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The Manager.

I never wanted to fall in love just for my own protection (protection)
I wouldn't let my heart accept it (accept it)
But when he touched me I got infected (infected)
I made a promise to never fall & so far I thought I kept it (kept it)
But my heart won't let me reject it (reject it)
Cause when he kissed me I got infected (I'm infected) with your love.

<a href=>Alikay Moss</a>

<a href=>Chris Brown</a>

<a href=>song</a>

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aww i wish i had that love

Awww poor baby good thing Chris is there for her

Run it!

Awwwwwwwwwwwww !!!

Awwww, Tear...

Sooo Kewt

That is so sweet how Chris would jeopardize him being sick to take care of Alikay. That's real love..

BTW Stuck On Stupis es mi Jam. Lol.

Run it!

*wipes tears and sniffs* That's so beautiful.....I'd love to have a boyfriend that loves me enough to take care of me if I had the flu...that whole add was just toooooo f***ing cute!

"Baby, I swear you cheating right now." Alikay pouted as she threw down her controller.

"Girl, you made me play this game. Suck it up and pick up this controller." Chris laughed as he watched Alikay pout.

"This is my game though! Pokemon Stadium for 64 is my thing! How are you beating me?!" Alikay whinned.

"Damn girl being sick as turned you into a punk." Chris continually laughed.

Chris laughed at his sick girlfriend. For the past couple of days Alikay has been couped up in her apartment cause she came down with the flu. And naturally Chris felt it was his duty to be couped up with her.

"Come here baby." Chris laughed as he stretched his arms out.

Alikay frowned and went over to Chris and curled up into a little ball and laid her head on Chris' chest. Chris wrapped his arms around Alikay. He knew this was love cause she was deadass playing with his voice being sick but he didn't care. The love of his life needed him.

"Tell me where it hurts."

"I just wanna get well. I feel like s***." Alikay said as she tried to breathe through her nose.

"You want some tea baby?"

"Yes, gimme peppermint and the nectar to sweeten it please. Then I just wanna lay in bed with you."

Chris smiled and stood up. Then he bent down and picked up Alikay's sick body from the floor and laid her in the bed. He kissed her cheek as she got under the covers and ran to the kitchen. He got the tea out of the cabinet and heated up some water on the stove. He knew that Alikay has barely been eating since she been sick so he looked in the fridge and found grapes, mangos, apples, honey do melon, watermelon and canulope. He cut up the fruits and placed them into a bowl. He cleaned up and then fixed the tea and took it to Alikay.

"Get up babe. You gotta eat." Chris said walking over to the bed.

Alikay looked at Chris. Her nose was bright red, her eyes were glossy at all times, her hair was in a rough looking bun and she had on an oversized black tee and some of Chris' basketball shorts.

"Come on Stone. You gotta eat this fruit. I'll feed it to you but you gotta eat it."

Alikay didn't argue she just sat up and moved the blanket for Chris. Chris sat the food on the night stand got in the bed resting his back against the bed post. Alikay snuggled up to Chris and laid her head on his chest. Chris smiled at Alikay. The love he had for this girl was crazy and unexplainble.

Chris grabbed a few pieces of fruit and fed them to Alikay. He loved these moments with her. His relationship with her was totally different and totally innocent from his with Robyn. Before Chris knew it Alikay was sleep with her head in Chris' lap. His cell phone vibrated and he had a text from Mijo.

Mijo: Nigga I understand that's your girl but time is money you need to be writing or something nigga. The label on your ass.

Chris sighed. He was in love with his normal life with Alikay. But he knew he had to get to work.

Chris: I'll have a song written by the end of the day nigga.

Chris hit the send button and knew he had to get work done, but something he lacked was pure motivation. Living this normal life again made him happy and Alikay made him even happier. He looked at a sleeping Alikay and smiled as he bent down and kissed her cheek. His love for her ran deeper than most could dream and he couldn't even explain it himself. He just knew it loved her and even though they only been together a couple of weeks you couldn't tell him nothing. That's when Chris grabbed his phone and begin typing the words that came to his head.

