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Murder She Wrote [ a short ]


I was watching a television program and then I zoned out. I felt a sudden cold air flow over me, and then I felt someone staring at me. I was downstairs in the basement. My parents lived in a three flat, I guess I’d say. So I was sitting on the couch when I felt something burning a whole into my head. I looked up to see who was staring at me and saw my dead aunt standing by the upstairs stairway with her hand on the railing. She had just died and was about 30 something. She was very dark skinned and so that scared me. I was always scared of her because she was so dark. She wore a bright red dress which really caught my attention. Just the sight of her standing there, looking so real but ghost-like. I just stared at her. She smiled back at me. All I could think about was my dad then because I remember him crying on those upstairs stairs for hours after the funeral. That had been the second time he’d lost a sister. The first was a baby girl and she died shortly after birth, and now his favorite youngest sister died leaving him with another who he barely spoke too. That wiped out of my mind and then she slowly faded away. I felt a snap in my mind and broke out of the daze. Then I heard my dad snapping his fingers at me and I turned and his hands were in my face. “You’re sitting on the remote!” he yelled. I stood up and let him take it. Then I sat back down. Ever since then I didn't know if should say anything to people about seeing ghosts. I would talk to my parents about it sometimes, and they'd say, "Yea, I have dreams and talk to dead relatives." Now I wasn't <em>that</em> bad. I just saw people. I never spoke to them. It wasn’t so important or creepy to me until one day I caught my dead great grandmother in the upstairs bathroom. I swung the shower curtains back as I was ready to get out , saw her staring at the closet door. I was so shocked that I fell on my back and bumped my head on the tub's hard surface.

After that, it all stopped. I didn't see any ghosts. That was until I met this guy. I started getting headaches and becoming dizzy whenever I'd talk to him on the phone or he'd mention about coming to see me. I only knew him for about a few weeks now. I didn't catch it as anything serious and so I continued to talk to him. His name was Michael Stevenson. I didn't know much about his past and he seemed like a great guy but it was something about our energy whenever we would sleep together. I would wake up to feel like somebody was standing over me just watching me. I started having nightmares of me running in a forest on a bike path, I'd fall and start screaming and mumbling under my breath. I thought it was from watching Criminal Minds all the time. You know, me just tweakin, so I continued to shake it off. Michael and I continued to go out for about a year and one day he asked me to marry him. I said yes, and the next step was him asking me to move in with him. I said yes to that too. It was just that on the day of me moving all of my stuff, something extremely scary happened. I was sitting on the edge of my bed changing my shoes when I felt something grab my ankle. I'm looking but I’m not seeing anything. I screamed as something scratched at my flesh. "MICHAEL! HELP MEEE!!!" I fell to my knees and then I was starting to be pulled under the bed, and it felt like there was a hole under there. Michael soon came in, "Baby, what's wrong where you at?!" I wailed and dug my nails into the floor, "MIIIKE!" He found me under the bed with only my arms sticking out. We only had a queen sized bed and my feet should've been showing on the other side. Michael pulled me out, struggling to play tug of war with whatever was trying to drag me to hell. Finally he got me out, helped me up, and looked at my legs that were both scratched up and bleeding, "WHAT THE FCK JUST HAPPENED?!" he stared at me. I shook my head hopping on one knee, "I DON’T KNOW! JUST GET ME THE FCK OUTTA HERE NOW!” “I'll call the movers to come get the rest of yo sht! Let’s go!" He swooped me up in his arms and jetted out of the house. From there we went to the hospital.

