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Wild Thing [Chapter 11] 06.07.13


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Man after reading this story I got to go back and read fires of spring. Caleb is clearly out of f***ing control. Reiko that hoe is crazy as hell. Smoking crack and f***ing all the time. He gonna be strung out and his d*** is gonna fall off.

Run it!

im a new reader and i love this story run it

Run it

Chapter 12

Caleb was back at work on Tuesday after a long weekend. He was feeling agitated and irritable. It was hard for him to focus and get through the day. He was mad horny and with Jade walking around in those skin tight fitness pants and her XSport workout top was squeezing the life out of her ample tits. At least, that’s what Caleb saw.

“Come here for a sec.” He immediately rushed her into the towel room.

Jade looked at him, “What’s the matter?”

“Shhhhh.” He silenced her with a kiss and it was on from there.

The sex was hot and rough, but he couldn’t help but to wish it was Reiko instead. After she climaxed, he was reaching his and pulled out. Without warning, she took him into her mouth and serviced him until he nut in the back of her throat. She licked it off the tip and stood, now fixing herself. He bit his bottom lip and put himself back into his pants.

“Thanks.” He said and then walked out of the room. He worked out for a while and hit the showers. Caleb wanted his work day to be over as soon as possible. Better yet, the week. He couldn’t wait for Saturday.

When Caleb got home that day, he went straight to his room. He went into his jean pocket and pulled out a Ziploc baggie. It was filled with a white substance. He brought it home with him from Reiko’s party. He put a little on his pinky finger and put it up one nostril, breathing it in. He repeated the action in the other nostril as well. He closed the bag and laid back on the bed, enjoying his new found bliss.

“Caleb…Caleb!” Reiko shook him, “Wake up.” It was Saturday night. They skipped the clubbing and she threw a party at her home. It was more like a bigger version of the previous week. A giant ass orgy if you ask a sober person. Sadly, there were none of those in attendance.

Caleb woke up groggily. After most people left, him and Reiko retired to the bedroom where they did a couple lines and fckd like wild animals. Soon afterwards, he passed out and she rendezvoused on the balcony for a cigarette. “What?” he answered, now focusing on her voice more than her face.

“Here, this’ll make you feel better.” She handed him a blunt of loud mixed with kush.

He took it and took two long drags, exhaling the smoke like a pro. “What time is it?” he asked now lying on his back.

“6 am.” She spoke as she rolled another blunt.

He sighed and looked through the sliding doors, which led to the balcony, at the sunrise. It was beautiful, she was beautiful. “What if I moved down here?” he caressed her back.

“To L.A.?” she looked down at him and smiled.

He smiled back, “Yeah, is that something that you would like?”

“I’d love that baby. You can come stay here.” She laid on his chest.

Caleb thought over it all in his head, it was final. He was moving out to L.A. “I gotta get my job to transfer me out here first.” He spoke outloud.

“Being a trainer is really what you wanna do?” she asked, just to ask. It’s not like they ever did much talking about personal lives, but now was just a good time as any.

He looked at her, “Being a trainer is something that I always wanted to do. I went to school for it. I’m certified and everything. I never wanted to be anything else.”

“Wow, that’s good. Most guys I’ve been with have never really thought their future through. I guess that’s why it never went past the physical of it all. You’re different Caleb. I was supposed to shelter you; you weren’t supposed to be involved in this life. You’re a good man, I never wanted to corrupt you.” She sounded disappointed. And she was, with herself.

Caleb heard all that she had said, “It’s not your fault. I’m a grown man, I made decisions and I don’t regret them. You didn’t corrupt me, I’m still the same Caleb.”

“But you won’t be. You’ll change.” Reiko got up and went into the bathroom closing the door. She etched out a line on a small mirror and snorted it. She wiped her nose and sniffed a little. He then looked at herself in the mirror. Her image was distorted, just like her life. She couldn’t even remember how she got to this point.

She staggered over to the tub and ran some warm water for a bath. She opened the door and looked at Caleb who had just did a line himself. “I have a photo shoot at 10. You can come if you want.” She disappeared back into the bathroom, leaving the door open as an invitation.

He got out of bed, stark naked and went into the bathroom to find her stepping in the water. “Can I join?” he smirked.

“Only if you behave yourself.” She smirked over her shoulder.

Caleb stroked his manhood which stood at attention, “I can’t promise all that.”

Any more runs??

Smh run it

Chapter 11

Caleb got through his work week rather swiftly. His boss called him Saturday morning. While he was on his routine skateboard session at the park, and informed him that he was rewarded with the day off for his hard work over the month. Caleb was very grateful for this because he wasn’t looking forward to going in.

He then proceeded to contact Brandon to see if he had the honor of an extra day off as well. He got off the phone only to have learned that Brandon still had to go into work.

Although Caleb had been looking forward to an extra day off for the longest, he had no idea what to do with the extra time. He skateboarded back home, bypassing the hospital. He decided he was done with giving Jen any hospital visits.

When he got home, he noticed his car parked out front. He couldn’t remember why he hadn’t parked it around back in its space, but whatever the reason he had an idea. Caleb had no clue what would manifest from this idea, but he was pretty sure that he would go through with it.