"Am I crazy? Am I foolish?
Just a little too into you
That's for sure
(Ooh babe)
But your beauty,
That is in me
Makes me forget about your faults
You do no wrong"

In less than 30 minutes Chris had pushed out a song and his pure inspiration was Alikay. Chris sent the song to Mijo and put his phone down.

"Chris." Alikay whispered.

Chris looked down and seen Alikay open her eyes and look at him.

"What up shorty?" Chris responded.

"What were you humming?"

"Did I wake you? My bad ma."

"No, but it sounded nice. What was it?"

"Rough draft of a song for the album. Its just for you." Chris smiled.

Alikay tried to breathe out of her nose and smiled at Chris. He was by far the sweetest thing that ever happened to her.

"Thank you baby." Alikay said sitting up.

"For what?" Chris asked

"For being the best." Alikay smiled as she kissed his lips.

Chris smiled and kissed Alikay back and then hugged her.

"I love you girl." Chris said smiling.

Alikay just smiled at Chris and laid back down.

"Oh, you ain't gonna say it back? I got something for that!" Chris said as he started tickling Alikay.

"Chris stoppppppppppppppppp!" Alikay screamed and laughed.

"Tell daddy you love him."

"Neverrrrr, stopppppp baby please!!!"

Chris stopped tickling Alikay and looked at her even more messed up hair all in her face.

"Stop staring at me baby, I know I look a mess." Alikay said sneezing and moving her hair outta her face.

Chris just smiled and kissed his sick girlfriend's cheek and forehead.

"Honestly boo, you look even more beautiful than yesterday."


awww that is too cute! i love them now lol run it

lol run it to cute

aint that the truth Shells

awww so glad they worked it out and got together because they were bugging me tf out

See nah thats what im talking about.. Lets go ALII....!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris is to adorable. I love him..!


Yaaayy. I'm happy they got it together. They were like two magnets the way they were resisting each other!!! Them tweets though!!! Too cute. Run it:)))

Yay finally she let him in!!! Go Ali, Go Ali! Lol

Oh mah gosh....about DAMN TIME!!! I'm soooo happy for them!

f***ing finally !!!

Runnnn It!!! :)

"I'm the Kansas City King, I'm the baddest nigga that you ever seen, you stupid niggas don't really want no money greeennn." Alikay sung Tech N9ne as she speed through traffic.

Alikay and Chris haven't talked since that night at her apartment which was 2 months ago and both of them were to busy to even notice. Alikay was trying to finish school and Chris was busy writing songs for the new album.

"Hello." <a href=>Alikay</a> answered the phone.

"Yo sis what you doing?" Ircolee asked

"Sitting in L.A. traffic." Alikay sighed

"We having dinner at the crib if you wanna slide through. Everyone is gonna be there."

"Thank God cause I'm OD hungry. School is kicking my ass."

"Well beef spaghetti, corn, garlic bread, and coconut ice cream is on the menu." Ircolee laughed.

"Shoot I'll be there in 10 minutes." Alikay said.

"Aiight, you ain't gotta wear nothing fancy. I got on sweat pants."

"Nigga me too. Sweat pants and a fitted. I look like nigga. My hair is everywhere." Alikay sighed. "But I'll see you in a bit."

"Alright laterz." Ircolee said hanging up the phone.

After 15 minutes of whipping and zipping throughout L.A. traffic Alikay finally pulled up to Shad and Ircolee's house. She noticed about 5 other cars outside the house. She rung the doorbell and Ircolee answered the door.

"What up sis." Ircolee said dapping Alikay.

"Who all over here?"

"Just the crew." Ircolee answered

Alikay and Ircolee walked into the kitchen and the first face Alikay saw was <a href=>Chris</a> sitting on the counter. He met her eyes and immediately hopped off the counter and made his way to Alikay.

"What up ma." Chris said lowly.

"...hey." Alikay responded dryly.

"Can I speak to you? Please?"


"Alikay come on man. I've barely seen you in 2 damn months. Can I have a moment?"

Alikay looked at Chris. In reality she missed him a lot. She missed him as a friend and a potential lover. Alikay looked at Chris' eyes, pushed up her glasses and sighed as she shook her head up and down. Chris grabbed Alikay's hand and led her to her to Ircolee and Shad's den.

