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Loveless Life

<cited>No one ever knew it was happening and I for damn sure wasnt gonna share it. I knew I had brought this upon myself so now I had to suffer the consequences that came with it. Staring down the barrel of the gun I just knew it was over for me and in a way I was at peace. This meant my storms will soon be over and all the suffering I have been enduring have finally come to an end. I closed my eyes and just waited for her to what was started so long ago.<cited>

Chapter 1
<a href="">I</a> never understood why the ones around me hated me some much. My own <a href="">mother (Tanya) </a> could barely stand the sight of me so any chance she got she was shipping to my <a href="">dad(Richard) </a> house and it was bad cuz his new wife <a href="">Trish</a> hated my gusts because she was jealous of the bond me and my father shared. Its kinda hard for me to deal with this shyt because im so tired of being treated like this.!

Run it or Dump it
At work so I had to cut this short