He went up to his apartment to put his skateboard away and packed an overnight bag. He then hurried down the stairs and out into his car. He was on his way to LA.

It was about noon when Caleb got to Reiko’s house. It was less dramatic in the daylight and being sober. He left his overnight bag in the backseat as he got out. As he approached the door, he could hear music. He rang the doorbell but no one answered, so he knocked loud and hard.

Soon, one of Reiko’s friends came to the door. “Hey Caleb.” She smiled sensually. He looked at her in her black lingerie and wondered what type of party was going on.

“What’s up Morgan. Reiko here?” he said as he stepped in.

She laughed as she wiped her nose, “Duh! Follow me.”

Caleb shook off her unusual silliness and followed her to a room that he’d never seen before. There were sheer curtains up and he could tell that’s where the music was coming from. <em>Ecstassssssyyyyyy in the air, I don’t care! Can’t tell me nothinnnnnggggg…</em> He moved back the curtains and couldn’t believe what he saw.

The room was full of females in black lingerie all having sex or getting high. He then looked right in front of him and saw a table full of all types of drugs. There was a mountain of pills and weed on each end and in the middle of the table was a mountain of cocaine. He then noticed Reiko on the couch with a blunt in her mouth and the stripper that was in their threesome with her head between her legs.

“Caleb’s here.” Morgan announced while taking a scoop of coke in her nail and sniffed it up.

<em>This sh*t is crazy!</em> Caleb thought to himself.

Reiko threw her head back as she climaxed. After she calmed down, she looked up at Caleb. “What are you doing here at this time? You didn’t call or text.” She stretched out a line of coke with a razor.

“I wanted to talk to you face to face.” Caleb spoke as he eyed the Cali bud on the table.

“You want some?” Reiko noticed his gaze. He shrugged, trying to seem nonchalant amidst all the craziness. She chuckled and threw him a cigarillo, “Thought your body was a temple.”

Caleb shrugged, “Sh*t changes.” He broke down the weed and gutted the rello. Within a minute he was firing up a perfectly rolled blunt.

“Something tells me you’ve done this before.” Reiko joked while cleaning her nose.

“Ain’t nothing new to a boss nigga.” Caleb shrugged while taking in a few puffs.

“So why are you here Caleb?” Reiko asked seductively as she straddled his lap.

“I wanted to know why you weren’t returning any of my txts or phone calls.

Reiko giggled foolishly, “I was mad at you.” She then kissed his neck.

“Why?” he asked while leaning back in the reclining chair.

“Because….you lied to me for no reason at all.” She explained while servicing his neck and chest with kisses.

He didn’t respond, she was right there was no doubting that. “You’re mine Caleb.” She whispered into his ear as she lowered herself onto him. Caleb had gotten so high; he didn’t even know she had pulled his penis out of his pants until now.

They spent the day having sex and getting high. By the time Brandon called Caleb’s phone, he was too far gone. He told him just meet him and Reiko’s house and he’d understand when he got there.

When Brandon arrived, Caleb was half passed out on the pool table with Reiko right beside him. B noticed the table and then looked over at Caleb once more. “Yo nigga, you doing cocaine now?” B hit his foot.

Caleb rose up, wiping his face “Naw nigga, just weed. I see you made it.” He dapped Brandon and took the blunt from Reiko.

“That one’s laced love.” Reiko spoke as he inhaled deeply.

Brandon laughed at his facial expression and shook his head, “Well, I guess you do coke now!”

Reiko took the blunt and hopped off the table. She rolled one for Caleb and gave it to him, “Sorry baby, here. This one’s clean.”

Caleb held his head and laid back. He didn’t know if he was siking himself out or he was really feeling the effects of the coke, but his head was spinning.

“Yo, I’m bout to roll up myself and get into one of these fine ass b****es.” Brandon announced to no one in particular.

Caleb’s head was swimming but he kinda liked the feeling. “Coke isn’t that bad.” He mumbled.

“Shut up.” Reiko muttered back. She climbed on top of him and rode him to glory for the 10th time.

After they finished, Caleb pushed her aside and went to the table. He etched out a line with the razor, and took it up the nose. He cleaned his nose and laid back as he entered a new bliss.

Welcome new reader & thank you!!
I'm glad you enjoy the story
Should be a new add coming either
Tonight or tomorrow

New reader..first off love the story!!!

1. I ain't sure how I'm feeling about Caleb at this moment...i like him then he's kind of an ass lol
2. Reiko she cool if you wanna have fun, but I ain't sure if i like her for Caleb anymore..i wish she would just admit she feeling him more than she letting on
3. Jen is an annoying person! I do feel a little bad for her though, but I think she got Caleb high on purpose so they could have sex
4. Brandon---> DON'T LIKE he is rude and borderline abusive..but he fine lol
5. Stacy---> who? not even important..she has no relevance to me
6. Matt and his girl is hilarious...she not allowed downstairs after a fight..had me rolling
***his daddy dying of cancer is soooo sad :(


O its gtn good run it

Chapter 11 (Sneak Peek)

Caleb got through his work week rather swiftly. His boss called him Saturday morning. While he was on his routine skateboard session at the park, and informed him that he was rewarded with the day off for his hard work over the month. Caleb was very grateful for this because he wasn’t looking forward to going in.