"I've missed you." Chris said wrapping Alikay in a warm embrace.

"I've missed you too." Alikay smiled

Chris and Alikay hugged tight. They both couldn't believe they went two months without talking.

Moments later Chris pulled back the hug and just looked at Alikay. He bent down and kissed her lips ever so soft.

"Sorry, ma, I've missed those too." Chris smiled as he lightly rubbed Alikay's lips with his thumb.

Alikay just blushed. She couldn't believe how much she missed Chris. Chris sat down on the couch and pulled Alikay with him. Alikay sat on his lap and he placed his arms around her waist and rested his forehead against hers.

"I'm sorry." Chris whispered into Alikay's ear.

"Me too." Alikay whispered back.

"I want us to be the way we where Kay. We was perfect for each other and you know it."

Alikay just sighed. She missed Chris and even though she knew him for a short time no one could tell her that she wasn't in love. Her eyes beamed love anytime someone mentioned Chris or anytime she seen Chris and she couldn't help that.

"Talk to me ma." Chris said as he rubbed Alikay's cheek.

"Chris, what about New Years. I know its old and I'm not mad but look at that. As your next manager, that PR I can handle, but as your girlfriend, how would you want me to handle that?"

Chris sighed. Ever since that night Rihanna has been blowing up his phone and he couldn't handle it. He knew he didn't want her and though he had love for her, he was in love with Alikay.

"My point Chris. You still aren't over her. And sure I'll be your manager but I need to be the one to keep my head straight."

Alikay was about to get up until Chris grabbed her. Chris grabbed her face and kissed her hard. His tongue went into her mouth and her tongue wrestled with his. Alikay stood her her tippy toes and grabbed Chris' face. Chris picked her up and placed her on top of the desk in the den and Alikay wrapped her legs around Chris' waist. Moments later Alikay pulled back from the kiss. She looked into Chris' eyes and seen love and lust coming from them.

"What the hell was that?" Alikay said as she unwrapped her legs from Chris' waist.

"Baby it was whatever you wanted it to be, but to me I can't even lie and say that love wasn't all in that kiss." Chris said seriously.

"What about your business?"

"Alikay what about my business? Look honestly I would choose you as my woman instead of my manager if you are feeling some type of way about mixing the both."

Alikay just looked down.She couldn't wrap her thoughts about what was going down.

"Stone, talk to me. I can't answer any questions if you don't ask." Chris said grabbing Alikays face and resting his forehead against hers.

"Chris, you know I love you. Like I honest to God love you and missed you so much. But I can't take this whole Rihanna s***. I'm not blind, but we get together I need to know that that part of your life is done. And don't feed me lies. I deserve the truth."

"Stone, she is a distant friend and I will do everything to make sure it stays that way. I swear baby." Chris pleads as she links his hands with Alikay's.

"I just wanna take it slow Chris. This happened so fast and yeah we all know love has no time I just need to wrap my head around things." Alikay confessed.

Chris narrowed his eyes at Alikay. She was putting him out on the limb and indirectly answering questions and it frustrated him.

"Come sit here." Chris said patting his lap he took a seat on the couch.

Alikay got off the desk and sat in Chris' lap.

"I'm scared too Kay. I didn't plan on falling in love with you THIS fast or at all for that matter. Especially with my best friends little mean sister from Kansas City." Chris said chuckling. "But you got me girl. You came out the wood work and stole my hear from me, and you can keep it as long as you take care of it." Chris said. "Take my heart but please don't break it." Chris sang from the Little Rascals.

Alikay smiled. She knew she wanted Chris. She couldn't stop her heart from wanting that. Alikay softly rubbed the side of Chris' face.

"Can you be the one to help me forget?" Alikay asked softly looking directly into Chris' eyes.

"About what baby?"

"...about my past? About Kevin? About all those things they did to me? About all that hurt that he called love?" Alikay asked with glassy eyes.

"Alikay I can only promise to help you heal baby. But I swear everything I do and say will for that moment help you forget."

