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You vs. Them

<em>Then the world may just stop spinning
It may just well be the ending
Talking all about existence
Who knows
But I cannot see tomorrow
If you're not in my tomorrow</em>

<a href="">I</a> stood in <a href="">GA. Howard</a> office thinking about the fate of the world, which just so happen to be in my hands. I looked into the eyes of the <a href="">man</a> I love so dearly.

"GEN. Johnson you have twenty minutes.."

<strong>How am I suppose to choose?</strong>


I'm sorry baby!!! I didnt meant to accuse you!!!

Now Lets get Freaky,,lol..

Lele I just notice that you spell my name

Its Candace not CandaNce

Run it!

That was cute. I love Brandon he's sweet he just has a hard time with her leaving all the time and that's understandable. And ohhhhh Yosef and Ari going on a date!!

I can order their food since I speak a little French lls

Run it bestest

<a href="">Arielle</a> sat downstairs waiting for Candance.

"Girl if you don't bring yo ass! He will be here in f***ing 15 minutes." Arielle shouted.

"Brandon can wait he ain't s*** to me." Arielle laughed.

"You going to stop treating that man so bad." Arielle said flipping through a magazine. She heard footsteps behind her and looked back seeing a <a href="">flawless looking Candi</a>.

"You are going to knock him off his feet tonight." Arielle said sounding kind of elderly.

"Okay Grandma!" They laughed. "But do I really look okay?"

"You look amazing. Why you worried? I thought he wasn't s***.." Candance rolled her eyes.

"Blah Blah! I know what I said and he ain't" Just then a someone knocked on the door. Arielle checked her phone for the time.

"Right on Time." Candi walked away from the door and sat on the couch. Arielle got up.

"I guess I will answer the door." She walked in that direction." Coming." She opened the door that revealed <a href="">Yosef</a> and <a href="">Brandon</a> looking like money.

"Well Hellloooo! What is so funny?" Arielle asked hugging them both.

"Nothing at all." Brandon said walking over to Candi holding his hand out.

"You look beautiful." Yosef said shyly. "Umm you ready I have reservations for eight and it is a nice little ride out." She nodded and grabbed her purse, they left out.

Candi looked at his hand and chuckled and stood up walking past him. Brandon grabbed her elbow.

"Candi stop this please." He spun her around facing him. "I love you. I know I f***ed up but pleaase let me make it up. So let down your wall and I will never put you through this again." She held her head down and lift it up by her chin. Brandon lightly pecked her lips. "Please" He gave her his best puppy eyes.

"Maybe ... if this night goes well." He smiled.

"I can take that! Let's be out." He grabbed her hand and walked her to his car. He opened the door for and all.

When he started out the driveway he headed in the direction of his club.

"Reallly The Club?" Candi asked already agitated.

"I have something I want you to see." They drove in silence besides Candi smacking her lips every now and again. When they pulled up Candi hopped out and waited for him to follow suit.

"Okay speedy." He grabbed her hand again and walked in heading straight to his office. When they walked in Candi shook her head in disgust at how messy it was.

"Why the hell you got covers all over the place?"

"When I leave most times at night I stay here and think about us. Remember when I first bought this club and we made love in this very office." Candi started blushing at that very memory. "Baby, I could never cheat on you, never thought about it. I would beat my d*** for weeks while you were gone because I couldn't even handle the thought of being in another. My left hand be holding it down just fine." He said making her laugh.

"Im dead ass! But when you come home I want nothing more than to touch you but you come back so cold and I don't know how to handle that. I get mad at myself and then take it out on you. But I will be working on that because when you accused me of cheating it hurt to the core that you could ever think that of me." He finished and just looked at her waiting for some kind of response.

Candi looked around the office and the hiked up her dress alittle and jumped in to Brandon's arms attacking him with kisses......

Yosef pulled up to the <a href="">restaurant</a>

"French ... Nice touch." She giggled. He got out and opened her door.

"Merci." He smiled leading her inside by the hand........

Oh how I can't wait to see where this is going... anyway please please pretty please add I absolutely freaking loooove this story. <3

Run it!!!

run it!!!!

When the love pick up , so will the adds :)

☺♥Finally Ari and Yosef are going out!! Damn bout time! Oooh and Candace got a ramantic diner ∙▬∙

Yosef let Brandon in and helped him set up a romantic dinner setting for Candi.

"I will take Ari out." Sef said he pulled out his cell and sent Ari a text.