He then proceeded to contact Brandon to see if he had the honor of an extra day off as well. He got off the phone only to have learned that Brandon still had to go into work.

Although Caleb had been looking forward to an extra day off for the longest, he had no idea what to do with the extra time. He skateboarded back home, bypassing the hospital. He decided his was done with giving Jen any hospital visits.

When he got home, he noticed his car parked out front. He couldn’t remember why he hadn’t parked it around back in its space, but whatever the reason he had an idea. Caleb had no clue what would manifest from this idea, but he was pretty sure that he would go through with it.

He went up to his apartment to put his skateboard away and packed an overnight bag. He then hurried down the stairs and out into his car. He was on his way to LA.

Haha yeah I post it on both sites

So there is where I know the story from Elite Creativity from. I knew I had read it.

Reiko and Caleb are toxic to one another.

The only real connection they have is mind blowing sex. They're confusing that with the real thing..

All they do is party and f***...

I personally think he needs to leave Jen, Reiko and Jade alone.

He needs someone who's gonna stimulate his mind and soul as well as his body.

Like Me.. Lol.. JK or am I?

Casey is Blac Chyna
N the baby is King Cairo

idk why the pics didn't show up

Chapter 10

“You didn’t have to come.” Jennifer smiled as Caleb walked into her hospital room.

He shrugged, handing her the bear he promised the day before. “I wanted to see you.”

“That’s not good.” She frowned.

He sat down, “Why not?”

“Because you might fall in love again.” She joked.

Caleb kept a straight face, “Who said I ever fell out?”

Jennifer looked at him confused. Why would he say all of this? What was he trying to prove? He had already said that they would never get back together, not after what she did. And she couldn’t blame him. She fumbled his heart and was reminded every time she saw his face.

“Caleb…” she trailed off as she fooled around with the ribbon on the bear’s neck.

He sighed as he ran his hand over his face, “Don’t worry about it Jenni.”

“Wow, you haven’t called me Jenni in forever.” She smiled.

He sighed, “We haven’t had a real conversation in forever.”

“So now what? You wanna come visit me in the hospital every day and talk me back to health?” she didn’t know why, but she had felt a sense of anger behind her words.

Caleb put his head down as he shook it, “You’re right, I shouldn’t have come.” he looked up at her and then rose out of his chair. “I’ll see you around.” He started to walk out.

“Caleb…wait!” she called after him.

He stopped, and stood there waiting for her to speak again.

“I’m glad you came, and thanks for the bear.” Was all she could mutter to his back.

He looked back and gave her a half smile before walking out. He sat in his car in the parking lot, wondering why he even bothered with coming. Without another thought on the matter, he peeled out and headed for his stepbrother’s house to see his nephew like he declared the night before.

Caleb pulled up to the house and got out. He located the key he was given when they had first moved in. Before he made it onto the porch good, he could hear the baby crying and the both of them arguing. About what, he had no idea. Not that he was trying to figure it out either.

“Yo, you lucky I won’t call you a b**** to your face!” Matt yelled.

Caleb made his way to the kitchen where he found the two arguing. Casey was holding the baby standing over Matt, who was sitting at the small table they kept by the fridge.

Casey’s eyes got big and she switched the baby on her other hip, “So you call me a b**** behind my back?!”

“Hell muthaf***in yeah! Mugs don’t even know yo name! They think yo name is b****!” Matt countered.

Casey slapped Matt across his face, “Call me a b**** now muthaf***a!”

“UUUUGGGGHHHH! You lucky I f***in love yo ass and you the mother of my kid!” Matt stood up, now looking down at her.

“Or what?!”

Caleb stood in the doorway, watching them and laughing. He then noticed that the baby was reaching for the bottle on the counter and that’s probably why he was crying. Caleb got the bottle and went to grab the baby from Casey.

“I’d beat yo ass! I’m tired of yo s*** Casey! Every f***in time, it’s something with yo ass! I can’t even breathe without you catching a muhf***in attitude! Sometimes I just wanna f***in chill with yo ass, but you talk too f***in much. Always naggin about something. Always got some stupid s*** to say! You don’t even be having a reason, you just wanna f*** up a nigga day! When I leave this b**** you gon be looking hella stupid!” he mugged her and continued, “I’m tired of this s*** Casey. We don’t even argue about no legit s***. You wanna argue about who gon hold the baby while you cook. Who the f*** you think?! Get the f*** on out my face man.” He sighed and sat down.

Casey just stood there as his words sunk in. “But I was about to co--”

“You ain’t cookin s***, we having pizza tonight! Go upstairs man, think about s***.” he stated calmly while rubbin his eyes.

Casey sighed and walked over to Caleb, reaching for the baby.

“Leave the baby. You don’t need no joy right now! You f***ed up mine!” Matt was just fckn with her now.

Casey glared at Matt and walked away, cursing at him under her breath.

“Yoooo, you niggas is crazy!” Caleb laughed as he walked over to the table and sat down.

