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The Manager.

I never wanted to fall in love just for my own protection (protection)
I wouldn't let my heart accept it (accept it)
But when he touched me I got infected (infected)
I made a promise to never fall & so far I thought I kept it (kept it)
But my heart won't let me reject it (reject it)
Cause when he kissed me I got infected (I'm infected) with your love.

<a href=>Alikay Moss</a>

<a href=>Chris Brown</a>

<a href=>song</a>

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TREMICA, SHELL, TEEK, BRE'NA, AND JAZZ! I'm thinking bout adding tonight and yall got parts coming up. Run it EVERYONE if yall want it!!!


So now that I know that's all a front, I'm feeling sorry for Ali.....whatever happened has taken a her to a horrible place.....I hope she finds peace, cause her behavior is destructive.

run it shawty!!!

I love it!
Kay has real anger issues!
Chris all watching her and s***!
They mom is straight hood on a nigga!
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2 hours later Alikay woke up from her much needed nap. The only thing was she woke in full panic, with sweat rolling down the side of her forehead and tears rolling down her cheeks. The nightmares were real. To real and extremely vivid. Times like this she wished she had some real friends to call and just cry on their shoulder but she was to strong for that s***. She hated people and did everything in her power to make sure people hated her. But she wanted her parents. Alikay had gotten to the place where her mother was her only friend, and even though she had never opened up about what she endured she could still call on her mother for anything.

<a href=>Mom</a>" Alikay said after she heard her mother's voice on the other end of the phone.

"Hey honey, did you make it to L.A. safely?" Her mom asked.

"Yeah I'm here. Even though I don't wanna be, and Shad doesn't want me here either. He didn't even try to give me a hug at the airport mom. I haven't spoken to the nigga for 4 and a half years. Plus did you know this nigga was getting married? I know whose wedding I'm not in and guess what, I dont even give a..."

"Alikay Ziyon (pronounced Zi-on) Moss, don't even think about cussing while I'm on the phone dude."

Alikay rolled her eyes, cussing was the one staple thing she picked up from her mother.

"Alikay you are 23, at least try to get along with your brother. You guys didn't fight when yall was kids, don't start that s*** now." Her mother said in hopes to reason with her.

"Mom, Shad doesn't give a crap about my life. I'm not gonna be fake with the nigga when I know after two weeks we won't speak again in who knows how long."

"He is your brother, you know he cares. He just got caught up in his life. He already told me he feels bad."

"Well I don't feel bad. I needed my big brother and he wasn't there mom. Now I'm 23 and I just don't need anyone anymore. But back then, I needed him and he wasn't there."

"Alikay whatever demons you continue to fight I pray about them every night. I may not know what happened and I'm not going to force you to tell me what happened but I pray that you may find some joy in your heart and be able to forgive those who wronged you."

Alikay didn't want to go into detail nor did she wanna talk about this whole forgiveness thing. That was just something she wasn't going to do.

"Alright mom, I gotta go, Shad's fiance' is calling me." She lied trying to get her mother off the phone.

"Okay Ally, I love you."

"I love you too mom, and tell dad I love me."

"I will, and Al?"

"Yes mom?" Alikay said out of frustration

"On some real s***, be nice nigga."

Alikay smiled, her mom always kept it hood with her.

"I'll try, but I'll talk to you later."

"Alright, see you later baby."

Alikay tossed her phone aside, rubbed her face and quickly hopped up and turned on a light. She hated being in the dark. The dark always gave an false allusion of something that wasn't there or you couldn't see what was actually was there.

Alikay's thought were everywhere at the current moment. Her environment had changed and she hated it. She finally got to a point where she could control her environment and being in L.A. was causing her anxiety to become uncontrollable. She needed to relax and since she had to control her weed intake her only way to relax was to box. Boxing was something Alikay picked up after her horrible freshman year of college because pills nor weed was helping her control her anxiety and nightmares.