Alikay laid her head on Chris' shoulder and rubbed the back of his head and Chris hugged her tight.

"I want this." Alikay said

"Tell me what you want baby." Chris spoke

"I want you and me. I want to be your woman." Alikay said looking into Chris' eyes.

Chris smiled and softly grabbed Alikay's chin and brought her face to his and pecked her lips.

"I swear you won't regret it baby." Chris whispered in Alikay's ear.

Alikay looked at Chris and they both smiled shyly at each other.

"Come on boyfriend." Alikay said standing up putting her hand out for Chris. "I'm starving."

Chris smiled at Alikay, grabbed her hand and stood up. But as Alikay started for door Chris blocked it.

"Chris what are doing?" Alikay asked.

Chris bent down and pecked Alikay's lips.

"Sorry baby, but that will never get old." Chris smiled. "Baby what are you wearing?" Chris said laughing.

Alikay frowned and looked at her nigga clothes.

"School." Alikay sighed. "I hate it. Been getting to me I guess."

Chris looked at Alikay and knew she was stressed. Chris pulled Alikay into a hug and hugged her tight.

"Baby don't even play yourself like you're not smart. You know you are. Plus only two more months and you are done. And I was just joking, you look beautiful in whatever you wear. Especially your hair baby." Chris said.

"Thanks hunny." Alikay smiled. "You coming to my graduation?"

"I know I have some concerts over seas a couple of days before but I plan to be front row and center." Chris smiled.

"How did you know when my graduation was?"

"I told you I was in love girl." Chris laughed.

Alikay smiled at Chris. She missed this terribly and was happy with her decision.

"Come on baby. For real, I'm hungry. I haven't had a real meal or sleep in a minute."

Chris shook his head. He made a mental note to help her relax, sleep and eat well.

Chris and Alikay walked back into the kitchen with Chris' arms wrapped around Alikay and him behind her.

"Well damn, yall niggas been mad at each other all this time and now yall caking? I swear yall niggas something else." Bre'Na said shaking her head.

Alikay and Chris just smiled even though the crew was more than confused.

"Babe, I'll fix your plate. You can chill." Chris said looking down at Alikay.

"I swear if yall niggas together and aint something yall will get punched in the face." Ircolee said with her hand on her hip.

"Cuffin' season Cole. I got cuffed." Chris shrugged.

Alikay laughed at Chris' nonchalantly answer and sat on the couch and pulled out her phone. She looked at her timeline on Twitter and seen Chris had tweeted awhile ago.

@chrisbrown: I ain't gonna lie, I miss my special rock.

Alikay laughed at the way he referred to her nickname. Then Alikay tweeted.

@StoneColdStuna: I got my light skin nigga back doe!

Moments later Chris came and handed her a plate and sat down next to her.

"I hope thats enough boo." Chris said.

"Thank you hunny. I knew you missed me." Alikay smiled.

"What makes you think I missed your stubborn ass?" Chris smiled

"Twitter tells it all." Alikay laughed.

Chris chuckled and shook his head as pulled out his phone. He scrolled through his timeline and retweeted a few of his fans and smiled as soon as he seen Alikay's tweet and then he tweeted.

@chrisbrown: Cuffin' season been good to this light skin nigga doe!

Alikay seen the tweet and laughed. She was gonna enjoy this new relationship with Chris.

*taps foot* I wont b mad only bcuz ......


Run it.!

feeling better and i will add today. i promise!! Thanks for the runs and comments guys! Yall the best! ^_^

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Sorry guys im trying to push out an add but this weekend has been an emotional disaster...please bare with me...

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hey yall. ima try to have an add by tomorrow. but if not sunday. i got hella ish going on emotionally and stuff so yeah. thanks for the comments and runs!


Yeah I don't don't care for her attitude too much cause Chris is doing everything in him to make her realize that he want to be with her no matter what, but all she's doing is pushing him away and putting up walls...She's tryna "act" hard and she need to give it up...If she can just chill with the attitude I'd most def be team Alikay, but right now I'm not too keen on her


*look at my watch* Ummm what you waiting on gurl??? Run it boo!!! Lol:)))