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The Manager.

I never wanted to fall in love just for my own protection (protection)
I wouldn't let my heart accept it (accept it)
But when he touched me I got infected (infected)
I made a promise to never fall & so far I thought I kept it (kept it)
But my heart won't let me reject it (reject it)
Cause when he kissed me I got infected (I'm infected) with your love.

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Run it:)))

Sorry for the wait guys. I been throwing up my small intestines and the rest of my organs this week. I shall have an add later today. I'm also working on a new story not sure of the title yet but be on the look out for that. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

They're relationship is just's so cute how he just wants to take care of her.

They are soo cute together. Run it!


Bruh!!! Where the ring at?!?! Naw but for real though, this add was cute. Ally was nervous and s***. I wonder if Chris is too..... ab the whole ingagement thing. Is he certain tht she will say yes or is he hesitant to pop the question??? Tun it:)))


Awww, how sweet!
I'm the same way about sex, how interesting!
But little does she know, Chris is about to be her husband (:

awwww chris so sweet run it

Alikay watched suprised at awe as her and Chris watched his private jet let down the jet stairs. Alikay had no idea what was even going on.

"Chris what is going on? Where are we going?" Alikay questioned.

"Baby, let ya man take care of you okay?" Chris smiled hugging Alikay.

The pilot from the jet exited the jet and came down to greet Chris.

"Hello Mr. Brown, everything is ready for you and the Mrs. You guys can follow the co-pilot and she can get your situated."

"Thanks for such short notice Mr. Cosh. I truly apreciate you doing this. You to Mrs. Cosh. Everything is paid for when we arrive to our destination to show my gratitude."

"Chris you didn't have to do it. You are the nicest person we fly and you know we enjoy this." Mrs. Cosh expressed.

Alikay smiled as the Coshs' praised Chris. She loved his sincere nature.

"And who do we have here?" Mr. Cosh smiled.

"This is my girlfriend Alikay. Baby this is Pilot and Mrs. Cosh. Some of the nicest people you can ever meet."

"It's really nice to meet you Pilot and Mrs. Cosh." Alikay smiled.

"You too baby, its nice to see Chris smile again. You bring something outta him. Remember that." Mrs. Cosh expressed.

"Well lets get this show on the road. Myself and Mrs. Cosh will be in the pilot wing if you need us."

Chris and Alikay nodded and proceeded up the jet stairs and entered the jet.

"Chris this is beautiful. Still doesn't explain where we are going baby."

Chris sat down and patted his lap so Alikay could sit. Alikay sat down and wrapped her arms around Chris' neck.

"Stone, let me take care of everything tonight and stop worrying. I just want you to enjoy everything."

Alikay just smiled at Chris and nodded her head.

"Can I get a little love from my shorty tho?" Chris smiled

Alikey bent down and kissed Chris passionately. She sucked on his tongue and even slightly bit his bottom lip as she pulled back from the kiss.

"Damn babe, what did I do to deserve that shorty?" Chris smirked.

"You just been there. I appreciate you more than you know baby. I love you." Alikay smiled as she held Chris' face in her hands.

"I love you more shorty." Chris smiled back. "Let's change out of these clothes baby."

"But Chris you told me not to pack anything."

"I told you I got you shorty. Stop questioning me and worrying. Just put all ya trust in ya man."

Alikay rolled her eyes at Chris as he lead her to the bedroom on the jet. Alikay was stunned at the beauty of the jet. Chris smiled at Alikay every time he showed her something different because he was so sure with Shad being her brother that she had already seen this part of the good life, but everyday he realized that he was wrong. But he also didn't want to go over board because Alikay was most definately a simple female.

"A beater and some of my basketball shorts for you. Sorry I didn't have any shorts for you. I wasn't thinking that far shorty. Plus I think you look sexy in my clothes babe." Chris smiled as he leaned down and kissed Alikay on her lips.