Alikay changed into a Kansas City Chiefs hoodie and black sweats and black and red retro 6's. She pulled her hair into a ponytail and pushed her skully onto her head. Once she was dressed she grabbed her boxing bag, phone, headphones, wallet and the keys to Shad's escalade and proceeded down the steps.

*Chris' POV*

Today was a bad day. The label was just trying to mind f*** Chris just because she didn't have manager to help fight the label with him. Chris wanted to smack the s*** outta Mijo because he would have at least been a better mood when the crew met at Shad and Ircolee's house for there annual Christmas get together. It was moments like this Chris needed a real ass friend. Yes, he had Mijo and Mijo had his best at heart, at the end of the day Mijo was all business and Chris just wanted someone who would let him vent without giving advice from a business point of view.

"Nigga whats your issue?" Shad asked him, snapping him outta his thoughts

"Nothing nigga, just a long ass day."

"Well we about to go in on 2K, the girls are downstairs talking about wedding s***." Shad responsed

"You just gon call them planning for your wedding s*** doe?" Chris said laughing

"Pshhhh, nigga, as long as Ircolee say yes and we can have sex, I don't give a f*** what its called or how much it cost."

"Better not let Cole hear you say that sex part. You know how sensitive she be acting when it comes to sex and your past with sex."

"Dont you think I know that nigga? Let's not forget what happened that day after my concert when we went to the beach." Shad said rolling his eyes.

"Nigga that was funny s***. You got ya head kicked in something vicious just for making a sex joke." Chris joked

Shad just rolled his eyes. "Man whatever nigga, you coming in on this 2K tho? Bid is $500 dollars b."

"Yeah I'm down."

Shad and Chris got up and as they proceeded to the game room they ran right into someone.

*Alikay POV*

Right as Alikay was walking down the stairs she bumped right into someone. She thought it was Shad and she wanted to knock his head off but she looked up and it was some light skinned nigga.

"Yo nigga can't you say excuse me or some s***?" Alikay spat

Alikay looked dead at the nigga waiting for him to say something so she could kill his ego and put the nigga in his place. Shad knew exactly what Alikay was doing and he wasn't gonna let his sister disrespect anyone else in his house.

"Yo Kay, calm the f*** down girl. This is Chris as I'm sure you already know and he ain't mean to bump into you and you know it." Shad stated rolling his eyes

"Yo Shad it's cool son, I should have watched where I was going." Chris said as he didn't want any confrontation on his behalf especially after his long day.

"Yeah the f*** you should have."

Alikay watched as Chris just walked away from the whole situation. She wasn't expecting that in the least, but since he did she just wrote him off as a pussy nigga.

"And where the hell you think you going?" Shad asked breaking her away from her thoughts

"Why do you care?"

"Honestly Kay, I don't know what the hell has gotten into you but Ima find out before these last two weeks are up."

"Whatever Shad, I'm going to find a gym."

"Not at 10:00 ol'clock at night you not. Your body is still on Central time. I don't need you driving when you know you tired."

Shad was right and Alikay hated it. She was tired but she needed to do something because her anxiety was thru the roof.

"Look I just need to go to the gym Shad." Alikay said in a semi-plea so he would let her go.

"Then use the gym we have here at the house."

"Ya'll got a bag?"

Shad looked at Alikay and smiled. First time he could relate to his sister since she got there.

"Of course we got a bag girl. That's all I do."

"Fine. Just show me the gym."

Shad walked down some stairs into what seemed to be the game room. As Alikay followed she was greeted with weed smoke, yelling and what seemed to be thousands of dollars sitting on the table.

"Aye yall!" Shad said yelling over the game. "This is my little sister Alikay." Talking to you. "Al this is
<a href=>Laith</a>,
<a href=>Omari</a>,
<a href=>Aubrey</a>,
<a href=>Tyga</a>, <a href=>Trey</a>,
<a href=>Mijo</a> and you already met <a href=>Chris</a>."