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Somebody need to confess. That ghost girl needs to back up off my man that's mine XD

I lay in a hospital room with another patient on the other side of the room hat was sleep. Michael walked in the room and saw the bandages wrapped fully around both of my legs. “Dayuuum. Baby, I am so sorry.” “You should be. You caused this.” The female who I saw earlier says as she appeared at the foot of my bed. This btch was not leaving me the fck alone. Whoever she was, was annoying as hell. I looked up at her and then quickly at Michael. “It’s not your fault, baby. Come here. I missed you.” I smiled at him with open arms. Michael smiled and leaned in to give me a kiss. Suddenly the window flew open blowing in cold wind. “Can somebody close the window, please?!” The other patient in the room asked. Michael goes over to close the window. I watched as the female backs into the wall laughing. Michael walks back over to me. “No problem, ma’am. I’m Mike. That’s my fiance.” “I’m Morgan. Nice to meet you, and I’ve met Tramicia. She’s a sweetheart. Kinda the same situation with her dog that scratched her up," she mentioned my lie that i told her so i wouldn't seem crazy, "except my cat got mad and went ballistic. Something he must’ve didn’t like in the new kitty food I got. Messed up my hand real bad.” “Sorry to hear,” Michael gave her a slight smile and comes back by my bed and sits down in the chair. I knew i couldn't tell everybody the real truth. I'd sound crazy and like anyone but Mike who would believe me. “How long do you have to be in here?” I sigh, “The head nurse said that I could stay in here and recover for a few weeks or I can go home and be on watch care and a nurse will be sent to our place and take care of me.” “I can just have a nurse move in with us, baby. No problem.” Michael shrugs. look around for the unknown female and then back at Michael. “I would like that, an at-home nurse.” “Ok," Michael nods. "So when can we leave?” Dr. Caldwell walks in, “Well, I can have a wheelchair in here in a few minutes, but I need Tramicia to fill out some paper work before she can be discharged.” “Ok. I can do that.” I smile at Dr. Caldwell and took the clipboard as he looks at Michael. “How long have you two been engaged,” Dr. Caldwell asks. “A week now.” Michael says. Dr. Caldwell nods in amusement. “Congratulations. I have to go check on another patient. I’ll be right back.” He leaves.

“Baby, can I ask you something.” I stop filling out the paper work and stares into Michael's eyes. “Anything baby. What’s up,” he asks staring at me. I set the clipboard down on the side table and scratch my forehead shortly letting my hand fall into my lap against my other arm. “I’m not trying to pry into your past…and we’ve never really talked about your past. You’ve never asked about mine. My point is…I’m starting to feel this vibe where I don’t know what’s going on with me and you. Like…I’m seeing things, and--” Michael cut me off, “Baby, there’s nothing wrong with you. I love you…for you. Tramicia Jones-Stevenson.” He grinned. I smiled at that name but I had to ask. “Is there anything that you should tell me though? Like about ex girlfriends or something?” Michael looked down and then away for a moment. He smiles and looks back up at me, “Nobody in my past is as important as you are to me right now, Tramicia. I love you and only you so don’t think that--” “No, no, no. I don’t think anything. I don’t think that our relationship is going sour by us getting married or anything bad. I just need to know. Please, baby.” “Ok. Okay, there was Ashley, Kiani, and Gabby.” “That’s it?” “That’s it. Nobody else.” “Were any one of them ever jealous if you were with someone else? Overprotective maybe?” The look on his face could show he was hiding something from me. He wasn’t gonna tell me either. “You know what…just forget it,” I sighed looking away. “Her name…" he blurted out and then exhaled, "was Bree.” “Bree?” “Breana Lawson. One of my old college friends. Someone introduced us to one another. And the guy liked her but she never liked him so that’s that. Bree and I were together since freshman year in college. She was my first. Then in junior year of college we broke up after she cheated on me with the guy. I broke up with her. End of story.” I nodded. Dr. Caldwell came back in the room with the wheelchair and I finished up the paperwork. Something wasn’t right with that story and I was gonna find out the truth about this Breana Lawson.

Dead gotta check on this too

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i'll add to this one 2ma too

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Run it sis:)

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Damn this s*** getting deep as hell!
Ill be back with a realer comment!
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Damn Lexi was possessed by that girl. I bet that girl is connected to tyga somehow. Maybe a pass relationship. Damn I almost got killed :O. Glad Ty was there to stop it before it did. Lexi is dealing with some stuff right now. Seeing dead people I bet she's use to it though, poor her. Awwwww Ty is concerned :') don't worry boo everything's gonna be fine. Hopefully nothing happens while Lexi is out having a good time.