Alikay smiled at Chris, but she noticed nothing but pure lust in his eyes and she hoped that he wasn't using her special day as a way to have sex. She wasn't ready for all of that and really wanted to lose her ACTUAL virginity to her husband and not any time before than. Alikay changed her clothes in the bathroom and came out and seen Chris sitting on the bed. She took a deep breathe and approached him.

"Chris?" Alikay said softly.

"Yeah babe?" Chris said looking thru his phone.

"This whole trip wasn't planned for us to have sex was it?" Alikay blurted out.

Chris looked at Alikay in disbelief. He sat up and cussed to himself.

"Come here Kay."

Alikay dragged her feet and reluctantly walked over to Chris.

"Baby, I just want this trip to be romantic. I don't want sex from you. I know how you feel about that. I didn't plan on crossing any boundaries with you at all shorty. I just wanted to treat you like the Queen you are to me. I swear." Chris said innocently.

"I know babe, I just wanted to make sure." Alikay smiled at Chris.

"Come here." Chris said holding his arms wide open for Alikay.

Alikay jumped in Chris' arms and sat on her lap.

"Babe your jet is kinda nice. I never been on one with a bedroom and s***."

"The Coshs' hooked me up for real. Mr. Cosh owes his own jets and planes and s***. And he loves flying. They been with me from the start when the label gave me this plane."

Alikay and Chris' continued to talk until Alikay drifted off to sleep. Chris held Alikay tight in his arms and smiled at the love of his life. He loved her more and more each day and with Alikay he wasn't afraid to show it and this trip was going to explain how deep his love was for the person he loved the most right now.

Runn It.

*looks around-rocks back n fourth from my heels to toes*
So no add.... *pulls out my 9*
Alright ill b back n it best b a add pr its gone get real serious

Ruuuuuunnnnnnnn iiiiiiiitttttttt. We trynna find out Wuz up with Ally and Chris maaaaannnnnn......

run it


I woulda slapped all of the taste outta treys mouth how dare him
I can c why he would b afraid but if u been with simebidy that long and u found out something like that she shoulda been one of the first ppl you told i jus feel like uf he kept that from her as long as he did what else could he hide i wasnt on that
N chris sound like hes ready to ask that one question
Im kinda nervous like if he is i hope he dnt get rejected cuz kay was scared to get into just a relationship wit the kid but marriage after her previous engagement.... Smh hes a brave one if thats where hes headed

Trey is so lucky Jazz didn't leave him...I can't wait for Alikay's surprise to be revealed

Dayyum! Trey out line still what was being said is just messed up

Omg Trey got a whole kid and didnt say nothing...tsk tsk!!! Good thing Jazz knew already cuz it would of been crazy!
Cant wait to see how the proposal goes, its so exciting!!! Lol

Run! :)


Fang man I'm ready for Chris to give ally her "surprise" :))) run itttttt

oh TREY ass would be in the doghouse
&&I'm mad Tyga straight up told everything
I hope everything works out with Jazz&&Trey but I can't wait to see what Chris has in store

Run it!!!!!

Awww, that shocked me! RUN IT!

I really just wanna chop Trey in his f***ing throat!....Ugh......what kind of s*** was he on....did he really think he could hide a whole child?....and for how long was he planning on waiting before he told me?

RUN IT!!!!

"Nigga yall foolish as f***. Just tryna put me and Jazz on blast. Can we live tho?" Trey said as he argued back.

"Nigga ain't nobody tryna put yall on blast, all we saying is that you outta all people should have been proposed to Jazz. I don't know what's taking yall so long." Tramicia said rolling her eyes.

"Tyga, get ya girl. Jazz and I already talked. We ain't getting married no damn time soon. It ain't that deep. Besides, Jazz know I ain't ready for all that s***. We still young. I don't know if Jazz is the one."

Everyone was sitting at Cheesecake factory. Alikay just watched the crew get on Trey for not proposing to Jazz and claim he wasn't ready. She pulled out her phone and texted Jazz.