<em>I am taking you out to night. You and Candi go buy something nice. Dress at her place we will come get you.</em>

<em> Oh yeah don't ask. Just do it.</em>

Arielle was getting her pedi when she felt her phone vibrate.

"Well I guess after this we head to the mall." Candi looked at her weird than her phone vibrated.

<em> Pick up at seven beautiful :) </em> She rolled her eyes.

"I guess these text go together." She smirked. "I wonder what he has planned. He is always so romantic." Ari looked at her and laughed. "What Ari?"

"Why you giving him a hard time? You know you miss him." She laughed lightly again.

"Girl, I had to put my foot down because I don't know what the f*** he thought this was but it ain't going to be no moe." Ari just shook her head.

"Girl relax yo self and enjoy all of what he is doing for you !"

"Ari, why are you so calm?" Ari cleared her throat and looked at Candance.

"Okay, I may be somewhat attracted to Yosef and I'm a little nervous about this date." Ari said as she waddled to the drying station for her toes. Candi followed.

"Just let it flow. This is long overdue and Yosef is a great, caring guy." Ari nodded in agreement.

"But sometimes he can get a little creepy. I don't want that leading to control issues later." Candi giggled.

"You have to remember he is from another planet.He may just be very forward because he has seen something he like and wants. No controlling issues involved." Ari sighed.

"You right? Do you think Toni would like him?"

"Toni would love anybody who you liked? Stop stressing and let it be lovely !"

"No you let it be lovely!" They slipped into their sandals and headed out the spa. Candi answered her ringing phone.

"Hello Ugly!" She spoke to Dany.

"Very funny! Where you and Ari at? Sef won't let us in the house." Dany said bucking at Sef. He just made a funny face back.

"We on our way to Chipotle out in Columbia."

"Ehhh , I don't feel like driving that far. See yall at work tomorrow."

"Bye Dany!" They hung and Candi headex off in the direction of the mall. Once there they ate lunch and shopped around for a couple of hours. Once they found something to wear they went on home and decided to take a quick nap.

Yosef can get pretty creepy at times. I know you want to love her but you've only known her but so long and he lost her fiancee' just give it time boo

Candi and Brandon are crazy lol but cute

run it

Yosef can get pretty creepy at times. I know you want to love her but you've only known her but so long and he lost her fiancee' just give it time boo

Candi and Brandon are crazy lol but cute

run it

Brandon and Candi need to have a sit down, go toe to toe gosh!
Yosef is still amazing!!!

Run it!

Awww, Yosef is a sweetie..

My baby daddy sang to me... Lord knows I wanted to melt...

But he needs to prove that he isnt cheating..

Aw, why ia Yosef so goddamn cute?
Ari knows damn well she enjoyed his presence in her bed.
She needs that affection, so she should let Yosef give it to her.
Candi, why you gotta be stubborn?
He sung for you!
Dont that mean something?
You cant jump to conclusions.
You have to hear him out too.

Run it


damn thats hard, wonder wat he gonna do/??
run it

Brandon better prove it!! Aww Yosef is slowly making his way into Ari's heart.
Run it

I just started reading this and I love it!
Run it Lele!

Arielle was awakened by a strong hand on the small of her back. She slowly turned her head and was greeted by tattos.

"Ahhh!" She hopped out the bed wrapping herself in her covers. Yosef rubbed his eyes.

"What you hollering for girl?"

"Uhh , hello. You in MY bed!!" He yawned.

"Because you was wimpering and crap, disturbing my sleep, so I came to calm you down by rubbing your back. I must have fallen asleep to."

"Oh well ... Thanks." He got up.

"Candi downstairs." He walked out the room. Candi was at the top of the steps when Yosef came out Arielle room. She raised her eyebrows running into her room.

"Girl !! Let me find out you letting sef taste the cookie."

"Ugh! No b****. I was having a T-moment in my sleep."

"Yeah whatever." Ari laughed.

"Anyways, I heard what sef said to you last night and I agree."

"I am so tired of his bulls*** though Ari like you don't understand." She put her head down. "We don't talk, touch nothing. We dont even look at each other."

"Have you ever thought of what he feels like when you are not home for months, sometimes even years?"

"It comes with my job!"

"Doesn't mean he likes it.. Just hear him out!" She sighed. "Now go get clean, treating you to the spa."

As Ari was putting her hair in a ponytail Yosef came in.