Run it sis :)


I was in the hospital after seeing the doctor about having a lot of random headaches as well as my chest hurting; making me feel like I couldn't breathe. I thought it was from me laying on my stomach, but it wasn't. The doctor couldn't find out the answer either. I was mad because this was causing me to miss school. He told me to continue taking my medicine and I‘d be fine. I had to take pills because I was born a premi-baby; so it helps me grow when I was little and now it just keeps my levels balanced. If I don't take them I’ll feel really tired; however, I have been taking them and I still feel tired. I was on my way out the hospital when some nurse and doctors pass by with a familiar woman laying on the cot. Her legs were all scratched up as if a cat used them as a scratching post. After she passed, some light skinned dude pass by after causing me to daze after him. I didn't move or blink. I just stood there as everything moved in slow motion around me. Then, I see a vision in my head. It’s a flashback of me playing with this little light skinned boy by the name of Chris who wasn't that cute and then some other girl by the name of Bree who was always mean to him. It fast forwards to us being teenagers. Bree moved away and Chris moved soon after falling in love with Bree, but got his heart broken by her. I knew this from an e-mail he sent to me. The flashback stopped. I felt shivers thinking about it and then the vision blacked out and I blinked a few times to get rid of the blurry sight. I was in my thoughts about that memory for a few seconds. I never heard from Bree, again after she moved. We were 12 years old back then. I was 21 now. And I wasn't too good of remembering people's name especially after Bree told me I couldn't be their friend anymore, but I could never forget how she treated Chris. She had a sister, too, who she always pushed around. But I never talked to the sister much. Anyways, Chris had suddenly and mysteriously died two summers ago. The case was never closed. I looked towards the doors where only employees and patients were allowed through and that light-skinned guy was walking back out. I followed him as he headed towards the waiting area.

"Excuse me? …Excuse me, sir?" I touched his shoulder. "Yea hold on, ma." He said to someone over the phone and then look at me. "Yes, do I know you?" he asked. "Do you know a guy by the name of Chris? Christopher Maurice brown? I think I saw you in one of his pictures that he posted on Facebook. I can't quite remember, but your eyes are really familiar to me." He squinted his eyes and then shook his head, "Sorry, but you've got the wrong guy." He turned around and then walked off. I sighed, tried to think of the named he was tagged with on that picture, and finally remembered it. "Michael your name, and you went to college with my friend Chris. You were both in music production class together. …And you always hung out at the club together." I stared at his back, waiting for him to turn around. He dropped his head and ended the call. “Ma, I’ll call you later. Bye.” He hung up, turned to me, looked around, and nodded for us to go the waiting room that was empty. "Look, I don't talk about the past.” he says. “I just think about the future. Why do you care? Why did you even-- What's your point? What do you want?" he asked as we sat down. "I saw you and something clicked in my head so I had to say something. Weird things have been happening to me." I told him, fumbling with my fingers. "What kind of weird things?" I sighed and looked away wanting to cry. "I was jogging this morning like I usually do. Then I started feeling dizzy. My partners were there with me when I collapsed. They say, while I was passed out, that I was saying crazy things like, "I'm gonna kill her! She's dead to me! He's mine! He’s fckin mine. That btch! I already been through enough of this sht! I won’t let her take him from me!' Meanwhile I'm sobbing. Finally they said that I said, 'Tramicia will die. Tramicia is dead and when I'm through playin he'll understand‘." Michael's eyes bulged out as he held his hand over his mouth. "Tramicia what? Did you say a last name?" he asked. I shook my head no. I started to shake. "I don't know,'s all so crazy and I've been getting dizzy and having headaches." "My fiance's Tramicia and she's been getting a lot of headaches, too, and some weird sht happened today where she got pulled under the bed and...I don't know. We were moving her stuff into my place and-- " The doctor walked out, interrupting our conversation. "Anybody here for Tramicia Jones?" “Excuse me,“ Michael goes to speak with the doctor for a few minutes and then comes back. "What's your name?" I stood up and slightly smiled. "I'm Lexi." He shook my hand, and then I went into another daze.