Alikay was greeted with a mixture of hey's, what's up, what's good etc. She didn't say anything to what she had already marked in her book as Hollywood's hottest b**** niggas. She saw the gym and even though there was only a glass door and window separating the gym from the game room she needed to go. Alikay walked right past all of them and proceeded into the gym, pulled off her hoodie just leaving her in a sports bra, plugged up her speakers and phone, wrapped her hands and went to work on the bag.

*Chris POV*

After meeting Shad's sister he had wrote her off. He didn't have time for ignorant b****es to be acting foolish. She was rude and he wasn't gonna deal with that whether or not it was his best friend's sister.

"Yo Shad, even though your sister got an attitude she fine as f*** nigga." Mijo spoke up

"Nigga keep ya eyes on Zira and leave my little sister alone." Shad spat back

Chris sat in silence as he listened to these niggas talk about irrelevant s***.

"I done been lied to, I been neglected, I done had all kind of people turn against me. You try to break me down Ima go harder. You try to break me down Ima go harder. I done took losses, I done been crossed, I done heard all kind of rumors that was false. You try to break me down Ima go harder. You try to break me down Ima go harder."

<a href=>song</a> "Go Harder" blasted thru the gym walls grabbing Chris' attention. He lifted up his head and looked thru the window of the gym. He watched Alikay as she went in on the bag. She was murdering the bag but every move was timed and perfect. Her footwork was swift yet still in beat with the music. Chris watched Alikay's desire to leave everything she had in that gym. He watched her every move. Every punch and kick played in his head as Alikay fought the bag. He instantly felt a connection to Alikay as he watched her hot sex of a body sweat more and more with each move. He wanted her, not just in a physical way but mentally and emotionally also. He could tell every time she hit the bag harder and harder that she had a story to tell. But he knew he couldn't have her. According to him she was just a b**** with an attitude and he couldn't change her to what her wanted her to be.

Alikay needs to be bat in the mouth with her disrespectful behind! These names that you came up with Alikay and Ircolee (I think that's how it's spelled are so cute and totally different

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Just keep running and I will have an add by tomorrow.

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Whoa!....what is going on? Why is so she mad...other than the fact that her brother hadn't tried to contact her in 5 years...something else happened.

I miss the edit button -_-

<a href=>Alikay's outfit</a>

*With Alikay*

<a href=>Alikay</a> (pronouced Al-Lee-Kay) looked around LAX looking for her brother. She rolled her eyes at everyone who passed her in the airport as she pulled her skully down on her head as her huge afro puff hung in the back. Attitude? Yes. And she had a big one. The last thing she wanted to do was spend Christmas in L.A. with her brother. The same brother who she hasn't seen in four years. The same brother who she cut off after her freshman year in college. She was the sister of Shad Moss, formally known as Bow Wow to so many people who didn't know him and loved him. But she did know him and hated him along with the rest of the population with every fiber of her being.

"Ally!" Alikay turned around as she heard her oh so familar nickname being called and she knew it was <a href=>Shad</a> . As he approached her she grew anger. Yes Shad may have been her flesh and blood but she looked at him as a stranger. She didn't know who he was anymore. Yes, he had been in the music industry along time but after she went to college they fell off viciously. And according to Alikay there was no faking it.

"Damn Al, its literally been a minute sis. When mom and dad called me to tell me you were coming to visit I thought it was a joke. You don't even have my number." Shad smirked as he picked up her bags.

Alikay just rolled your eyes to the statement. "Where's your car?" She asked, picking up one of her bags.

Shad pointed to the black on black Escalade sitting on the curb. Once she spotted it she quickly stuffed her earbuds into her ears to drown out whatever sentimental moment he was trying to have with her and began walking to the car.

Alikay hopped in the front seat of the car as her brother put her bags in the car. She usually had this "I'll do it myself" mentality but right now she didn't give f*** about nothing. She just knew she DIDN'T want to be here.

Once Shad was done with her bags he hopped in the front seat and he took a good look at his sister. Preferably what she was
<*a href=>wearing<*/a> .