Matt chuckled as he dapped Caleb, “Man fck Casey. She be crazy by her damn self.”

“Yeah aiight, so what’s up?” Caleb laughed to himself as he started to burp the baby.

He shrugged, “s***, tryna light this blunt. Gotta wait till lil man knock out so we can go out back.”

“Should be soon, he cried enough.” Caleb laughed as he rocked the baby.

Matt chuckled, “Yeah he did cuz his mama is crazy as f***.”

Caleb and matt sat there and shot the s*** for about 10 minutes until the baby was dead asleep. Caleb got up and laid him in his play pin. He then went outside where Matt had already gone and lit up the blunt he had been so anxious to light.

“I needed this s***.” Matt exhaled as he passed it to Caleb.

He took a toke and shook his head, “Y’all be arguing for stupid s***. I don’t know why you put up with it.”

“I don’t either, but that’s wifey yo. We have some good times.” Matt was trying to convince himself more than he was Caleb.

Caleb laughed knowing better, “Yeah aiight.”

They chilled on the back porch for a while until the pizza got there. By that time, Casey was allowed back downstairs and it was time for the baby’s dinner as well. As they all sat at the dining room table and ate, Caleb filled them in on his girl problems. He wanted both of their opinions. He was tired of listening to Brandon’s superficial ass.

“That s*** is stupid.” Matt concluded.

“Just dumb.” Casey cosigned.

Caleb looked confused, “What?”

“f*** you tell her you f***ed Jen for?” Casey fussed.

“More importantly, f*** you even f*** Jen for? She was already tryna pin a baby on you, what you tryna really give her one?” Matt grabbed another piece of pizza.

Caleb sat back as he wiped his mouth, “But she was cool after I told her. Plus, we not together. She wanted to take it slow.”

“Please, you can’t take it slow and bring sex in the mix. She’s feeling you more than you think. It’s obvious! You just need to go talk to her this weekend.” Casey said feeding the baby the last of his Gerber meal.

Matt nodded, “Yeah and leave Jen the f*** alone.”

“Word.” Caleb agreed.

Run It....

Run It....

I'm thinking about running this soon
what do you guys think?

good thing jen is iight
and that caleb is a good
friend to her still.
reiko aint nothing but a
good fck every now N then
she cool people i guess
but for her to get mad
and not even let caleb
explain, smh reiko.
jadeee, ugh this btch just
need to learn her damn
place. come over, get straight
to the damn point - fck, suck,
and leave - no dialogue
needed lol


...i aint even know you had added.
im a catch up tonight.

Caleb <---- Thats that s*** I don't like.. Bang bang

Chapter 9

Caleb sat in the waiting room of the hospital. Apparently, while they were headed back Jen started hemorrhaging again. He couldn’t help but to think if it was his fault.

He had been a complete a**hole when she told him she was pregnant. Not to mention how he acted towards her after he’d fckd her just recently. Her going to the clinic to terminate the pregnancy probably wouldn’t have ever happened if he hadn’t been such a d*ck about it. But he was hurting and wanted her to hurt too.

“It’s all your fault you know.” Stacy eyed Caleb.

“Shut the fck up Stacy.” Brandon said irritated by her already.

Caleb paid her no attention as he stayed in his thoughts. He then felt his phone vibrate indicating a txt message. He opened it and saw that it was from Reiko, hey, how’s your friend?

He didn’t tell her that it was Jen who was in the hospital. Reiko would’ve never understood why he had to leave. It probably would’ve ruined things between them. Not looking too good. He txtd back.

He was hoping that that would be it but was mistaken when she txtd back, so what happened anyway?

Caleb read the txt over and over for a while. He didn’t know how to answer it. He knew that if he told what happened or who it was for that matter, his situation with Reiko would be fckd. So he decided not to even reply. Hoping that she’d think he was busy at the hospital or something like that.

After a few minutes passed another txt came through from Reiko, it’s her isn’t it?

He put his head down and sighed. Apparently not replying was a dead giveaway of the thing he didn’t want her to know. Yes, but I can explain.

don’t bother. Was the message she sent back. Caleb fell completely into his deepest feelings at this point. He didn’t know what to do about anything.

Caleb got up and walked out of the hospital letting the warm California sun hit his face. He walked over to his car and sat on the hood with his knees in his chest. He looked at her message again and then replied. So what does that mean?

He waited several minutes for her answer only to realize that there wouldn’t be one. Caleb shoved his phone into his sweatshirt pocket and just sat there. He started to wonder if he should’ve stayed with Reiko. Jennifer wasn’t really his concern anymore. Sure, they had agreed to be friends but that didn’t mean he had to come right away did it?

Caleb sighed, knowing that if that were him Jennifer would’ve been the first one there. He just couldn’t help but feel torn between the two. He had admitted that he still had feelings for Jen after they had sex. But he found himself lost in Reiko. Caleb knew that he and Jennifer getting back together was never an option for him, but he couldn’t help his feelings. And feelings are what made him drive a 2 hour trip in 1. Feelings are what made him leave the girl he was falling for, just to make sure she was okay. Feelings are what made him lie to Reiko. And feelings are what were about to fck up whatever he had with her.

