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You vs. Them

<em>Then the world may just stop spinning
It may just well be the ending
Talking all about existence
Who knows
But I cannot see tomorrow
If you're not in my tomorrow</em>

<a href="">I</a> stood in <a href="">GA. Howard</a> office thinking about the fate of the world, which just so happen to be in my hands. I looked into the eyes of the <a href="">man</a> I love so dearly.

"GEN. Johnson you have twenty minutes.."

<strong>How am I suppose to choose?</strong>


I'm confused, is she really going to abort her own baby, that's some bulls***. It was kind of messed up that Damien planned for it, without thinking about Nylah though...
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Nylah drove home in her car where the silence was louder than usual. Tears flowed down her cheeks faster and faster as she got closer to home.

Nylah was torn and broken-hearted at the moment. She pulled in a saw that Damion was home. She sat in her car for awhile. Nylah had not told anyone how she had been feeling. She looked down at her hands as the tears she wouldn't stop flowing. Nylah knew she should not been stressing at this time but this was stress worthy. She cleaned up her face some and headed inside.

As she walked in the room she saw Damion sitting on the bed reading a baby book. He looked up at her and smiled. She did the same.

"What's up with my beautiful baby mother?" Damion said hopping up and hugging her then knelling down and kissed her stomach.

She looked down at him lovingly.

<em> How can I break his heart? </em>

The tears welled in her eyes again.

"Baby I have to peee!!" He let go.

"Go head and shower, I will start on dinner."She nodded rushing into the bathroom. Nylah did her business but sat there crying quietly.

She had never been so lost, hurt, angry, and sad in her life. Nylah is so happy to be blessed like this but it is too much for her.

Ny showered and stood as the hot water crashed against her. She resting her hand on her protruding belly.

"Sweetie ... Mommy loves you soooo much *sniffles* but I just don't know."

Damion came upstairs to get Nylah for dinner.

"Baby Dinner ready.." He said lightly tapping the bathroom door. He waited until she responded but all he heard was cries and sniffles.

He busted in and saw her wiping her face but the tears just kept falling.

"Baby what is wrong? Talk to me.." Damion said hold her face looking into her eyes.

"Why? ... Why right now?" Damion looked at her confused. "Why a baby right now?" Damion took a step back and his eyes roamed the room.

"Because I planned it ... " He said barely above a whisper.

"YOU DID WHAT?" She yelled.

"Baby please calm down..hear me out." He said as she brushed past him.

"Speak!" She said she threw on some sweats and an oversized t-shirt.

"We had been talking babies for a while now and I took it upon myself to put it into action. I knew you would be happy." He said then Ny cut him off.

"What about my damn job!!" She said sitting at her vanity putting her wet hair into a ponytail, looking at Damion through the mirror.

"Whoa . I was under the impression that you had no more work and would all mines for awhile remember YOU were the one holding out information from me for three damn months."She rolled her eyes. "What I thought?"

"But even when I told you why didn't you say something then, Why did I have to wait until my physical on base to find out?" She said still wanting answers.

"Why all these f***ing questions Nylah? What you going to do abort or something?" He asked. Nylah shrugged.

"...maybe" Damion c**ked his head back when she said that.

"I thought when you found out you would have more desire to fiight harder. To fight for me, you, our child but I guess you not the woman I thought you were. When you come back from the clinic I won't f***ing be here nor will my s***.."

Nylah sat alittle dumbfounded not knowing how it went from wanting answers to her being a single mother in a fight to save the world. She watched as Damion gathered a quick bag and slipped into his rookie's.

"Damion WAIT .. " He stopped at the doorway of the bedroom but didn't turn around. "Please don't go. I need you ..." She said her voice cracking. Hearing that broke his heart.

"I think you need some time alone..." He continued out the room. Nylah stood there fighting tears. Her eyes fell onto that book he was reading when she got home.

Nylah climbed into bed and picked it up. A piece of notepaper fell into her lap.