"Nigga what the hell do you have on and when the hell did you get all them tats?" Shad asked as he ripped one of her ear buds from her ear and referring to her stomach all out in the open for the world to see and the 4 tattoos on her stomach and hips that were nothing but
<a href=>guns</a> and

<a href=>broken</a> <a href=>hearts</a>

"Yo Shad, dont f***ing touch me! No huss nigga!" Alikay said as she mugged the hell outta Shad.

"Huss eh?" Shad said laughing "I haven't heard that in a long time. Still straight up repping KC til you die huh?" He said pepping her Kansas City Chiefs skully and studs also referring to the word "huss" which was a Kansas City original.

"Shad, I would highly appreciate if we didn't act like we was best friends while I'm out here. I'm only here cause mom and dad begged me to come see you for Christmas since one, you never come home to visit, and two they are going away for Christmas and they wanted me around family. Don't act like you really are happy I'm here cause I know I sure as hell ain't." Alikay hissed as she put her earbud back in her ear.

Shad was taken back. He didn't expect that in the least bit. But Alikay was right. He hasn't heard from or seen his sister in years. She just turned 23 in August and Shad hasn't spoken or seen to his little sister since she was 18.

Alikay pushed her glasses up on her face and begin looking out the window. She never been to L.A. and honestly she had no desire in the world to be here.

According to her L.A. was filled with plastic barbie b****es who was f***ing plenty to get to the top and niggas who took this whole white boy dressing to the next level so much they'd become so gay they couldn't walk through a straight door.

About 45 minutes and zero words spoken later they pulled up to a <a href=>house</a>. Of course the house was flashy you thought to yourself. Shad has always been that nigga to want the better things. The house was decorated with all types of Christmas decorations.

Shad finally parked and you didn't even unbuckle your seat belt. You just sat there thinking to yourself about how you couldn't wait to go back to Kansas City.

"Here are the keys." Shad stated, pulling the keys out of the egnition. "You can go in and I'll bring your bags."

Alikay pushed the keys away from her. "Nah nigga, this yo house. I'll grab some bags and we can go inside together."

Shad shrugged his shoulders and hopped out the vehicle. Alikay finally hopped out the vehicle, closed the door and proceeded to help her estranged brother with her bags.

As soon as Shad opened the door Christmas music was blasting though out the house and you smelt all types of Christmas edition candles from Gingerbread cooks to the smell of Christmas pine.

"Baby is that you?" Alikay looked up and seen this <a href=>woman</a> walking from the direction of what seemed to be the kitchen.

"Yeah babe." Shad answered, putting Alikay's bags down by the door.

Alikay flipped one of her earbuds out of her ear, pushed up her glasses, and stuffed her hands into her pockets.

"Hey! You must be Alikay! I've heard so much about you. I'm Ircolee (pronouced Air-Ri-Cole) but you can call me Cole." She said as Shad held her waist.

Alikay just looked at Shad and Ircolee. She didn't care about her life story or what Shad had said to her. She just didn't understand what she was doing in the house when Shad was gone.

"Yeah all that. So you live here or some s***?" Alikay asked bluntly

Shad looked at his little sister bewildered. "Yes nigga she live here. We are engaged." Shad stated

Alikay wasn't expecting that. Low key she was hurt, more mad than anything. Her own brother was gonna get married and if she didn't come visit she would have had to seen this s*** in the papers.

Alikay's facial expression didn't change. "You knocked this b**** up or something?" She spat back

All the blood drained out of Shad's face. He wanted to smack the s*** out of his sister. He couldn't understand what had gotten into her these few years they had fallen off. Shad knew his sister to always be frank but just flat out disrespectful is what she was being right now.

"Babe I'll be right back." Shad said to Ircolee "Follow me nigga." Shad said talking to his sister.

Alikay rolled her eyes, grabbed her bags and followed her brother up the upstairs. He showed her this room at the end of the hall. Once you stepped into the

room and closed the door.

"Al, what the f*** is your problem? I should bust yo ass for juicing my fiance' like that!" Shad screamed

"Are you done?" Alikay plainly stated as she was looking for an outlet to plug up her speakers.