“Aye Caleb!” he heard Brandon call from the entrance of the hospital.

He turned his attention to him without a word.

“She’s stable!” Brandon yelled again.

Caleb hopped off of the hood and hurried inside. He followed Brandon and Stacy to the back where Jennifer’s room was.

“We were finally able to get the blood to stop. Her blood count isn’t too low, but it could drop if she bleeds out like that again. She’s awake but under a massive amount of medication so don’t push her to talk so much.” The doctor informed the three.

“Can we see her now?” Caleb asked, anxious to see her so that he would feel better.

The doctor nodded, “Only one at a time. Any more might be too much for her.”

“I’ll go first.” Stacy declared.

Brandon sighed, knowing she was only doing that because she knew Caleb had wanted to see Jennifer.

“You got something to say?” Stacy turned to him.

He shrugged, “I just think you should let Caleb go first. The man left his girl and sped on the freeway to get back. He deserves it.”

Caleb wouldn’t have said all that, but he did want to see her.

“Fine.” Stacy rolled her eyes and moved out of the way of the door.

Caleb proceeded into the room and instantly got nervous. The last time he was in a hospital room was when his father died of cancer a few years ago. Another thing Jennifer had been right by his side for. When he saw her with all of the machines hooked up to her, he froze in his steps only feet away from the hospital bed.

Jen fluttered her eyes open because she heard him come in. She turned towards him and smiled, “I’m glad you came.”

He hated to see her like this. He fought to keep the tears back as they formed and threatened to spill over onto his face. He continued to walk over to her bedside and stood over her.

“Sit.” She ordered weakly.

Caleb did as he was told and then took her hand. “Jennifer, I am soooo sorry.”

“It’s not your fault. It’s those sh*tty doctors at the clinic.” She tried to laugh but nothing came out.

He heard what she said, but knew better. If he wouldn’t have basically called her a hoe, she wouldn’t have felt bad about the baby and kept it. “No it’s my fault for being an a**hole to you when you came and told me. I made you feel bad about it. I never should’ve done that.” He confessed.

A few tears dropped from her eyes that he quickly wiped away. “It’s okay Caleb. I wasn’t ready to be a mother and I didn’t wanna bring a child in this world without knowing who its father was.”

Caleb admired her courage. Even through all of this she was still strong, and still protecting his feelings. He just nodded and gripped her hand tighter.

“It means a lot to me that you came.” She expressed. He didn’t know what it meant for her to see his face right now.

He looked her in the eyes, “I couldn’t not come. You’re my friend and this is what good friends do.”

She smiled, “Well, I’m lucky to have a good friend like you.”

Caleb blushed and laughed her off. He kissed her hand and then her forehead, “I have to get going, but I’ll be back to check on you.”

She nodded, “Okay.”

He then got up and went to walk out but was stopped by her calling his name, “Yeah?”

“You could’ve brought me a bear or some flowers nigga.”

Caleb laughed, “Next time.”

He walked out smiling, feeling a little better. He then walked back to the waiting room and told Stacy that she could go in. He then turned to Brandon, “Ready to go?”

“Hell yeah.” Brandon hopped up and followed Caleb out of the hospital and to the car.

When Caleb got home, he called Reiko only for her to not answer. After the third call, he finally decided to give up. He didn’t know why she was upset. She was the main one who didn’t want the relationship part, only the sex. For her to trip about some stupid sh*t, was blowing him.

Caleb needed to relieve some stress so he called up his step brother, “Matt what’s up. Yo I need you to come through. Aiight, bet.” When he hung up, he fell back on his couch to wait.

Matt got there an hour later after telling Caleb he’d be there in 30 minutes.

“Nigga, what the hell took you so long?” Caleb asked when he opened the door.

<a href="">Matt</a> snickered, “Calm yo ass down. You lucky I even came.”

“Why, Casey on that with yo ass again?” Caleb asked about Matt’s baby mama. She was always on his case about something. She was the only one that Matt would let punk him and get away with it.

Matt gave him a side eye, “Nigga, shut the fck up. You gon roll up or what?”

“Yeah.” Caleb sat down at his dining table.

They sat there and rolled two extendos of Kush and Loud. Caleb used to be a heavy smoker in his senior year of high school and all of college. He quit when he started looking for a job. Matt however was a smoker for life. He even sold it for a living.

Matt was the smartest drug dealer out there. He knew sh*t that most people didn’t. He was a walking encyclopedia. Matt could be a fckn rocket scientist if he wanted to be. But he just said fck it, smoke. That was his anecdote for life.

Caleb lit the first one. They were quiet for the most part as they passed it back and forth. Every now and then, the either would bring up a memory from childhood that they’d laugh about for a good while. By the second blunt, Caleb was reaching his level.

Matt looked at him, “So you gonna tell me why you’re breaking your smoke vow?”

“What nigga?” Caleb asked as he chuckled.

Matt chuckled himself, “I’m just saying. You ain’t smoked since yo college graduation nsh*t. What the fck is up nigga?”

Caleb shrugged, “Jen’s in the hospital. The girl I’m fckn is pissed cuz I left her to go see Jen. It’s just complicated.” Caleb didn’t really feel like talking about it. He just wanted to get high and let it all go.