<em> Hey Little Person, </em>

<em>This is your daddy, I just want you know that I love you already and can't wait to see you. Mommy and I just made you last night so she doesn't know yet. But, when she finds out she will love you just as much as I do. Well .. Kiddo this is the first letter of many and some videos too. </em>

Nylah held the paper to her chest as she cried. She grabbed her phone.

<strong> I love you. I am doing this.. </strong>

Damion read the text as he was on the way to a room for the night. He pulled over and cried his eyes out feeling his heart fall out in pieces.

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aww how sweet.!
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Thankies Rissa :) lol
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I do apologize but I have not forgotten about my baby :)

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<a href="">Toni</a>

finally an add..uh what's up with Nylah? Oh and we can't see the pic of Toni girl

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Were like Bad Boyz only were women, and finally we get an add I was tweakin like hell.
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Were like Bad Boyz only were women, and finally we get an add I was tweakin like hell.
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It was Monday morning, 4:00 to be exact and the girls were all on the base.

They were chatting and laughing at Candi was still limping around after her date night with Brandon.

"Damn !! Imma need shad to learn some tricks from Brandon." Tash said jokingly. Ari shook her head. While the other girls nodded in agreement.

"Who you telling?" Ny said agitated.

"Well what the hell is wrong with you little miss sunshine?" Tash asked.

"Nothing that involves you!" Ny replied.

"b**** I was just being a concerned friend so you can calm all that noise." Tash said walking off.

"Okay for real, whats up!?" Arielle asked.

"Nothing man damn, why yall sweatin me!" Ny said. They all put they hands up in defense and left it alone.

The girls held seperate conversartion until Yosef and GA. Howard approached them. They lined up and saluted Howard.

"Arielle step forward." She did as was told and followed the guys.

"Now, we are preparing your team and a little over 200 men. So we will be breaking this down into groups at about 6 am." Howard spoke. Arielle nodded.

"Right now I am just going to run through each group lesson. You will be leading a group or two. I will probably have you focus on man to man though." Yosef said.

"Imma call the girls over so we can have multiple help at each station." Yosef nodded his head in agreement. Arielle waved them over. The girls marched over and stood on line.

"Okay I want Tash and Ari on man-to-man, Ny and Candi will be in charge of weapons, Tash and I will recap. When I first came I bought key weapons and tanks so those will be finished by about eight am when we are wrapping up. Cool?" Yosef stated.

The girls all nodded. "So where and when do we start?" Tasha asked. Yosef turned with his back to them.

"Right now." He said turning back around with thick, cubed shaped swords.

They all picked up one and Nylah started swinging hers around.

"I feel bad ass like Mulan!" She said doing and all. They all giggled.

"Don't play these are very shap and deadly." Yosef stated as dummies were bought out. " We have abou 30 dummies here. One by one I want you guys to walk up to one dummy, pick one point of fatal impact and attack with one swift motion, like so." He quickly brought his sword up and took off the head in the blink of an eye.

"Well damn..." Ari whispered at how effortless Yosef did that.

"Damn is correct. You first Arielle. Take five steps back. " They did so as Arielle stepped forward. She got into some awkward stance gripping the sword tightly. Arielle drove the sword directly through where the heart would be. She went to take the sword out.

"No thats very good. Come on up Candace. " They switched places and.Candace looked at the dummy and then went to the back of it place the sword in where the spine would be and twisted it. Yosef clapped and Candi wiped her shoulders off.

"Okay Nylah next..." She walked up slowly and quickly jabbed the sword into the private area. Nylah walked away.

"Uhh okay .... Tash. " Yosef said in pain and confused.

Tash didn't really know where to stab so she just did what Yosef did.

"Okay you guys did pretty good. But Nylah that will not kill a man."

Nylah rolled her eyes. "That's what you think..." The girls look at her sideways then continued to listen to Yosef.

"I know you would like to think that but not in our case. If any type of pain is inflicted down there it just feels like we got in the d*** and we recover in like three minutes." They all nodded. "Now the trick to fighting us is not thinking. We read minds meaning they will know every little thing you about to do before you do it. That is what you don't want. So clear your mind and try to stab me, Tash first." Tash looked at Yosef and took a deep breath. Tash picked her sword up and went for his arm. Yosef instead knew her move and kicked the sword out her hand.