"Alikay sit down."

Alikay looked at her brother and laughed an evil laugh. "I'm 23 nigga, I may be your little sister, but you are only two years older than me. Don't suddenly try to act like you suddenly care. Oh but thats right, you don't. You only care now cause your fiance' is involved. Swerve nigga." She stated as she threw up the bird.

"Yo you acting like some little hoodrat or some s***. I know I ain't hit you up in a couple years but damn did you hit me up?"

"THE f***! Yes I hit your ass up! Every f***ing day after that s*** happened!"

"What s***?" Shad asked with a confused look on his face

Suddenly Alikay realized she said to much and she wasn't about to entertain that part in her past.

"Never mind Shad. Look I'll say sorry to your "fiancee'" and then this whole trip all you gotta do is gimme the keys to one of ya whips and I'll be outta here by sun up and won't be back until midnight or some s***."

Shad still wanted to know what Alikay was talking about. And what made his little sister a bitter f*** but he dropped it.

"Look Al, I ain't tryna argue with you this whole trip dude." Shad said as he sighed and leaned against the door.

"Then just stay outta my mf'n way Shad. I don't wanna be here as much as you don't want me here, iight?"

"Whatever man, there is food in the kitchen if you wanna eat. My fiancee' was actually excited about being here." Shad stated as a last plea to get his sister to come around.

"Well tell her don't hold her breathe" Alikay said as she walked into the bathroom and slammed the door.

Shad sighed out of frustration, rubbed his face and dropped the keys to the Escalade on the dresser. He really hoped that his little sister would come around.

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sorry i didnt do spell check in that last add. just a few more runs and ill add. run it

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I know im gone love this story!
It seems diff!
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The price of fame.......

Just give me the money...they can keep the fame.....the price costs way too much. I feel bad for can't be easy to go through all of that...and publicly at that.

The price of fame.......

Just give me the money...they can keep the fame.....the price costs way too much. I feel bad for can't be easy to go through all of that...and publicly at that.

"I done been lied too, I been neglected, I done had all kinds of people turn against me. They try to break me down but Ima go harder." Chris hummed as he bobbed his head to the music as he hopped out of the shower.

For the past year "Go Harder" by Future had been Chris' theme song. It fit perfectly according to him cause ever since the whole Rhianna fiasco, life as been rough and everyone was on his case about everything from his hair color to if he was apart of the Illuminati. It was a cold world and Chris felt every shiver through his body on a daily.

"Yo nigga can you come on! We got hella s*** to do!" Mijo yelled as he opened to door

"Such as nigga?" Chris said as he raised his eyebrow at Mijo. According to him this was his day off and he was gonna use that s*** to his full advantage.

"We gotta find your ass a new manager and put some clothes on nigga." Mijo hissed, referring to the towel wrapped around Chris' waist.

"Man f*** that s***. The label has really pissed me off with this s***. Every time I find a manager I get along with who has no problem doing PR s*** especially with this whole case coming up, they do some brazer s*** and managers end up breaking all types of contracts tryna get outta this s***. I'm chilling today. I'll deal with that s*** tomorrow." Chris said calmy as he looked through this drawer for something to wear.

Mijo didn't say a word. He knew his boy was feeling it. This was the 3rd manager Chris' mess had ran into the ground this past year. The worst part about all this is Christmas was just around the corner, 2 weeks to be exact, and s*** was just now hitting the fan.

"Nigga I think we should still do some productive s*** or something." Mijo finally spoke up

Chris appreciated that Mijo wasn't just was his personal assistant but also his best friend. He knew that Mijo was just tryna help.

"Look lets go talk to the label, but that's all I'm doing today. I wanna chill with my boys and s***, talk to my moms, at least do some Christmas shopping. Its my f***ing day off for crying out loud." Chris sighed

"Bro, right now days off are work days. The grind don't stop people do. So hurry up and get dressed, we gotta live in 15 minutes." Mijo said as he walked outta the room.

Chris sighed to himself. He was honestly sick of this whole fame s*** right now.

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