Alikay: I'm sorry :(.

Jazz: Trey ain't even making no sense right now. I'm not even mad tho. It's been like this for a long time.

Alikay: Come with me to the bar so we can grab a drink. :)

Jazz: Don't say a word, the only person I told besides Chris is you. But I'm pregnant :(. Trey doesn't even know.

Alikay looked up at Jazz and seen no emotion on her face as Trey and Tramicia argued back and forth. Alikay leaned over and whispered in Chris' ear.

"Babe you know you gotta talk to your boy like yesterday."

"I know shorty. This s*** is blowing me. Look at Jazz face. Trey talking out his ass right now."

"And she is pregnant. You know this s*** is stressing her out." Alikay said.

Chris just nodded in agreement and pulled out his phone. He scrolled to Trey's name and quickly typed out a message.

Chris: Nigga, you like my brother. Take my advice and just shut up.

Chris jaw tensed up as he watched Trey pull out his phone and roll his eyes at Chris text and put his phone back on his hip. Chris was getting ready to lose it cause Trey was acting out and it was Alikay's night.

"Yo Shad and Tyg, lemme holla at all for a minute." Chris said stand up.

Shad and Tyga moved quickly relieved to be getting up from the table. They got up followed Chris to the bar.

"Whats up nigga?" Shad asked.

"This s*** ain't right. Stop Trey." Chris said strenly.

"Nigga, we can't make Trey marry Jazz. You know that." Tyga stated.

"Jazz is pregnant, and he is dissing her, right before our eyes. We know that s*** ain't cool."

"Pregnant? Damn." Shad coughed. "So I'm guessing by the way this nigga talking out the ass he has no idea."

"He can't know. Wish is stupid as f*** cause Trey usually can read Jazz like the back of his hand. I wonder what's up with the kid?" Tyga sighed.

"Jazz is gonna kill us but we gotta tell Trey tonight. Trey is our nigga, but come on Jazz is like our sister and I wouldn't want no nigga, whether I knew him or not to f*** my sister over like this nigga." Chris said.

"Coming from you nigga. I can tell you ready to drop the question on Kay." Shad said.

on him.

"Look niggas, I'm straight just gonna Kanye this nigga. I ain't got time for this. He is pudding Tramicia off and I'm not gonna hear this s*** at home." Tyga expressed.

Shad and Chris started to tell Tyga no but he started to the table and they knew stopping him wasn't even a good idea anymore. Tyga got to the table and Chris and Shad were right behind him. The three of then saw tears in the corner of Jazz's eyes as Trey continued to road their whole relationship.

"Nigga, shut your inconsiderate ass up." Shad said.

"You straight talking out the side of your neck. Like what the f*** is you saying bro?" Chris said.

"Man Tyga get Tramicia, she stepping all outta line tonight. Tell her stop f***ing with me and mines. She f***ing Jazz head up with all this marriage s***." Trey said looking at his phone.

Chris looked at Alikay and seen rage in her eyes. He put his hand on her shoulder and she looked at him and her eyes suddenly softened.

"Stepping outta line nigga? s*** I know how to keep home nigga. But you killing he f*** outta Jazz right now and she carrying your damn child." Tyga spat back.

Alikay looked at Jazz and tears poured freely and she got up and ran to the bathroom. Ircolee, Teek, Zira, and Bre'Na quickly went after her. Trey looked around and saw that he really f***ed up. But he already knew that she was pregnant and he really didn't mean anything he was saying but he had to make she that she was down for him especially for what he was hiding from her.

"Nigga, I should bust your ass in the face." Shelly exclaimed.

Trey just looked at everyone as tears threatened to stream down his face.

"So you wanna tell us what the real issue is nigga? Cause we know that you know better than to pull some sucka s*** like that." Laith sighed.

"Ya'll just wouldn't understand." Trey said through clenched teeth.