Matt could sense it, so he just let it go for now at least. He would let Caleb enjoy his high, but he’d talk about it sooner or later.

The two continued to smoke a third blunt before Casey called Matt tripping.

“Man when I leave that b*tch and never come back she gon be lookin real stupid.” Matt fussed after he hung up from being cursed out.

Caleb laughed with his eyes half closed, “Nigga shut the fck up, you know you never leaving that girl. You love her nsh*t.”

Caleb knew that underneath all the bullsh*t arguing, Matt and Casey loved each other and would do anything for one another. He wanted that type of love, but without the fighting.

“True, well let me get up out of here.” Matt got up and dapped Caleb.

Caleb walked him to the door, “Aiight man. I’ll be by there to see my nephew probably tomorrow.”

“Bet.” Matt responded while walking down the hallway to the stairs.

Caleb shut the door and walked over to his couch and laid across it. He picked up his phone and called a number.

“Hello?” a female voice picked up.

He smiled, “I’m hungry.”

“What do you want to eat?” she asked.

Caleb chuckled, “You.”

“I’m on my way.” She responded and hung up.

Caleb smiled and got up to get in the shower. By the time he got out, there was knocking at his door. He wrapped the towel around his waist and went to the door. He looked in the peephole and smiled and opened the door.

“Mmm don’t we look sexy?” she said as he allowed her in.

He bit his bottom lip, still high as a kite. “Can’t help it.”

She giggled as she sat on the couch, “So I see.”

“Jade, why you always do this though?” he asked.

She looked at him confused, “Do what?”

“Act all annoying and sh*t, like you so innocent and don’t want the d*ck.” Caleb explained to her.

Jade wasn’t expecting that, “I didn’t know I was acting annoying.”

“I’m just saying. You act like you not down when you do be. That sh*ts annoying. Like I know you didn’t drive all the way over here to sit on my couch and talk about how good I look in this towel.” He ranted.

She looked at him expressionless, “Take it off then.”

“What?” he had to ask.

She got up and walked over to him, “I said, take it off.” She dropped his towel for him.

Caleb attacked her lips and stripped her down to her underwear in record time. He picked her up and took her to his bedroom.

After it was over, he looked over at her already annoyed. “So ummm, yeah.”

Jade smirked, “Seriously Caleb, if you want me to get out just say it.” She got up and started to get dressed.

“I didn’t want it to be like I was kicking you out.” He rose up and watched her.

She shrugged, “It’s okay, really.”

“Don’t say it like that then.” He said getting up to put on some underwear.

Jade looked at him, “Like what?”

“Like you mad or some s***.” He voiced.

She looked at him crazy, “Caleb let’s not do this okay?”

Caleb shook his head and chuckled a bit. He was really ready for her to be gone now.

“Let me walk you to the door man.” He said leading the way.

When they got to the door, Caleb opened it for her. She looked up at him, “I had a good time.”

“Yeah.” He responded.

She then walked out and he closed the door behind her. He scratched the back of his head and went to go to sleep.

damnzzzzz my mans caleb be goin in with reiko!
they sex is wild crazy. i really like reiko for
caleb but i think that sex is just their thing
and partying, nothing else.
brandon...had to waltz in on a good moment lol
too funny, but sht...jennifer in the hospital
that's fcked up.

Run It

Yoooo I'm feeling this story ma!
Caleb is a sex addict for real.
I'm actually not feeling Reiko in the least.
Jennifer shouldnt have had sex with Caleb.
Brandon is mean to Stacy for what? Cause she a hoe? I know nice hoes.
My boo thang lives in Lancaster! lol

Run it shawty!!!


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<strong>Chapter 8</strong>

“Caleb, why are you telling me this?” Reiko asked as she blew out some loud smoke in VIP.

Caleb shrugged, “I don’t know. Get it off my chest I guess.”

“Whatever.” Reiko did a shot and got up from the booth to dance with Brandon and her friends.

Caleb sat in the booth watching her feeling stupid. Why did he tell her about him fckn Jennifer? It all seemed pointless now. At first it seemed like the most gentleman thing to do. But now, he didn’t know whether Reiko simply didn’t care, or was pissed off at him. Either way, he had to think of the consequences if there were any.

Brandon saw him sitting there looking like a f*** face, so he walked over to him. “What’s wrong with yo ass nigga?”

Caleb shrugged, “Nothing man. Yo we need some more liquor.”

“I’ll tell Reiko then.” Brandon got up and went over to her on the dance floor of VIP.

Caleb saw her nod and signal for the waitress. He wiped his face and sighed as he looked at the time on his gold Rolex. It was barely 1am and he was ready to go. He then drank the rest of the Patron straight out of the bottle. If he was buzzed before, he was looking to be f***ed up.

A reggae song came on and he saw Reiko make her way over to the table rolling her hips. She smiled and grabbed his hand, “Come dance wit me Caleb.”

Without a word, he slid out of the booth and followed her to the floor. The way she moved entranced him. It didn’t take him long to catch her rhythm and once he did, all eyes were on them. It went on like this for the 5 reggae songs that were played.