They dabbed rubbing alcohol over my legs and it burned like hell. But that wasn‘t the worst part. “Fck you btch!” A random female’s voice said. I looked around and saw a short female in a hoody wearing a snapback that was lowered to cover her eyes. She wore jeans and was barefoot as she stood in a corner. I looked at her with a confused expression on my face. “HE’S MINE!” She screamed. My eyes bulged out and I closed my eyes and began to cry as one of the nurses accidentally poured a bit too much alcohol on my wounds. “OH MY GOD! Oh my…I am so sorry!” The nurse said staring at the doctor. The doctor stared at the nurse. “There is no sorry, Sanchez! What if we were doing a surgery on this patient? What if she died? We couldn’t take that back! You can’t say sorry to that! You don’t have to explain anything to these people’s families! Take a break!” He nodded for another nurse to dive in and start stitching up some of the wounds. “We can still put you to sleep, Ms.” the doctor tells me. “Yea, let him put you to sleep so I can fck with your mind some more,” this random female says. Her face was blacked except her creepy white bright smile, “I’ll never leave you, Tramicia. I am you, now. We are Mrs. Stevenson!” “Who are you?!” I cried. “Leave me alone! Please!” “NO!” the female yells at me. I turn my face to stare at the ceiling. “I’m hallucinating,“ I tell myself. The doctor and head nurse stare at me. “Who are you talking to?” the nurse asks. “ No one is over there in the corner.” she continues to say. “Just relax. You’ll be out of here in no time.” I nod and look back in the corner where I saw this unknown girl and she wasn’t there anymore. “Mike!” I yelled and looked around the room. “Where’s my fiance! Where’s Mike? I want him in here with me!” The doctor dabbed a new cotton ball in a silver pan full of alcohol every time he used a new one. “You’ll see him soon. Just try to think happy thoughts. Find a happy place. Alright?” I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth to stop myself from screaming as they put stitches in me..


I felt something overcome me at that moment. Like I was somebody else. I stared at Michael for a moment and then I grabbed his face and kissed him. “Baby, I missed you so much! I love you, baby! Don’t leave me!” I yelled, feeling overtly excited as I looked him in they eyes. Michael pushed me back into the chairs. “What the hell is wrong with you, man! What the hell are you doing?!” he screamed at me. I threw my head back and laughed. Then I got up and walked towards Michael staring back at me with a disgusted look on his face. “I know. I know you missed me too baby. Come here.” I held my hand out to him, but he ran away. I pouted. “…I’ll see you soon. Love you, baby. I know you missed me, too. I missed you for a long damn time and I will get you back. You can run but you can‘t hide.” I stood there with a grin on my face. “I am Mrs. Stevenson, btch!”


I found the waiting room. Lexi had text messaged me that she needed me to come pick her up and I wasn’t doing much except for coming from class. I saw her standing in the middle of the waiting room with a smile on her face and her staring off into no where. I walked up to her. “What’s wrong with you?” I waved my hand in her face. “Lexi! Lexi! Lexi!!! Wake up, girl! Snap crackle pop btch!!!” She snapped out of it and shivered like she was cold or something. I sighed and rolled my eyes. “I hate it when you do that sht. C’mon let’s go, Lexi!” I walked away. She followed slowly behind me and was looking back at the waiting room. “Did you see a guy leave here?“ she asked. “He was light-skinned, had tattooes?“ I stared at this crazy heffa and said, “Btch, who are you talking about? No, I didn’t see some guy! It was just YOU! LET’S GO!” I continued walking towards the exit. I hated being in hospitals. They crept me out. I glanced at Lexi and asked, “What guy were you talking about, though?” We walked through the automatic doors and over to the parking lot. “And I parked right in the front so you’re driving. I’m tired.” I handed her the keys. Lexi tells me, “It was this guy that one of my friend’s knew from college. You remember Chris, right?” “Yea… Wait. Wait, was that the one who died two summers ago?! Oh my goooood! Yes! I remember him! Now leave it alone!” I did not want to talk about that crazy sht. I opened the passenger door and got in waiting for Lexi as she walked around to the driver’s side. I sighed and threw my head back waiting on her slow poke ass. “COME ONNN! I have to get to work! And your ass has to get to night school!”