"Talk nigga, cause you know I'm ready to bust your ass across the face a couple good times." Alikay spoke.

Trey sighed and looked at the crew and sighed.

"I got another kid." Trey sighed heavily.

"On the f***ing way?" Tramicia screamed.

"No, my daughter. She is 5 years old. Her name is Kyle."

"How did you find this out?" Shelly asked.

"I been knew. For almost 6 months. She stays with my mom. Thats why I leave, go for a week and come back. My mom isn't sick. But I asked my mom can Kyle stay with her until I make sure Jazz can handle it. My mom has been putting pressure on me to go get Kyle and I love my little girl, but I don't want Jazz to leave me. I just needed more time." Trey said as his voice cracked.

"Why are you breaking her when we all know your ass knew she was pregnant?" Mijo asked.

"I didn't intend on saying half the s*** I said but Tramicia was taking me there." Trey said.

"You need to tell her. Like now." Alikay said.

"She is gonna leave me! I need more time." Trey expressed.

"You don't nigga. Jazz loves you. Yall been together for 3 years. How can she be mad cause you had a child before yall even met?" Shad said.

Just then Ircolee, Zira, Bre'Na, Teek and Jazz walked back over to the table. Trey's eyes looked at Jazz's face and he knew she had been crying. That broke his heart cause Jazz rarely did Jazz cry about anything.

"Kay, I'm sorry but I'm finna go okay?" Jazz said softly.

"Wait baby, can I talk to you for a moment?" Trey asked as he stood up.

"Tremaine please, I don't wanna go there with you right now." Jazz said sternly.

"Jazz, I think you should sit down for a moment." Laith said.

Jazz looked at everyone and searched all everyone's eyes and Chris nodded for her to take a seat.

"What's going on?" Jazz asked.

"Trey has something to tell you. Right Trey." Shelly asked mugging Trey.

"Baby." Trey sighed. "I'm sorry. You that s*** I was saying was just me talking."

"Yeah, but its the truth right. You never wanna get married to me! I already know. And I allowed myself to now just become Trey momma." Jazz said highly irritated.

"That is not even the case Jazz...I don't know how to say it but..."

"Spit it out Tremaine." Jazz said getting louder.

"5 years ago I was with this woman, it was a one night stand. Well she got pregnant. I wasn't aware of that til 6 months ago when she showed up at the house. She was strug out babe. Messed up. But she had my daughter. Her name is Kyle. She is with my mom and has been for the past 6 months." Trey said all in one breathe.

"Why are you just now telling me this?" Jazz spoke as if she already knew the whole situation.

"I thought you would be upset. I didn't want you to leave me." Trey spoke vunerably.

"...I already knew." Jazz spoke sternly. "You mother told me 3 months ago."

Trey looked at Jazz in shock. He couldn't believe what he was hearing right now.

"How come you didn't say anything?"

"I didn't see the point. I figured if you loved me you would tell me." Jazz said.

"Are you gonna leave me?" Trey asked like a little boy.

Jazz turned away. She honestly didn't know what to do. She wasn't going to look like the fool anymore cause of Trey.

"I'm pregnant. I'm not gonna leave now, but you are on thin ice Tremaine. And I want Kyle to come live with us. Your mother loves her but she is tired." Jazz said.

Trey just shook his head up in down. He knew that Jazz was still upset at him but this was a start.

"I felt like I was watching a soap opera." Zira said

Everyone laughed at Zira.

"Yall good tho?" Chris asked.

Trey looked at Jazz and Jazz smiled slightly and grabbed Trey's hand.

"We straight." Jazz smiled.

"Now that's that over lets order dessert." Teek said.

"Babe, I know you having fun but we gotta go." Chris whispered Alikay's ear as he looked at his watch.

"Why?" Alikay asked confused.

"Ya man got a surprise for you." Chris said showing his pearly white teeth.
Run it!
Sorry about the misspellings yall.

I'm finna add in a moment yall!

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