Caleb roughly pushed Reiko up against the wall in the bathroom as they kissed deeply. He kissed her neck as he pushed her thong to the side and guided himself in. They both exhaled in drunken ecstasy. Caleb looked down as he watched himself pump in and out of her.

Reiko grabbed his face and made him look at her, “<em>Look</em> at me Caleb.”

He did as she demanded and gave her the most intense eye contact he could muster as he tried to beat her back into the wall. This definitely enhanced the sexual experience.

“<em>Sh*t</em>.” He finally moaned out.

Reiko smiled, “Was she as good as me?”

“No.” he confessed.

Reiko laughed and grabbed his neck, “Better f***in not be.” She then let go and then dug her nails into his back.

Caleb didn’t know how to feel about that comment, but he continued to f*** her as if his life depended on it. He put her down and bent her over the sink and started to hit it from the back. She threw it back like a pro and he slammed all in that pussy like he was dunking. She became vocal which only gave him more motivation. He bit his bottom lip and looked in the mirror catching Reiko’s gaze. He smirked and she did the same as they kept their eyes on each other.

Reiko rose up and put her right foot up on the other sink. He wrapped one arm around her waist and snaked his other up her body to grab her neck. He breathed in and out right into her ear as he pumped into her. He could feel her body about to give out at any minute and he wasn’t far behind.

“Make me f***in cum.” Reiko moaned.

Caleb pumped harder as he picked up his pace. She came hard as her body shook in his arms. She then got on her knees and took him into her mouth, tasting her own juices. She licked and sucked until he bust a full load into her mouth. She looked up and him and swallowed. He caught his breath as he watched her.

They both started to get themselves together. Reiko grabbed some wet wipes out of her clutch and wiped up between her legs and then wiped his d*** with a clean one as well. As he put his d*** away and zipped up his pants, he watched her fix her thong and pull her dress down. She then pulled out a little bottle of Listerine and gargled. He smirked as he watched her intently.

She saw him as she spit and rinsed. She grabbed a paper towel to wipe her mouth, “Gotta be prepared at all times.”

“I see.” He chuckled as he walked over to the door.

She walked over and kissed him passionately, “Can’t wait for more.”

He smiled as he opened the door for her. She walked out and he followed her back over to their VIP booth.


The sun was coming up and Reiko’s room was a mess. There was a trail of clothes leading to the bed, but it was empty. The covers were halfway off of the bed and leading towards the balcony. The sliding door was wide open as the curtains blew in the wind. Caleb and Reiko sat in one of the chairs, hugged up with the sheet off her bed covering them both.

Caleb kissed her forehead, “I love these moments.”

“I love that I’m able to be the one experiencing them with you.” She wrapped her arms around him tighter.

He smiled, “It’s because of you that I have these moments.”

Reiko looked up at him and pecked his lips repeatedly.

“<em>Mmmm</em>.” Caleb moaned and deepened one of the kisses, pulling her on top of him.

Just as she slid herself onto him, Brandon was making his way out onto the balcony.

“Ayo Caleb it’s something wrong with--- Damn, my bad!” he stopped in mid-sentence.

Reiko pulled the sheet to cover herself and Caleb looked back at Brandon, “Yo nigga what the f***?”

Brandon uncovered his eyes, “Yo Caleb, I <em>really</em> need to talk to you dude.”

“Can it wait?” Caleb asked irritated.

Brandon sighed, “Man <em>hell</em> naw!”

“Go Caleb.” Reiko suggested as she rose off of him.

Caleb sighed hard, “Yo man, throw me my shorts.”

“I’m not touching your drawls nigga!” Brandon exclaimed shaking his head.

Reiko got up, wrapping the sheet around her body and retrieved Caleb’s boxers and jeans. She threw them to him.

“Yo, I’ll be right outside the door.” Brandon informed him and stepped out.

Caleb put on his briefs and jeans. He shook his head and walked out of Reiko’s room closing the door. “What is it that’s so f***in urgent?”

“It’s Jennifer.” Brandon started.

Caleb screwed his face, “<em>Really</em> my dude? Yo interrupted me for this s***?” he shook his head and started to go back into the room.

“She’s in the hospital.” Brandon sighed scratching the back of his head.

Caleb stopped and turned back around, “What?”

“Yeah man.” Brandon confirmed.

Caleb didn’t know how to feel. A part of him wanted to feel worried, but the other part wanted to just say f*** it. She wasn’t his concern any more. “What happened?”

“Well, Stacy said that she hadn’t gone to the clinic yet. She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to get rid of it or not. But she finally decided to go this morning. Something went wrong and she lost a lot of blood. They were able to get her to the hospital and stabilize her but Stacy said she’s not doing too well.” Brandon took a breath.

Caleb let everything sink in and finally sighed, “f*** man. Get ready.”

Brandon nodded as he left to get his things together to leave.