"You didn't clear it..." Yosef explained passing her the sword and she tried again, failing. Nylah and Candace went twice both failing then Arielle stepped up. Yosef was scared because she had no thoughts.

When Arielle swung her sword Yosef flipped up in the air and landed right behind her.

"Very good young grasshopper.." He whispered into her ear.

They went through the day with the groups learning and teaching new things.

"We will report here the rest of the week at 8 sharp." Arielle said dismissing everyone.

"Dinner on me?" Arielle said to the girls.

"Naw I'm good." Nylah said leaving.

"Well I'm down. Just got to go home and freshen up." Tash said.

"Same." Candi said. Arielle nodded checking her watch it to see that it read 6:30 .

"Okkaay! See you guys at nine."

"Sounds like a plan." Candi and Tash said hugging Yosef and Arielle then heading to their cars.
When they got far enough Yosef threw Arielle over his shoulder and started tickling her. He carried her to the car.

"Imma take a nap when I get home." Arielle said dozing off as Yosef pulled out of the parking lot. He chuckled and drove on home.

When they got home Arielle was asleep and snoring lightly. Yosef got out and opened the front door then ran back to carry her in the house and to her room.

Yosef laid her down, took her shoes off then covered her up with the throw from the end of her bed.

<em> <a href="">Toni</a> was unseen as he watched the exchange between Yosef and Arielle. He smiled happily at the man he picked to bring to Arielle. Once Yosef left Toni walked over to Arielle placed his hand over her heart and whispered in her ear. </em>

<em> "Open your heart to love Ari. Love comes to you in any form you have to accept it." He kissed her cheek and disappeared leaving behind a note.</em>

At 7:45 Arielle woke up and sat up in her bed streching. She went to grab her phone and was starlted when she heard something grumbling in bed. Ari searched for it and found the note that read...

<em> Let love , love you .... Toni Heart :) </em>

Just as she finished reading Yosef opened the door.

"Ariellllleeee" He sang softly.

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Working on a,little somwthing

Working on a,little somwthing

Awwww, this is an interesting story!!!
I like it already, RUN IT!

I am now sexually frustrated. Awww Yosef and Arielle would be so cute!
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Arielle's parents are too much lls
Yosef's is so fascinated by her, it's cute.
Candi teased the s*** outa him tho that's what her ass get...literally lls

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"Comment êtes-vous? Mon nom est Mélanie. " Their waiter

" Bon. Nous parlons anglais. ." Arielle spoke. Yosef watched in amazement. He admired her take charge nature. Although the woman of darker pigment are praised they can also be submissive when they find a suitable match. Yosef can't stand that, it gives him no challenge of excitement.

Arielle ordered a bottle of wine and le pain et le fromage.

"So tell me about, hometown, etc,." Yosef asked.

"Welp .. I'm from Compton. I was a tomboy, kind of still am. I went to school for journalism through the army but ..... " Ari paused realizing she was about to spill all her beans.
"You can open up to me.." Yosef said laying his hand on the table for her to hold. Ari looked at it then at him and a little voice told her to place her hand in his. She did just that, when they made contact a warmth spread throughout her body that made her smile.

"But when Toni died I devoted myself to his work and thats where I meet most of my girls. Nylah, Brandon, Candi, Tash and I have been friends since high school."

"Why haven't you opened up about this before?" Yosef asked. Before Arielle replied their waitress bought out their bread.

"Thanks." She nodded.

"Ready to order?" The waitress asked.

"We will both have the steak and potatoes." Yosef said to the waitress and she jetted off to put their order in.

Arielle smiled at him. "You didnt have to order for me."

"It is no problem. Now answer my question."

"Well ... I just find it easier not to bring that pain up and just lock it up by never talking bout it." She said holding her head down.

"That is not something you should do.. The more you bottle up your emotions the harder it is to live for yourself." Yosef said as he brushed his thumb over the back of her hand.

"I have been told that. But I lead a pretty good life." Arielle said trying to convince herself.

"Yeah it is good but dont you miss enjoying it with someone else?" He asked.

