." Her mom pray we all said 'Amen' as the doctor walked towards us.
"how is she.?" I asked first.
"I need to speak we the parents and immediate family of Renee only."
"doc we all are her immediate family and I am her mother."
"well ok, during delivery a blood clot formed in Renee's uterus. It caused a stunned stop of her heart. we were able to remove the clot and sustain her but she lost a great deal of blood. I ordered an immediate blood transfusion so she's being prepped for that now."
"what about the baby.?" Nichole asked.
"she's fine. we moved her to the nursey so you all can go see her there."
"how long will the transfusion take.?" Harmony asked.
"it could be between four to six hours because of the amount of blood that she lost and after that it would be another forty minutes before she can have visitors." We all nodding understanding the information just given to us and I took them to see the baby. Since I was given the wrist band I was able to go in the nursery and hold her up for them all the see. Zariyah was really blessed because she has so many people to love her, including me.

*Seven years *

Updating tonight

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~Keyshawn's POV~
Rushing to the hospital my stomach was in knots. These past couple of months I been putting on this front like I am ok with everything but the truth of the matter is that I really dont want Renee to be having this baby by Jason. I mean I know I told her to keep it and even though its not the baby's fault I still wish it wasnt coming.
"what you thinking Shawn.?" My dad asked breaking me from my thoughts.
"Im not ready for this pops."
"I know son but once you hold that little girl in your arms-,"
"no dad its not that." I said cutting him off.
"then what is it.?"
"Im not ready for Renee to bring Jason's baby into this world."
"look here Keyshawn, you are the only reason she having this baby in the first place. If you didnt want this then you never should have told her to keep it. Now look at you shaking cuz the baby bout to come. Get over it and deal. That girl has been through everythingbecause she loves you, dont turn your back on her now."
"but Im really scared." I said as tears formed in my eyes.
"I know son but I promise you it will pass."
We finally reached the hospital as Renee's dad was rolling her in. she looked like she was in so much pain and once she saw me she reached her hand out for me to grab. As soon as we reached the main desk they took her back to a room to be prepped for delivery. I sat in the lobby twenty minutes before they came to get me, her dad, and Jason's sister. Lania came only because she wasnt able to contact their mom.
We reached the room and they dressed us in the proper dressings.
"this is too much for me man." Mr. Bryant spoke up saying.
"daddy please I really need you." Renee said in between breaths.
"baby girl I dont know if you noticed but daddy is afraid of the site of blood and this is going to be a lot."
"im only dialated four centimeters. oh snap get me the epidural NOW.!" Renee yelled obviously having another contraction. Lania ran out to find a nurse to get the anesthesiologist to administer the drug. About five hours later it was time for Renee to begin pushing.
"ok Renee I want you to stay calm." The nurse said going between Renee's legs.
"I am as calm as your gonna get."
"ok on the count of three I wsnt you to start pushing for five seconds ok."
"alright." I grabbed ahold of Renee's hand and kissed her forehead.
"ok 1,2,3 push.! 1,2,3,4,5 alright now breath."
"I cant do this." Renee began to cry. At that moment I knew I had to be her rock. My dad was right she almost died for me and never second guessed her decision. My insecurities dont mean shyt anymore I love her and the fact the this is not my baby shouldn't matter. We will get through this like anyother obstacle we have faced.
Another hour or so and we finally welcomed <a href="">Zariya Michelle</a> into the world. My dad was right all doubts and saddness went out the window when I help her in my arms. Just then I heard Renee's monitor beeping crazy. WTF IS GOING ON.!
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