Lexi stood at the door but never got in. So I opened the driver door hitting her legs. “GET IN!!” She groaned and got in. “TF! Lexi you are seriously tweaking! What’s up with you? I know are not still thinking about Chris, right now! He’s gone so leave it like that.” “Easy for you to say,” Lexi yells. “OH COME ON! Like you-- Okay, you only knew Chris for three years when you were kids and then he left. There’s a HUGE GAP where he changed! So while you were up there crying when you found out he died- like you were overdoing it!” “No…I was not! I knew him! People use to bully him and he was a nice guy!” “Well he could’ve turned into a bully for all you know! Drop it! I’m tired of this conversation!” “Well you brought it back up,” Lexi pointed out. She was just now starting the ignition. Lexi was always dazing off into some sht and then wants to bring up somebody dead. I was not feeling or having that sht on my mind and in my life. “I wanna go out and party tonight. Let’s go to Spot Lyte and do spoken word,” Lexi smiled. “Can’t resist that," I smiled. “Yea cause you know Cole is gonna be there and Trey," she mentions. "Yup! And you know Trey likes you, Lexi! I can see you and him getting married. Mrs. Neverson to be!” I joked. “Nooooo. No,” Lexi shook her head. “What? Why not? Girl yes! I can totally see the whole picture frame with a few kids. Boo, please! You know you in love with that boy.” “We went out on a few dates. You act like we fcked and fell in love,” Lexi rolled her eyes. “Whatever then. Do you Lexi. I‘m a do me since you wanna act like Trey ain‘t feeling you when he bring you bouquets of expensive ass flowers which a guy has never done for you. But like I said…let me just do me!” “Please do,” Lexi says. We got on the highway and I fell asleep. I hope Lexi wouldn’t pull any bullsht tonight.

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Runs in adv tho

f*** is this s*** you tellin me to come read it lik its chapters pon chapters lmfaooo

but i do like it you got me addicted i want more

i wanna kno wtf that was pulling her under the bed
i wanna kno y wen she started messin with mike she started seeing ghost again

run it run it ruuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnn it :D

CHILE!!!!! What the absolute f***ery is going on! Poor baby seeing ghosts and s***! But this is good Soso. I remember this now. This is very creepy. And I hope whatever is grabbing her will stop! And lorddd I just know Mike think she crazy... seeing all that go down... What will happen at the hospital? You know they gon' ask questions.

Run it.

add is at the top

@tramicia, girl imma try to post it soon
but if you'd like to read a good horror story
on here while you wait i know of one that's finished

sooo i might post it before halloween,
idk. it all depends if boredom gets
the best of me, which it usually does

@bree, ok cool & Murder She Wrote it is

<em>the cast summary</em>
Tramicia is first main & w/ Tyga
Bre'Na is a friend of Tramicia & w/ Laith

Bree is Tyga's ex

Lexi is second main & w/ Trey
Nani is a friend of Lexi & w/ J


J. Cole

Thanks Soso!

Soso I will be in this and reading, but I still think you should change it to "Murder She Wrote."

Oh. You bringing this back! I remember this lol. I will be a faithful reader. I don't remember much though lol.

I want him :)
Haven't read a horror story on here can't wait for this one ^-^

@bre'na yes you can have him

lol iight lexi

@tramicia yes he is available

Laith Hakeem if I cn have him!

Is Tyga availiable??

i wanna be a main but i want trey songz f*** a shad