Caleb looked at Reiko’s door trying to figure out how he was gonna tell her why he was leaving so early.

but oh wait...they did fck tho
ugh...i am disgusted so no wonder
he mad...btch aint slick

ehhhh ionno...them being friends,
well jen was right and caleb cant
be mad he wasnt high when she reminding
his ass they were friends before a
relationship and he was cool
don't blame it on the weed bruh lol
he gettin' all mad friends share.
caleb need some of reiko to keep
him calm

Run It

Chapter 7

The fact that he had slept with Jen last night, disgusted him. The fact that she got up cooking breakfast like s*** was sweet, pissed him off even more. How could he have let some stupid s*** like that happen?

-Last Night-

Caleb opened the door revealing a smiling Jennifer. “Hey.” She handed him a container of brownies.

He grabbed it and looked at it while raising a brow, “What’s this?”

She walked in, “A treat for your troubles.”

Caleb smirked knowing exactly what it was. He popped the top and took in the wonderful smell of chocolate and loud into his nose. He then closed it and sat it on the coffee table, “Come on Jenny, you know I don’t f*** with this.”

“You did in college.” She opened it and took a piece of a brownie.

He sighed and sat on the couch and looked up at her, “This isn’t college.”

“You’re right, it was a simpler time then.” She plopped on the couch next to him as she chewed.

Caleb shrugged, “I guess, but what you wanted?”

“I just wanted to talk. I’ve missed our talks. You always seemed to have so much insight.” She broke another piece of brownie.

“That s*** kinda went out the window though.” He looked over at her.

Jennifer put her head down, “Look Caleb, I know I f***ed up when we were together. But we <em>were</em> friends first, can’t we be friends again? We were better friends than lovers.”

Caleb chuckled, “True.” He grabbed a brownie and bit half of it. “These s***s are still delicious.”

She giggled and grabbed another brownie.


They were f***ed up off special brownies and laughing at anything. They had talked about everything under the sun. They joked, argued, cried, and laughed again.

“Let’s play twister!” Jen yelled as she pulled it out of his coat closet.

Caleb burst out in laughter, “You always wanna play twister when we high man.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” she started to lay it out.

They played and got so tangled up that they fell on top of each other.

“I won.” Caleb said, laying on top of her.

She giggled, “You fell first.”

“How I do that, and I’m on top?” he asked smiling and staring in her eyes.

She tried to push him off with no luck, “You fell and pushed me down with you.”

“Lies.” He laughed.

“Truth muhfcka!” she exclaimed and laughed.

Then they stopped laughing and looked at each other. It was just how their relationship got started. A game of twister and some special brownies.

Caleb moved her hair out of her face, “You’ll <em>always</em> be beautiful to me.”

Jen smiled but didn’t say anything. He slowly inched his lips towards hers, wondering if he should eve do it. Then he just thought, <em>what the hell</em>, and kissed her. Kissing led to touching, and touching led to the bedroom where they f***ed just like it was the first time all over again.

-The Morning-

Caleb woke up with a f***ed up headache and was glad he didn’t have to go into work. “Is that f***in bacon?” he rose up.

He walked out of his room and saw her cooking at his stove. He grew mad and wondered why she didn’t leave in the morning like he asked her to.

She sensed him behind her and smiled and turned around, “Hey hun, I’m making your fav--”

“Jen what the <em>f***</em> are you still doing here?” He snapped.

She flinched, “I I was just--”

“How bout you <em>just</em> get out my shirt and get the f*** out.” He cut her off again.

Her eyes started to water, “Why are you always so mean?! Last night you were---”

“High! Last night I was f***in high Jennifer. Matter fact, did you do that s*** on purpose?” he grabbed her arm.

She snatched away as the ears flowed more freely, “No! I just wanted us to be friends again, gosh!” she walked away from him and started to grab up her clothes, putting them on.

Caleb turned the fire off on his stove and watched her leave. After his door slammed, he wiped his face. Maybe she was just trying to be nice, but knowing Jen she always had an ulterior motive. He went and brushed his teeth and came back in the kitchen. He fixed his plate and began to eat the breakfast Jen had made.

Halfway through his meal, he started to feel bad how he treated her. He got up and grabbed his phone and txtd her, <strong><em>I’m sorry</em></strong>. That’s all he had energy for and if she didn’t respond, oh f***ing well.

<strong><em>It’s okay</em></strong>, she responded.

Caleb nodded knowing everything was cool. He finished eating and washed the dishes. Caleb really didn’t have the motivation to leave the house so he just kicked back, watched tv, played video games, and worked out.

After he got ready for bed he got a txt from Reiko. He was surprised because he never really heard from her the whole week until Saturday morning when she asked if he was coming to LA. He opened the thread, <strong><em>I miss you.</em></strong>

He smirked because as soon as he read that, he realized how much he missed her too. He txtd back, <strong><em>I miss you too.</em></strong>

Almost immediately she txtd back, <strong><em>Goodnight Caleb.</em></strong>

<strong><em>Goodnight Reiko</em></strong>, he txtd back.

Caleb went to sleep with a smile on his face besides of the kind of day he had.

jen stay callin with her annoyin ass
but as long as its to talk i guess it
wont hurt caleb none lol
reiko put caleb on and brought
a bish back to da crib for a threesome
she's a freakkkkk! plus her and lola used
to mess around, caleb found a wild one,
that's for sure.

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