"Thats why I got my girls." She said casually.

He shook his head. "You got an answer for everything, huh?" She laughed.

"Surely do!"

"Next subject? Uhhhhhh .. I never heard you talk about your parents." Arielle laughed.

"My parents are pretty colorful. Good hearts .. Just crazy as a bat." Yosef laughed.

"What are they up to?" He askes.

"They are 50 and living the fast life. Right now they are traveling the U.S. and Canada by RV. My dad just bought a lambo and my mom .." Arielle shook her head. "That woman convinced my dad and her to go to a brothel and sex a busty red-head." Yosef tried to contain his laughter but just couldn't. Arielle laughed at how hard he was laughing and had to admit it was pretty funny.

"You aren't serious!!" He said still laughing but calming down.

"She e-mailed me the pics..." She said giggling. Yosef shook his head.

"I wish I had parents like that." Sef said.

"Well what are they like?" Ari asked. He took a deep breath and his body language changed.

Brandon and Candace laid on his office floor gasping for air.

"Baby..... When I come home ..... That is what you do." Candi said wiping the sweat off her forehead. Brandon laughed.

"Making love is the easy part .. I can do that all day." He said.

"Ohh really." She said looking at with a sexy smirk.

"Really but I didn't cook you dinner for nothing. So get that ass up!!" He said getting up and searching for his clothes. Candace laid on the floor looking at a nude Brandon. He found his boxer and stopped to put them on.

Candi crawled over to him.

"What the hell you doing girl?" He asked as she got closer and next thing he knew his d*** was buried inside of her mouth. "s***!" He said between his teeth.

Brandon looked down at her and Candi looked up at him winking as she was doing numbers on his head. His knees began to give out as she took him in further.

Candace quickly took him out of her mouth and went on to put her clothes on. Brandon looked down at his glistening d*** and at Candi who was putting on her dress.

He stepped out of his boxers and walked over to Candi. Brandon bent her over and rammed his hard d*** into her sweet spot.

Candi gasped and Brandon stroked her slow and deep. He knew she hated to be teased but he had planned to make her cry for what she did to him.

"Ahh baby go faster." Candi begged.

"Faster you say.." She nodded. He gripped her hips tighter and pulling his d*** all the way out, easing his way back in slower than before.

The more he did that he begin to see her juices flowing down her thighs. Brandon was enjoying the sound of her gushy center. He would go as deep as humanly possible and then rotate his hips.

Candi was in pleasurable bliss but knew he was holding back. It was making her upset.

"B-Bb-Brandon Please.." She pleaded. He smacked her ass.

"Please what?" He asked pulling out.

"Please. Just.." He rammed back inside of her. "PLEEEAAASSSSSSEE!!" She squealed. He pulled out and walked away. Candi collasped to the ground.

She was lightly shaking. "Youuu f***ing b-b****." She said laughing and her voice was kind of shakey. Brandon laughed and helped her into her dress, not putting on her under garments.

"You won't need those later." He said pulling her up to her feet and leading her out the office.

It was going on ten o'clock and Yosef and Arielle were just now leaving the restuarant.

"Ohh that was good eating!" Arielle said as Yosef opened the car door for her.

"It surely was... Do you mind if we ride out to the country?" He asked holding the door open.

"That is perfectly fine." He closed her door and briskly walked to the driver side.

Yosef drove for about an hour as Arielle slept. He drove to a late night drive-in movie lot. Sef shook Arielle.

"Wake up!" Ari stirred in her sleep before her eyes fluttered open to a sky full of stars and The Notebook on a big screen.

"This is soo nice." Ari said yawning. Yosef laughed.

"Good now enjoy!" He said.

"You didnt have to do all of this." She said.

"I know ... I wanted to. You deserve this and more someday." He said grabbing her hand again making Ari blush. She said nothing back and just enjoyed her night.

Awwies!! They're gonna f***!!!

Awwies!! They're gonna f***!!!

I'll be back to read and comment.

I knew I was f***ing it up but I was having a brain frat with your name. I'm sooo sorry :(

I got it now no "n"