"Arielle I know how you are about your personal space and boundaries, but last night I couldn't resist. You keep crying for toni and figured I could calm you down and then leave. You are just so beautiful. I got lost in your beauty. And I was thinking maybe one day we can talk about you and Toni. It may clear your heart up for someone else to love you." He left not waiting for a response. Arielle turned from her vanity mirror looking confused. Candi walked in.

"What is wrong with yo face?" Ari snapped out her daze.

"Nothing. Let's be out." As they walked out the room they heard music then singing.

"Ohhh lawd!!" Candi dashed downstairs and out the door to see Bradon singing his little heart out.

<em>Cold winter nights (yeah), by myself
Blankets just won’t do, I need your help
‘Cause I don’t wanna miss the way your body feels no more (no I don’t)
It’s only been two days (yeah), since you been gone, 
But those few moments feel so lone
Now sittin’ at the edge of the bed, with my hands on my head and
The only thing I been thinkin’ while I been alone is that</em>

<em> I can’t let you go, I won’t let you leave
One that I know is baby you were made for me, for sure
My life is in your hands, I live to be your man
We’re made to be together so baby 
No (no), don’t go (don’t go)
Girl if you don’t know, I give my heart, I give my soul, for sure
I’m right here on my knees, if you were to leave, I’d lose my everything!</em>

<em>You complete me baby, Don’t you let nothing come between us (heyy-eh hey hey hey hey)
Alcohol has been (yeah), my best friend (yeah)
And I admit some tears, have passed my chin
Crying in the bed only you just ain’t really but I don’t give a damn (nooo)
‘Cause I can wash these pillowcases (whooo), 
I can change these sheets (whooo) babay, but I need you back in the crib (whooo), 
Cookin’ up some of that good, chicken and gravy, potatoes (homemade), lemonade
Want you back to the old days, you been with me since I had long braids</em>

Candi listened but stood with her hands on her hip. Brandon walked closer to her and held her hand singing the last bit.

She snatched her hand away. "That was cute but I have somewhere to be."

"Damnit Woman. I love you and only you." Candi got in the passenger side.

"Prove It!!"

Thanks ladies !!

Trying to post before three :)

That was a really personal add. Wow I just.... Umm urmmm

Just run it

That add was OD personal.
I worry about the SAME thing with my bf!
UGH! In my feelings!

Run it!

That add was OD personal.
I worry about the SAME thing with my bf!
UGH! In my feelings!

Run it!

Foreal? What happened to her baby. Damn, that must suck. Thats why i dont think i can marry a man in the army ir anything like that. That sucks real bad. He should have stayed.

Run it

Ari was pregnate, what happened? Toni why didn't yo ass stay home!! Ari Yosef got you.
Run it

-___- I know it was a tiny add but dang lol

Run it

Love ???

Arielle went back to sleep and began slightly tossin and turnin.

<em> Arielle was walking around a very familiar house. When she realized she immediately ran to the front door but was to late. She saw herself and Toni running down the stairs.</em>

<em>"Baby please give me my shirt. I have to get to work."</em>

<em>"No you have to make love to me!"</em>

<em>"That's all you want baby." Arielle nodded sweetly walking into the kitchen. Toni pushed her upgainst the counter. He dove right into her neck grinding against her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Toni picked her up moving her pajama shorts to the side gently rubbing her clit. His phone started ringing.</em>

<em> Arielle moaned. "Baby don't answer that." He picked it up anyway. Arielle pushed him out the way and headed up to the shower. After about ten minutes Arielle walked into the bedroom seeing Toni packing a bag."</em>

<em> "Baby not again!"</em>

<em>"Irag" Arielle immediately got this feeling in her stomach and didn't want him to go.</em>

<em> "Baby I don't think that is a good move for you." He huffed.</em>

<em>"I always come home to you. Don't even start thinking like that." He kissed her forehead then zipped his bag up. "Now I really have to go. I Love You Ari Heart!!" He gave her one last kiss before dashing out the house.</em>

<em> "Please come back to me Toni Heart." She plopped on the bed and cried all day."</em>

<strong>BLACK... A Month Later</strong>

<em> Arielle watched herself looking at the positive pregnancy test. She cried tears of joys then her doorbell rang. She cleaned up her face and quickly opened her door. Ari violently started shaking her head.</em>

<em>"I am sorry!" She quickly grabbed the folded flag and slammed the door. She slid against the door crying.</em>

Arielle sat up in a cold sweat and hot tears running down her face. She laid back down closing her eyes but couldn't fall back asleep.

"Toni why didn't you just stay home?"